Inboard Technology Shark Tank Update

Inboard Technology, the electric skateboard company featured on the popular television show Shark Tank in December 2015, has seen tremendous growth since its debut.

Having received $500,000 from Mark Cuban and other investors for a 15 percent stake in their business, Inboard Technology is now poised to become one of the leading companies in electric transportation.

This article will provide an update regarding Inboard Technology’s progress since appearing on Shark Tank as well as their plans for continued success.

Inboard Technology’s Background

Inboard Technology is a company that has made waves in the tech world ever since its founding back in 2013. Founded by Ryan Farhang and Theo Cerboneschi, Inboard initially started as a side project to create an electric skateboard for personal use.

With their passion and dedication to creating something unique, they quickly saw success when their product was featured on Shark Tank Season 7 and received investment from investor Kevin O’Leary of $500,000.

Since then, Inboard Technology has grown exponentially with over 500 percent revenue growth year-over-year. The company operates out of Santa Cruz, California where it designs and manufactures high performance electric skateboards known as M1s which are available worldwide through retailers such as Amazon or directly via the company website. Additionally, the company also offers other products including helmets, protective gear and accessories.

The key to Inboard’s success lies in their extensive market research prior to developing their product line up. This included testing numerous prototypes to get feedback from potential customers before releasing the final version of the M1 into the market place – ensuring they were providing a quality product.

Furthermore, due to their successful appearance on Shark Tank, along with strong customer reviews and an innovative business model, Inboard Technology has been able to attract significant funding throughout its history – allowing them to continue innovating and expanding upon their current offering even further.

Product Offerings

Inboard Technology, the e-skateboard manufacturer, was recently featured on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

In this episode of Shark Tank, the company revealed their latest product offerings that focus on making smart commuting an easier option for riders.

Their flagship M1 model features a wireless charging system and offers up to 14 miles of continuous range with speeds reaching up to 24 mph.

Additionally, they offer two other models which are lighter in weight yet still provide powerful performance; The Eon and The Plus both include a rechargeable battery pack enabling users to ride without having to worry about finding outlets or power sources near them.

The products have been met with widespread public approval due to their efficient design and intuitive interface.

With these new inventions, it is now possible to enjoy the convenience of smart commuting while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

As such, Inboard Technology has created some truly revolutionary devices that are sure to revolutionize how we commute from one place to another in the future.

Success Since Shark Tank

Since the 2017 appearance on Shark Tank, Inboard Technology has experienced incredible success. The company initially set out to revolutionize the skateboarding industry with their innovative M1 electric motorized skateboard and have since diversified their product line. They now offer a variety of products including electric longboards, hoverboards, accessories, apparel and more.

The founders’ victory on Shark Tank allowed them to expand further than originally thought possible by providing access to capital from investors. This enabled them to increase production capabilities and launch a successful direct marketing campaign that focused on targeted advertising for its main demographic: people aged 18-35 years old.

With this new strategy in place, Inboard was able to rapidly grow brand awareness and increase sales. Inboard’s strategic approach to leveraging social media influencers has also been instrumental in driving customer engagement and increasing market share over time.

As such, they have become one of the leading electric rideable companies in the world today, boasting impressive revenues and an ever-growing global presence throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand and North America.

Expansion Of Product Line

Inboard Technology recently announced an expansion of their product line in the wake of its highly successful Shark Tank appearance. After securing a $500,000 investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, Inboard’s founders Doug Hebbard and Kyle Doerksen had ambitious plans for expanding operations.

The new products offer features such as improved battery life, higher speeds, enhanced portability, and better ergonomics than ever before.

As part of the launch strategy, they have been actively cultivating supplier relations to ensure a timely supply chain while also leveraging marketing campaigns to generate brand awareness.

To meet customer demand and create excitement around their products, Inboard has aggressively pursued partnerships with distributors across multiple channels – online retail outlets like Amazon or physical retailers like Best Buy.

This commitment to growth demonstrates that the company remains focused on providing innovative solutions to customers around the world.

International Expansion

Inboard Technology, the California-based manufacturer of electric skateboards and lifestyle products, has recently seen success with their appearance on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. Their ambitious expansion plans have now set their sights on international markets in order to continue building upon this momentum.

The company has identified several key strategies that they plan to implement in order to promote e commerce and global marketing. These include forming strategic partnerships with local distributors and online retailers, increasing localization efforts by entering new markets through native language websites and advertising campaigns, as well as implementing a mix of offline/online retail activations such as pop up stores and experiential events.

These initiatives will help Inboard Technology tap into an underserved global market for its innovative product lineup while creating brand awareness and driving sales in countries around the world.

By leveraging established platforms like Amazon Prime and Alibaba, the company hopes to quickly expand its reach beyond North America without sacrificing quality or customer service experience. With these strategies in place, Inboard Technology is poised to capitalize on opportunities abroad and position itself for further growth.

Investment Opportunities

Inboard Technology, the multifaceted motorized skateboards and accessories company, has grown by leaps and bounds since it first appeared on Shark Tank. The investment opportunities associated with this brand have been thoroughly analyzed in a variety of ways:

One such way is through funding strategies. In order to maximize their success, the Inboard team implemented various tactics to ensure that they had enough capital for operations, marketing campaigns, research & development projects and other necessary expenditures. These included partnering with venture capitalists who provided seed money as well as exploring alternative sources of financing like crowdfunding platforms.

Market analysis was another critical component of developing an effective business plan for Inboard Technology’s growth strategy. By studying current trends in consumer spending habits along with industry-specific data points from competitors and complementary businesses alike, the team was able to identify potential markets where their products would be most successful and target those areas accordingly. This helped them create tailored messaging that resonated with customers more effectively than generic ads or promotions ever could.

The combination of these two approaches has been instrumental in driving positive outcomes for the company over time – not just financially but also in terms of customer satisfaction, brand recognition and overall reputation in the marketplace.

With proper planning, execution and follow-through from management, there is no doubt that Inboard will continue its impressive trajectory into the future.

Technical Innovations

Inboard Technology, the smart commuting solution for green energy users, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank to showcase their revolutionary product. The company has created a motorized skateboard that runs off of lithium-ion batteries and is designed with a focus on safety features.

After an intensive pitch from the founders, Robert Scoble and Stefanie Lucas, all five Sharks were impressed by the design and agreed to invest in Inboard Technology. The innovative product uses regenerative braking technology to recharge its battery while slowing down, enabling riders to travel up to 20 mph over long distances without having to worry about running out of power.

Its sleek design includes dual motors as well as sensors that detect when the board is not being used so it can turn itself off automatically after 10 minutes. Furthermore, it comes with Bluetooth capabilities allowing riders to customize settings such as speed limit or acceleration rate through their smartphones.

Overall, Inboard Technology provides an efficient alternative form of transportation which increases accessibility while reducing environmental impact due to its reliance on renewable resources. Its commitment towards providing high quality products ensures consumers are taken care of while they enjoy their rides. This dedication resulted in a successful presentation at Shark Tank proving once again why this company stands out from the competition.

Customer Reviews

Inboard Technology’s presentation to the Sharks on their innovative skateboards was met with great enthusiasm.

Following the technical innovations outlined in the previous section, it is important to consider customer reviews and market analysis of Inboard Technology.

Consumer trends are a key factor when considering any business venture, particularly one that relies heavily on technology.

Analyzing consumer feedback and preferences for certain features can provide insight into how well a company’s product will perform once released onto the market.

Market analysts have praised Inboard Technology’s efforts to develop products with extended battery life and wireless capabilities, citing these as major selling points and likely contributing factors to future success.

Ultimately, the quality of Inboard Technology’s technology-driven skateboards appears to be superior compared to its competitors.

As such, Inboard Technology looks poised to make an impact within this industry upon release of their new models.

With continued focus on creating high-quality products with improved features, there is no doubt that they stand a chance at becoming a leader in tech driven skateboarding moving forward.

Brand Partnerships

Inboard Technology, a leader in the electric skateboard market, recently announced a brand partnership with Shark Tank, a popular business-themed reality show.

The partnership is expected to create a great deal of brand awareness for Inboard Technology, as Shark Tank features some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the world.

Additionally, the partnership will result in mutual benefits as both parties are likely to benefit from the exposure.

Moreover, the partnership is likely to build trust between the two parties, as it will demonstrate a commitment to the relationship.

Overall, the partnership between Inboard Technology and Shark Tank is expected to have a positive impact on both entities.

Creating Brand Awareness

In the world of inboard technology, brand partnerships are becoming increasingly important. As such, creating brand awareness is key to ensuring success for those involved.

Strategies like crowdfunding and media campaigns can be valuable tools when trying to reach a wider audience. Crowdfunding strategies provide an opportunity to get large amounts of capital upfront that can be used for development or marketing purposes.

Media campaigns focus on leveraging existing outlets to spread the word about the product or service being offered by a particular brand partner. This includes social media, digital advertising, radio promotions, television spots and more.

With these methods combined it allows brands to reach their desired target markets quickly and efficiently while still maintaining a sense of control over what messages they’re sending out into the public arena. While each strategy comes with its own set of advantages and challenges, both have proven effective in driving results for companies looking to grow through strategic alliances.

Mutual Benefits

Brand partnerships can provide both parties with mutual benefits, allowing them to work together towards common goals and objectives. Partnerships offer the opportunity for teams of different experience levels to combine forces in order to innovate and create new products or services. Through teamwork and collaboration, all involved players have the potential to win-win by working together on a project that could prove successful.

A brand partnership is an advantageous way for two companies, in this case one from the world of inboard technology, to leverage each other’s strengths while also increasing their individual reach. This type of agreement encourages creativity as well as risk-taking between partners which can lead to more effective solutions than if they were operating independently. Additionally, it allows both brands to benefit from increased exposure through joint marketing initiatives like public appearances or cross promotions.

By utilizing these strategies, both sides can achieve greater success than either would on its own. All signs point to brand partnerships being an effective way forward when looking for innovative solutions within the tech industry.

Building Trust

A key element to successful brand partnerships is trust.

Building and maintaining a trusting relationship between the two companies involved in the partnership can provide a strong foundation for innovation and collaboration, as well as ensure that both parties are able to benefit from the agreement.

Business ethics must be taken into consideration when negotiating a deal or forming an alliance, as customers need to know they can rely on any promises made by either party.

Achieving customer relations requires not only trust but also transparency; partners should communicate any changes or updates about their joint venture with clarity so that everyone involved understands what is expected of them.

Furthermore, it is important that all parties fulfill their duties and obligations according to agreed upon terms in order to maintain mutual respect.

With these steps, effective collaborations based on trust can be built which ultimately lead to greater success for all those involved.

Future Plans

Inboard Technology, the electric skateboard company that recently appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, has caused a stir in the industry.

The company has already made significant progress and is now looking to take their success even further with future plans involving green initiatives and charitable donations.

The team at Inboard is dedicated to making environmentally friendly products by reducing their carbon footprint wherever possible.

By sourcing sustainable materials for their boards, investing in renewable energy sources, and utilizing efficient production methods they are actively working towards becoming a leader in green technology.

They also plan to donate 10 percent of annual profits to charities that benefit environmental conservation or promote sustainability efforts.

These ambitious goals demonstrate not only Inboard Technology’s commitment to improving the environment but also their dedication to giving back to the community.

With these bold moves it appears likely that this innovative start-up will continue to make waves throughout both the business world and beyond.


In conclusion, Inboard Technology has proven itself to be a successful business since their appearance on Shark Tank. Their product offering and brand partnerships have enabled them to expand into international markets and develop innovative technologies.

The customer reviews show that they are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services for their customers. As the company continues to grow, it will be interesting to see what new developments emerge from this ambitious team of entrepreneurs.

A further investigation of how effective the strategies employed by Inboard Technology are in helping create success could provide valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to follow in their footsteps.

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