Back 9 Dips Shark Tank Update

Back 9 Dips is a snack food company that has recently gained notoriety due to its appearance on the hit television show Shark Tank.

The company specializes in providing dips and condiments made with natural ingredients.

Back 9 Dips was founded by husband and wife team Erin and Joe Woolf, who have been making all-natural snacks for friends and family for years before successfully pitching their product to the Sharks.

After some tough negotiations, they managed to secure $200K from Mark Cuban in exchange for 10% equity.

Since then, there have been many changes within the business as it continues to expand into new markets.

The Pitch To The Sharks

The proverbial ‘Shark Tank’ has become a pop-culture phenomenon in recent years, captivating the attention of audiences around the world. While some might view this as an opportunity to make their dreams come true, others are concerned about the pitching process and what it entails.

Back 9 Dips was one such venture that entered the tank and attempted to win over investments from all five Sharks – Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec. As they prepared for their pitch, they sought out tips on how to maximize their chances of success.

For entrepreneurs like Back 9 Dips entering Shark Tank, knowing every detail beforehand is essential if they hope to achieve success during their pitch. Preparation is key – having done thorough research into potential investors and understanding exactly why you need money can help create a compelling argument when making your pitch.

In addition, crafting a clear message will be vital in order for the Sharks to understand your product or service quickly; after all, time is limited in front of them! Finally, presenting yourself confidently and professionally will also go a long way towards impressing them with your business acumen and ambition.

Back 9 Dips followed these preparation tips closely ahead of their presentation before the Sharks – but would it be enough? Only time would tell whether their efforts paid off…

Back 9 Dips’ Product Line

Back 9 Dips, which appeared on Shark Tank in April of 2018, has experienced a large surge in sales and brand recognition since then.

The product line offers a variety of dip flavors, ranging from the classic Buffalo Wing to the unique Veggie Ranch.

The flavor profiles have been carefully crafted to provide a unique and savory experience for each product.

The company has also begun to expand their product line, offering a variety of snack options for their customers.

With their new offerings, Back 9 Dips is furthering their mission to provide a wide range of snacking options.

The company is also looking to expand their brand beyond the United States and into international markets.

This expansion will likely bring even more customers to the product line.

Product Variety

Back 9 Dips has been known for its variety in product development, particularly with flavor profiles.

Consumers have an array of options when selecting a dip to purchase from the company’s line. From unique flavors such as jalapeno con queso to classic selections like guacamole and salsa, Back 9 Dips offers something for everyone.

Many customers also appreciate that each dip is made using natural ingredients sourced from local farms and businesses, ensuring quality and sustainability throughout the process.

All products are tested for safety before being released on the market, making them even more appealing to potential customers.

With an ever-growing selection of dips available, Back 9 Dips continues to provide delicious choices for snack lovers everywhere.

Flavor Profiles

Taste testing is an integral part of the product development process for Back 9 Dips.

Through comprehensive flavor profiling, the company has been able to create a wide array of unique products with both classic and innovative flavor profiles.

Customers appreciate that each dip is made using natural ingredients sourced from local farms and businesses in order to ensure quality and sustainability throughout the production process.

With their commitment to creating delightful combinations such as jalapeno con queso and guacamole salsa, they have become renowned for their creative “flavor fusion” recipes.

All products are taste tested before being released on the market, providing customers with peace of mind when selecting snacks from Back 9 Dips’ extensive line-up.

The ever-growing selection of dips ensures there truly is something for everyone – no matter what your preference may be!

Brand Expansion

Following the success of their appearance on Shark Tank, Back 9 Dips has been expanding its reach to a wide range of customers.

Through resonating messages shared across social media platforms and strategic partnerships with influencers in the industry, the company is sharing its brand far and wide.

This expansion has seen sales soar and new products added to the existing portfolio.

From classic flavors such as cheese dip to more adventurous options like mango habanero salsa, there’s something for everyone!

With loyal customer base that continues to grow each day, it seems Back 9 Dips are well on track for even greater success in years ahead.

The Story Behind Back 9 Dips

Back 9 Dips had a successful showing in the Shark Tank, with offers from three of the five Sharks. The story behind Back 9 Dips is one of hard work and determination:

  • CEO/Founder Matthew Isidoro has been passionate about producing high quality dips since 2014 when he started making salsa for friends and family out of his home kitchen.

  • He went on to create an all-natural gourmet dip line that uses zero preservatives and minimal physical packaging.

  • In 2016, he opened his own commercial grade kitchen space which allowed him to expand production capabilities while still keeping a handmade approach to each batch.

  • His dedication paid off as customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive – chefs began requesting larger orders due to the unique flavor profiles offered by Back 9 Dips.

  • After being featured on multiple food blogs, television shows, and radio broadcasts, Isidoro realized it was time to take things up a notch: entering the Shark Tank!

Matthew faced some tough questions during his appearance on Shark Tank; however, 3 out of 5 Sharks offered deals for product placement at major retailers such as Walmart, Whole Foods Market, Target, Kroger’s and Safeway.

It’s clear that Matthew’s perseverance and commitment to creating delicious gourmet products have paid off big time!

Mark Cuban’s Investment

The story of Back 9 Dips is nothing short of remarkable. After appearing on the hit show Shark Tank in 2017, founders Kyla and Matt Wright have achieved success they never dreamed possible with their unique chip dip product.

But how exactly did a small-business owners from New England turn their dreams into reality? What was the collaborative effort between the Wrights and investor Mark Cuban that led to such success?

When Back 9 Dips first appeared on Shark Tank, it quickly became clear to viewers why this company had potential. The combination of Kyla’s recipe development and Matt’s branding strategy seemed like a winning formula for success. This coupled with an impressive presentation by the couple resulted in all five sharks showing interest in investing.

In particular, billionaire investor Mark Cuban saw something special about Back 9 Dips and presented them with an offer unlike any other seen before on the show: he would invest as much money as needed for production costs, eliminating the need for a loan or additional investors.

This deal proved to be monumental for Back 9 Dips – one that allowed them to expand nationally without taking away ownership rights from Kyla and Matt. With Cuban’s investment helping cover production costs, the Wrights were now able to focus solely on brand promotion via social media campaigns and local retailer outreach programs. This innovative approach combined with creative marketing pushed Back 9 Dips past its competitors onto grocery store shelves across America at lightning speed; within four months of its appearance on Shark Tank,Back9Dips was available in over 500 stores nationwide!

Expansion Into New Markets

Back 9 Dips, the hummus-infused cheese dip company that appeared on Shark Tank in 2019, has seen success since its appearance, leading them to pursue expansion into new markets.

International expansion presents the opportunity to tap into new consumer bases, however strategic partnerships provide a way to enter foreign markets without the cost of starting from scratch.

Market intelligence is key for any business wishing to expand, as understanding consumer trends and the competitive landscape of new markets is essential to ensure success.

Back 9 Dips has been leveraging the experience of its Shark Tank investors to gain insights into the international market while setting up partnerships that will benefit the company’s growth.

With a thorough understanding of the global markets and strategic partnerships, Back 9 Dips is well positioned to realize its full potential.

International Expansion

Back 9 Dips, a Shark Tank-funded company that sells unique and flavorful dip mixes, has recently announced their plans for international expansion.

With local appeal in the US market already firmly established since appearing on the show, Back 9 Dips is now looking to capitalize on their global reach and introduce their products to customers around the world.

They have identified key markets such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland as potential areas of growth and are working with distributors in these countries to ensure swift delivery at competitive prices.

The company’s founder and CEO Kari Perdue is confident that there will be no loss of quality when it comes to delivering their product overseas: ‘We can guarantee that our dips shipped internationally taste just as good as they do here in the United States,’ she said.

As part of this new venture into foreign lands, Back 9 Dips has also set up an online store which allows customers easy access to all their products without having to locate a retail location nearby.

These steps taken by Back 9 Dips demonstrate how forward-thinking companies are taking advantage of today’s technology to gain a wider customer base beyond national borders – while still maintaining local appeal within each individual country or region.

It remains yet to be seen if this strategy will prove successful but so far it looks like a promising approach towards expanding further into new markets.

Strategic Partnerships

As part of their international expansion, Back 9 Dips has also invested in strategic partnerships to ensure they have the right distribution channels and branding strategies in place.

By partnering with distributors who are familiar with each individual market, it allows them to provide localized services that appeal more closely to customers abroad.

Moreover, by utilizing both traditional marketing tactics as well as digital platforms for promotion, Back 9 Dips can reach a wider range of potential buyers.

They are committed to providing products of the highest quality no matter where they ship – from US to Europe or Asia – making sure that everyone gets an unforgettable taste experience.

With these measures already taken, it appears that all is set for successful worldwide growth for this booming business.

Market Intelligence

When expanding into new markets, having a thorough understanding of the market situation is essential for success.

Market intelligence involves researching current consumer trends and identifying potential opportunities that can be capitalized on. Companies like Back 9 Dips are able to gain a competitive advantage by staying ahead of their competitors in terms of anticipating customer demands and tailoring their products accordingly.

By analyzing data such as sales figures, they can make informed decisions regarding product assortment, pricing strategies, distribution channels and marketing campaigns.

Additionally, engaging with local influencers and gaining insight into cultural nuances will help them build relationships with customers abroad while also building brand recognition in each individual target market.

With the right market intelligence at their disposal, companies like Back 9 Dips have the chance to successfully expand overseas and capitalize on lucrative international opportunities.

Challenges Faced By The Company

Back 9 Dips, a spin-off of the popular Back Forty Hot Sauce line from Shark Tank, has faced many challenges since its appearance on the show. While their products have been well received and are growing in popularity, the company has encountered numerous obstacles along the way.

One major challenge for Back 9 Dips is that they lack brand recognition due to having limited exposure outside of the Shark Tank platform. Despite this limitation, Back 9 Dips has managed to gain traction with customers by providing unique flavor options not typically seen in other dip brands. In addition, marketing efforts such as social media campaigns and word-of-mouth advertising have helped spread awareness about the product.

As Back 9 Dips continues to expand their reach across multiple platforms, they must remain vigilant against any potential issues associated with rapid growth. Issues like supply chain delays or customer service problems can occur at any time and need to be addressed quickly in order to maintain consumer loyalty.

The company’s management team has responded proactively to these types of “growing pains” in order to ensure smooth operations for both customers and employees alike.

Marketing Strategies

Back 9 dips is a company that was featured on the popular show Shark Tank.

After their appearance, they have implemented a number of marketing strategies, particularly in regards to branding and social media marketing.

Their efforts have paid off, with a significant increase in sales and brand recognition.

As a result, Back 9 dips is now one of the most successful businesses to come out of the show.


Following the popularization of Back 9 Dips after its appearance on Shark Tank, many marketing strategies have been employed to ensure continued success.

One such strategy is branding; an effective way to create consumer loyalty and recognition in the marketplace.

To achieve this goal, targeted ads are used to build awareness within a desired demographic by utilizing elements like logos, slogans and recognizable images.

Additionally, creative campaigns can be designed to entice customers with special offers or discounts that align with their values.

Through these efforts, customers become familiarized with the product which leads to greater name recognition and long-lasting relationships with consumers who appreciate what your company has to offer.

As a result, Back 9 Dip’s brand continues to grow through strategic use of advertising and social media presence that engages potential buyers for years to come.

Social Media Marketing

In this day and age, it is impossible to ignore the impact of social media when considering marketing strategies. With trends in online advertising shifting more towards digital platforms, Back 9 Dip has been able to capitalize on their success from Shark Tank by utilizing various forms of social media.

Through platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter they have created meaningful engagements with consumers that keep them up-to-date with new products and promotions related to their favorite dip mix. Additionally, influencer campaigns have also proven successful for increasing brand awareness as well as sales due to increased exposure within target audiences.

As a result, these tactics have enabled Back 9 Dips to remain competitive among other food brands while strengthening relationships with customers across all channels.

The Woolfs’ Vision For The Future

The Woolfs, the husband and wife team behind Back 9 Dips, had a vision for the future of their brand. As they shared on Shark Tank, they wanted to take their business beyond local farmers markets into stores across America.

The couple had developed smart branding strategies focused on improving customer loyalty and creating an efficient supply chain that could support larger scale growth. Their plan was ambitious but achievable, with a clear focus on providing delicious dips at competitive prices.

They knew that this would require partnering with large distributors in order to reach customers nationwide. In addition, they understood the importance of connecting with regional retailers who could help them create prime shelf space and attract higher-end consumers looking for quality products.

This foresight has helped them achieve success thus far, as they’ve grown from selling single packs out of their trunk to becoming one of the fastest growing snack companies in the nation. Their commitment to using fresh ingredients combined with strategic marketing campaigns have made Back 9 Dips a household name among dip lovers everywhere.

By expanding distribution networks through key partnerships, the Woolfs are setting up their company for long term success in the ever changing food industry.

Successes Since Appearing On Shark Tank

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2019, Back 9 Dips has experienced tremendous success. The company’s branding strategies have enabled them to engage with consumers on a larger scale than ever before and their products have been met with positive reception throughout the United States.

In order to capitalize on their newfound fame, Back 9 Dips adjusted their campaigns and marketing efforts by:

  • Investing in more digital advertising
  • Utilizing influencers on social media
  • Increasing public relations presence

These new endeavors proved fruitful as they allowed Back 9 Dips to become even more exposed within the marketplace. Sales continued to rise and reviews were overwhelmingly favorable from both industry professionals and everyday customers alike.

As such, it is safe to say that the appearance of Back 9 Dips on Shark Tank was one of the biggest successes for the brand since its founding in 2017.

The impact of this publicity has not gone unnoticed either; many fans are now eagerly awaiting news about special offers or promotions related to Back 9 Dips products. What’s certain is that there are exciting times ahead for this dynamic team as they continue to expand across America.

How To Support Back 9 Dips

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Back 9 Dips has experienced a considerable amount of success. The founders have successfully achieved their branding goals and received positive customer feedback about the product.

However, for those who want to support this small business even further, there are several ways to do so.

One way to show your support is by purchasing the product from various retailers or directly from the company’s website. Not only does it help keep production up, but customers also get access to exclusive discounts and promotions.

Additionally, you can spread word-of-mouth marketing; whether it be telling friends and family about the dip or leaving reviews online, every bit helps Back 9 Dips reach more potential customers.

Finally, social media is an invaluable tool when it comes to helping businesses grow exponentially in terms of brand recognition and consumer loyalty. Following the company’s accounts on Twitter and Instagram will ensure followers stay updated on events and new products while also providing valuable feedback that could potentially shape future releases and flavors.

Supporting Back 9 Dips doesn’t require much effort; just a few simple actions can make all the difference!


Back 9 Dips has certainly seen its successes since appearing on Shark Tank. Through a combination of strategic marketing, expansion into new markets and the backing of investor Mark Cuban, Back 9 Dips has been able to build their brand from a small local business to an international success story.

Their vision for the future is sure to skyrocket them even further as they continue to find innovative ways to reach more customers with their delicious products.

Like a ship cutting through turbulent waters, it seems that Back 9 Dips will be navigating the ever-changing market landscape with confidence and poise, bringing smiles to chip lovers everywhere along the way.

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