Fixed App Shark Tank Update

The popular television show, Shark Tank, recently featured the application Fixed App in its latest episode. This novel app allows users to quickly and easily book appointments with professional service providers such as mechanics, plumbers and electricians.

The episode provided a comprehensive update on how Fixed App is helping to make our lives easier by providing an efficient solution for booking services online. In this article we will explore how Fixed App works, what features it offers and how it has been received since being presented on Shark Tank.

We will also provide an overview of the impact that this innovative app could have on the service industry moving forward.

What Is Fixed App?

In a world where customer service is often treated as an afterthought, Fixed App seeks to revolutionize the way companies interact with their clients. Offering unprecedented levels of automation and convenience through its groundbreaking service platform, Fixed App provides businesses with a unique opportunity to maximize customer satisfaction while optimizing internal processes.

This ambitious project began in 2017 when four aspiring entrepreneurs banded together to bring their vision for a better tomorrow into reality. After months of tireless development, the team’s innovative solution was ready to be unveiled at the prestigious Shark Tank Update conference in Las Vegas.

Now, just over two years later, Fixed App has established itself as one of the most sought-after solutions in the industry – helping countless companies around the globe provide customers with faster response times, greater efficiency and improved overall experience.

The success story that is Fixed App offers hope for those seeking more from customer service than what can typically be found on today’s market; it represents a new era of automated technology designed to improve how business interacts with their clientele. With this invaluable tool now available for use, there may finally be an answer to the eternal question: How do you balance providing high quality service without sacrificing time or resources?

How Does Fixed App Work?

Fixed App is a service integration platform that helps users realize cost savings by offering them the ability to consolidate their online services such as web hosting, domain registration, and website building.

The platform provides an integrated user-friendly interface for creating websites quickly and easily without the need for technical expertise. Additionally, Fixed App offers an array of tools and features allowing customers to customize their sites according to their preferences or business needs.

The main idea behind Fixed App is to streamline processes across various service types so users can save time and money when managing multiple accounts with different providers. Customers can also manage all aspects of their site from one dashboard including adding content, editing pages, setting up forms, tracking analytics data, using custom email addresses and more.

In addition to this comprehensive set of features, Fixed App also enables customers to integrate third party plugins such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager and MailChimp into their sites in order to further enhance its functionality. Using Fixed App’s automated system reduces manual labor required which not only saves time but also cuts down on operational costs associated with running a website.

Furthermore, the secure payment gateway provided by the platform ensures customer privacy while payments are processed safely and securely via credit card or PayPal. All these benefits allow customers to benefit from greater efficiency when it comes to managing online services while ensuring they get optimal value out of their investment.

What Features Does Fixed App Have?

Fixed App is a service scheduling platform that allows customers to book appointments with businesses from their phones. Customers are able to make requests for services, view schedules of available times and dates, rate the quality of services received, and even access customer support features directly from within the app. This makes it easy for customers to find what they need in an organized manner without having to search through dozens of different websites or phone numbers.

The Fixed App platform has several key features that make it stand out among its competitors. It includes multiple payment options such as PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Square Cash, and more. Additionally, it offers automated reminders so customers don’t forget when they have booked appointments.

Furthermore, it provides detailed analytics on how many people visited each business page over time along with other data points related to customer satisfaction levels.

Finally, the application also contains built-in customer service tools which allow users to ask questions or give feedback about a particular business or product offering quickly and easily. These tools provide businesses with valuable insights into what their customers want and need in order to improve upon any areas where they may be lacking.

As part of this feature set, Fixed App also provides ratings system so that customers can share their opinions regarding their experience using the app itself.

What Was The Outcome Of The Shark Tank Episode?

The fixed app shark tank update episode resulted in a positive outcome for the company.

The sharks were impressed with both its potential and current success, which led to an investment offer from two of them.

The founders agreed to partner with Robert Herjavec who offered $400,000 in exchange for 20% equity in the company.

In addition to the financial agreement, Robert was also able to provide valuable advice on how best to use funds and maximize profits through customer retention strategies such as introducing subscription services and reducing service costs.

This partnership proved beneficial to both parties, as it enabled Fixed App to expand their reach while Robert gained access to new technology that could be incorporated into his portfolio.

This successful negotiation allowed Fixed App to increase their global presence and continue providing innovative solutions for businesses worldwide.

With this newfound capital, they have been able to create more products and hire additional staff, allowing them further growth opportunities within the industry.

Who Are The Founders Of Fixed App?

The Fixed App, founded by co-founders Doug Ludlow and John Petrovich, was featured on the Shark Tank episode that aired in April of 2019. As a result of their appearance, they secured an investment from investors Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec.

The founders’ story begins when both men were working in the service industry before they decided to pursue creating a business venture together. Doug and John wanted to use technology to revolutionize the way people find reliable services and build trust with customers. To do this, they created a platform connecting users with local businesses through customer reviews, offering quality assurance for those who need repair work done quickly.

This new development has had far reaching implications for the future of the service industry as businesses are held accountable for delivering high-quality results promptly. The innovative idea developed by Doug and John is one step closer to becoming reality now that it has been validated and funded by two well known investors on Shark Tank. Their journey is just beginning but if successful could be seen as changing how customers interact with small businesses providing services across multiple industries.

How Has Fixed App Been Received Since The Shark Tank Episode?

Since the airing of Fixed App’s episode on Shark Tank, it has seen an incredible amount of success. The app was featured in over fifty media outlets and experienced a 474% increase in downloads. Additionally, people who had previously used the app left positive reviews citing its effectiveness as a DIY solution to their problems.

The popularity of this app is due to several factors. Firstly, it offers customers access to service professionals such as plumbers and electricians at competitive prices. Furthermore, consumers are able to book appointments online with ease or even chat live with experts for help. Lastly, users can read unbiased reviews from past clients which allows them to make informed decisions before they commit to any purchase or service.

Fixed App continues to be popular among homeowners and businesses alike due to its user-friendly interface and various features that give them more control over their home improvement projects:

  • Affordable services from trusted providers
  • Easy scheduling system
  • Live expert help available 24/7
  • Unbiased customer reviews for each provider

Overall these features have made Fixed App one of the most widely used DIY solutions currently on the market.

What Does The Future Hold For Fixed App?

Fixed App has the potential to revolutionize the service based economy. Developed as an innovative platform for digital transformation, this Shark Tank update shows us that there is a bright future ahead for the company and its customers. By connecting professionals with those in need of their services, Fixed App makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

The following table outlines some key features of the app: Feature Description Benefits
Easy Accessibility The app can be used on both mobile phones and computers Users can access professional resources anytime & anywhere
Secure Transactions Payment transactions are protected by encryption technology Customers feel secure making payments online
Real Time Matching Professionals are matched with users in real time No waiting around – results are immediate

In addition to these features, Fixed App also offers customer support options such as live chat and email inquiries. With all its features combined, Fixed App’s current state sets the stage for an even brighter tomorrow – one where users have access to a wide range of services at their fingertips.

What Impact Could Fixed App Have On The Service Industry?

The impact of Fixed App, the tech startup featured on Shark Tank, is nothing short of revolutionary. It has promised to revolutionize the service industry and disrupt traditional methods of how services are delivered to consumers. With its innovative technology, it offers a more comprehensive approach that brings together automation, convenience, and speed in delivering services on demand.

Fixed App utilizes modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate many aspects of providing services. This includes everything from scheduling appointments with customers to tracking customer feedback for better performance optimization. The result is an efficient system that allows both providers and customers to experience greater satisfaction when receiving or requesting any kind of service.

Furthermore, Fixed App also provides additional benefits such as real-time updates about the status of a requested service via notifications. This helps alleviate uncertainty by keeping customers informed of what’s happening at all times; allowing them to make smarter decisions faster than ever before.

Additionally, it saves time since users don’t have to call multiple companies just to compare quotes – they can simply use the app to view various available options within minutes!

  • 4 Benefits Of Using Fixed App:
    1. Automation which reduces manual labor
    2. Convenience due to easy access via mobile platform
    3. Speed in delivering services on demand
    4. Real-time updates so users know where their order stands

What Are The Benefits Of Using Fixed App?

Fixed App is a platform that offers service automation and customer engagement solutions to businesses, helping them increase their efficiency. By leveraging the power of technology, Fixed App provides an automated system for managing customers’ requests and automating workflows. This allows businesses to save time and resources while improving customer satisfaction.

The benefits of using Fixed App are numerous; it helps improve operational performance by streamlining operations, enabling better customer experience through enhanced communication and increased visibility into business processes. Furthermore, its scalability enables users to quickly expand their services as they grow. With more efficient use of resources, businesses can also achieve cost savings over time.

Moreover, with Fixed App’s comprehensive reporting capabilities, organizations can get insight into how their business operates in real-time. This feature enables them to identify areas where improvements can be made in order to optimize performance and maximize profits. Additionally, because this software is cloud-based, customers have access to the latest versions at any time without having to install updates or purchase new hardware.

Benefits Description
Service Automation Streamline operations & reduce manual tasks
Customer Engagement Improve communication & provide greater visibility
Scalability Expand services quickly & efficiently
Reporting Capabilities Obtain insights on business operation in real-time
Cloud-Based Access the latest version anytime from anywhere and reduce IT overhead costs.

What Other Apps Are Similar To Fixed App?

Fixed App is a disruptive technology that has changed the way businesses operate. It provides cost savings and improved efficiency by streamlining processes, reducing paper waste, and automating routine tasks. The app also allows users to track their activities in real-time with advanced analytics capabilities and intuitive user interfaces.

There are several apps similar to Fixed App that offer comparable features but may be slightly different in terms of functionality or pricing. Some such applications include:

  • QuickBooks Online: This app offers online accounting software solutions for small business owners. It includes invoicing tools, payroll management, tax filing assistance, and more.

  • Zoho Books: An all-in-one accounting solution designed for small businesses, this application helps users manage finances from one centralized platform. Its features range from automated payment reminders to budgeting tools.

  • Wave Accounting: This app simplifies bookkeeping for freelancers, solopreneurs, and startups offering an easy-to-use dashboard where users can keep track of their financial performance over time. Additionally, it integrates with third party services including PayPal and Stripe allowing seamless payments processing.

These alternative solutions provide similar benefits as Fixed App does but could have varying levels of complexity depending on the nature of use case. Furthermore, depending on individual needs each one might be better suited than the other when considering cost saving measures or integration options available out of the box.


The Fixed App Shark Tank update offers a unique solution to the often tedious and time-consuming task of scheduling service appointments. The app’s innovative features have enabled it to gain traction in the market, with its founders receiving good news from the sharks.

It is clear that this app has potential to revolutionize the way we interact with service providers and make our lives easier. It is easy to see why Fixed App stands out amongst other apps of its kind – not only does it provide convenience for customers, but also helps businesses grow their customer base by providing an efficient platform for them to organize bookings.

With such impressive characteristics, one can hardly ignore the impact that this revolutionary software could potentially have on the industry as a whole.

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