12 Best Gofundme Alternatives

GoFundMe is an online crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to raise money for various causes.

Increasingly, people are turning to this type of online fundraising as an alternative to traditional methods such as door-to-door solicitation and mail campaigns.

However, there are other platforms available which may be better suited for particular needs or circumstances.

This article evaluates 12 of the best alternatives to GoFundMe based on features, fees, and security measures.


Kickstarter is a popular crowdinvesting platform that allows users to raise funds for various projects. It was founded in 2009, and it has since become one of the leading crowdfunding websites worldwide.

The website provides an easy way to connect with interested investors who can back projects and help them reach their goals. The Kickstarter model works by allowing project creators to create campaigns, set funding goals, and offer rewards for backers if they reach their goal.

Backers are then able to contribute money towards the campaign, which will be refunded should the project fail to meet its goal or deadline. Additionally, certain corporate partners may provide donation matching services on contributions made through Kickstarter as well.

By utilizing this type of service, entrepreneurs are able to benefit from increased exposure while enabling potential backers access to information about their project in order to make informed decisions regarding whether or not they want to invest. In turn, this helps ensure that only viable projects receive financial support and encourages creative collaboration between inventors and investors alike.


Indiegogo is a fundraising platform offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to solicit donations from people around the world. It has been used by entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives, charities and social causes since 2008 and provides an effective way to raise money for projects that require investment or capital. Through its crowdfunding model it offers impact investing opportunities where backers can not only support a project but also receive rewards in return.

The platform allows users to create campaigns with goals based on specific needs such as financial assistance for medical bills or startup funds for new business ventures. As well as being able to share information about their cause through text, video and images, campaigners have access to promotional tools including email templates, sharing links on social media platforms and donation widgets which can be embedded into websites.

Additionally, Indiegogo supports flexible funding options so even if the goal isn’t met all pledges are still honoured by the campaigner.

Indiegogo’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for supporters of any campaign to donate quickly online– whether they’re making one-off payments or becoming recurring members -allowing fundraisers to reach more potential donors than ever before.

With advanced analytics available on each page showing how many visitors have viewed campaigns plus other important metrics related to performance, campaigners can track progress in real time while continually optimizing their efforts towards reaching their target amount.


Crowdfunder is an online platform that offers peer to peer lending and donation matching, allowing individuals and organizations to raise capital for their projects. It provides a wide range of tools, such as customizable webpages, social media promotion campaigns, video hosting, real-time analytics tracking, and reporting. Crowdfunding through Crowdfunder has been used successfully by many entrepreneurs and charities over the years.

The key feature of Crowdfunder is its ability to allow anyone to invest in innovative ideas, businesses or causes they are passionate about. This makes it stand out among other crowdfunding platforms which often require more resources from potential investors. Through Crowdfunder’s unique approach of offering both debt financing (peer to peer lending) and equity investments on one platform, users have access to a broader pool of potential backers and creative ways to fund their project or cause. Additionally, Crowdfunder also enables companies or individual fundraisers to take advantage of ‘donation matching’ – where corporate partners match donations made by an individual up to a certain amount.

Using the power of technology along with industry expertise and strategic partnerships, Crowdfunder helps people launch successful crowdfunding campaigns that can create positive change in communities around the world. The company works closely with each user throughout their fundraising journey; providing personalized guidance and support every step of the way so that creators have the best chance at making their idea come alive.

Peer To Peer Lending Donation Matching
Allows any investor involvement Companies match donations up to a certain amount
Variety of funding options available Creates positive change in communities worldwide
Accessible platform Personalized guidance & support provided Encourages employee and corporate engagement.


  1. Patreon is an online fundraising platform that enables creators to receive financial support from their fans in the form of small, regular payments.

  2. Patreon works on a subscription model, meaning that users can become recurring donors, pledging a fixed amount of money each month to their chosen creator.

  3. Patreon differs from traditional crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter, which are based on a one-time donation model.

  4. Creators can customize their Patreon pages to suit their particular needs, and can offer rewards such as exclusive content or early access to new works.

  5. Creators can also use Patreon to build a closer relationship with their fans, as donors can leave comments and interact with the creator directly.

  6. As such, Patreon is an effective alternative to crowdfunding sites, allowing creators to receive ongoing financial support from their fans.

Fundraising Platforms

Patreon is an online fundraising platform that provides a variety of tools to users for creating campaigns and soliciting donations. It has become increasingly popular with content creators as it enables them to generate revenue from their work while also allowing donors to support these projects in the form of recurring payments.

While Patreon remains one of the most widely used platforms, there are other options available depending on the specific needs of the fundraiser. Donation etiquette should be taken into consideration when selecting a fundraising platform, as some may charge fees or require certain donation allocations which could impact overall giving.

There are several alternatives to Patreon that offer features such as subscription-based models, one-time donations, and customizable donation amounts; all designed with the intention of providing an effective way for fundraisers to collect money from supporters. Additionally, many platforms provide automated functions such as tax receipts and donor management so users can focus on growing their cause instead of managing paperwork.

As each platform offers unique benefits, understanding how they operate in relation to one’s own campaign goals will help ensure successful fundraising outcomes. Ultimately, careful research should be conducted prior to making a final decision regarding choosing an alternative fundraising platform based on its compatibility with both personal objectives and potential donor preferences.


Crowdfunding is a type of online philanthropy, where individuals or organizations solicit peer-to-peer donations for specific projects or causes.

Generally, crowdfunding campaigns are initiated through an online platform such as Patreon, which provides users with the necessary tools and resources to create campaigns and collect funds from donors.

The success of crowdfunding relies heavily on its ability to generate interest and support from potential donors; thus, it is important that campaign organizers have a clear understanding of their target audience in order to effectively promote their cause.

Additionally, selecting the right platform can help ensure successful fundraising outcomes by providing features such as subscription models and customizable donation amounts.

Ultimately, effective research should be conducted in order to choose the best option for one’s own goals and donor preferences.

Subscription Model

Subscription models are an increasingly popular feature on Patreon, providing users with the option to make direct donations that can be renewed automatically over a period of time.

This type of recurring donation provides financial stability for ongoing projects or causes by allowing donors to commit to long-term contributions without having to manually renew their payments each month.

Subscription models also allow patrons to select from various payment amounts and give them the flexibility to adjust or cancel their subscriptions at any time.

Additionally, peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities further contribute to this form of online philanthropy as it allows campaigns to reach potential supporters through social media networks and other digital mediums.

Through subscription models and peer-to-peer giving options, crowdfunding platforms such as Patreon provide individuals and organizations with valuable tools for successful fundraising outcomes.


Allegory: A journey through life often brings us to a fork in the road. We can take the path of least resistance or embrace challenges and grow along the way. Fundly is one such challenge, offering individuals an opportunity to fundraise for their cause while connecting with donors and honing their volunteer efforts.

Fundly has become a popular fundraising platform among many non-profits due to its ease of use and comprehensive donor relations options. It offers several choices for donations including fixed amounts, recurring payments, as well as unique invitation codes that make it easier for supporters to contribute funds online.

Here are some key advantages of using Fundly:

  • Ability to customize donation pages according to individual needs
  • Variety of payment methods accepted
  • Detailed analytics on campaign performance
  • Direct integration with social media networks like Facebook & Twitter

It’s clear why more people are turning towards Fundly when looking for alternative gofundme sites – from customizable donation pages to detailed analytics, this platform makes it easy for anyone who wants to start raising money quickly and efficiently. Plus, users benefit from direct access to a wide network of potential donors via integrated social media platforms which helps spread the word about any cause they may be supporting.


The second of the two best GoFundMe alternatives is YouCaring. Founded in 2011, this California-based crowdfunding platform has enabled more than $1 billion dollars to be raised for medical expenses, education costs, and other charitable causes worldwide. While there are still a few fees associated with using the service (2.9% + 30 cents per donation), it charges no platform fee whatsoever; this allows donors to give directly to those who need help without worrying about their money being taken by third parties.

YouCaring focuses on providing users an easy way to create campaigns that can leverage social media networks and draw attention from large giving trends. The site also offers detailed reporting tools, automated thank-you emails, and efficient customer support services to ensure every campaign runs smoothly. Users have the ability to set up tax deduction forms as well as donate anonymously or publicly depending on their preference.

Overall, YouCaring provides individuals and organizations a great way to raise funds for causes they’re passionate about while making sure donations are used effectively towards achieving a desired social impact. Through its simple interface and powerful features, it enables fundraisers to easily connect with potential supporters around the world and make meaningful connections throughout the process of collecting donations.


The philanthropic platform Razoo has emerged as one of the most popular alternatives to Gofundme. Established in 2006, Razoo is a recognized leader in creating social impact and helping people give back. It allows individuals, teams and organizations to raise money for any cause they deem important or meaningful.

Razoo provides several unique features that make it an attractive option for those seeking an alternative to Gofundme. For starters, its user-friendly interface makes setting up campaigns straightforward and efficient. Additionally, donors can easily keep track of their donations with Razoo’s detailed reporting functionality; this includes tracking how funds were distributed and what projects have been completed.

Furthermore, fundraising campaigns on Razoo are highly customizable—users can add photos, videos, stories and other media to better communicate their message. Finally, another major benefit of using Razoo is its reliable customer support staff who help users throughout each step of the donation process: from launching a campaign all the way through collecting donations securely and efficiently. This team also assists with legal compliance issues related to charitable giving regulations so fundraisers remain tax compliant while achieving their goals.


The 21st century has seen the rise of several alternatives to GoFundMe, each with its own unique features and services. Causes is a non-profit organization that focuses on raising funds for charities and donation drives. As one of the leading crowdfunding websites in the world, Causes provides users with an array of tools designed to make fundraising easier.

Features Benefits Drawbacks
Variety of payment options Customizable campaigns tailored to specific causes High transaction fees (3%-5%)
User friendly dashboard Free platform access & no deadline restrictions Limited customer service availability
Upfront pricing & no hidden costs Easy setup process Low visibility compared to other platforms

Unlike GoFundMe, Causes does not charge any upfront fees or subscription charges. This allows donors to have full transparency over their donations and ensures all proceeds go directly towards the cause they support. Furthermore, Causes also offers customizable themes and visuals so fundraisers can create campaigns that are visually appealing and engaging for their audience. Additionally, Causes’ user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for fundraisers to track progress and manage their campaigns from start to finish without any hassle.

However, there are some drawbacks to using this platform as well. One issue is that Cause’s transaction fees range between 3% – 5%, which is higher than many other competitors such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Additionally, due to its low visibility compared to larger platforms like GoFundMe, it may be more difficult for smaller organizations or individual fundraisers to gain traction on Causes when launching new projects or campaigns. Finally, while their customer service team is always available via email or chatbot support, limited phone support can be an inconvenience if urgent help is needed during moments of crisis or emergency situations.

Given these pros and cons associated with using Causes for crowdfunding efforts, it is important for potential users to weigh up their needs before selecting this option as their preferred platform.


Satire: With the dawn of the digital age, crowdfunding has become the go-to solution for raising money. But what if you need to raise more funds than a simple GoFundMe page can generate? That’s where FundRazr comes in!

FundRazr is one of the best known alternatives to GoFundMe and other donation based platforms, allowing people to create campaigns with peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities that they can easily share across social media channels. It’s an ideal platform for creating events or initiatives that require multiple donations from different sources. This makes it incredibly useful when trying to reach out to as many potential donors as possible, such as in cases like disaster relief fund drives or even large scale charity runs.

One of its key advantages over some of its competitors is that there are no setup fees involved – users only have to pay processing fees associated with each transaction (which are typically 2.9% + $0.30 per donation).

Furthermore, it allows users to accept payments through major credit cards and PayPal which adds further convenience for contributors. All donations made through FundRazr are tracked on a dashboard so organizers know exactly how much has been raised, who donated what and when they did it – helping them stay organized throughout their campaign.

In short, FundRazr offers an efficient way for those looking for alternative solutions outside of traditional donation based models such as GoFundMe while still benefiting from features like peer-to-peer fundraising and convenient payment options.


GiveForward is a philanthropic platform that enables individuals to raise funds for causes they are passionate about. It is an online fundraising solution with several features designed to make charitable giving easier and more effective. The platform offers selfless acts of kindness, personal donations, and meaningful stories in order to inspire generosity and help those who need it the most.

The GiveForward website allows users to create campaigns where friends, family members, or even strangers can contribute money towards a cause they believe in. Donors have the option to remain anonymous if desired and all donated funds go directly into the campaign owner’s bank account within 48 hours after being processed by GiveForward. Campaign owners may also opt-in to receive text messages when someone donates to their cause.

Fundraising on this platform has been successful due to its simple donation process, ease of use, and helpful customer service team available 24/7.

For example:

  • Funds are transferred quickly through secure payment solutions such as PayPal or WePay;
  • A mobile app allows donors to donate from anywhere at anytime;
  • Dedicated support staff provide assistance throughout the entire fundraising journey.

In addition, GiveForward runs regular blog posts featuring inspiring stories which highlight real life struggles many people face every day. This helps draw attention to issues around the world that often go unnoticed – making it easier for others to show their solidarity through monetary contributions.


The abundance of crowdfunding platforms available to individuals can be overwhelming. However, with a range of options that include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder, Patreon and Fundly, it’s easy to find the right platform for each individual’s needs.

Each option offers unique features and benefits that allow users to quickly launch campaigns ranging from personal causes to business ventures. Moreover, Razoo, Causes, FundRazr and GiveForward offer additional ways for those seeking crowdfunding support to connect with their communities.

Ultimately, the decision on which gofundme alternative is best depends on an individual’s specific needs. With so many great choices out there however, it’s like opening up a treasure chest filled with limitless potential – all you need do is choose which gem catches your eye!

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