180 Cup Shark Tank Update

180 Cup is a revolutionary new product that has been gaining popularity among college students, young adults and entrepreneurs alike. The patented cups are designed to be used for drinking games in social settings.

It was recently featured on the ABC show Shark Tank, where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors. This article provides an update on how the company has fared since appearing on the show and offers insights into its future prospects.

180 Cup was founded by two University of Michigan graduates who saw a need for a more convenient way to play beer pong without having to use bulky plastic cups or solo cups with holes cut out of them. With their innovative design, they have earned numerous awards including “Best New Product” at the National Hardware Show and “Most Innovative Young Company” from Business Insider Magazine.

After appearing on Shark Tank, 180 Cup received multiple investments from various Sharks and went on to become one of the highest grossing companies ever featured on the show.

What Is 180 Cup?

180 Cup is an innovative product that was recently featured on the television show Shark Tank.

The product, designed and developed by two college students from North Carolina State University, has created a stir in the eco-friendly industry due to its emotional impact.

The 180 Cup is a unique plastic cup with a much smaller ecological footprint than traditional single use cups.

It is made of 100% recyclable materials so it can be reused multiple times until it needs to be recycled again.

This makes the cup both economical and environmentally friendly as it reduces waste while also being cost effective for any business or individual who chooses to purchase one.

The 180 Cup has been embraced by many businesses because of its convenience factor and its ability to reduce their carbon footprints.

Its popularity even caught the attention of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank where investors saw potential for growth and success in this revolutionary product.

Since then, the company behind 180 Cups has seen significant increases in sales from bars, restaurants, conventions centers, schools, universities and other venues across the United States and beyond.

The Founders Of 180 Cup

180 Cup, a reusable plastic cup company developed by two college students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, made an impressive debut on Shark Tank in 2015. The entrepreneurs pitched their product to investors with great success – within weeks, 180 Cup had sold over one million cups and earned more than $1.5 million dollars.

This statistic illustrates how successful 180 Cup’s investment strategy was in reaching its target audience – young adults looking for eco-friendly products. The founders of the company have since focused on expanding their brand into new markets while maintaining an environmentally friendly approach to production and marketing.

They have also put emphasis on creating partnerships with other businesses and organizations that promote sustainability practices. Additionally, they implemented effective product branding strategies such as using recognizable logos and colors to differentiate their products from competitors’. As a result of these efforts, 180 Cup has seen continued growth since it’s appearance on Shark Tank five years ago; the company now sells millions of cups each year and is distributed across several countries worldwide.

Founders Josh Klinefelter and Joanna Berzowska have worked tirelessly over the past few years to build upon their initial success by leveraging innovative business practices and investing in sustainable methods of production. Their commitment to providing quality products at competitive prices has been rewarded time and again in the form of customer loyalty and increased revenue streams for the company.

180 Cup’s Innovative Design

Cup, a sustainable and innovative food container system, recently presented its product design on Shark Tank. The product is designed to minimize waste by using green manufacturing practices and renewable materials for insulation.

Cup was created in response to the current single-use plastic epidemic that plagues many cities across the world. The company’s founders have implemented an approach of upcycling polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles into a unique material they call EcoFoam™ which provides superior insulation while maintaining sustainability standards.

This lightweight yet durable foam can be used as both a thermal insulator or acoustic dampener depending on how it is constructed. In addition, Cup has utilized natural fiber cloths such as hemp and jute to provide further insulation when needed.

By creating their own material from recycled PET bottles, coupled with natural fibers for additional reinforcement where necessary, Cup has been able to reduce its environmental impact significantly compared to other companies who rely solely on oil-based products like Styrofoam and other plastics for similar applications.

Not only does this make the company more environmentally friendly but also more cost effective since there are no recurring costs associated with purchasing new raw materials each year. As a result, Cup’s innovative design not only reduces waste but also lowers production costs making it a viable solution for consumers looking for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional single-use containers.

Awards And Recognition

Cup Shark Tank Update has been recognized for its innovative approach to reducing waste through green packaging. The company was named the winner of the 2019 Waste Reduction Award at the International Conference on Sustainable Packaging and Materials Management. This award recognizes those who have made a significant contribution to reduced waste production, reuse or recycling initiatives in their communities.

The team behind Cup Shark Tank Update also received recognition from the National Association of Reusable Products (NARPP). They were honored with NARPP’s Green Innovation Prize for creating an innovative solution that reduces single-use plastic consumption and promotes reusability. The prize highlights companies whose solutions are helping to drive sustainability in packaging practices.

As part of its mission to reduce waste, Cup Shark Tank Update implemented several new strategies including switching from traditional plastics to biodegradable, recyclable materials. The company is determined to continue finding ways to minimize environmental impact by creating sustainable products and encouraging customers to move away from disposable items towards reusable alternatives.

Appearing On Shark Tank

  1. For entrepreneurs pitching their business on Shark Tank, it is essential to be prepared with a well-crafted pitch that captures the attention of the Sharks.

  2. Negotiating deals on the show require entrepreneurs to be knowledgeable about their business and to remain flexible and open to various offers.

  3. The Sharks in Shark Tank are known for their competitive nature and for expecting high returns on their investments.

  4. It is important to consider the various offers presented by the Sharks and to make a decision that best suits the business needs.

Pitching To Sharks

Appearing on Shark Tank is an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to gain exposure, secure funding and launch their businesses. Pitching to the Sharks has become a rite of passage for many startups.

To be successful, entrepreneurs must present themselves in a professional manner and make sure they are prepared with comprehensive knowledge about their product or service. This includes having a solid online marketing strategy that will help them differentiate from competitors and stand out from the crowd during their presentation. It also requires understanding the needs of the investor panelists and demonstrating how those needs can be met by the entrepreneur’s offering.

The ability to succinctly explain why the business model works, what sets it apart from other offerings in its industry, and show evidence of customer adoption are key components when pitching to Sharks. Having a well-rehearsed pitch combined with passion for one’s vision helps ensure success when appearing on Shark Tank as an entrepreneur looking for investment capital.

Furthermore, being able to clearly articulate potential returns on investments shows investors that there is value in investing in the company which could lead to increased opportunities down the road.

Negotiating Deals

When appearing on Shark Tank, the ability to negotiate deals and secure funding is an important aspect of success for entrepreneurs.

Networking tactics such as connecting with potential investors prior to the show can be useful in building relationships that could lead to successful negotiations when it comes time to pitch one’s product or service.

Additionally, having a clear understanding of investors’ investment strategies can help entrepreneurs better align their own goals with those of the Sharks they are pitching too.

By being prepared and presenting oneself professionally, entrepreneurs can demonstrate why their business model works and what sets it apart from competitors—two key components that will likely increase chances of gaining capital through negotiation.

Moreover, providing evidence of customer adoption shows investors that there is value in investing in the company which further increases opportunities down the road.

These tactics combined with passion for one’s vision may help ensure negotiating success when appearing on Shark Tank.

The Sharks’ Involvement

The success of 180 cup is a testament to the power of ambitious entrepreneurs and savvy investors. With an innovative product, solid sales strategy, and well-defined fundraising goals, this young startup has already made waves in the shark tank.

At its core, 180 cup’s strength lies in their ability to offer consumers a unique experience at a competitive price point. Their patented collapsible coffee mug was designed with convenience and portability in mind – perfect for busy commuters or avid travelers. The company also offers custom designs that can be personalized with names or monograms – making it the ideal gift item, as well.

180 cup has set itself up for continued growth by tapping into new markets while leveraging existing partnerships. They recently reached an agreement with Starbucks to expand their distribution network across North America; they’ve held successful fundraisers that have allowed them to increase brand awareness; and they are currently developing new products such as travel cutlery sets and tumblers that will add further value to their line of offerings.

As long as 180 cup continues to forge these relationships and remain focused on meeting customer demands, there’s no telling where this startup could go next!

180 Cup’s Success Since Shark Tank

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2016, 180 Cup has continued to enjoy success. The company’s mission of reducing waste by providing eco-friendly reusable cups for parties and events has been embraced by customers across the United States.

In addition to their original flagship product, they now offer a wide variety of items from plates to utensils made from green materials like bamboo or palm leafs that are both compostable and reusable.

180 Cup makes sure to prioritize quality and customer service throughout all stages of production, shipping and delivery. They have implemented an efficient system that allows them to guarantee low prices while still offering unrivaled customer satisfaction with every order.

This business model has served them well as many companies have chosen 180 Cups over other suppliers due to their affordability, quick turnaround time and consistent attention to detail.

The company is continuing to grow at a steady pace; it recently opened up shop in Canada, expanding its reach even further.

To this day, they remain committed to helping people reduce their environmental footprint while also making celebrations memorable through quality products delivered quickly at unbeatable prices.

Expansion Plans For The Future

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, 180 Cup has seen success with both their product and the company at large. The first-of-its-kind collapsible cup was featured in several major publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc., helping to spread awareness of the innovative product.

In addition, aggressive marketing strategies utilizing social media platforms have given them a platform to expand to college campuses across the nation. 180 Cup’s commitment to sustainability is another factor that makes it stand out from other products on the market.

Their cups are made from food grade silicone and recycled plastic materials, which helps reduce waste associated with traditional single use cups. To further encourage sustainable practices, for every cup purchased online or at one of their kiosks a tree will be planted in partnership with One Tree Planted.

The efforts put forth by the team behind 180 Cups have enabled them to secure partnerships with well-known brands like Budweiser and Red Bull. They plan to continue expanding their reach into new markets while also developing more ecofriendly options in order to stay ahead of industry trends.

As they look towards the future, there is no telling how far this revolutionary product can go!

How To Purchase 180 Cups

  1. For those interested in purchasing the innovative 180 Cup, a product featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, the first step is research. Consumers should familiarize themselves with the product’s features, cost, and availability.

  2. Once the research is complete, the next step is to set a budget. This will help to ensure that the purchase fits within the consumer’s spending plan.

  3. After the budget is set, the consumer will be ready to place an order. 180 Cups can be ordered online and through specialty retailers.

  4. It is important to remember that ordering directly from the manufacturer is the best option for those looking to purchase a large quantity, such as 180 Cups.

  5. Additionally, those interested in purchasing 180 Cups should schedule a consultation with the manufacturer to discuss their specific needs.

  6. Lastly, it may be beneficial to take advantage of current promotions or discounts that the manufacturer may offer.


Innovative packaging and corporate philanthropy have been key points of discussion in the 180 Cup Shark Tank update.

Specifically, companies are researching ways to produce their product while using less materials and with a focus on sustainability.

This has led to extensive research into new production methods that reduce waste without sacrificing quality or cost.

Additionally, many companies have chosen to invest in programs that offer educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth, leading them towards success both within their industry and beyond.

By keeping these two areas at the forefront of their business plans, businesses will be able to make an impact not just by selling a product but also through giving back to society as well.

Consequently, this type of research is essential for any company wishing to remain competitive in today’s market.


Budgeting is an important factor when it comes to purchasing 180 Cups. As such, businesses should consider saving strategies and financial planning as part of their decision-making process.

This includes taking into account the cost of producing and shipping the product, any taxes or other fees that may apply, and any promotions they may wish to offer in order to increase sales.

Additionally, businesses must make sure they are not overspending on materials needed for production. By doing so, companies can ensure a good return on their investment while still providing customers with quality products at competitive prices.

Through careful budgeting and thoughtful planning, businesses have the potential to maximize profits while still being mindful of environmental sustainability and corporate philanthropy.


When ordering 180 Cups, businesses have the ability to customize their orders based on their needs. They can order single cups for individual use or in bulk for larger events and gatherings.

Bulk ordering is often more cost-effective since it allows companies to take advantage of discounts and savings associated with buying in large quantities.

Additionally, customizing orders gives business owners the opportunity to align their product selections with their brand’s mission or values.

For example, some businesses may choose to purchase eco-friendly recycled materials while others may opt for a cup made from natural resources like bamboo.

This ensures that businesses are able to provide customers with products that reflect their core beliefs while still meeting customer demands.

The Benefits Of 180 Cup

The 180 Cup is an innovative product that seeks to revolutionize the way people drink beer. Developed by college students, this cup is designed to be used for multiple beers and help reduce waste from disposable cups. After appearing on Shark Tank, the company has achieved a great deal of success in bringing their product to market and making it more accessible worldwide.

The most significant benefit of the 180 Cup is its social impact. By reducing the amount of plastic or paper waste generated when people drink beer at festivals, parties, or other gatherings, the cup helps create a more sustainable culture. It also encourages users to think twice about using disposable products as they can now enjoy their drinks without worrying about creating extra garbage.

Additionally, since production processes are eco-friendly and use sustainable materials like bamboo fibre and biodegradable cornstarch, consumers can save money while still contributing positively to environmental protection initiatives.

This unique design has made the 180 Cup popular among individuals looking for ways to cut back on plastic waste. Although relatively new on the scene, this product provides a practical solution to minimizing our carbon footprint while enjoying a refreshing beverage with friends. The invention of this cup proves how modern innovation can have real world applications that ultimately lead to positive change in values such as sustainability and conservationism.


180 Cup has come a long way since its debut on Shark Tank. The innovative design and thoughtful founders have been the driving force behind 180 Cup’s success, earning awards and recognition throughout the industry.

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2018, sales for the product skyrocketed by over 400%. Since then, 180 Cup has expanded to offer special edition collections, catering events, and large-scale orders from universities across the country.

The impact of 180 cup goes far beyond just convenience or affordability; it is also making an environmental difference. By using recyclable materials that are BPA free, each cup can be used around 25 times before needing replacement. This helps reduce plastic consumption while providing customers with a superior drinking experience.

In addition to this eco-friendly mission, 180 Cup continues to strive towards bringing people together through their unique product offerings.

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