Chord Buddy Shark Tank Update

Chord Buddy, a music education device that teaches users to play guitar chords, was featured on the television show Shark Tank in 2017. Since then, the company has seen tremendous growth and success.

Chord Buddy is a product of Music Education Services LLC (MES). It was created by Travis Perry and first released for sale in 2012. The product consists of a set of color-coded tabs that are placed over frets on a guitar neck to indicate which fingers should be used when playing different chords.

The purpose of this device is to make learning how to play guitar easier and more accessible for people who would otherwise find it difficult or intimidating.

Product Overview

A striking example of innovation, Chord Buddy is a revolutionary product that has made waves since its appearance on Shark Tank. Following the airing of the episode, teacher impact and online lessons have been catapulted to new heights due to what this remarkable gadget offers.

Chord Buddy is essentially a plastic device with strings attached which can be used by anyone wishing to learn how to play guitar. With an extensive line up of lesson plans available for purchase, it promises users quick results in their playing ability within no time at all.

Additionally, it provides tools such as chords charts and progress tracking so they can easily keep track of their progress over time.

This breakthrough invention offers more than just music education; it’s also provided teachers worldwide with an effective way to effectively teach students while allowing them access to quality instruction from home through use of the internet.

In turn, these accessible lessons not only improve student engagement but also provide greater convenience to those who may otherwise struggle to find a qualified instructor nearby.

Product Benefits

Chord Buddy is a revolutionary product that helps aspiring guitarists learn to play quickly and easily. It offers an innovative approach to learning music theory and guitar lessons, allowing anyone with basic knowledge of the instrument to enjoy the process more than ever before.

This product has numerous benefits for its users:

  1. Fast Learning – Chord Buddy allows learners to pick up songs much faster than traditional methods, as it teaches them chords in intervals rather than one at a time. This means they can build on their skills gradually while having fun playing along to popular songs.

  2. Easier Than Traditional Lessons – By utilizing this system, students don’t need any prior knowledge or experience; all they have to do is plug in the device and start strumming away! The instructional DVDs that come with the package feature professional musicians demonstrating each step.

  3. Affordable – Unlike other expensive products on the market, purchasing Chord Buddy is cost effective due to its reasonable price point and durable construction materials which ensure longevity of use.

In short, Chord Buddy revolutionizes music education by making it easy, fast and affordable for amateurs and professionals alike to get started playing the guitar. With this tool, anyone can take their musical talents further without breaking the bank or spending unnecessary amounts of time struggling through frustrating lessons.

Company History

Chord Buddy was founded in 2005 by inventor and musician, Troy Lynch.

The company gained popularity after Lynch appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank in 2013, demonstrating the product and striking a deal with the Sharks.

In addition to the original product, Chord Buddy now offers packages that include various accessories and tutorials.

The company has also expanded its product line to include a range of other musical learning tools.

Chord Buddy has also developed a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, that provides users with real-time feedback and progress tracking.

Chord Buddy has recently announced plans to launch a streaming video service to provide users with exclusive content.

Company Formation

In the spring of 2016, a new company was born out of necessity and innovation.

Chord Buddy had been created to fill a need for an easier way to learn guitar chords.

The founders, Troy and Tyler Morgan, recognized that there were countless aspiring musicians who wanted to learn how to play the guitar but found it too difficult or intimidating due to its complexity.

To address this problem they developed a system that enabled users to quickly master basic chord progressions with ease.

In order to ensure legal compliance, the Morgans established their business in Texas and secured necessary funding sources such as loans from family members and investors.

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2017, Chord Buddy’s popularity began to soar and their mission statement became clear: provide an accessible and affordable platform for anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar.

With support from both customers and industry professionals alike, Chord Buddy has become one of the most successful music learning tools on the market today.

Rise To Popularity

The rise to popularity of Chord Buddy began after the company’s appearance on Shark Tank in 2017. This provided an opportunity for the business to gain exposure, and it quickly gained traction with customers who were interested in learning how to play guitar through a more accessible and affordable platform.

The online lessons offered by Chord Buddy also allowed aspiring musicians to learn at their own pace, creating a sense of musical accessibility that was previously unavailable. In addition, support from industry professionals helped boost the product’s credibility as a reliable music-learning tool.

As such, users can now access quality instruction without having to pay expensive fees or endure long hours of practice. These features have enabled Chord Buddy to become one of the most successful music learning tools on the market today.

Expansion Plans

Chord Buddy has seen immense success since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2017, becoming one of the most popular music-learning tools.

Looking towards the future, Chord Buddy is planning to further expand their customer base by offering more guitar accessories and additional music lessons. This will enable them to reach a larger audience who may be interested in learning how to play an instrument with ease.

The company also plans to increase its presence within communities that are underserved when it comes to musical education and resources. By providing access to quality instruction at affordable prices, Chord Buddy aims to make music accessible for everyone regardless of financial constraints or prior experience levels.

As part of this expansion plan, Chord Buddy recently announced a partnership with several leading musicians who will help promote the product through online campaigns and special event appearances.

With these initiatives, Chord Buddy hopes to create greater awareness around the potential benefits of using their instructional system while continuing their mission of making music available for all ages.

Shark Tank Investment

Chord Buddy’s Shark Tank investment was a success. The company, founded in 2013 by Travis Perry, had initially sought out an investment of $175K for 10% equity stake and received that plus more from Mark Cuban after his visit to the tank on October 5th 2018. This gave Chord Buddy a lifeline in what has become an increasingly competitive music industry.

To maximize their advantage, Chord Buddy implemented various marketing strategies as part of their strategy moving forward. Specifically, they used social media and online advertising tools to increase awareness of their product among potential customers across varied age groups Tactics
Social Media Advertising Television Ads
Online Advertising Campaigns Radio Spots
Email Marketing Strategies Print Ads
Content Marketing Strategy Events/Experiential Activation

These tactics enabled them to reach new audiences quickly and efficiently by targeting specific demographics who were more likely to be interested in learning how to play guitar with the help of Chord Buddy’s innovative products and services. Additionally, this helped create powerful brand recognition which further increased sales revenue generated through online channels like Amazon or eBay.

As much as Chord Buddy turned heads during its appearance on Shark Tank, the most impressive thing about it is not just its rapid growth but also its ability to sustain that momentum over time despite ever-changing market conditions. By utilizing effective marketing strategies tailored for each target demographic segment within the music industry, it continues to set itself apart from other competitors while keeping its mission alive – making people passionate about playing music.

Expansion Of The Product Line

Following the success of his debut product, Chord Buddy Guitar Learning System, inventor Travis Perry sought to expand his product line.

He developed several new products with songwriting tips and music theory that would appeal to more experienced guitar players. These included a notebook filled with scale diagrams, cords, and other essential information for aspiring musicians as well as an interactive website featuring instructional videos from industry professionals.

In addition to creating these new products, Perry also kept up-to-date on music industry trends so he could better understand how to market them.

This allowed him to develop innovative marketing strategies such as partnering with popular bands and offering exclusive discounts in order to reach potential customers who may not have been aware of the brand before.

Overall, by expanding his product line and staying informed about current music trends, Perry was able to further solidify Chord Buddy’s place in the guitar learning market following its appearance on Shark Tank – helping it become one of the most successful musical accessories businesses today.

Chord Buddy In Popular Culture

Since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2016, Chord Buddy has taken the music industry by storm. Its unique product design and approach to teaching guitar have been seen as a disruptive force that is bringing fresh life into the guitar trends of today.

The impact of the Chord Buddy system can be felt from amateur musicians just beginning their musical journey all the way up to professionals who use it for songwriting assistance or warm-up exercises. It’s easy-to-learn method of playing makes it an accessible form of expression for everyone, regardless of skill level.

Not only does Chord Buddy provide conveniently packaged packages and tools designed to help someone learn how to play quickly and effectively, but they’ve also developed several celebrity partnerships with well-known artists such as Blake Shelton and Chris Young to create an even larger presence within popular culture.

Notable appearances on television shows like The Voice and American Idol further solidify the brand’s place among the most recognizable names in the music industry.

Success Stories

Chord Buddy has seen remarkable success since its appearance on Shark Tank. The innovative product offers aspiring and experienced musicians alike the opportunity to learn songwriting tips, music theory, and music production with ease.

Using the Chord Buddy guitar-learning tool combined with online resources, users have become empowered to explore the world of music without having to invest time in traditional lessons or expensive equipment.

The company’s mission is also reflected in their website which features a blog providing access to industry trends, artist interviews, as well as advice from professionals within the field. Those who are just starting out can find helpful reviews of beginner instruments while more advanced players can find information on topics such as recording technology and sound engineering.

With this comprehensive resource library available free of charge, it’s no wonder that Chord Buddy continues to experience growing popularity amongst musicians around the globe.

In addition, Chord Buddy provides an array of instructional videos that let users take control over their learning process. From DIY guides for setting up home studios to step-by-step tutorials breaking down complex chords – there’s something for everyone regardless of skill level or genre preference.

Aspiring artists now have access to tools that make mastering an instrument easier than ever before – all thanks to one revolutionary product: Chord Buddy.

Chord Buddy’s Impact On Music Education

  1. Chord Buddy has become an innovative learning tool for beginning guitar players, offering an unprecedented way of learning to play the instrument.

  2. The product’s success has sparked a revolution in music education, with the potential to drastically change the way kids learn to play the guitar.

  3. The introduction of educational technology has enabled students to learn the basics of guitar playing from the comfort of their own home.

  4. Chord Buddy’s patented system has made it easier for students to transition from beginner to intermediate guitar playing.

  5. The product has been praised for its effectiveness, with users claiming to gain a better understanding of chords and scales in just a few weeks.

  6. With the continued success of Chord Buddy, it is clear that educational technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn to play musical instruments.

Innovative Learning Tool

Chord Buddy has become a revolutionary tool in music education. It provides an innovative alternative to traditional methods of learning guitar chords and other aspects of music theory.

As seen on the popular show Shark Tank, this device is designed for people who want to learn to play the guitar quickly and easily. The Chord Buddy fits onto any standard acoustic or electric guitar, allowing users to place their fingers into pre-labeled positions that correspond with specific chords. This eliminates the need for tedious memorization and allows anyone, even those without previous musical knowledge, to start playing songs right away.

This newfound accessibility has been credited with inspiring countless individuals to pursue music as more than just a hobby but also as a career opportunity. With its unique design, Chord Buddy continues to make it easier than ever before for newcomers to pick up the guitar and begin forming their own creative paths while gaining a better understanding of fundamental concepts like scales and chord progressions.

Additionally, experienced players have found new ways of incorporating the device into their existing styles of playing which can help break through mental barriers or explore uncharted musical avenues.

Thanks in part to its appearance on Shark Tank, Chord Buddy has achieved widespread recognition both within and outside of the realm of music education; showing how far this simple yet powerful tool can go towards providing meaningful experiences for aspiring musicians all around the world.

Music Education Revolution

Chord Buddy is revolutionizing the music education industry by making learning guitar chords and other aspects of music theory easier than ever before.

This simple yet powerful tool has been featured on Shark Tank and has achieved widespread recognition both within and outside the realm of music education, showing how far it can go towards providing meaningful experiences for aspiring musicians all around the world.

As a result, many individuals have begun to explore new musical genres or apply practice tips they learned with Chord Buddy in order to take their playing abilities to the next level.

By introducing an innovative alternative to traditional methods of learning, this device has opened up entirely new possibilities for people looking to express themselves through music.

Educational Technology Benefits

The introduction of Chord Buddy to the music education industry has revolutionized the way aspiring musicians learn chords and other aspects of music theory.

This simple yet powerful tool is backed by its success on Shark Tank and in many creative circles, providing meaningful experiences for those looking to express themselves through music.

Moreover, educational technology such as Chord Buddy may yield benefits that reach beyond artistic development alone; research studies have highlighted the potential of using this type of technology in therapeutic settings, suggesting a broad range of applications within the field of music therapy.

With its wide-reaching effects on both learning and wellness, it can be argued that Chord Buddy’s impact goes far beyond just musical instruction or entertainment.

Future Plans

The impact of Chord Buddy on music education has been undeniable. In the past decade, it has revolutionized the way that people learn to play guitar by providing instruction and guidance in a simple-to-use format. Furthermore, its accessibility across multiple platforms ensures that anyone with an interest in learning to play guitar can do so using the device.

As such, it is no surprise that Chord Buddy has become a popular choice for those seeking to start their musical journey. Chord Buddy’s future plans focus on expanding both its reach and capabilities. To this end, they are currently developing additional educational resources including tutorials covering more complex chords and progressions as well as step-by-step instructions for playing various genres of music.

Additionally, they are working towards providing access to lessons tailored specifically to each individual user’s skill level as well as introducing new features to make practicing easier than ever before. With these exciting developments underway, it is clear that Chord Buddy will continue to be a leader in the field of music education for years to come.

Its commitment to helping aspiring musicians pursue their dreams provides unprecedented opportunity for those wishing to learn how to play guitar regardless of experience or background. Allowing users from all walks of life access to quality instruction and support through its platform makes Chord Buddy one of the most innovative tools out there today.

Media Coverage

Have you ever wondered how the success of Chord Buddy on Shark Tank has impacted music streaming and online lessons?

As one of the few products to be featured on ABC’s hit show, it is no surprise that interest in Chord Buddy skyrocketed. After appearing on the show, Chord Buddy received a $1 million investment from Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary making it one of the most successful investments in Shark Tank history.

The appearance of Chord Buddy on Shark Tank not only generated immense publicity but also sparked an increase in people wanting to learn how to play instruments using online lessons. In addition, discussions about the potential for digital music streaming increased as fans were able to access their favorite songs with ease. The impact was felt throughout the industry as popular streaming services such as Apple Music began offering more subscriptions than ever before.

As a result of its popularity after appearing on Shark Tank, many musicians are now turning towards interactive learning platforms like ChordBuddy for guidance and instruction when playing new instruments or learning existing ones.

Furthermore, some record labels have begun partnering with technology firms to create innovative ways for artists to monetize their streams. This newfound partnership between tech companies and major labels has been beneficial for both sides as they collaborate together to make music accessible worldwide.


The impact of Chord Buddy’s appearance on the hit TV show Shark Tank is undeniable. Through this investment, the product line has been expanded and more people have been given access to music education than ever before.

The success stories that have come out of this expansion are inspiring. It is not hard to imagine a world where everyone can learn an instrument if they so choose.

Chord Buddy serves as a representation of what is possible when technology and passion combine forces. With continued innovation and dedication from its creators, it stands as a symbol for hope in achieving dreams both big and small – unlocking possibilities within anyone who wants to make music part of their life story.

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