15 Best Comcast Alternatives

In recent years, the demand for alternative services to Comcast has grown significantly. This is due to increasing consumer dissatisfaction with traditional cable providers and a greater variety of alternatives available on the market today.

With this in mind, it is important to understand which are the best options when selecting an alternative to Comcast. This article will outline the 15 best Comcast alternatives based on their features, affordability, and customer satisfaction scores.

At&T Tv

AT&T TV is a popular alternative to Comcast, offering customers unlimited plans, package customization and other features. The service offers access to hundreds of channels with the ability to add premium options such as HBO Max, STARZ and SHOWTIME at an additional cost. This allows subscribers to tailor their packages according to their preferences and budget.

The AT&T TV interface provides users with easy access to live television programming as well as on-demand content from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. It also includes a cloud DVR for recording shows that can be viewed later or shared within the house via multiple devices. With this system users have full control over what they watch and when they watch it.

In addition, AT&T TV has no contracts or hidden fees making it easier for consumers to switch providers if needed without incurring any penalties. Furthermore, its customer support team provides 24/7 assistance in case of problems or queries about the service.

All these features make AT&T TV an ideal option for people looking for alternatives to Comcast’s cable offerings.


Having discussed AT&T TV, the next best Comcast alternative to consider is DIRECTV. It offers more than 315 channels and access to advanced features like 4K programming, NFL Sunday Ticket, and premium movie channels. As with other cable packages, customers can find a range of plans that vary in price according to channel selection.

What sets it apart from its competitors is that it’s one of two major satellite providers available in the U.S., meaning those who prefer not to use traditional cable services still have options for their entertainment needs.

Additionally, all DIRECTV packages come equipped with DVR technology allowing users to record up to five shows at once and store them for up to 90 days. Moreover, no matter which package subscribers choose they will get an HD receiver capable of displaying content in 1080p resolution or higher on compatible TVs.

The following are some key points worth considering when subscribing to DIRECTV:

  • Customers receive access to over 315+ channels depending on plan choice
  • Satellite service rarely experiences issues with weather conditions compared to traditional cable services
  • All packages include high definition receivers capable of providing full HD content
  • Subscribers also gain access to exclusive features such as NFL Sunday Ticket and HBO Max
  • No additional equipment is required beyond what comes included with the subscription plan

In summary, DIRECTV provides an excellent option for people looking for an alternative way of watching their favorite movies and shows without relying on conventional cable services. With a variety of plans ranging from basic packages all the way up to premium offerings there’s something suitable for everyone regardless of budget or viewing habits.

Hulu + Live Tv

As streaming content becomes the new way to watch TV shows, Hulu + Live TV offers an alternative to Comcast. With its innovative features and competitive pricing options, it is worth taking a look at as an option when looking for alternatives.

One of the unique aspects of Hulu + Live TV is that it includes access to both live television and traditional on-demand streaming through the same subscription plan. This means subscribers can get their favorite channels in real-time while also being able to watch hundreds of thousands of hours of content on demand anytime they want. The service covers many major networks like CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, ESPN, Disney Channel and more. The available lineup varies by region but generally speaking there are over 60+ channels included with each base package which makes this one of the most comprehensive replacements for Comcast’s cable packages.

In addition to live programming, customers have access to a wide selection of movies and tv shows from all sorts of genres including drama, comedy, reality tv and horror just to name a few. Plus you can add premium services such as Showtime or HBO if desired for even more entertainment choices. Prices start at $54.99 per month so overall it’s very affordable compared to other similar services.

Feature Benefit
Access To Live Tv Ability To Watch Channels In Real Time
On Demand Content Wide Selection Of Movies & Shows
Premium Services Add Extra Channels For More Entertainment Options
Competitive Pricing Very Affordable Compared To Other Similar Services And Easily Accessible On Multiple Platforms.

Sling Tv

Sling TV is a popular alternative to Comcast for those who are looking for an affordable streaming service. It offers basic plans that start at just $30 per month, and also bundle packages with additional channels and services like cloud DVR storage.

The Sling Orange plan allows users to access over 30 different channels including AMC, CNN, ESPN and HGTV. The Sling Blue package includes 40 plus channels such as FX, FXX, Bravo and USA Network.

With the combined Blue + Orange package subscribers can watch up to 50 channels while saving roughly 25% off the regular price of purchasing each individual plan separately.

In addition to providing customers with quality entertainment content via their streaming services, Sling TV also offers various discounts on its products throughout the year. Many times these deals include free trial periods or discounted monthly rates for extended subscription lengths making it even more cost effective than traditional cable packages from providers like Comcast.

Youtube Tv

Comcast alternatives are becoming the newest must-haves for cable TV subscribers. With streaming options like YouTube TV, people everywhere are saying goodbye to their expensive Comcast bills and hello to a cheaper alternative with better features.

But what is YouTube TV? It’s an online streaming service that offers access to live television content from local networks as well as various cable channels. Unlike traditional cable services, you don’t need any special equipment – just an internet connection and compatible device like a laptop or smartphone.

The price is also much more affordable than other providers, making it a great choice for those looking for an economical option. In terms of pricing comparisons, YouTube TV comes in at about $50 per month – significantly less than the typical Comcast bill which can be upwards of several hundred dollars depending on your package selection. Plus, there are no hidden fees or contracts so you’re free to cancel anytime without penalty.

And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive, they offer over 70 different channels including popular ones such as AMC and FX – so you won’t miss out on your favorite shows!

Benefits of using YouTube TV:

  • Cheaper monthly rate compared to most cable companies
  • Over 70+ national & regional networks available
  • No additional hardware required
  • Ability to stream directly from devices like laptops & smartphones
  • Easy setup and access to DVR functionality


FuboTV is an emerging streaming television provider that offers a range of packages at competitive prices. It has a wide variety of features and content options for viewers, making it one of the best Comcast alternatives available today.

FuboTV’s pricing plans are flexible and can be tailored to fit different budgets. The basic package starts at $54.99 per month with no contract required and includes over 100 channels plus access to its cloud DVR service which allows users to record shows or movies and watch them later from anywhere in the world. For those looking for more than just TV, FuboTV also offers add-ons such as sports packages, movie channels, international channels and premium networks like HBO and Showtime for additional fees.

In terms of features, FuboTV provides customers with several options including:

  • Two simultaneous streams so they can watch on multiple devices in their household
  • Family sharing so up to five people can create separate profiles under one account
  • Lookback feature which allows users to rewind programs up to 72 hours after they air
  • Fubo Extra which gives access to extra live sports coverage not included in the main subscription plan
  • Mobile app support for iOS, Android and Fire TV devices

In addition, FuboTV also supports various streaming services such as Apple Airplay 2/4K HDR picture quality capabilities on select titles.


Philo is an internet television streaming service that offers a variety of different TV channels and even some on-demand content.

It provides users with an alternative to cable and satellite, with a lower monthly fee compared to traditional providers.

Advantages of Philo include its low cost, broad selection of content, and lack of contracts or commitments.

Limitations of Philo include its lack of local channels, limited DVR support, and the limited availability of on-demand content.

Advantages Of Philo

Philo is a great alternative to the expensive cable packages offered by Comcast. It offers many advantages, such as affordable plans and customizable packages that allow customers to select their desired channels without dealing with unwanted content.

A subscription to Philo requires only one flat fee for access to over fifty live TV networks, including Bravo, Comedy Central, HGTV, Nickelodeon, MTV Live, TLC and more. Additionally, it also provides access to an on-demand library of movies and shows from popular networks like AMC Networks and Discovery Communications.

Unlike most streaming services, Philo does not require any contracts or commitments. Customers can cancel service at any time if they are unsatisfied with its performance or no longer need it. Furthermore, Philo allows subscribers to add up to three additional accounts per household which makes it easy for family members who want their own individualized viewing experience. In addition to this flexibility in user control, there is also control over simultaneous streams; subscribers can watch two different programs at the same time while using just one account.

The customizable nature of Philo gives users the ability to tailor their package based on specific interests and needs easily – something that other streaming services do not provide. With a variety of genre-specific bundles available so customers can pick out exactly what type of programming they want without paying extra for unnecessary content – making it ideal for budget conscious consumers seeking entertainment options outside of Comcast’s offerings.

Limitations Of Philo

Despite the many advantages of Philo, there are some limitations to consider.

One issue is its limited price point; while it may be a cheaper alternative to cable packages from Comcast, Philo does not offer prices as low as those found on other streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu.

Additionally, Philo’s channel selection is also more limited compared to these other services – leaving customers with fewer options for their entertainment needs.

It should also be noted that users may experience issues when trying to access specific channels due to regional restrictions and availability, meaning content which is available in one area might not be accessible in another.

This can make it difficult for subscribers who want an expansive viewing experience without having to rely on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Ultimately, while Philo provides an affordable solution for those seeking basic TV programming, customers looking for a wide variety of channels and content will need to look elsewhere.

Spectrum Tv Choice

Spectrum TV Choice is an innovative cable-free streaming service that offers an alternative to more traditional pay-TV services. According to a recent survey, Spectrum’s TV Choice has been gaining in popularity, with over 2 million subscribers as of 2017. This makes it one of the fastest growing platforms for television viewing today.

The main feature of this service is its flexibility when it comes to cost and content packages. Subscribers can choose from multiple plans tailored to their individual needs and budget, including:

  • Pay Per View – Get access to select premium channels on a per-view basis.

  • Multi Room Streaming – Stream the same program across different screens in your home.

  • Tiered Options – Choose from preselected channel bundles organized by genre or style.

Overall, Spectrum TV Choice provides users with unprecedented levels of control and customization compared to other pay-TV options on the market today. It also gives them access to some of the best programming available without requiring long term contracts or costly installation fees.

With these benefits in mind, Spectrum TV Choice looks poised to be top pick among consumers searching for affordable alternatives to traditional cable services.

Cox Contour Tv

Cox Contour TV is a cable television provider that offers an extensive range of streaming options and cable packages.

The company’s service includes access to over 200 HD channels, the ability to record up to six shows simultaneously, and more than 10,000 on-demand titles. It also provides access to popular entertainment apps such as HULU and Netflix.

Furthermore, users can control their viewing experience through Cox Contour TV’s voice remote feature which allows them to search for content simply by speaking commands into the remote.

In terms of pricing, Cox Contour TV offers several economical plans starting at just $59.99 per month with no contract required. Additionally, customers have the option of bundling services together in order to save money on their monthly bill. This could include adding internet or phone service to their existing plan for additional savings.

Overall, Cox Contour TV is an excellent choice for those looking for comprehensive cable television service without breaking the bank. With its wide selection of streaming options and affordable pricing plans, it has something suitable for everyone seeking an alternative to Comcast services.

Centurylink Stream Tv

CenturyLink Stream TV is a streaming service that offers an array of television and movie choices. It provides customers with fast streaming speeds, as well as helpful customer service support when needed. For example, one user reported being able to stream their favorite shows on three devices simultaneously without any issues or buffering.

Here are the advantages of CenturyLink Stream TV:

  1. Fast streaming speeds so you can watch your preferred content in HD quality quickly and easily.

  2. A wide selection of channels from major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN and more available for viewing at no extra cost.

  3. Helpful customer service representatives who can answer questions about features or troubleshoot technical problems quickly and efficiently.

Overall, CenturyLink Stream TV has proven itself to be a reliable source of entertainment with its fast streaming speeds and excellent customer service options making it an attractive alternative to traditional cable providers such as Comcast.


Broadband internet users have more options than ever before when it comes to choosing a TV service provider. From AT&T TV and DIRECTV, to YouTube TV and Spectrum TV Choice, there is something for everyone’s budget and lifestyle.

Consumers can envision the future of streaming television with Hulu + Live TV and Sling TV, while others may prefer the convenience of Cox Contour or CenturyLink Stream. Whichever option they choose, viewers will be able to enjoy an array of entertainment right at their fingertips.

For those seeking even more flexibility in their viewing experience, Philo offers access to dozens of channels without breaking the bank.

All these choices make researching what’s best for each individual household simpler than ever before. With so many Comcast alternatives available today, consumers are sure to find a plan that fits their needs – allowing them to watch the content they love on any device.

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