Buggybeds Shark Tank Update

BuggyBeds is a company that developed an innovative and unique product – bedbug glue traps. The company gained widespread media attention when it appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank, seeking investment to take its business to the next level.

This article provides an update of BuggyBeds’ progress since their appearance on Shark Tank, including highlights from their post-appearance press coverage and other noteworthy developments.

The inventive nature of BuggyBeds’ products has garnered significant interest from both potential investors as well as everyday consumers looking for effective solutions for combating bedbugs in the home without resorting to harsh chemicals or expensive pest control services.

With such promising prospects, it will be interesting to see how far this startup can go with its creative approach to solving a troublesome problem for many homeowners around the world.

Background On Buggybeds

BuggyBeds is a company founded by two entrepreneurs, Jack and Tony, that provides innovative solutions to protect families from bed bugs.

The duo was featured on Shark Tank in 2016 where they successfully secured an investment of $200K from the early investors who saw potential in their product.

After the episode aired, BuggyBeds experienced a surge in demand for its products from customers around the world.

The company has since earned positive reviews from many satisfied customers who have used their natural insect repellent spray or chemical-free traps for protection against unwanted pests without resorting to potentially harmful chemicals.

Its success has been credited to its commitment to creating safe, sustainable solutions with minimal environmental impact and maximum effectiveness.

Over time, BuggyBeds’ customer base grew and now includes hotels, hospitals, universities, military bases and other industries that require reliable pest control solutions at scale.

Their growing list of happy clients speaks volumes about the quality of their products and service.

How Buggybeds Became A Shark Tank Success

The journey to BuggyBeds’ successful appearance on Shark Tank began with the innovative concept of a bed bug monitor. Invented by two entrepreneurs, this product was designed to give consumers peace of mind and help them protect their homes from pests without having to use harsh chemicals.

Through months of hard work and dedication, they were able to bring the idea to life and turn it into a viable business proposition.

To gain further traction in the market, BuggyBeds implemented effective marketing strategies such as digital campaigns, influencer collaborations, and social media outreach. This helped spread awareness about their products and build strong customer relationships through feedback loops and surveys.

As word-of-mouth reviews increased, so did sales and revenue for the company.

Through aggressive promotion and excellent customer service, BuggyBeds managed to showcase its unique solution during an episode of Shark Tank that earned rave reviews from investors across the board.

The team’s success didn’t end there; after appearing on the show, demand for their products skyrocketed, helping them secure more than $2 million in investments shortly thereafter.

Post Shark Tank Press Coverage

BuggyBeds was the first product to appear on Shark Tank that focused on bed bug prevention.

Following their successful appearance, the company has seen a dramatic increase in sales and a notable spike in public interest.

As a result of this success, BuggyBeds has announced plans to expand their business operations, with a focus on providing more accessibility to their products.

These developments are a testament to BuggyBeds’ resiliency and determination to become a leader in the bed bug prevention industry.

Buggybeds Success

BuggyBeds, an innovative and highly successful mosquito trap business, has seen a great deal of press coverage since their appearance on the hit ABC show Shark Tank.

Pre-shark tank the company had already developed a strong customer base with positive reviews from customers around the world.

During their time in the shark tank they were able to secure funding which allowed them to expand into new markets and develop more advanced traps that have become even more effective at controlling pests.

The success of BuggyBeds can be seen by its rapid growth and expansion over the past few years as well as countless satisfied customers who are now using their patented product worldwide.

As a result, BuggyBeds continues to be one of the leading companies in pest control solutions today.

Business Expansion

Since their appearance on the ABC hit show Shark Tank, BuggyBeds has seen a great deal of press coverage. With new funding secured during their time in the shark tank, they were able to expand into new markets and develop more advanced traps that have become even more effective at controlling pests.

As part of their business expansion strategy, BuggyBeds has implemented several marketing strategies to increase global outreach, such as advertising campaigns targeted toward different countries and providing customers with discounts for purchasing multiple products.

Through these efforts, Buggybeds continues to reach larger audiences around the globe and grow their customer base exponentially.

Buggybeds’ Product Offerings

BuggyBeds is a company that developed and offers an innovative product in the form of a bed bug detector. The device was created by two brothers, who saw a need for early detection of bed bugs so preventive measures could be taken quickly to prevent infestations.

BuggyBeds’ patent-pending technology utilizes pheromone lures as part of its dual-trap system which can detect even one single bed bug or egg. The easy-to-use traps are designed with convenience in mind, allowing people to monitor their home on a daily basis without having to lift mattresses or search through furniture crevices.

They come in both disposable and reusable forms, depending on customer preference and budget. BuggyBed trap refills are also available for purchase when needed. Through the use of this unique method, customers can have peace of mind knowing they are able to identify any signs of a potential infestation right away, thus enabling them to take prompt action before it becomes too late.

With such comprehensive coverage provided by BuggyBeds, people no longer have to worry about unforeseeable circumstances caused by these pests.

Bedbug Glue Traps: What Are They?

Glue traps, also known as adhesive boards or sticky boards, have been used to detect and control bedbugs for decades. The first commercial glue trap was invented in the late 1950s, and since then they have become a popular tool for pest management professionals.

Bedbug glue traps are small pieces of cardboard coated with a non-drying adhesive that is designed to capture the insects when they come into contact with it. These traps can be placed discreetly around infested areas to help monitor an infestation and determine where treatment should be concentrated.

Glue traps are effective at capturing both adult bedbugs and nymphs but do not offer any long-term protection against re-infestations. Additionally, there is no chemical ingredients contained within the adhesive so these traps will not kill or repel bugs. That said, research has shown that some insecticides may increase the effectiveness of glue traps by repelling or killing bugs before they reach them.

Bedbug glue traps provide valuable information about the size of an infestation which allows for more targeted treatments. They can be used alone or in combination with other methods such as vacuuming or steam cleaning to monitor progress during treatments and reduce populations quickly without exposing humans and pets to chemicals.

The Benefits Of Using Buggybeds’ Glue Traps

BuggyBeds’ glue traps are an effective and affordable alternative to conventional insect management solutions. This innovative product is made of non-toxic, safe materials that can be used around food preparation areas without worrying about harmful chemicals or odors.

The sticky surface captures even the smallest bugs in its trap, providing a reliable solution for those seeking prevention tips against pests. Furthermore, BuggyBeds’ glue traps provide long-lasting protection from insects; they remain active for up to three months before needing replacement.

As a result of their effectiveness and convenience, BuggyBeds’ glue traps have become increasingly popular among both professional exterminators as well as do-it-yourselfers looking to protect their home from pesky critters.

Not only does this green solution reduce the need for pesticides and other dangerous chemicals, it also drastically reduces cleanup time due to its all-inclusive design which prevents escapees from leaving behind messes on floors and countertops. In addition, these traps require minimal maintenance once installed – simply discard when full!

Whether you’re dealing with bedbugs or spiders, ants or cockroaches, BuggyBeds’ glue traps offer an easy and efficient method of keeping your living space comfortable and bug free. Without the use of harsh chemicals or costly extermination services, users can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their homes are protected by one of the most effective pest control methods available today.

How To Use Buggybeds’ Glue Traps

In an effort to keep pests away from our beloved homes, many of us seek out preventative measures. One such preventative measure is the use of glue traps offered by BuggyBeds. These natural solutions are designed with safety in mind and can be used at home without fear of harm coming to children or pets.

Glue traps offer a number of advantages:

  • They are effective for controlling light infestations;
  • They require no setup and are easy to use;
  • They do not involve any harsh chemicals;
  • They provide long term prevention benefits.

Using these natural solutions as part of your insect management strategy will help ensure that your home remains pest free. The success rate achieved through their usage has been shown to be highly beneficial when it comes to eliminating pesky critters from our living spaces while keeping them safe and clean.

With this in mind, consider giving BuggyBeds’ glue traps a try today!

The Cost Of Buggybeds’ Glue Traps

BuggyBeds’ glue traps are an effective and efficient way to capture pesky bugs. These traps come in a variety of sizes and types, making them suitable for any type of problem that you may have with insects. The cost efficiency of these traps makes them ideal for those looking to rid their home or business of pests without breaking the bank.

The various trap types available provide users with many options when it comes to choosing which ones will work best for their needs. Smaller traps can be used in tight spaces such as drawers and cabinets, while larger traps can be placed outside or near windowsills or entryways. No matter what your pest problem is, there is likely an appropriate size BuggyBed trap for you.

Regardless of the size or type chosen, all BuggyBed glue traps offer great value compared to other insect control solutions on the market today. With long-lasting effectiveness coupled with low price points, it’s easy to see why so many people choose this brand when tackling bug infestations.

Links And Resources For Further Information

BuggyBeds, a company that produces early-detection bed bug monitoring systems, recently appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank.

The product offers an innovative solution to detect and prevent infestations before they become out of control.

The unique feature of BuggyBeds is its patented technology which uses non-toxic glue traps to capture bed bugs at early stages of development.

This allows homeowners to take preventive measures such as regular cleaning and vacuuming or use professional extermination services if necessary.

BuggyBeds has made great progress in helping people detect and eliminate bed bugs quickly and efficiently by offering easy-to-use products with advanced features.

For example, their app gives users access to detailed information about the location and severity of infestation, real time notifications for potential threats, and helpful tips for prevention.

Conclusion: The Future Of Buggybeds

The resources and links provided in the previous section offer further information about BuggyBeds, which can be used to explore more of what this innovative company has to offer.

As a content writer for BuggyBeds’ Shark Tank Update, it is important to consider how the business will move forward into the future.

Innovative solutions have been paramount to BuggyBeds’ success. With an array of products now available on its website, consumers are able to choose from various bed bug detection systems that fit their individual needs as well as budget requirements.

Furthermore, customer engagement has also been vital in solidifying BuggyBed’s reputation within the industry. The brand has established itself by providing customers with helpful tips regarding bed bugs and responding promptly when customers reach out with queries or concerns.

As the world continues to innovate technologically, so too does BuggyBeds. This commitment to progress allows the company to keep up with ever-changing consumer demands and remain competitive within the market space.

By continuing along this trajectory of growth and development, there is no doubt that BuggyBeds will continue to provide top-notch service for years to come offering inventive solutions for all kinds of pest management problems.


BuggyBeds has become a success story since appearing on the show Shark Tank. They have received press coverage from numerous publications, including Forbes and NPR.

With their innovative bedbug glue traps, BuggyBeds is helping people keep their homes safe from these pesky pests. The cost of their product is also quite reasonable compared to other solutions available in the market.

What’s more remarkable about this company is that they continue to strive to create even better products for customers all around the world. With the help of their experienced team and cutting-edge technology, it’s no wonder why BuggyBeds will remain an industry leader long into the future.

Could there be any better way to protect yourself against bedbugs?

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