Gobie H2o Shark Tank Update

Gobie H2O recently made its debut on Shark Tank, the popular investor-focused reality show. Founded by CEO and founder David Karrick, Gobie H2O aims to provide a convenient way for customers to get their daily water needs with high-quality, filtered tap water.

The company has seen incredible success since appearing on the show and is now rolling out updates that will improve customer experience even further. Since appearing on Shark Tank, Gobie H2O has experienced tremendous growth as more and more people discover the convenience of having clean, filtered drinking water delivered directly to their doors.

With this increased demand comes the need for improved customer service and product offerings that can meet customers’ expectations. To this end, Gobie H2O has been working hard on expanding its services and products so that they are accessible to all types of consumers.

Gobie H2o’s Shark Tank Appearance

Gobie H2O, a water filtration company, made its debut on the popular television show Shark Tank in December 2020. The company is committed to providing clean drinking water and sustainable sourcing options for their customers.

With over 1 million views of their episode, Gobie H2O has become one of the most successful businesses to appear on the program.

The vision behind Gobie H2O was simple: provide access to clean drinking water that is sourced sustainably and responsibly. By utilizing advanced filtration technology, they are able to filter out impurities while retaining important minerals like calcium and magnesium. This ensures a pure taste with all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health.

Additionally, Gobie H2O sources their filters from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled plastic or bamboo, which reduces waste production by up to 85%.

In just under two years since appearing on the show, Gobie H2O has seen tremendous success both domestically and internationally. They have shipped more than 80,000 units worldwide with an average customer satisfaction rating of 95%.

Their mission continues to be focused on providing affordable solutions for safe drinking water around the world.

Gobie H2o’s Expanded Product Offerings

Gobie H2O’s product portfolio now includes their signature water bottles. The bottles are made from high-grade aluminum and feature a convenient carrying handle.

The company also offers a range of water filters designed to remove impurities and contaminants from water. These filters come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them suitable for a range of different applications.

Gobie H2o Bottles

Gobie H2O, the water bottle company featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2018, has recently expanded its product offerings to include a new line of sustainable and safe stainless steel bottles.

The move marks an industry shift towards more environmentally-friendly and safer materials for drinking containers.

With these additions to their lineup, Gobie H2O is pushing the boundaries of water safety while also emphasizing sustainability during production.

The new stainless steel bottles feature a sleek design with personalization options ranging from color selection to engraving.

They are constructed with double wall insulation that allows liquids to remain cold or hot longer than plastic alternatives and they come with several unique lids including one which filters out bacteria and other impurities as you drink.

This feature provides extra peace of mind when consuming beverages from any source.

In addition to providing quality products for customers, Gobie H2O takes great care when sourcing materials for their bottles.

All manufacturing processes adhere strictly to ethical standards, ensuring no harm comes to the environment throughout production.

Moreover, their suppliers provide certifications which guarantee all parts used in the construction process meet certain levels of quality assurance before being assembled into final products.

Gobie H2o Filters

In addition to their new stainless steel bottles, Gobie H2O has also expanded their product lineup with a range of filters designed to help improve water consumption and sustainability initiatives.

The innovative filter system is designed to remove impurities from tap water while still retaining its natural minerals, making it safe for drinking without requiring large amounts of energy or expensive plastic containers.

To further reduce the environmental impact of using bottled drinks, these filters are made out of sustainable materials such as bamboo charcoal that can easily be disposed after use.

As an added bonus, customers who purchase the filters will receive free replacement parts once they reach their maximum lifespan, ensuring your investment goes towards protecting our planet and not just filling up landfills.

Ultimately, Gobie H2O’s commitment to providing high-quality products paired with effective water conservation measures makes them one of the most reliable brands in the industry today.

Gobie H2o’s Improved Customer Service

Gobie H2O recently announced their improved customer service and simplified ordering process, making it easier than ever for customers to purchase their products.

This new system is designed to provide an enhanced user experience with a more responsive order management platform that allows orders to be tracked from the time they are placed until delivery.

The streamlined process also makes it simpler for customers to find the most suitable product for their needs without having to sift through numerous options.

Customers can now easily customize their orders by selecting preferred sizes, colors, and other features of the item according to their individual preferences.

All this helps make sure customers get exactly what they need when they need it.

This updated approach has made Gobie H2O’s services even more comprehensive and reliable.

The improvements have allowed them to better meet customer demands while still providing a shopping experience that is comfortable and convenient.

Through these efforts, Gobie H2O continues to demonstrate its commitment towards delivering top-notch quality in its products and services.

Gobie H2o’s Eco-Friendly Packaging

The success of Gobie H2O’s appearance on Shark Tank has been widely attributed to their commitment to eco-friendly packaging. Since the presentation, the company has continued to prioritize finding sustainable alternatives for all its materials and sourcing processes. By researching and utilizing more environmentally friendly options, Gobie H2O aims not only to reduce waste but also to encourage customers to join an environmental movement that prioritizes sustainability.

It is no surprise then that one of Gobie H2O’s main strategies since launch has been creating eco-friendly packaging solutions. The first step was replacing plastic water bottles with a reusable aluminum bottle made out of recycled material; this reduced plastic use by 80%.

In addition, they eliminated paper labels from their products in order to reduce deforestation and emissions associated with manufacturing them. The company also worked closely with local suppliers who shared similar values when it comes to using renewable energy sources and avoiding animal testing.

With these initiatives, customers have become increasingly aware of how even small changes can make a big difference when it comes to preserving our planet’s resources.

Furthermore, Gobie H2O continues striving towards further developing new ways for people to live more sustainably—from choosing responsible production methods up until the disposal phase —which will ultimately benefit both consumers and the environment alike.

Gobie H2o’s Loyalty Program

Gobie H2O has been praised for its eco-friendly packaging, but the company also provides a loyalty program that rewards customers for their commitment to water conservation. Customers can earn points and discounts through Gobie H2O’s refill stations, which allow them to refill their bottles with clean drinking water.

As part of the loyalty program, customers will receive:

  • Free product samples
  • Discounts on purchases
  • Points redeemable towards free products or services
  • Invitations to exclusive events hosted by Gobie H2O
  • Access to new products before they are released to the public

The refill stations are an integral component of Gobie H2O’s business model as they not only help reduce single use plastic waste in landfills, but also save consumers money over time. The refill station experience is convenient and efficient; it allows users to fill up their reusable containers quickly without having to wait in long lines at stores or stores. In addition, users have access to high quality purified water from any of Gobie H2O’s certified locations.

With each visit, customers accumulate points that can be redeemed for discounted merchandise or even free items. This incentive encourages customers to come back again and again and make a habit out of using Gobie H2O’s refill stations instead of purchasing bottled water from other sources.

By engaging with this innovative loyalty program, patrons directly contribute towards reducing plastic pollution while still enjoying all the perks associated with being a valued customer. Customers who do so help create momentum around sustainable practices such as reuse and recycling – behaviours necessary for preserving our planet’s resources. Ultimately, this demonstrates how companies like Gobie H2O can play an important role in creating positive change when it comes to water conservation efforts worldwide.

Gobie H2o’s International Expansion

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Gobie H2O has been making waves across the globe. The innovative water bottle company has gone from a small, family-run business to an international powerhouse, with a global reach that allows them to bring their unique and stylish bottles to consumers around the world.

With this meteoric rise in popularity, Gobie H2O is now looking for ways to expand their presence even further by reaching out to new markets through multicultural marketing strategies.

Gobie H2O’s focus on international expansion also includes developing relationships with suppliers and customers in other countries. By building connections with like-minded businesses overseas, they are able to leverage each other’s resources and share knowledge about how best to serve their respective markets. This helps ensure that all customers can benefit from having access to quality products at competitive prices no matter where they live.

The future looks bright for Gobie H2O as they continue down the path of globalization. As more people become aware of the brand and its mission, demand is sure to increase exponentially—leading to increased profits and sustainable growth for everyone involved.

In addition, by investing in effective marketing campaigns tailored specifically towards different cultures worldwide, Gobie H2O will be able to make sure that every customer feels heard and respected while enjoying the convenience of their innovative product line.

Gobie H2o’s Digital Platform

Gobie H2O’s international expansion has taken the company to new heights. As part of this growth, Gobie H2O has developed a digital platform with sustainable sourcing and socially responsible practices at its core.

The platform is designed to provide customers with quick access to clean water that meets their needs while also protecting the environment in which it’s sourced from.

The digital platform allows customers to easily select how much water they need, as well as what type of water they prefer—from regular tap or filtered for drinking, to spring or glacier for cooking.

Once selected, the customer can choose whether they want a single-use bottle or an unlimited subscription plan that gives them access to refills throughout the month. This model helps reduce plastic waste by eliminating single-use bottles, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional bottled water delivery services.

In addition, Gobie H2O works closely with local communities across different countries where its waterways are located in order to ensure that all sources remain safe and uncontaminated, so customers can rest assured knowing that their water will always be clean and healthy.

Through these efforts, Gobie H2O aims to create positive social impacts on local economies while providing customers with convenient access to fresh and sustainable water solutions.

Gobie H2o’s Innovative Filtering System

Gobie H2O is an innovative filtration system that has revolutionized the way we filter water. It eliminates contaminants from drinking water and makes it safe for human consumption. The advanced filtration technology used by Gobie H2O ensures a high quality of clean, pure drinking water with no unpleasant taste or smell.

Here are three reasons why Gobie H2O’s filtering system stands out:

  1. Its patented triple-stage filtration process removes 99% of all impurities from the water, including chlorine, lead, mercury, calcium carbonate, and other heavy metals.

  2. Its cartridge filters can be replaced quickly and easily without tools.

  3. The durable housing can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure changes while providing superior performance over time.

The result? Cleaner, safer drinking water that tastes better than ever before – something everyone deserves! With its advanced filtration technology combined with ease of use and reliability, Gobie H2O’s revolutionary filtration system is setting new standards in home drinking water purification.

Gobie H2o’s Impact On The Environment

The ocean is a vast and seemingly infinite expanse of life. It contains creatures, plants, and resources that are often taken for granted due to their sheer abundance. Gobie H2O has made an effort to protect this critical resource through its biodegradable design that supports water conservation.

Benefits Advantages Impact
Eco-Friendly Design Low Environmental Footprint Decreased Carbon Emissions & Pollution
Conserves Water Resources Reusable Bottle Option Reduced Consumption & Waste Production
Biodegradable Materials Used in Manufacturing Processes Sustainable Packaging Solutions Mitigation of Ocean Plastic Pollution

Gobie H2O’s commitment to the environment goes beyond just providing clean drinking water. The company’s efforts create lasting impacts on global ecosystems by reducing carbon emissions, pollution levels, and water consumption. Additionally, sustainable packaging solutions help reduce plastic waste production as well as mitigate ocean plastic pollution around coastal areas. With every bottle sold, Gobie H2O takes one more step towards preserving our planet’s precious natural resources while creating a brighter future for generations to come.

It is clear that the advantages of using Gobie H2O go far beyond just hydration; it helps save our seas from further degradation caused by human activity. By investing in eco-friendly designs and materials used during manufacturing processes, the company provides consumers with access to safe drinking water without contributing to environmental damage or rising sea levels caused by climate change – thereby making them part of the solution rather than adding to the problem.

Gobie H2o’s Future Goals

Gobie H2O has made a successful appearance on Shark Tank, and the company is now looking towards the future for additional goals.

In order to continue to be competitive in the water bottle industry, Gobie H2O seeks to make their product more affordable without compromising quality or sustainable sourcing. The company plans on utilizing various discounts and promotions as well as introducing new products with lower price points that still meet their strict standards of sustainability and environmental impact. To this end, they are also exploring partnerships with other companies who specialize in eco-friendly production techniques such as recycling and renewable energy sources.

In addition to these initiatives, Gobie H2O will focus on increasing its digital presence by expanding its online store capabilities and developing marketing campaigns that target potential customers both domestically and internationally.

Ultimately, through an ongoing commitment to providing high quality products at affordable prices while maintaining responsible sourcing practices, Gobie H2O expects to achieve continued success within the water bottle industry.


Gobie H2O has come a long way since its appearance on Shark Tank. It has expanded its product offerings, improved customer service, and implemented eco-friendly packaging. Its loyalty program rewards customers for their commitment to sustainable hydration, while its digital platform allows users to track the impacts of their purchases.

The innovative filtration system filters up to 5 million plastic bottles from our oceans every day, making a real impact on the environment. With these accomplishments in mind, it’s no wonder that Gobie H2O is gaining momentum as one of the world’s most environmentally conscious water companies.

In just two years, they have managed to divert over 50 billion single-use plastic bottles from landfills. Looking forward, there is much potential for further growth and success – something we can all be excited about!

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