15 Best Canva Alternatives

Graphic design tools are essential for many creative professionals today. They enable users to create stunning visuals quickly and easily, with minimal effort.

Canva is one of the most popular graphic design tools available on the market, but it’s not the only option out there. This article will explore 15 alternatives to Canva that may be better suited to a user’s needs. These options cover various types of software, from web-based solutions to desktop applications.

Each alternative offers unique features and benefits that make them suitable for different purposes. Learn more about each program in this comprehensive guide to find the best fit for your project.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful vector graphics editor popular among professionals and hobbyists alike. It has an intuitive user interface, enabling users to create stunning illustrations quickly and easily. Vector images are the main focus of this software, allowing for crisp lines and smooth curves when editing objects or shapes.

With Adobe Illustrator’s expansive library of tools and features, users can customize their designs with precision. Illustrator tutorials are abundant online which makes it easier for beginners to learn the basics of graphic design as well as more advanced techniques. From text effects to 3D elements, there is something available for everyone regardless of skill level.

Additionally, video tutorials allow users to watch step-by-step demonstrations on how to use certain features in real time – making learning even simpler and faster. The feature set that comes with Adobe Illustrator allows for greater creativity compared to other similar programs due to its emphasis on creating vector graphics from scratch. Whether you’re using basic shapes or complex ones, each object can be manipulated in a variety of ways until desired results are achieved.

The program also offers many options for color blending and gradients so projects can really come alive with vibrant colors and realistic shadows. In short, Adobe Illustrator provides everything needed for designing amazing visuals without compromising quality.


GIMP is a powerful, open source image manipulation program that has the potential to be an excellent Canva alternative. Although GIMP lacks some of the bells and whistles found in other software packages, it makes up for this with its sheer amount of features.

With its extensive toolset including color correction, vector shapes, and layer support, GIMP can handle almost any graphic design task you throw at it. For many users who are just starting out or have limited experience with digital art tools, GIMP may seem intimidating at first due to its vast range of options and functions. But once you get the hang of it, GIMP can become an invaluable asset when creating stunning graphics from scratch or editing existing images.

To illustrate this point, consider the case of Nathan Jones – a professional web designer whose business was struggling until he learned how to use GIMP’s powerful features to create attractive logos and banners for his clients. After mastering GIMP’s capabilities over time, his small business quickly grew into a successful enterprise.

Given its robust feature set and wide array of user-friendly features like customizable shortcuts and drag-and-drop functionality, GIMP provides an impressive range of creative possibilities even for experienced designers looking for an effective Canva alternative. Whether you want to manipulate photographs or create elaborate illustrations from scratch – GIMP could be exactly what you need!

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is an intuitive, browser-based graphic design tool with a vast array of features. It is one of the top contenders for best Canva alternatives and has been gaining popularity amongst professionals due to its unique and user-friendly interface.

Its powerful layout tools equip users with:

  1. Ability to create multiple artboards on the same canvas;
  2. A wide range of pre-made logo templates, shapes, frames and patterns;
  3. Extensive typography options such as font size adjustments, text alignment etc.

The main advantage Gravit Designer offers over similar programs is that it allows both experienced designers and newbies alike to quickly learn how to use all the available tools efficiently. The platform provides several resources such as tutorials and webinars which provide guidance in using their design software.

Additionally, there are plenty of customization options when it comes to creating designs like logos or posters – elements can be easily modified by color selection, opacity adjustment, gradients creation and more.

In terms of usability, this program stands out from the competition thanks to its highly intuitive interface which makes navigation easy even for beginners who have never used any type of graphic design software before. With these features combined, Gravit Designer becomes a great alternative choice for those looking for a reliable yet budget friendly option compared to Canva’s subscription model pricing structure.


Inkscape is an open source, desktop publishing vector graphics editor that has been in development since 2003. It provides users with a comprehensive set of tools for creating digital artwork and illustrations from scratch.

With Inkscape, users can create logos, icons, diagrams, clip art images and more. The interface is highly intuitive and user-friendly so even beginners will find it easy to get started on their projects.

Inkscape includes a number of powerful features such as support for SVG (scalable vector graphics) files which make it possible to resize the image without losing its quality or shape; node editing capabilities allowing precise control over paths and shapes; bitmap tracing which allows users to convert raster images into vectors; gradient editing; text tooling; various filters and effects including blurs, sharpeners, embossing and distortions etc.; layers management system; export options like PNGs and JPEGs etc.

The software is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and supports multiple languages. There’s also active community forums where users can seek help or share tips & tricks with other fellow designers.

All these features combined make Inkscape one of the best alternatives to Canva for creating stunning graphic designs quickly and easily.


PicMonkey is a popular online graphic design platform with powerful features and an intuitive user interface. It offers users the ability to create unique designs without needing any prior experience or technical knowledge in graphic design. With PicMonkey, users can easily edit photos, add text and shapes, apply filters and overlays, touch up portraits, and more.

The following are some of the key features offered by PicMonkey:

  • Over 700 fonts available for use in your projects

  • A wide selection of creative effects that you can apply to images

  • Ability to export graphics in multiple formats (JPG, PNG, PDF)

  • An easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor for creating custom designs quickly

PicMonkey has three different plans available – Basic ($7.99/month), Pro ($12.99/month), and Team ($33.99/month). The Basic plan provides access to all the basic editing tools as well as basic templates; while the Pro plan allows access to additional advanced editing tools such as Layer Styles and Magic Resize plus exclusive sets of stock images; finally the Team plan gives access to all premium features plus extra collaboration options such as shared folders and team accounts management.

Depending on your needs, you can select one of these plans at a reasonable cost that fits into your budget.

In summary, PicMonkey is packed with great features that allow anyone from beginners to professional designers create stunning visuals quickly and efficiently. Its pricing makes it an affordable choice for those looking for a reliable graphic design solution without breaking their wallet.


Vectr is like a breath of fresh air for graphic designers looking for an alternative to Canva. This vector-based editing tool allows users to create professional designs with ease and accuracy.

Unlike Canva, Vectr isn’t limited to pre-made templates; instead it provides the essential tools needed to craft completely unique graphics from scratch. Whether you’re creating logos, banners or web graphics, Vectr’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to express your creativity.

Vectr helps users make their creative visions come alive with its powerful selection of features. With this program, you’ll find all the basics such as shape creation, colour palettes and text manipulation along with more advanced options like pattern making and layering effects. Plus there are plenty of free resources available so that even if you don’t have design experience you can still produce high quality results quickly and easily.

The best part about using Vectr is that it works across multiple devices including computers, tablets and smartphones. That means no matter where you go, you’ll always be able to access your projects without any hassle.

So give Vectr a try today if you’re searching for an effective way to edit vector based graphics in style!


CorelDRAW is a popular vector graphics editor that has been around since 1989. It offers both Windows and Mac versions, making it available to users from all platforms.

CorelDRAW features an array of powerful tools for design professionals including:

  1. Professional photo-editing capabilities – allowing you to edit photos with precision;
  2. Vector illustration tools – providing the ability to create stunning illustrations;
  3. Powerful typography options – enabling users to add flair and uniqueness to text;
  4. Customizable templates – helping speed up the creative process.

These features make CorelDRAW an ideal choice for designers who want professional results without spending hours creating them manually.

The software also boasts a wide range of benefits such as its intuitive user interface, excellent customer support, and compatibility with other graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, ensuring seamless integration into any workflow.

Additionally, there are countless tutorials and resources available online which can help users get up-to-speed quickly on how best to use the software’s various features and functions for maximum efficiency in their projects.

The combination of powerful tools, helpful resources and reliable customer service makes CorelDRAW one of the leading solutions for anyone looking for an effective way to produce high quality artwork quickly and efficiently.


Following the feature-filled foray of CorelDRAW comes Sketch, a powerful yet simple vector graphics editor. Sporting streamlined tools and an intuitive user interface, Sketch provides graphic designers with plenty of possibilities for creating stunning designs. From sketching tips to tutorials, this next-level software enables users to bring their creative visions to life.

An array of features make Sketch stand out from the crowd:

Feature Benefit
Symbols Create multiple instances of one design element
Vector Edit shapes without losing image quality
Resizing Automatically adapts artboard size

Sketch offers maximum flexibility when it comes to customization options; easily adjust colors and create symbols for repeatable elements like logos or icons. Plus, its innovative technology lets users export projects in various formats suitable for both web and print platforms. Not only does Sketch provide incredible usability but also helps improve workflow by offering robust plugins such as Craft Sync, which allows teams to collaborate on any device at any time!


SumoPaint is a powerful online editor, perfect for graphic designers who need to create stunning visuals. It allows users to sketch, paint and edit photos with an array of tools and effects that can be applied in real-time.

Unlike Canva, which offers both free and premium versions, SumoPaint only has a free version available. SumoPaint makes it easy to create professional looking artworks without the need for expensive software or hardware. Its intuitive user interface means anyone can produce top quality graphics quickly and easily.

The range of features includes brush support, layers & masks, transformations & adjustments as well as filters and special effects. There are also several tutorials included on how to use all the features effectively, so newbies won’t have any trouble getting started.

The platform integrates seamlessly with other popular photo editing apps such as Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. This makes it ideal for those who want to take advantage of all the latest digital artistic tools but don’t want to spend money on costly applications or upgrades. SumoPaint also supports file formats like JPG, PNG or PSD so you can save your creations whenever necessary.


The journey from SumoPaint to DesignCap is one of dazzling innovation. With a wide range of features and graphic elements, DesignCap has raised the bar for modern design software. Its powerful features make it possible for users to create stunning visuals with ease and efficiency.

To get started on creating an eye-catching masterpiece, all you have to do is open up your internet browser and head over to DesignCap’s official website. Once there, simply choose one of their many templates or start from scratch by adding in some text and images into the editor window. Then use their array of options to adjust the size, shape and color of your chosen elements before adding them into your design canvas. To spruce things up even further, why not add a few extra touches with filters and frames?

Feature Description
Templates Hundreds of professionally designed templates across various categories including business cards, social media posts etc.
Text & Images Add custom text and upload stock photos/images directly from Unsplash library using search toolbox
Shapes & Colors Adjust size, angle and other settings for shapes like triangle and circle as well as change colors for texts/shapes/backgrounds etc.
Filters & Frames Apply effects such as blur background or insert frames around image edges in order to give an added touch to any design project.

With so many creative tools at your fingertips, DesignCap makes designing easy! It’s perfect for those who need great results fast without spending hours tinkering around with complex software programs; its user-friendly interface allows everyone – regardless of technical knowledge – to be able to create something beautiful quickly. So if you’re looking for an intuitive platform that will help bring out the inner designer in you then look no further than DesignCap!


In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best Canva alternatives to take your graphic design projects to the next level, these are some of the top contenders.

From Adobe Illustrator and GIMP – two giants in the industry – to lesser known gems such as DesignCap, there is no shortage of amazing tools available to help you create stunning visuals.

With features ranging from basic photo editing capabilities all the way up to intricate vector illustrations, any one of these options can turn a decent project into something truly remarkable!

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