Bee Thinking Shark Tank Update

Bee Thinking, a Portland-based beekeeping supply company, recently appeared on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. After an impressive pitch and demonstration of their innovative products, the Sharks had to make one of their toughest decisions yet – whether or not to invest in the up-and-coming business.

This article provides an update on what happened after the cameras stopped rolling and gives insight into how this small business is faring today. Bee Thinking was founded by husband and wife team Jon and Tori Bulette in 2013 with the goal of providing quality equipment for hobbyist beekeepers at affordable prices.

The couple quickly realized that their product line could also be beneficial to commercial apiaries as well as educational institutions like universities and high schools looking to teach students about honeybee biology and other topics related to bees. Today, they have customers all over the world who are taking advantage of their unique supplies and materials.

A Brief History Of Bee Thinking

Bee Thinking is an innovative company that specializes in the sustainability of bee hives. Founded by three passionate beekeepers, their mission has been to provide efficient and effective solutions for apiaries around the world.

With a focus on improving hive health and productivity, Bee Thinking offers unique ways to increase honey yields while minimizing expenses. The company’s portfolio includes products such as the Flow Hive 2, the most advanced beehive system available today.

This automated hive will reduce labor costs associated with traditional methods of harvesting honey without compromising quality or quantity. Additionally, Bee Thinking provides educational resources to help growers understand how best to maintain their hives throughout all stages of development.

In addition to its own inventions, Bee Thinking supports other organizations working towards advancing sustainable beekeeping practices. The company has collaborated extensively with universities and research centers across Europe, Asia and North America to develop new technologies designed specifically for small-scale farmers and hobbyists.

Through these partnerships, they have helped create more resilient ecosystems by introducing better management techniques into local communities worldwide.

The Shark Tank Pitch

Bee Thinking has come a long way since its inception as an online marketplace for beekeeping products. Originally, the company focused on selling supplies to keep bees healthy and productive in their hives. However, their branding strategy underwent a major overhaul when they appeared on Shark Tank in 2019.

Their pitch revolved around creating an all-in-one platform that would provide customers with access to beekeeping knowledge, advice, equipment, and more. The decision to appear on Shark Tank was met with mixed reactions from potential investors and critics alike; some argued that it wasn’t necessary for a successful business like Bee Thinking to make such a public appearance while others saw it as a great opportunity for the brand to reach new audiences and gain valuable customer feedback.

Ultimately, this pivot proved immensely beneficial – not only did it raise awareness of the company but also helped them garner enough investments to further develop their services. By diversifying their product offering beyond just beekeeping supplies and leveraging customer feedback through various channels including social media platforms, Bee Thinking has been able to significantly increase its sales revenue over the last year.

The company is now looking forward towards expanding into other markets outside of North America where there is already considerable demand among consumers interested in learning about beekeeping or getting involved in related activities.

The Sharks’ Reactions

The Sharks’ reactions to the bee thinking shark tank update were varied and largely dependent on their expertise.

Mark Cuban was particularly interested in the product’s marketing strategies, while Barbara Corcoran questioned the pricing structure of the service.

Kevin O’Leary expressed skepticism about the potential for profitability given such a narrow focus on bees.

Despite these differing perspectives, all five investors agreed that bee thinking had an interesting concept with unique potential applications.

Robert Herjavec suggested ways to broaden its appeal beyond bee enthusiasts by focusing more on environmental awareness and sustainability.

Lori Greiner noted that she liked how organized the presentation was from both a business perspective and as far as providing visual aids for viewers at home.

Overall, it appeared each investor found something valuable within this new venture which could lead to future investments or partnerships should be thinking take off in popularity.

As part of his closing comments, Daymond John highlighted some of the impressive progress made since bethinking first launched – including securing several high-profile contracts and developing innovative products utilizing cutting edge technology – proving that success is possible even when starting out small.

The Potential Investment

The Sharks’ reactions to the bee thinking tank update had been promising, so entrepreneurs were ready for discussion of potential investments. This was a crucial moment; it would determine whether their idea could become reality or remain just that—an idea.

Several options were discussed, from traditional funding sources such as venture capital and angel investments to more creative solutions like crowdfunding campaigns. The investors also analyzed market trends and industry patterns in order to assess the viability of the product and decide if they should invest money into its development.

Finally, after careful deliberation, the sharks decided that there was enough potential in this project to warrant further consideration and investment.

All parties involved agreed upon terms and moved forward with the deal, allowing what seemed like an improbable goal to become a full-fledged business endeavor.

The Aftermath Of The Show

The Shark Tank update for bee thinking has generated a wide range of reactions from the community. Many people have expressed their excitement and enthusiasm with the new product, while others were more skeptical in their response. Regardless of opinion, it is clear that there has been an increase in brand awareness due to the show’s airing.

News outlets have reported on how bee thinking was able to successfully tell its story during the episode. Reports also highlighted some of the challenges associated with getting such a unique product into production. These reports further increased brand recognition as well as interest in what bee thinking could offer consumers.

Overall, based on the reaction from viewers and media coverage, it can be said that bee thinking made a successful appearance on Shark Tank which resulted in both impactful exposure and meaningful discussion about their innovative product line.

The company’s presence on the show gave them visibility beyond any other marketing effort they had taken before and set them up for long-term success within their industry.

The Impact Of The Shark Tank Appearance

Bee Thinking’s appearance on the popular business reality show ‘Shark Tank’ has had a significant impact on the company.

The exposure provided by their appearance, coupled with effective branding tactics and customer feedback, created an increased demand for Bee Thinking products.

The publicity generated from Shark Tank was instrumental in helping to spread the word about Bee Thinking’s mission of making beekeeping more accessible to everyone.

It also allowed potential customers to understand how they could benefit from using Bee Thinking’s innovative beehives and other related products.

As a result of this increased awareness, sales of these items have skyrocketed since their Shark Tank debut.

By leveraging the powerful platform of ‘Shark Tank’, Bee Thinking successfully established itself as a leader in the beekeeping industry.

This achievement has opened up new opportunities for growth within the company that would not have been possible without their bold decision to take part in the show.

The Current Product Line

Bee Thinking, a startup clothing brand specializing in urban streetwear, has made strides since its appearance on Shark Tank. The company’s profile and current product line have seen major growth and expansion over the past year.

At Bee Thinking, new products are released regularly to ensure that customers always have something fresh to choose from. This strategy helps with both customer retention as well as increasing brand awareness. New pieces often feature unique designs inspired by nature or abstract art, creating a look not found anywhere else in the market.

Additionally, the company is constantly looking for feedback from their customers and using it to inform future design decisions.

The success of Bee Thinking has been unprecedented – the business continues to expand rapidly with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. They now boast an impressive array of apparel items ranging from hoodies and t-shirts to hats and bags that can be purchased online directly through their website or at one of many retail locations across the country.

With plans for further expansion into international markets, there’s no telling how far this dynamic young company will go next!

Expanded Reach And Distribution

As the sun slowly rose, a new dawn began and illuminated an era of unprecedented opportunity for Bee Thinking. With their product line firmly established, it was time to reach out further than ever before with expanded reach and distribution.

To do this, they utilized a comprehensive ecommerce strategy built on digital marketing which enabled them to break into new markets and drive sales growth. The first step in the process was to create numerous online store fronts that could cater to different types of customers. This allowed Bee Thinking to appeal to shoppers who preferred one-stop shops as well as those looking for more specialized items.

Facilities were set up so that orders would be processed quickly and efficiently while also offering options like free shipping and loyalty rewards programs designed to incentivize repeat purchases. By leveraging these tools, Bee Thinking was able to maximize its exposure while still providing top-notch customer service.

They were able to engage with potential buyers directly through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by creating content tailored specifically towards their target audience – helping grow brand recognition exponentially over a short period of time. Additionally, strategic partnerships with popular influencers helped spread awareness even further about their products in both local and global markets.

Through careful planning, identifying ideal market segments, developing innovative strategies, and executing customized campaigns, Bee Thinking successfully positioned itself at the forefront of the industry – becoming an example for other businesses striving for similar success. The company’s commitment to excellence has resulted in unparalleled expansion throughout the retail landscape; allowing them access into untapped regions around the world where demand had previously been unknown or unmet.

As a result of such efforts, Bee Thinking is now synonymous with quality craftsmanship and superior services that continues to exceed expectations year after year.

Reflection On The Experience

Failure can be a valuable teacher if it is approached with the right attitude and can lead to growth opportunities.

Through careful analysis of mistakes, lessons can be learned and applied to future endeavours.

Utilizing failure as a tool to fuel growth can give an individual the courage and drive needed to continue striving for success.

Reflection on the experience allows for invaluable insight into the successes and failures of the journey, providing an opportunity to manifest a plan of action for the future.

Learning From Failure

Learning from failure is a crucial part of the entrepreneurial journey, and reflection on experience can be an invaluable tool to help entrepreneurs grow.

Risk assessment helps entrepreneurs identify where they may have gone wrong while pivoting strategies allow them to make changes in their business model or approach that allows them to gain an edge over competition.

Entrepreneurs should strive to understand what went wrong during previous failures so they can properly assess potential risks when making decisions in the future.

Furthermore, successful entrepreneurs must also develop skills for quickly adapting new ideas and approaches into their existing businesses models as markets change rapidly.

By learning how to predict upcoming trends and evaluating current market conditions, entrepreneurs are better able to adjust their strategy accordingly and maximize returns.

Reflection upon experience provides valuable insight into areas of improvement which enable more informed decision-making going forward.

Ultimately, it is important for bee thinking shark tank update entrepreneurs who face failure along their path towards success to take time out before taking any further steps – assessing risk through careful consideration and discovering effective pivoting strategies to ultimately result in greater successes.

Opportunities For Growth

Continuing with the discussion of ‘Reflection on Experience’, opportunities for growth are an important factor to consider when evaluating a business.

Entrepreneurs can leverage strategic partnerships and customer feedback as resources to identify new areas for expansion. These avenues serve as invaluable sources of information that enable entrepreneurs to recognize gaps in their own offerings or capitalize upon existing trends within the marketplace.

Additionally, these channels provide understanding into how competitors may be succeeding which could potentially provide insight into ways in which businesses could increase their market share. Furthermore, through utilizing such methods, entrepreneurs have access to more reliable data than traditional analytics which provides greater accuracy in gauging potential success rates.

In conclusion, leveraging strategic partnerships and customer feedback provide valuable insight into identifying growing markets and allow increased precision in decision-making processes – ultimately resulting in better opportunities for growth.

Advice For Other Small Businesses

Small businesses have a variety of options when it comes to raising capital, and the success of Bee Thinking’s Shark Tank appearance is an example for others.

Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo are popular choices that enable small business owners to secure funding from a diverse audience worldwide. When launching campaigns on these platforms, entrepreneurs must create compelling stories in order to attract potential investors and donors.

Additionally, having well-crafted marketing strategies can help develop relationships with customers, which will be crucial to any small business venture.

Social media has become an invaluable tool for startups aiming to reach their target market. With the right strategy and content creation plan, businesses can generate leads and gain visibility through organic search engine optimization (SEO).

It is also important to remember that quality over quantity is key; instead of trying to post consistently every day across all channels, focus on engaging followers with meaningful content that resonates with them. This could include sharing testimonials from existing customers or offering free resources related to the product/service being offered by the company.

Creating a website should also be part of a startup’s initial plans if they want to succeed online. Not only does this give companies a more professional image but it also provides an avenue for building customer loyalty with features like newsletters and blog updates about the latest products or services available.

Having an effective website design will make sure visitors stay engaged with easy navigation around pages so they can find what they need quickly without feeling overwhelmed or confused by too much information at once.


Bee Thinking has come a long way since its appearance on Shark Tank. From the initial pitch to the Sharks, to their reactions and potential investment, Bee Thinking was able to grow by leaps and bounds in terms of product line expansion, reach, and distribution.

This journey is an inspiring example for small businesses aspiring to make it big.

Today, Bee Thinking stands as one of America’s top pollinator education companies with products sold throughout North America and Europe. Their mission-driven approach and customer service have made them stand out from other similar companies.

It goes without saying that this success story proves that hard work and dedication truly pay off in the end.

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