Hamboards Shark Tank Update

Hamboards, an innovator in the skateboard industry, recently appeared on Shark Tank. After a successful pitch to the panel of Sharks, Hamboards received offers from multiple investors with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban leading the way.

This update will provide a brief overview of the segment and discuss what this means for both Hamboards as well as their customers. The appearance on Shark Tank has provided Hamboards with increased visibility while also allowing them to showcase their unique product offerings that have been designed to maximize performance and safety.

Additionally, it is expected that investment funds will be used to further promote products and improve customer experiences. As such, those interested in shopping quality skateboarding accessories are encouraged to keep up-to-date with any developments stemming from this venture.

Background Of Hamboards

Hamboards is a family-friendly skateboard company founded in 2012 by the husband and wife team of Joe and Jenny Larson.

The goal of Hamboards was to bring back the classic style of surfing on land, creating eco-friendly boards that have been crafted using high quality materials.

The company’s mission was to provide people with an opportunity to experience the sensation of riding waves without ever leaving their hometown or having to get wet.

The design process for building these surf-style skateboards has been heavily influenced by traditional longboarding techniques developed over hundreds of years, combined with modern construction methods.

This has allowed Hamboards to create unique products like its popular “Biscuit” model which offers riders a much more comfortable ride than regular skateboards due to its larger deck size and extra cushioning from its custom molded urethane wheels.

Since launching, Hamboards has become widely recognized as one of the leading innovators in the world of surf-inspired skateboarding.

Their boards are now available around the globe, with distribution centers located in Australia, Canada, Europe and beyond.

They continue to develop new styles such as their latest Big Stick model designed specifically for tackling longer distances while still providing a smooth ride experience.

Overview Of The Shark Tank Segment

  1. The Shark Tank segment is a popular television program where entrepreneurs make pitches to a panel of investors.

  2. During the segment, the entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to present their products and services to the “sharks”, who have the power to invest in the presented business.

  3. The “sharks” are wealthy businesspeople who have the ability to make offers of financing to the entrepreneurs, in exchange for equity.

  4. Deals are made on the show when the entrepreneurs accept the offer from one or more of the “sharks”.

Overview Of Sharks

In recent years, the Shark Tank segment of hamboards has gained considerable brand recognition and customer loyalty. The show is a prime-time entertainment program on ABC in which entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to five potential investors known as sharks. Each shark then decides whether or not they are interested in investing in the business venture presented before them.

It offers an interesting insight into the process of marketing unique products and services while giving viewers a chance to see how successful businesses can be created from simple ideas. The Sharks have become household names due to their involvement with hamboards, offering expert advice and valuable insights that aid fledgling entrepreneurs hoping for success.

They also provide guidance on how best to approach customers, market products and secure funding for new projects. With each episode bringing something new, viewers continue to watch the show with keen interest. The popularity of this segment continues to rise thanks to its immersive experience, where viewers get direct access to helpful tips on launching new businesses and gaining invaluable knowledge about sales strategies and branding techniques.

As such, it provides a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for inspiration or guidance when attempting to turn their dreams into reality.

Pitches And Deals

The pitches and deals that take place on the Shark Tank segment of hamboards are thrilling rides for viewers to witness.

From entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to the five potential investors, known as sharks, to an agreement between both parties being reached, it serves as a great platform from which aspiring business owners can learn valuable lessons about sales strategies and branding techniques.

It also provides eco-friendly materials for those wishing to create products that leave minimal environmental footprints.

Through this avenue, spectators gain insight into how successful businesses come to fruition and why some fail despite having promising concepts.

With each episode providing something new in terms of advice or tips on launching new businesses, the popularity of the show continues to soar.

Lori Greiner’s Investment

Lori Greiner provided a unique perspective during the segment, offering her insight into both product development and branding strategy. As an experienced entrepreneur, she was able to bring her expertise in setting up successful distribution networks for the Hamboards products.

She proposed that if those involved with creating Hamboard were willing to invest money in developing different types of boards, it would be possible to reach more consumers beyond surfers.

Greiner also identified key opportunities for growth within the brand’s current customer base by suggesting refinements to their existing lineups. She encouraged experimentation with colors and designs as well as emphasizing marketing efforts for increased exposure outside of traditional channels such as surfing magazines and websites.

Furthermore, Greiner noted how important it was for company founders Pete and Gina Freise to maintain control over their own destiny by protecting their intellectual property rights through patents or copyrights when necessary.

By taking on board Lori Greiner’s advice, Hamboards could expand upon its current offerings while seeking out new markets and customers at the same time. This dual approach could prove beneficial in helping them gain greater recognition and establish themselves as a leader in stand-up boarding sports equipment.

Moreover, they would have much more flexibility in terms of pricing strategies which could lead to higher profits down the road.

Mark Cuban’s Investment

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and one of the world’s most successful investors, took an interest in the Hamboards brand after their appearance on Shark Tank. He invested $150,000 for a 10% stake in the company. With this investment came access to new markets, as well as potential brand partnerships with other prominent companies.

Cuban was also instrumental in helping develop and design many aspects of the board, from its unique shape to its ergonomic handlebar grips and nose-mounted footstraps. The result is a high performance product that has become popular not only among skateboarders but also surfers who want to ride waves when there are none available.

The combination of Cuban’s financial backing and his insight into marketing have helped promote the boards beyond their traditional customer base while at the same time increasing sales across existing channels.

This will help ensure continued growth for Hamboards over time which is essential for its longterm success.

Potential Impact On Customers

The potential impact of Mark Cuban’s investment in Hamboards is expansive. Branding strategies can be further developed and implemented to gain greater market share and customer outreach, allowing the company to reach more customers than ever before. With this newfound support, Hamboards has the resources now to expand their operations and develop new products as well as strengthen existing ones while also creating a larger marketing presence.

Cuban’s expertise will help ensure that the profits generated by these measures are reinvested into the business in order to create sustained growth for years to come. In addition, he provides insight into how best to manage current supply chains which should lead to reduced costs associated with production processes while simultaneously increasing efficiency. This could allow Hamboards access to parts of the market they were not previously able to penetrate due in part to cost restraints.

His input on developing effective branding strategies for customer outreach can help make sure that those who use Hamboard products become loyal fans of both the product itself and the company behind it. By engaging customers directly through targeted campaigns, this would increase brand recognition among consumers from all backgrounds leading ultimately increases sales and revenue for Hamboards over time.

Increased Visibility

The success of Hamboards in the ‘Shark Tank’ has served to greatly increase the visibility of the brand, resulting in significant growth.

This growth has been facilitated by improved marketing strategies, such as leveraging the power of social media to reach more potential customers.

As a result, the brand has seen an increase in sales and profits, as well as a rise in its public profile.

This new level of visibility has enabled Hamboards to expand its product offering and reach more markets.

Growth Of Brand

Since its appearance on the hit television show Shark Tank, Hamboards has experienced a significant increase in visibility. The brand’s growth has been driven by well-executed marketing strategies and cost-effective manufacturing processes.

Through targeted campaigns, Hamboards is able to reach new audiences across multiple channels, including their own website and mobile apps. Additionally, they have strategically minimized their manufacturing costs by outsourcing production to China which enables them to provide high quality boards at an affordable price point.

As a result of these efforts, the company has seen a steady rise in sales over the past few years with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With continued dedication to providing customers with exceptional products and services at fair prices, Hamboards’ future success looks promising.

Improved Marketing Strategies

In order to maintain and increase visibility, Hamboards has implemented a number of improved marketing strategies.

Affiliate marketing is one such strategy that allows for the brand to spread awareness about their products through social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Through these channels, influencers have been able to promote Hamboards’ unique surf-style skateboard design with various audiences around the world.

In addition, the company has also utilized its own website as well as mobile apps in order to reach potential customers who may not be familiar with the brand yet.

These efforts have all contributed to increased sales, resulting in further success for Hamboards.

Ultimately, it can be concluded that effective marketing techniques are proving essential in driving visibility and ultimately leading to growth for the company.

Use Of Investment Funds

The use of investment funds from the Shark Tank appearance have been essential in helping Hamboards achieve their ecommerce and marketing goals. The impact of this new capital has made it possible for them to move forward with ambitious plans, as well as make some necessary changes in order to improve their current strategy.

What follows is a list outlining three key areas where the additional resources have had the greatest influence:

  • Expansion of online presence – Allowing Hamboards to enter into more global markets through targeted advertising campaigns, enhanced website design, and increased SEO optimization.

  • Upgrading production facilities – Investing in modern technology that increases efficiency and decreases costs while maintaining quality standards.

  • Evolving marketing tactics – Developing innovative strategies using data-driven insights which maximize visibility and engagement across social media platforms.

This influx of funding has enabled Hamboards to adapt quickly and effectively to stay competitive within the industry. Through strategic investments they now possess the tools needed to reach greater heights than ever before thought possible.

Improved Performance And Safety

Increased durability of Hamboards products has been a major focus for the company, with the use of high quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Better mobility has been achieved by making the boards lighter and more compact, allowing for convenient transportation and storage.

Enhanced protection of the boards and riders has been achieved through the implementation of safety features such as grip tape and wheel covers.

Improved stability has been gained through the use of features such as adjustable wheel positions and wider wheel bases.

Increased Durability

The goal of increased durability is an essential part in the pursuit of improved performance and safety.

To ensure product longevity, extensive testing has been conducted to evaluate its durability under various conditions.

Through impact and fatigue tests, hamboards have shown superior results compared to other skateboard brands on the market.

Results from these tests demonstrate that with regular maintenance, a hamboard can provide riders many years of reliable service.

As such, hamboards are designed to withstand more punishment than most boards available in today’s marketplace and stand out as one of the best options for long-term use without sacrificing performance or rider safety.

Furthermore, they come with optional accessories like grip tape and wheel guards which enhance their overall durability even further.

Better Mobility

Hamboards have continued to develop innovative solutions for the purpose of improved performance and safety.

With a focus on eco-friendly materials, their products are designed to offer greater accessibility in terms of transportation. This allows riders to find reliable and sustainable solutions that fit into green transportation methods.

In addition, Hamboards has developed several designs which provide better mobility while still being able to withstand tough conditions.

Their boards feature reinforced deck construction with impact resistant components as well as shock absorbing capabilities, making them ideal for any terrain or activity.

Lastly, they also come with customizable accessories such as grip tape and wheel guards which further enhance their durability and overall riding experience.

Promoting Products

The Hamboards team has recently implemented a comprehensive branding strategy to promote their products.

This includes increased customer outreach through social media and targeted advertising campaigns in order to reach potential customers around the world.

Additionally, they have formed partnerships with popular influencers and celebrities who can help amplify their message.

Innovative marketing initiatives such as product giveaways and contests are also being used to capture attention and increase brand awareness.

The company is also utilizing digital platforms for customer support and feedback collection which allows them to identify areas of improvement in their current offerings.

Overall, this new branding strategy is expected to result in greater sales growth for the Hamboards business by creating more opportunities for engagement with consumers both online and offline.

These efforts will strengthen the loyalty of existing customers while helping attract new ones, allowing the team to continue expanding its market share.

Enhancing Customer Experiences

The stakes are high as the Sharks have to decide whether or not they will invest in Hamboards. After delving into the product and understanding how it can be promoted, the next step is for them to consider ways of enhancing customer experiences with a branding strategy that goes beyond just marketing.

For starters, offering excellent customer service is essential when considering any kind of business strategy. Having friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand who know exactly what customers need helps create loyalty and trust among them – something that Hamboards has already successfully managed to do in the past. By providing an outstanding level of customer support, customers feel valued and appreciated which leads to increased sales and brand awareness.

In addition to great customer service, another way of creating strong branding is through effective communication strategies such as advertising campaigns, social media presence, email newsletters and more. Through these mediums businesses can reach out to potential customers while also keeping existing customers engaged by showcasing new products or services available from Hamboards.

These tactics help build relationships with customers, making them more likely to purchase from the company again in future. In order for these efforts to be successful however, there needs to be consistency across all channels so that the message is clear and unified throughout.

By taking advantage of both great customer service practices and well-crafted communications strategies – along with creative marketing initiatives – Hamboards could boost their success even further and secure a solid stake in the market moving forward.


Hamboards have made a significant impact on the skateboarding industry since their appearance on Shark Tank. Their investments from Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban are sure to provide them with the resources they need to continue innovating and appealing to customers.

With these funds, Hamboards has been able to improve performance and safety of its boards while also promoting products and enhancing customer experiences. Customers can now enjoy more secure rides in new places as well as improved access to skating supplies.

Coincidentally, this increase in support for skaters coincides with an ever-growing trend of appreciation for the sport around the world. It is no wonder why Hamboards is becoming such a popular choice among riders.

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