15 Best Zillow Competitors And Alternatives

Real estate brokers and agents are constantly searching for the best tools and platforms to market their properties. Zillow is one of the most popular real estate websites, but there are many other competitors and alternatives available today.

This article will provide an overview of fifteen of the top options, complete with information on features, pricing models and more. Keep reading to learn about the leading players in this space and find out which platform may be right for you.

When it comes to finding a reliable tool or platform for marketing real estate properties online, there are dozens of potential solutions. Some companies specialize in specific areas such as property listings while others offer comprehensive packages including listing services, website building tools and analytics dashboards.

With so many different choices available, it can be difficult to determine which option is best suited for your business needs. The following list provides an overview of some of the top Zillow competitors and alternatives that should be considered when choosing a digital marketing solution for your real estate business.


Redfin is a popular real estate website and brokerage firm, providing customers with competitively priced home listings as well as access to top-rated agents.

Founded in 2004, Redfin has since become one of the most trusted options for sellers and buyers alike. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of buyer incentives such as cash back rewards when closing on a purchase.

Agents at Redfin can also provide personalized consultations and advice throughout the entire transaction process. The company’s focus on customer service helps ensure that each individual receives the best possible result when they go through the buying or selling process.

With over 30 offices located across the country and more than 3 million users visiting their site every month, it’s easy to understand why Redfin is considered one of the leading alternatives to Zillow by many homeowners today.


Realtor.com is another popular online platform for real estate searches and listings, offering a comprehensive database of homes from multiple sources across the country.

The website provides easy-to-navigate search filters, allowing users to quickly narrow their results by desired location, price range, number of bedrooms or bathrooms and other specifics.

Additionally, Realtor.com allows visitors to access detailed neighborhood reviews before making an informed home purchase decision.

The website also offers resources on home financing options including mortgages, refinancing loans and cash purchases.

Homebuyers can use Realtor’s mortgage calculator to estimate current interest rates as well as potential monthly payments based on their budget.

Moreover, they have access to local agents who provide personalized advice to ensure the best possible deal when closing a sale.

For those looking into selling their property, Realtor.com offers free marketing tools such as listing photos and videos that help showcase properties in the most attractive way possible and reach out to more prospective buyers through its user base of over 90 million viewers each month.

With its wide selection of features combined with reliable customer support services all around the US, Realtor proves itself as one of the best zillow competitors and alternatives available today in terms of providing excellent service for both buying and selling residential real estate.


Trulia is a popular online real estate platform that provides a variety of features to help with buying, selling, and renting property.

Trulia provides users with detailed property information such as photos, neighborhood data, and estimated home values.

It also offers additional features such as the ability to create custom alerts and maps of properties.

In terms of pricing, Trulia offers a variety of options depending on the services needed.

These options can range from free basic listings to more advanced packages with additional features.

Trulia Features

Trulia is one of the leading real estate search engines, offering potential home buyers and renters a comprehensive platform for exploring their options. It stands out among its competitors due to its innovative features that make searching for property easier than ever before.

One such feature is Trulia’s pricing structure, which allows users to easily compare prices between different areas and get an idea of the average cost of homes in their desired area. Additionally, Trulia offers a powerful property search tool with advanced filtering capabilities so you can quickly find properties by price range, size, location, or other criteria. Furthermore, they also offer interactive maps so you can see where listings are located at a glance.

All these features allow users to efficiently and effectively locate properties that best meet their needs. Finally, Trulia provides detailed information on each listing including photos, neighborhood data points and school ratings – all of which add up to help potential buyers make more informed decisions about their future home purchases.

Trulia Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important aspects to consider when exploring property options. Trulia offers a unique pricing structure, allowing users to compare prices between different regions and get an estimate for what they should expect to pay in their desired area. This makes it easy for potential buyers or renters to narrow down their search quickly and efficiently.

Trulia’s powerful property search tool also helps with this process by allowing users to filter properties based on criteria such as price range, size, location, etc., making it easier than ever before to find homes that meet their needs.

To further facilitate the decision-making process, interactive maps are provided so users can easily see where each listing is located at a glance.

Detailed information about each property is also available through Trulia’s listings – including photos, neighborhood data points and school ratings – enabling customers to make informed decisions when choosing their future home.


Moving on from Trulia, Homes.com is another popular platform for those looking to buy a home or check out the local trends in real estate.

Here are key features of the website that make it an attractive option:

  • A comprehensive property search tool which puts thousands of homes and other properties at your fingertips.

  • An easy-to-use interface with detailed maps and photos so you can get a better idea of what you are buying.

  • Access to up-to-date listings so you know exactly what’s available in the market.

  • Expert advice on buying tips and local trends tailored to each user’s specific needs.

Homes.com provides users with all the information they need to make informed decisions about their next purchase – whether it be a new house, condo, apartment, or any other type of real estate investment.

From interactive diagrams to expert analysis, this one-stop shop has everything buyers need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to finding their dream home.

With its intuitive design and vast array of data points, Homes.com offers something for everyone who wants to find their ideal fit without having to visit multiple sites.


Homesnap is an online real estate platform that offers affordable homes and allows tenants to review properties. This powerful tool provides users with a wide selection of rental properties at competitive prices, giving them the opportunity to explore their options in depth. With Homesnap’s intuitive search capabilities, users can quickly narrow down their choices by location, features, amenities, and more.

Furthermore, potential renters are able to read up on reviews from previous tenants before committing to any particular property. By providing comprehensive tenant reviews as well as low-cost housing solutions, Homesnap has become one of the most reliable names in the industry for finding quality rentals.

The website also provides access to detailed neighborhood information such as school ratings and nearby attractions. It even includes interactive maps so you can get a better idea of where your new home might be located.

Homeowners who are looking for help managing or renting out their property can leverage the service’s convenient network of agents and landlords. Through this feature they can find professional assistance with everything from setting up leases to resolving disputes over repairs or maintenance fees. In addition, they benefit from Homesnap’s system of secure payments which helps ensure that all transactions between parties remain safe and transparent.

With its user-friendly interface and numerous helpful features, it’s no surprise that Homesnap has established itself as a go-to resource for both homeowners and prospective tenants alike. Its combination of affordability and convenience makes it an ideal option for anyone interested in taking advantage of today’s booming real estate market without breaking the bank.


Move.com is another popular real estate platform that provides both homebuyers and renters with comprehensive information about properties for sale or rent in their desired area. As an alternative to Zillow, Move.com offers a range of services such as property listings, mortgage rates, rental trends, and more.

Additionally, the website also has helpful tools like calculators and guides that assist buyers in making informed decisions when considering which homes to purchase or what apartments to rent.

For buyers looking for incentives beyond just basic property information, Move.com stands out from other competitors by offering exclusive rebates on closing costs and move-in credits. By partnering with over 1,000 leading lenders nationwide, they are able to provide up to $5k in cashback rewards upon successful completion of a purchase transaction.

This incentive gives buyers additional savings when purchasing a new home without compromising quality of service or access to accurate market data. In addition to providing useful resources for prospective homebuyers, Move.com also focuses heavily on delivering valuable insights into local housing markets including updated research reports on current trends related to renting versus buying options across different cities in the US.

With this knowledge at hand, users can make better-informed decisions when deciding whether it’s best for them to buy or rent based on their individual needs and preferences.


PropertyShark is a real estate research platform that provides detailed information on all properties in the United States. It offers access to public records, sales history and market trends related to residential and commercial properties. PropertyShark also helps users estimate property taxes, find home financing options as well as determine competitive market prices for potential investments.

The website’s search tool allows users to quickly filter through millions of listings across the country based on criteria such as location, price range and building type. Additionally, it includes an interactive map which makes searching geographically easier. PropertyShark also lets customers set up email notifications when new properties become available within their preferred area or budget range.

For those interested in investing in real estate, PropertyShark offers a variety of data-driven insights into local markets which can help identify investment opportunities with high return potential. These include median sale prices per square foot, rental yields and foreclosure rates.

The website’s comprehensive reports provide valuable insight into current market conditions which could inform buyers’ decisions and strategies for acquiring profitable investments.


Apartments.com is a popular real estate platform known for its comprehensive listings and helpful search functions. It offers a variety of features, such as detailed descriptions, photos, maps, and ratings, to make it easier for users to find their ideal rental.

Reviews of Apartments.com are generally positive, with users noting the site’s helpfulness in finding a rental quickly and easily.

Other top competitors and alternatives to Apartments.com include Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia.

Apartments.Com Features

Apartments.com is a leading online real estate platform that offers an array of features to help renters find their ideal apartment.

One such feature is its expansive search engine, which allows users to filter for apartments based on location, budget, pet policy, and more. Additionally, the website provides detailed information about rental fees in different areas so potential tenants can stay informed about market trends.

Apartments.com also displays ratings and reviews from other residents living in the complex or building – providing insight into what it’s like to live there. The site’s intuitive interface makes it easy for visitors to quickly get access to all necessary details related to renting an apartment, including contact information and leasing fees associated with each property listed.

Furthermore, this convenient resource grants users the ability to save favorite listings they are interested in and receive notifications when new offerings arise within their desired area or price range. With these comprehensive capabilities at hand, prospective renters have everything they need to make educated decisions regarding their next home.

Apartments.Com Reviews

Apartments.com Reviews provide potential renters with helpful information about the rental market in their desired areas.

In addition to ratings and reviews from current residents, visitors can also read through expert tips for finding cheap apartments or getting top-notch renting advice.

This section of the website is an invaluable resource for those looking to make well-informed decisions when selecting a home.

Furthermore, users can view comments on specific listings as well as general trends in pricing or amenities among various complexes.

With this comprehensive knowledge at hand, prospective tenants are better equipped to find the best deal possible while avoiding any unforeseen inconveniences related to apartment hunting.

By combining user feedback with its expansive database of properties across the country, Apartments.com equips people with everything they need to secure their dream residence without breaking the bank.


Loopnet is a real estate search engine that provides comprehensive listings for commercial and residential properties across the United States. It has been around since 1995, making it one of the oldest and most established competitors to Zillow in the market today.

Loopnet offers users multiple features to help them find their ideal property, including:

  • Advanced building search capabilities – Loopnet’s search functions allow users to narrow down results by neighborhood, city, or even zip code. This makes it easier for people to locate exactly what they’re looking for without spending time unnecessarily sifting through irrelevant options.

  • Comprehensive neighborhood analysis – Not only can users see specific details about individual buildings, but they can also get information on nearby schools, public transportation, crime rates, and more. This helps prospective buyers make informed decisions when considering any potential purchase.

  • Detailed financial data – In addition to providing detailed descriptions of each listing, Loopnet also offers up-to-date financial data such as historical sales prices and estimated rental income. This allows investors to quickly evaluate the profitability of an investment before committing funds.

The combination of these features makes Loopnet an attractive option for those searching for both commercial and residential properties alike. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, Loopnet’s extensive database gives you everything you need to make your next big decision with confidence.


Auction.com is a popular online auction platform that has seen increasing usage over the past few years for real estate purchases. It offers buyers and sellers more control than other platforms, including the ability to set their own bidding strategies and make adjustments during an auction as needed.

The platform allows users to search for properties based on criteria such as location, size, price range and type of property being sold. Buyers can then place bids on those properties in increments determined by Auction.com’s automated system or through an experienced broker who specializes in this kind of transaction.

When compared with other competitors in the market, Auction.com stands out due to its flexibility and wide range of features available to both buyers and sellers. In addition, it also provides a wealth of data about recent trends related to auctions and bidding strategies which can be used to gain insights into what types of properties are selling at higher prices or lower ones depending upon certain factors. This valuable information makes using Auction.com a great choice if you want to maximize your chances of finding the right deal when purchasing real estate via auction.


Real estate buyers and sellers have many reliable options to choose from when searching for the best real estate marketplace.

From Redfin, Realtor.com, Trulia and Homes.com, to Homesnap, Propertyshark, Apartments.com, Loopnetand Auction.com – there is an abundance of choice available in order to find a platform that suits individual needs perfectly.

Each site offers something different but equally valuable; it’s merely up to the user which one they pick as their go-to place for property listings and related services.

With such a wide selection of zillow competitors and alternatives available, users can rest assured that no matter what they seek out of a real estate digital home base – they will be able to find exactly what they are looking for!

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