Himalayan Dog Chew Shark Tank Update

Himalayan Dog Chew is a unique product recently featured on the popular television show, Shark Tank. Himalayan Dog Chew is made from yak and cow milk and provides an alternative to traditional dog treats. The product has been met with great success since its appearance on Shark Tank, with investors expressing interest in investing in the company due to their innovative process of creating these chews.

In this article, we will provide an update on how Himalayan Dog Chew fared on Shark Tank as well as explore the current state of the company. The demand for quality pet products grows each year and companies such as Himalayan Dog Chew have taken advantage of this trend by leveraging new methods in order to create natural and healthy treats for pets.

With increased attention from potential investors after appearing on Shark Tank, there is much speculation around what direction Himalayan Dog Chew might take in order to capitalize on the newfound exposure they received during their time on the show. This article aims to answer some of those questions while providing additional insight into the future plans of this groundbreaking business.

History Of Himalayan Dog Chew

Like a trinket from the far east, Himalayan Dog Chew has been steadily gaining popularity in pet ownership circles. Originating in Nepal over 500 years ago, this ancient treat made of yak and cow milk is an all-natural way for dogs to satisfy their natural instinctive urge to chew. The traditional treat is low fat and rich in protein, calcium and other minerals that can help maintain good health.

Himalayan Dog Chew’s rise to fame began when it was featured on Shark Tank in 2016. This appearance allowed it to gain national attention while also helping its creators secure funding from two of the panelists – Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

Since then, its growing list of fans have helped propel demand as more people discover how much their pets enjoy this unique snack item.

The company now produces several varieties of treats including a vegetarian option which further expands its appeal beyond traditional chew trends. Its success has led to increased distribution across the United States with major retailers like Petco stocking shelves with these delicious snacks for fur babies everywhere.

Overview Of Shark Tank Appearance

Himalayan Dog Chew (HDC) appeared on the ABC television show Shark Tank in 2017. On the show, entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of ‘sharks’ or investors who can decide whether they want to invest money into the business.

HDC founder and CEO, Nishi Desai, pitched her idea for naturally-made dog chews made from yak and cow milk with no additives. In response to Desai’s proposal, two of the sharks offered an investment that would give them both a 10% stake in the company.

Ultimately, she accepted Robert Herjavec’s offer of $200k for 20%, valuing HDC at 1 million dollars. This provided financial capital for HDC to expand its product line and increase distribution points across North America. The appearance on Shark Tank also helped bring awareness about pet nutrition and chew toys to millions of viewers around the world.

The segment featured positive reviews from customers such as “My dogs go crazy over these treats” and “I am so glad I found this healthy alternative.’ In addition, HDC was able to generate sales through their website which increased by 300 percent within one month after airing the episode!

Benefits Of Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan Dog Chew is an all-natural, long-lasting chew for dogs that contains ingredients such as yak and cow milk, Himalayan salt and lime juice.

This unique combination of ingredients provides several health benefits for dogs, including improved digestion, healthier teeth and gums, and reducing tartar buildup.

In addition, the long-lasting nature of the chew provides an extended chewing experience, allowing dogs to stay entertained and engaged for longer periods of time.

The product has gained notoriety after appearing on the television show Shark Tank, and continues to remain a popular choice among pet owners.

Natural Ingredients

The Himalayan Dog Chew is a popular product for canine owners seeking to provide their pets with a natural and healthy snack. One of the key benefits of this chewable treat is its use of natural ingredients that are chemical free. This ensures an ethical sourcing process, in which all materials used have been harvested sustainably and ethically.

These ingredients are primarily sourced from the Himalayan Mountains, where communities have been producing chews and treats since ancient times. The traditional recipe has remained relatively unchanged over centuries: yak or cow milk, salt and lime juice are heated until they form a hard block which can then be broken down into individual chews for dogs.

In addition to being chemical-free and ethically sourced, these ingredients also offer important nutritional value as well as various other health benefits such as improved dental hygiene for your pet. This makes the Himalayan Dog Chew not only a tasty treat but also one that provides essential nutrition for your furry friend, making it an ideal choice when looking for high-quality dog snacks that are both delicious and beneficial to their overall health and wellbeing.

Long-Lasting Chew

The Himalayan Dog Chew is a long-lasting chew that provides pet owners with extended enjoyment for their canine companions. Unlike other chews, this product offers an extended chewing experience as the ingredients used are slow to break down and dissolve in saliva. This helps to prevent choking hazards while also promoting healthy dental hygiene due to its tough texture that requires more effort from the dog’s jaw muscles when being eaten.

The unique recipe of yak or cow milk, salt and lime juice provide essential nutrients for your furry friend such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which all contribute towards improved pet nutrition overall. Furthermore, these ingredients can be easily digested by dogs making them less likely to cause any stomach upset or discomfort compared to some of the harsher artificial chews on the market today.

It is important for owners to monitor their dogs when providing these types of treats however, as excessive consumption may lead to health issues if not monitored properly. As well as providing nutritional benefits, the durability of these chews makes them ideal alternatives to traditional chew toys which often get destroyed within days; providing hours of entertainment for your pup without having to constantly replace expensive toys.

Investors’ Reactions To The Product

The five investors on Shark Tank were presented with Himalayan Dog Chew, a healthy dog treat made from an ancient recipe. The product is composed of organic ingredients and provides essential pet nutrition. It has proven to be popular among pet owners due to its unique taste and health benefits.

But how did the Sharks react to this revolutionary food?

The Sharks seemed impressed by the innovative approach to pet nutrition that Himalayan Dog Chew offered. They asked probing questions about the product’s production process, marketing strategy, and potential for growth in the market.

Kevin O’Leary was particularly interested in the profitability of the product and offered a partnership agreement if certain financial goals could be met. Mark Cuban complimented founder Rina Pathak on her courage in starting such an ambitious project and expressed admiration for her commitment to creating something new while providing necessary nutrients to pets worldwide.

Robert Herjavec highlighted his own experience as a successful entrepreneur when talking about his investment decision: ‘I’ve taken risks like this before,’ he said, ‘and I know that it pays off in the end.’ His enthusiasm demonstrated just how confident he felt about investing in Himalayan Dog Chew.

Ultimately, all of the Sharks agreed that there was immense potential for success with this startup business.

Product Launch After Shark Tank

After the success of their appearance on Shark Tank, Himalayan Dog Chew has continued to grow rapidly. The company attributes this growth largely to its innovative approach towards pet nutrition and an analysis of current market trends. With a focus on high-quality ingredients that are all sourced from Nepal, the product offers superior nutritional benefits than many competitors.

The increased demand for natural products in recent years is one factor which has allowed Himalayan Dog Chew to make significant gains within the industry. They were also able to capitalize on existing loyalty among pet owners who had heard about them through Shark Tank or other media outlets. As such, they have been able to increase their production capacity by over 500% since appearing on the show.

Himalayan Dog Chew’s unique approach to providing healthy snacks for pets has seen them become one of the most successful companies in their sector in just a few short years. Their commitment to quality ingredients and understanding consumer needs will no doubt ensure that they remain at the forefront of pet nutrition products for many years to come.

Increased Demand For Pet Products

Pet ownership has seen a steady increase in recent years, particularly among young adults.

This has led to an increased demand for innovative pet products.

One example is the Himalayan Dog Chew, which was featured on the show Shark Tank and has since gained immense popularity.

It is a unique product as it is made with yak and cow milk, and it is all natural and free of preservatives.

This product illustrates the need for more innovative pet products to satisfy the increased demand.

Pet Ownership Trends

Recent years have seen an increase in pet ownership, leading to a surge of demand for pet products.

This has been fueled by the rise in people adopting pets from animal shelters as well as greater awareness of animal welfare practices.

As a result, businesses specializing in pet-related goods and services are enjoying higher profits.

A prime example is Himalayan Dog Chew which appeared on Shark Tank and received a $600K investment from investor Mark Cuban.

The company offers yak cheese chews sourced from farms in Nepal that provide employment opportunities for local women; it also supports dog health initiatives such as vet checkups and spay/neuter programs.

With its commitment to socially responsible sourcing, Himalayan Dog Chew exemplifies how increased demand for pet products can lead to positive outcomes not only within the business world but society at large.

Innovative Pet Products

The increased demand for pet products has driven businesses to develop innovative solutions.

Pet-friendly restaurants, for instance, are increasingly becoming popular as owners look for places where they can bring their furry friends along.

The development of eco-friendly packaging is another way companies have adapted to the growing market; this helps reduce waste and ensure product safety.

Companies such as Himalayan Dog Chew have also used Shark Tank investments to create socially responsible sourcing models that benefit both local communities and animals alike.

As a result, the pet industry continues to expand with new offerings that meet the needs of consumers while making a positive impact on society.

The Company’s Future Plans

The success of Himalayan Dog Chew on Shark Tank has resulted in an increased demand for the product. This is evidenced by their online sales, which have significantly grown since appearing on the show.

In order to meet this new level of demand, the company has implemented a number of marketing tactics and strategies. They have engaged in email campaigns to reach out to potential customers with information about the product, as well as using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to spread awareness. Additionally, they are working with pet stores across the United States and Canada to offer the chews in physical locations.

To ensure that there is enough supply for future orders, Himalayan Dog Chew has also been increasing production levels at its Nepalese factory where it manufactures all of its products. The team at Himalayan Dog Chew is confident that this will allow them to keep up with any further increases in demand. Furthermore, they are continually looking for ways to improve their current processes and increase efficiency so that they can better serve existing customers while still maintaining quality standards.

Himalayan Dog Chew looks forward to continuing its growth trajectory over time, both domestically and internationally. As such, they plan to expand into other countries beyond North America in order increase their customer base even further and make their product more accessible around the world.

Moreover, they hope that through continued innovation and improvements in their business model, they can remain competitive within the market while providing pet owners everywhere with a safe and healthy chew option for their furry friends.

Challenges Faced By Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan Dog Chew, the first all-natural yak and cow milk cheese snack for dogs, has had some notable successes since its appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2015. Despite these successes however, there have been several challenges facing the company throughout this time period.

These issues include:

  1. Distribution Issues: Himalayan Dog Chew has frequently faced difficulties when attempting to distribute their product into mainstream pet stores and other retail outlets. As a result of this difficulty, they have been largely limited to online distribution and smaller independent retailers.

  2. Branding Strategies: To further complicate matters, the company has not yet established an effective branding strategy that resonates with customers across all channels including social media, physical storefronts, and through word of mouth advertising or influencer programs. This lack of brand recognition limits their ability to reach new markets and grow their customer base organically.

  3. Sustainability Challenges: The unique ingredients used by Himalayan Dog Chew are imported from Nepal and Bhutan which presents sustainability challenges due to long shipping times and high costs associated with transportation and packaging materials. Furthermore, sourcing for these ingredients is based upon seasonal availability which can limit production capacity at certain points during the year as well as spike prices depending on market conditions outside of their control.

These three major challenges have presented significant obstacles to growth over the past five years but despite these hindrances, it appears that Himalayan Dog Chew still remains optimistic about their prospects going forward as evidenced by recent expansion plans announced earlier this year aimed at diversifying both their product offerings and distribution networks around the world.

Leveraging Social Media For Promotion

The social media platform has become an effective tool for brand building and network building. Leveraging this potential, the Himalayan Dog Chew team focused on utilizing its presence across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to reach out to its target audience. They used strategic content creation to generate organic engagement while their Shark Tank update helped them build a loyal fan base.

The company employed influencer marketing strategies which enabled them to widen their customer base by creating content that resonated with their followers. Additionally, they leveraged user generated content (UGC) campaigns in order to increase visibility of the product across all social media channels. This strategy worked well in terms of increasing sales especially when combined with their unique hashtag #himalayandogchews which further solidified their online presence.

To measure success, the Himalayan Dog Chew team tracked metrics such as views, likes/shares/comments, follower count and website visits. These KPIs highlighted areas where improvements were necessary and indicated how successful each campaign was in reaching out to a larger audience. Through these efforts they established a strong digital footprint amongst pet owners who now have access to this healthy treat through various retailers located around the United States.

Metrics Tracked Benefits Achieved Performance Indicators
Views Wider Customer Base Increase in Followers Count
Likes/Shares/Comments Resonates With Followers Increase In Website Visits
Follower Count Unique Hashtag Solidifies Presence Organic Engagement Generated

The Impact Of Shark Tank On The Business

The appearance of Himalayan Dog Chew on the Shark Tank was an unexpected boon for the business. It created a surge in their visibility and brand recognition, allowing them to reach potential new customers that had otherwise gone unnoticed. The investment from Mark Cuban further cemented their place as a renowned name in pet products and allowed for exponential business growth.

Through strategic branding strategies, Himalayan Dog Chew quickly became one of the most recognizable names within the industry. Their commitment to using natural ingredients set them apart from other pet chew companies, something many consumers appreciated when selecting treats for their furry friends.

As part of a larger marketing campaign, they expanded their presence online and leveraged popular trends like influencer marketing to increase sales.

Himalayan Dog Chew has experienced dramatic success since appearing on the show; soon after its airing, they doubled their retail distribution and made appearances at major trade shows across the country. They have also established relationships with various national chains such as Petco and PetSmart who now carry their product line.

This newfound popularity has enabled them to continue expanding into new markets while maintaining sustainable operations throughout all stages of production.


The success of Himalayan Dog Chew has been remarkable since its appearance on Shark Tank.

After the initial launch, the product was able to leverage social media for promotion and create a successful brand image.

This demonstrates that Shark Tank can be an effective tool for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas looking to take their business further.

However, it is important to note that challenges remain in sustaining this growth in the long term.

The competition within the pet treat industry remains high and there are potential issues related to scaling production as demand increases over time.

With careful planning and strategic execution, however, Himalayan Dog Chew appears well positioned to continue its impressive trajectory in both sales and overall visibility.

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