15 Best Whitepages Alternatives

The search for contact information can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but with the right resources it doesn’t have to be. Whitepages is one of the most popular online directory services used to find people and businesses by name or phone number. However, there are several other alternatives that provide similar services as well.

This article will provide an overview of fifteen best Whitepages alternatives available on the web today. These alternative sites offer different features such as reverse address lookups, background checks, business profiles and more. Each of these sites has its own unique benefits in terms of accuracy, cost and convenience.

In addition, some may also offer additional features not found on Whitepages itself. It is important to consider all options when deciding which service works best for your needs.


PeopleFinder is an online service that provides individuals and businesses with comprehensive background checks, public records, and contact information. It allows users to search for people nationwide by name or address, as well as access detailed reports on criminal activity and other personal data. PeopleFinder also offers a variety of subscription options for those looking for more in-depth searches.

The company’s mission is to provide accurate and up-to-date information about people from all walks of life – from political figures to celebrities – so that customers can make informed decisions when it comes to business dealings or personal relationships.

PeopleFinder has been providing these services since 1998, making them one of the oldest companies offering this type of service. PeopleFinder ensures its customers have access to reliable sources of information through their proprietary database system which aggregates data from over 10 million databases worldwide.

This includes court records, social networks, phone books, credit reports, real estate listings and more. All searches are secure and private; no personal user data is ever shared nor stored without customer consent.


Pipl is a search engine that helps people investigate and verify online identities. It provides accurate data from numerous sources such as social media, background checks, public records, web pages, advertising trackers and more. With Pipl’s advanced algorithms it can quickly identify individuals by name or email address even if they are not active on the internet.

Using Pipl can help protect against identity theft and ensure data privacy as users access only legitimate information. The accuracy of the results is also very high due to the comprehensive database of reliable sources used for searches. Furthermore, Pipl has strict policies regarding data security and does not share any user-provided data with third parties without their explicit consent.

The service offered by Pipl is useful for both personal use cases such as verifying contact details or finding lost friends, as well as professional scenarios like screening applicants during recruitment processes or conducting background checks before making investments.

In addition to this, Pipl enables organizations to keep up with changes in employee profiles across various platforms securely.


Intelius is a leading, comprehensive background checking service that offers access to millions of public records. It has been around for over two decades and provides an array of services including criminal record screening, background checks, identity verification and much more.

The platform also includes data accuracy tools and online security measures to ensure users experience the highest quality when searching for information. When it comes to Intelius’ data accuracy, the company emphasizes its commitment to providing reliable sources from trusted third-party providers who are compliant with applicable regulations. Furthermore, all reports come with detailed notes on how the results were obtained in order to guarantee transparency in the search process.

As far as security concerns go, Intelius incorporates advanced fraud detection technology which monitors customer activity and ensures any personal data provided by customers is secure at all times.

In terms of features offered by Intelius, users have access to a wide range of resources such as phone number lookup capabilities, address history searches, people search engine options, reverse email tracing and more. Additionally, Intelius provides fast delivery speeds so users can receive their requested information quickly without having to wait long periods of time.


  1. Spokeo is a popular online people search and reverse phone lookup tool that is often used as an effective alternative to traditional white pages.

  2. The people search feature on Spokeo allows users to search for a person by name, email address, or phone number.

  3. The reverse phone lookup feature on Spokeo allows users to search for a person by entering a phone number and seeing who it is associated with.

  4. Spokeo also provides users with a variety of other features, including address lookup, detailed background reports, and a reverse address lookup.

People Search

Spokeo is a people search engine which can be used for finding contact information and background records of individuals. It taps into public data sources from social media, marketing surveys and other online resources to create comprehensive profiles on the searched individual.

While Spokeo offers a wide range of features that make it an attractive option for those seeking out personal details about someone’s life, there are also valid concerns regarding its data security policies. Thus, users must consider alternative options such as BeenVerified or Intelius if they prefer greater assurance in terms of privacy protection.

These services offer similar features but may require purchases before use, with some requiring monthly plans. Furthermore, additional consumer-friendly measures like identity theft protection and fraud alerts may be available through these sites while not being offered by Spokeo.

As such, users should weigh their options carefully when deciding on how best to conduct their people searches.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup is another important feature provided by Spokeo. It allows users to track down individuals through their mobile or landline numbers.

This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as reuniting with old friends and colleagues, verifying the identity of someone you’ve recently met online, and tracking telemarketing calls from unknown sources.

The accuracy of reverse phone lookup results may vary depending on the quality of publicly available data sources that are used. However, it is worth noting that some services like Intelius provide more reliable information than those offered by Spokeo due to additional features such as reverse email lookup and phone tracking capabilities.

As such, users should thoroughly research any people search engine before making use of its services to ensure they receive accurate and up-to-date contact details about the individual in question.


AnyWho is a powerful reverse lookup and background check service that allows users to perform an online search for contact information. It offers comprehensive coverage of the United States, including residential listings and business data from over 160 million businesses in more than 11 million US cities. The site also provides access to Yellow Pages directories, reviews on various products and services, directions, maps, white pages, public records searches and other helpful resources.

AnyWho’s reverse lookup feature gives users the ability to find out who owns a phone number or email address by entering it into their search engine. The results will typically include name, current address and age.

Additionally, AnyWho can be used to locate people via their name or street address with its advanced directory assistance tool. This helps individuals track down long-lost relatives or friends as well as identify unfamiliar numbers appearing on caller ID devices.

In addition to identifying callers, AnyWho also serves as a valuable resource when conducting background checks on potential employees or tenants. Its database includes criminal records such as felony convictions, sex offender registries and court judgments which can provide useful insights into a person’s character prior to making any hiring decisions.


ZoomInfo is like a lighthouse beacon in the darkness of data accuracy. It shines brightly, illuminating user reviews and other information to help businesses make well-informed decisions that can drive success.

ZoomInfo sources its proprietary data from hundreds of millions of public records and provides users with searchable access to over 200 million business profiles across 65 countries worldwide. The platform’s powerful search engine allows customers to quickly find contacts at any company by searching for job title or function.

With sophisticated filtering capabilities, users can narrow searches down to precise criteria such as location, seniority level, industry sector, and more. Furthermore, every profile on ZoomInfo comes with an array of rich contact details including name, email address, phone number, physical address, education background, and even social media links.

All this makes it easier for companies to identify their target audience accurately and improve their outbound marketing campaigns. As an added bonus, ZoomInfo also offers users the ability to add custom notes to each contact so they can track conversations and store personalized sales intelligence within their account.

This gives them an edge when it comes to building relationships with key decision makers in various industries.


Zabasearch is a free online service that provides reverse lookups and background checks. It allows users to quickly search for people in the United States by name, address, phone number or email address. Additionally, Zabasearch has advanced filters such as age and city or state of residence which can be used to narrow down results. This makes it easier to locate someone who may have moved from one location to another over time.

Through its reverse lookup feature, Zabasearch gives users access to detailed information about individuals including their full name, current and past addresses, current and previous employers and more.

Furthermore, its background check function can help verify whether an individual has any criminal records or court cases associated with them. Users are also able to view public property listings such as mortgages and liens under the person’s name if available.

Overall, Zabasearch is a useful tool for anyone looking for an alternative whitepages service offering both reverse lookups and background checks at no cost. The website’s intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate while its robust search engine helps find accurate results in seconds.

Moreover, the inclusion of helpful filtering options further enhances the user experience by allowing users to customize their searches according to specific criteria.


Like a beacon in the night, TruePeopleSearch shines brightly as an alternative to Whitepages when it comes to people search. Though not as well-known or widely used as its counterpart, TruePeopleSearch offers users access to public records and data with unprecedented accuracy. With privacy policies that are transparent and easy to understand even for those who don’t have any technical background, this platform is perfect for anyone looking for reliable information about others with minimal effort.

TruePeopleSearch allows you to find out more details about someone than just their name and contact info which can be found on other similar sites. By entering keywords such as hometowns, workplaces, relatives names and ages into the search bar, one can quickly obtain detailed results including current addresses, phone numbers and criminal histories depending upon what state the person resides in. This makes it easier to track down long lost friends or family members if all you have is limited information on them.

In addition, TruePeopleSearch also provides users with quick links to social media accounts associated with the individual being searched so they can view photos of them or maybe even reconnect virtually. Furthermore, each record generated through this platform contains multiple sources of verification thereby ensuring maximum data accuracy while protecting user’s identity from unwanted intrusions.

All these features make TruePeopleSearch a great alternative to Whitepages for people searches.


There are a number of alternative services to Whitepages that provide users with the ability to look up people and businesses. Many of these services offer enhanced features such as reverse phone lookup, background checks, public record searches, and more. They also typically have stricter privacy policies in place to protect user data from unauthorized access or misuse. Additionally, they may be subject to different surveillance laws than those governing WhitePages due to their varying business models.

One example of an alternative service is Intelius which offers both free and paid search options for its users. It provides detailed information about individuals including full name, current address, past addresses, age/date of birth, relatives (including spouses), employment history, education level attained and more. The website also allows users to perform reverse phone lookup searches by entering a phone number into the system – this can be useful if you need to find out who owns a particular telephone number or want additional contact details for someone you know.

In terms of online privacy measures taken by Intelius, it has implemented several safeguards such as encryption technology on all data entry fields provided during any search process and uses secure servers for storing customer records. Furthermore, Intelius abides by applicable federal and state consumer protection legislation – ensuring that customers’ personal information is not misused or sold without consent.

Another popular alternative website is PeopleFinders which helps people locate lost friends and family members quickly using advanced searching algorithms based on names or other identifying characteristics like date of birth or Social Security Number (SSN). All searches performed through PeopleFinders are protected under strict security protocols including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption when processing credit card payments; furthermore the site adheres closely to US Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations concerning how consumer information is collected and used.

Users should note however that while PeopleFinders does adhere closely to US surveillance laws regarding collection & storage of user data in order to maintain privacy standards – there may still be some discrepancies between states depending on local rules & regulations associated with use of online databases/services containing sensitive consumer data.


With the increasing prevalence of online job search, LinkedIn has become a major platform for employers and job seekers. Its professional networking is highly appreciated by many professionals as it allows them to create powerful connections in their fields. Moreover, its career-oriented search engine makes it an ideal place to look for employment opportunities or new hires.

For those who are looking to network with people in their field, LinkedIn offers several features that can help build relationships among members of the same industry. With its vast user base, users have access to different types of professionals from various industries including marketing, IT, finance, healthcare, and more. Furthermore, its Groups feature lets people form groups based on topics like business strategy or technology trends so they can discuss related issues. The ability to join conversations and find experts easily helps job seekers establish deeper contacts within their chosen profession and may even lead to potential job prospects.

LinkedIn also provides targeted services such as Resume Builder which helps individuals showcase their skills and experiences accurately when applying for jobs or internships.

Additionally, the Career Insights section gives tailored advice regarding salaries, working hours and other relevant information about specific roles which can be useful when researching a role before applying for it. All these tools make LinkedIn an efficient resource for both employers and job seekers alike when searching or promoting available positions.


In conclusion, there are many alternatives to Whitepages for those who seek information about other people and businesses.

PeopleFinder, Pipl, Intelius, Spokeo, AnyWho and Zabasearch offer a variety of services which can help you find what you’re looking for quickly and accurately.

TruePeopleSearch, 411 and LinkedIn are also useful tools that provide detailed data on individuals or organizations.

All of these sites present opportunities to dig deeper into the lives of others without having to worry about getting stuck in an endless rabbit hole.

With so many viable options at your disposal, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to finding exactly what you’re looking for.

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