15 Best Ezgif Alternatives

GIFs have become a popular form of online communication. GIFs allow users to express their emotions, react quickly to situations, and share content with others more effectively than traditional text-based messages.

As such, the demand for tools that can be used to create GIFs has increased drastically in recent years. Ezgif is one such tool, but there are many alternatives available on the market today.

This article will explore the fifteen best ezgif alternatives currently available. It will discuss key features of each program and provide an overview of what makes them stand out from other similar programs.

The goal is to help readers find the right alternative for creating gifs based on their needs and preferences.


Giphy is an online platform offering animation tools and free GIFs for its users. It is one of the most popular alternatives to ezgif, with a vast library of images, stickers, videos and GIFs available on its website.

Giphy allows users to create their own unique content using the tools provided or download existing content from the website’s large database. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to search through millions of GIFs quickly and easily.

Additionally, Giphy has some great features such as Flashback Rewind which allows users to turn any video into a looped GIF by rewinding it back in time. Users can also customize their GIFs with captions, tags and filters before sharing them across social media platforms. Giphy also provides APIs that allow developers to make use of its rich set of functions within their applications.

Furthermore, Giphy offers an extensive collection of trending topics in both still image and animated form so users are able to stay up-to-date on what’s hot at all times. They also have the ability to interact with other communities since they offer integration options with various messaging apps like Slack and Twitter.

All these features make Giphy a powerful alternative to ezgif for creating quality animations and free gifs for personal or commercial purposes alike.


With over 10 million monthly active users, GIFMaker is one of the most popular ezgif alternatives available. The tool allows users to transform video clips into animated GIFs with ease and efficiency while also offering a range of editing features that can be used for image optimization:

  • Animated Effects: Users can create eye-catching animations using various tools such as Blur, Sepia, Pixelate, Brightness & Contrast, etc.

  • Text Tools: Create captions or add text overlays to your GIFs in different fonts and styles.

  • Image Optimization: Easily reduce file size without compromising on quality.

GIFMaker is extremely user friendly thanks to its intuitive navigation bar which makes it easy for anyone to get started quickly and produce stunning results within minutes. Additionally, there’s no need to download any software since all you have to do is upload videos directly from your device or paste the link of an online video instead.

So if you’re looking for an efficient way to share vibrant visuals with your audience then make sure you give this powerful animation maker a try!


As an alternative to GIFMaker, GIFs.com is a convenient and easy-to-use resource for creating and editing animated videos. The site offers tools that allow users to easily turn images into loops or slideshows with sound effects, as well as integrate music from their library of tunes. It also provides options for online sharing of the resulting animations on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Those who are looking for more comprehensive solutions can access a range of video editing features like cropping, resizing, adding text and custom transitions, all within the same platform. With its intuitive user interface and wide array of features, GIFs.com makes it simple to create high-quality visuals with minimal effort.

Another great ezgif alternative is Giphy’s web app which gives users full control over their animation files by enabling them to add text overlays, looping and reverse effects while retaining the original quality resolution regardless of source format used. Moreover, they offer multiple ways to share creations including direct link embedding in emails or websites plus integration with platforms such as Slack or WordPress along with built-in support for mobile phones and tablets thanks to its responsive design layout. Furthermore, Giphy has several advanced functions available through its API so developers can customize applications according to individual requirements.

For those seeking a fully featured yet cost effective solution then PixTeller should be considered; this cloud based tool not only provides powerful animation capabilities but also includes elements such as stickers & cliparts allowing you to further customize your projects without relying on external resources (with no additional fees). Additionally, there is no need for downloading software since everything runs directly inside any browser window making the creation process even faster & easier than before!

As far as output goes – finished works can be saved locally or shared instantly via email/Facebook/Twitter & other networks at resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD quality ensuring maximum visibility across different devices screens sizes.


GIFsoup is a powerful online GIF editing platform that provides nearly limitless opportunities for creativity. Its intuitive user interface and comprehensive range of features make it an ideal choice for those who are looking to take their GIF game to the next level. With its wide selection of tools, users have everything they need at their fingertips:

  1. Vast library of images and templates – Gifsoup boasts a huge library of images and video clips that can be used as part of any creative project. It even allows users to search by keyword or browse through categories such as “travel” or “nature” for inspiration!

  2. Easy-to-use editor – The editor on Gifsoup makes creating your own GIFs simple and straightforward; users can upload their own content or use pre-made templates from the site itself. There are also plenty of options when it comes to customizing the look and feel of each individual frame.

  3. Shareable results – Once finished, creations can be shared directly with friends via email or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook in just a few clicks. Plus, all files are stored securely online so you never have to worry about losing your work again!

In addition to these advantages, Gifsoup offers extensive support resources including tutorials and detailed FAQ pages which help guide new users through every step of designing their perfect animation. Whether you’re a professional artist or simply someone who enjoys having fun with GIFs, Gifsoup has something for everyone!

Make A Gif

Moving on from Gifsoup, Make a GIF is an online animation tool with high quality editing features. It is ideal for users who want to create and share their own animations quickly and easily.

The interface of Make a GIF allows the user to create simple yet effective animated images using different types of media such as photographs, videos, or even text messages. Additionally, this make software provides several customization options which enable users to play around with their creations.

In addition to its easy-to-use design and wide range of creative possibilities, Make a GIF also offers its users access to support services such as tutorials and FAQs in case they encounter any issues while working with the program. Moreover, it has a secure platform where one can store all their work securely without worrying about privacy concerns.

Furthermore, it supports multiple file formats including JPG, PNG, BMP and others so that users can export their final product into any format they desire.

All these features make Make a GIF an excellent alternative for those looking for alternatives to ezgif when creating beautiful gifs.

Another great option for making gifs is Imgflip’s Video To Gif Maker Tool which makes use of AI technology for fast and reliable image processing. This application works by converting video files into gifs within seconds thanks to the powerful algorithms used behind the scenes which provide accurate results every time.

Users have full control over the length of the video they wish to convert as well as frame rate settings that adjust how many frames per second will be converted into still images – perfect if you are creating slow motion effects! Additionally, this tool allows one to add captions or other objects onto the finished product before exporting it out in common file formats like MP4 or WebM.

Lastly, Imgflip’s Video To Gif Maker Tool also offers two distinct versions; free or Pro depending on your needs at hand – making it suitable both beginner level creators as well as advanced professionals alike!

In conclusion, there are numerous applications available today that offer convenient solutions for anyone wishing to create stunning personalized graphics in order to express themselves creatively via digital means but few come close to matching what EzGIF has been able to achieve over its decade long journey leading up until now!

With plenty of tools offering various levels of automation such as Animation Tools’ Make A GIF or Img Flip’s powerful Video To Gif Maker Tool providing quick conversions from video footage – we believe there really isn’t anything stopping you from getting started on crafting amazing visuals today!


Gifrun is a powerful and versatile platform that offers an array of features for creating, editing, and animating. It’s easy to use, with tools for both basic and complex operations.

Gifrun also has a comprehensive library of animated art as well as meme editing capabilities. With Gifrun, users have access to numerous customization options such as text overlays and filters, allowing them to create unique animations quickly and easily.

The user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to get started on their project in no time. Whether you are looking for inspiration or want the ability to customize your work from start to finish, Gifrun can help you bring your ideas to life.

Additionally, its collaboration feature allows multiple people to work together on one project simultaneously, simplifying teamwork efforts without losing creative control over the final product.

A standout feature of Gifrun is its AI-driven auto animation tool which takes ordinary still images and turns them into eye-catching gifs using advanced motion detection technology. This highly intuitive tool helps increase productivity while ensuring high quality results every time – making it perfect for businesses or individuals who require professional grade work but don’t have the budget or resources necessary for expensive software packages.


Gifpal is a free online platform for creating, sharing and editing GIFs. It offers users the ability to upload their own images or videos and create custom animations.

Gifpal also allows users to search through its library of pre-made GIFs and find popular ones quickly and easily. With an easy-to-use interface, Gifpal makes it simple to share your creations with friends, family or colleagues in just a few clicks. Additionally, Gifpal provides tools for adding text, special effects and more to further enhance GIFs.

For those wanting even more customization options, Gifpal’s Pro version gives access to additional features such as unlimited storage space, HD quality output files and advanced editing tools. The Pro version also eliminates watermarks from all created content so that you can truly make your work look professional.

Furthermore, Gifpal has recently added support for Twitter Cards – allowing users to embed interactive GIFs into tweets directly from the service itself.

Overall, Gifpal is a great option when looking for alternatives to ezgif due to its comprehensive suite of features geared towards gif creation and sharing. Whether you are looking for basic features like uploading multiple files at once or want something more powerful like making high resolution video loops on desktop computers – Gifpal has got you covered!


Awe-inspiringly, Imgur is one of the greatest alternatives to ezgif. It offers powerful tools for editing and creating GIFs with an advanced editor, as well as a vast selection of images available through its search engine.

Although it does not offer some features found in other image editors such as animation, resizing or cropping, Imgur still stands out from the crowd when it comes to finding quality content online.

The Imgur Editor allows users to edit existing gifs or create new ones from scratch by adding text, stickers and filters. The editor also supports uploading multiple files at once which makes it easier for those who need to work on several projects simultaneously. Additionally, the wide range of options offered within the editor enables users to customize their creations according to their needs and preferences.

Imgur’s search function provides access to thousands of GIFs that can be used in any project quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking for funny videos, memes or simply stunning visuals, Imgur has something for everyone.

Moreover, its intuitive interface makes browsing through these results a breeze – allowing even novice users to find what they are looking for without hassle.

Gif Brewery

Gif Brewery is an image editing and animation tool that offers users a wide range of features. It allows them to create GIFs, videos, and images with ease by combining different components such as music, text, pictures, and animations.

Gif Brewery also provides users the ability to edit existing gifs and make their own from scratch. Additionally, it has robust support for customizing frames per second (FPS) rate and size optimization. One of Gif Brewery’s main advantages over ezgif is its powerful video compression capabilities which allow users to reduce file sizes without compromising on quality.

Furthermore, the user interface is intuitive and clean making it easy for beginners to get familiarized with the application quickly. As part of its feature set, this software can be used to add motion graphics effects like blurs and distortions along with various transitions between slides or scenes in a single project.

In addition to these features, Gif Brewery also integrates seamlessly with popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allowing users to share their creations easily across multiple networks at once. Moreover, this program supports both Mac OSX 10.7+ & Windows 8+.

With all these tools available at hand, Gif Brewery proves to be one of the top alternatives to Ezgif when it comes to creating high-quality GIFs in no time!


GIFUP.co is a platform that allows users to easily create and share high-quality GIFs in an instant. It offers numerous features, such as the ability to customize backgrounds, add text and stickers, resize images and even animate them for extra creativity. With its friendly user interface, it’s simple to use for both beginners and experts alike who are looking for an alternative to ezgif.

The main feature of GIFUP.co is its intuitive design which makes creating GIFs easy and convenient. It has several options for customizing backgrounds including solid colors or gradient effects with support for many popular file formats so you can quickly upload your own images too.

Additionally, there are hundreds of animated creations ready to be used straight away that come in handy when making eye-catching designs quickly and effortlessly. This versatile tool also enables users to add special effects like drop shadows or embossing as well as inserting customizable text boxes along with multiple frames per second (FPS).

Moreover, there’s no need to register or sign up; simply start designing right away after visiting the website!


GIFs are a powerful digital tool that can be used to communicate ideas in an efficient and effective manner. With the wide variety of alternatives available, users will have no shortage of options when it comes to finding just the right GIF for their needs.

Giphy, GIFMaker, GIFs.com, Gifsoup, Make a GIF, Gifpal, Imgur, Gif Brewery and GIFUP.co are some of the best ezgif alternatives out there today. Each offers unique features that make them stand out from one another as well as provide something special for all types of users. These platforms offer everything from simple editing capabilities to full-featured animation tools so no matter what your particular project demands are you’ll find something perfectly suited to your needs.

Just like a painter has a wide range of colors at his disposal to create art with, so too does the modern creative have access to countless GIFs through these diverse and capable sites.

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