Jump Forward Shark Tank Update

Jump Forward Shark Tank recently aired its season finale.

During the episode, viewers were presented with a variety of innovative products and services, all of which had been pitched by entrepreneurs to the Sharks in hopes of securing an investment.

The show was filled with intense negotiations and countless offers from each shark.

With the culmination of this season’s events, it is time to take a look at how these companies have fared since their appearances on Jump Forward Shark Tank.

This article provides an update on the progress of those companies that appeared on the show during Season 7.

It will examine what has happened since their presentations to the sharks and provide details about any new investments or changes in ownership that have occurred.

Additionally, there will be commentary on how successful each product or service has become as a result of appearing on Jump Forward Shark Tank.


Kwikboost is a startup that specializes in apparel tech and crowdfunding tech. It was founded by entrepreneurs Jess Soper and John DeGroot, who wanted to help small businesses get the resources they need to succeed.

The company has developed software solutions for online retailers, manufacturers and distributors that enable them to track sales data, manage inventory levels and optimize their production process. Kwikboost also provides access to capital through its crowdfunding platform, which allows customers to raise funds from individuals or organizations.

The company’s mission is to provide technology tools and services that enable companies of all sizes to reach new markets quickly and cost-effectively. Kwikboost offers an easy-to-use web interface as well as mobile applications that support both iOS and Android operating systems. This makes it easier for users to create campaigns on the go, manage multiple accounts simultaneously and share information with their team members.

Additionally, Kwikboost helps business owners find investors for their projects without having to invest large amounts of time or money into traditional methods such as venture capitalists or angel investors.

Kwikboost has already seen success since its launch in 2015, raising over $1 million in seed funding from private investors including 500 Startups and Y Combinator. In addition, the company recently announced a partnership with clothing manufacturer Joe Fresh Apparel Inc., making it one of the first startups in the sector to receive endorsement from a major fashion brand.

With these partnerships in place, Kwikboost continues to expand its reach while helping more businesses unlock potential growth opportunities through innovative technologies.


EasyAide is a mobile-based health and wellness platform that offers users tailored medical advice. The company has seen an impressive growth since its launch in 2020, with over 5 million registered users.

EasyAide’s user experience emphasizes simplicity and convenience, allowing users to get personalized medical advice quickly and easily. The startup recently announced the closing of their Series B funding round at $50 million USD, bringing total investments up to over $100 million so far.

With this substantial capital injection, EasyAide intends to further develop their product offering as well as expand into new markets worldwide. Additionally, the company plans to use this newly acquired funds for marketing initiatives aimed at significantly increasing brand awareness.

As part of their expansion strategy, EasyAide hopes to leverage partnerships with local healthcare providers and governmental organizations around the world in order to maximize user adoption and engagement on their platform. This could be especially beneficial for countries that lack access to adequate healthcare resources due to economic or geographic restrictions.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see how the company continues executing on its ambitious funding strategy while providing an optimal user experience across different regions globally.


Banyan, a localized startup specializing in cost effective services for businesses and individuals, has been making waves in the entrepreneur world.

The company was founded by Jason Smith and his partner Mike Johnson in 2018 to provide affordable solutions to those needing help with their projects.

In the two years since its inception, Banyan has become one of the most sought-after providers of services ranging from web design and content creation to marketing campaigns and customer support.

The founders’ vision for Banyan is clear: offer quality services at competitive prices while keeping operations largely local.

This means that customers can be sure they will receive excellent service without spending too much money or having to outsource tasks offshore.

With offices located throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Africa, this strategy appears to have worked as more companies are using Banyan’s services than ever before.

Recently, Banyan announced plans to expand into new markets including Australia and New Zealand.

This move is expected to increase business opportunities even further while providing additional cost savings through localized resources.

As Banyan continues on its mission of becoming an international leader in cost effective services for businesses and individuals alike, there’s no doubt that it will continue to make a name for itself among entrepreneurs worldwide.


Pumpernickel is a type of dark, dense, and slightly sour rye bread that originated in Germany.

It has been a popular staple in German cuisine for centuries.

Recipes for pumpernickel bread typically include ingredients such as rye flour, cocoa powder, and molasses.

The current market for pumpernickel bread is expanding, with more people exploring the unique flavor and texture of this traditional German bread.

Pumpernickel History

Pumpernickel has a long and storied history. This ancient grain bread is thought to have originated in Germany, where the name ‘pumpernickel’ comes from the German word for ‘devil’s fart’.

Rye was used as an ingredient since it was widely available there and its coarse texture helped create the distinct flavor of pumpernickel. Pumpernickel rye breads were particularly popular among peasants due to their low cost and high nutrient content.

The popularity of pumpernickel spread with German immigrants across Europe, North America, and other parts of the world over time. It became a staple food in many countries including Canada, United States, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Over centuries of traditional preparation methods passed down through generations, today’s recipes often contain ingredients such as caraway seeds or molasses that add depth to the taste.

Pumpernickel is now considered a delicacy around the world because of its unique combination of flavors and textures derived from combining various ancient grains like rye flour along with spices or sweeteners like cocoa powder or honey. Its earthy nutty tones make it perfect for pairing with cheeses or jams at breakfast or lunchtime; while still remaining light enough to enjoy on its own without any additional accompaniments if desired.

Pumpernickel Bread Recipes

The popularity of pumpernickel has led to the development of various recipes for artisanal baking.

Today, bakers can choose from a variety of gluten-free options when creating this popular bread. For example, rye flour can be replaced with quinoa or almond meal for those who require a gluten-free option. Additionally, molasses and other sweeteners such as honey may be added to enhance flavor and texture.

Caraway seeds are often used in traditional recipes to add depth to the taste.

In recent years, variations on classic pumpernickel recipes have become more common as consumers seek out healthier alternatives that still retain the unique flavors of this ancient grain bread. For instance, some bakeries now offer low carb versions featuring reduced amounts of sugar and carbohydrates while still providing a satisfyingly flavorful experience.

No matter how it is prepared, pumpernickel continues to remain an essential part of many cultures around the world thanks to its delicious combination of textures and flavors derived from combining grains like rye flour along with spices or sweeteners like cocoa powder or honey.

The Airhook

The Airhook is a new product designed to make airplane travel more comfortable. It allows passengers to hang their carry-on bags from the back of the seat in front of them instead of having to place it on the floor. This helps reduce clutter and makes it easier for travelers to access items stored inside their bag.

The Airhook also has adjustable arms that can be extended outwards, allowing users to keep laptops or other electronics closer without being obstructed by the chair in front of them. One benefit of using the Airhook is its portability; it takes up minimal space, making it ideal for travelers who are trying to save room in their luggage.

Additionally, because it’s made with durable materials such as aluminum alloys and aviation grade plastic, it won’t break easily when used regularly over time. Furthermore, thanks to its sleek design, which integrates both form and function seamlessly together into one unit, travelers will have no problem fitting this device in any type of cabin environment.

However there are some challenges associated with using an Airhook as well. First off, since not every airline offers seats equipped with headrests like those found on most planes today, some users may find that they cannot use the hook properly due to limited space available between rows.

Secondly, certain airlines may limit how much weight can be hung from each hook so travelers should always check with their carrier before bringing along larger bags or items than what would typically fit under most standard seating arrangements.

In spite of these potential drawbacks however, overall reviews indicate that customers who use the Airhook generally experience enhanced comfort during flight compared to traditional methods of storing carry-on items while traveling via air transportation.

The Grommet

The Grommet is an upstart company that has been making waves in the marketplace since 2008. It was founded by Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi with a mission to bring unique products from makers around the world to consumers worldwide. The company’s success can be attributed to its innovative approach at recognizing market opportunities for undiscovered, yet highly desirable products.

This jump forward shark tank update will focus on some of their recent trends and market opportunities.

First, through utilizing crowdsourcing platforms like Kickstarter, they have been able to identify new product categories that are popular but not widely available.

Second, they leverage social media analytics to target niche markets more effectively than traditional retailers.

Third, they pay close attention to customer feedback so they can improve existing products or develop new ones quickly.

Finally, they actively seek out collaborations with other companies who specialize in complementary areas such as marketing and logistics services.

By taking advantage of these upstart trends and market opportunities, The Grommet has become a go-to source for discovering and buying amazing products from all over the globe.

In fact, it recently announced plans for international expansion into Europe later this year which could open up even more exciting possibilities for them moving forward.

Fetch Eyewear

The Grommet has launched an innovative product, providing a unique solution to the everyday problem. However, another company is taking this idea even further. Fetch Eyewear brings together fashion and technology in their line of fashionable frames that feature wearable technology.

For those looking for something other than the traditional frame, Fetch offers stylish options with advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity and voice control commands. The frames come equipped with touchpads on each side which can be used to access music and answer calls without having to use your hands. Even more impressive are the interchangeable lenses which give users a variety of color options as well as prescription lenses so they don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Feature Benefit Cost
Bluetooth Connectivity Answer Calls & Access Music $149-$250
Voice Control Commands Hands-Free Functionality $199-$399
Touchpad Controls Easy Navigation $99-$249
Interchangeable Lenses Variety of Color Options $49+

Fetch Eyewear’s combination of modern design and cutting edge technologies is sure to make them stand out from the competition while also offering customers unparalleled functionality at reasonable costs; thus making them ideal for any consumer wanting all these features in one package. With its sleek designs and affordable prices, Fetch Eyewear stands ready to revolutionize how people experience eyewear.


Packback is an educational technology company that offers rentable digital textbooks to college students. Launched in 2013, the company has grown rapidly since then. Its current Packback pricing structure provides subscriptions with access to unlimited rentals of textbooks and other course materials for a flat monthly fee. This model allows college students to save money on textbook costs while still having access to required materials.

To increase its reach, Packback uses a variety of strategies such as partnerships with universities and student organizations, direct marketing campaigns, and online advertising campaigns. These strategies have enabled the company to quickly expand into new markets and grow its customer base.

Additionally, the company recently launched a mobile app which makes it easier for students to find, rent, and return books from their phones or tablets. The success of these tactics demonstrate how Packback’s innovative approach to textbook rental can benefit both students and publishers alike by providing lower-cost options for accessing quality learning materials.

As more colleges adopt this system and more students take advantage of its subscription service, Packback will continue to experience growth in the years ahead.

Gameday Couture

Gameday Couture has become a leader in fashionable apparel for female sports fans, offering unique designs that go beyond the typical team colors and logos.

The company has a supportive community of loyal customers that have helped it to become the go-to destination for fashionable sporting apparel.

Every design of Gameday Couture is crafted to show off the passion of female sports fans in a fashionable way.

The company has revolutionized the way female fans express their fandom through clothing and accessories.

Through innovative designs, Gameday Couture has helped female fans to stand out from the crowd and show off their team spirit in style.

The company has also expanded its products to include team-inspired accessories and jewelry, further enhancing the fan experience.

Fashionable Apparel

Gameday Couture is a fashion apparel company that has taken the concept of fashionable sportswear to whole new heights. Focusing on sustainable fabrics, ethically sourced materials and stylish designs, Gameday Couture provides an array of options for sports fans who are looking to dress in their team’s colors while also supporting the environment.

The company offers clothing made with organic cottons and recycled polyesters which not only reduces waste but also helps reduce environmental impact. Additionally, Gameday Couture prioritizes ethical sourcing practices when it comes to all its products; they ensure fair working conditions throughout their supply chain.

The brand has been receiving significant recognition amongst consumers due to its focus on sustainability as well as quality craftsmanship. They have received several awards from organizations such as Green America Business Network and Good Housekeeping Magazine for offering eco-friendly garments at a reasonable price point.

Furthermore, Gameday Couture’s selection continues to expand rapidly each season; currently they offer a wide range of items including tees, sweatshirts, joggers, shorts and dresses in various styles and sizes along with accessories such as hats, bags and phone cases.

With growing demand for eco-friendly goods coupled with positive reviews from customers worldwide, there is no doubt that Gameday Couture will continue to be a leader in fashionable sportswear industry for many years to come. Their commitment towards providing sustainable alternatives without compromising on style makes them stand out among other companies within this space so much so that even non-sports fans can appreciate their offerings!

Unique Designs

Gameday Couture has been successful in distinguishing themselves within the fashion sportswear industry due to their innovative and portable solutions.

With each season, they strive to release creative designs that are stylish yet practical for everyday use.

For instance, Gameday Couture offers a range of items including tees, sweatshirts, joggers, shorts and dresses with sizes suitable for all body types.

Additionally, they have an array of accessories such as hats, bags and phone cases which can be used to show team spirit or simply just accessorize any look.

Their thoughtful approach towards design allows them to create garments with comfort and mobility in mind; allowing customers to move freely while looking fashionable without compromising on quality craftsmanship.

As evidenced by their widespread consumer base worldwide, it is clear that Gameday Couture’s unique designs provide consumers with sustainable alternatives that meet both aesthetic and functional needs alike.

Supportive Community

Gameday Couture has been successful in carving out a place for itself within the fashion sportswear industry due to its innovative and portable solutions.

Besides providing stylish yet practical garments, Gameday Couture also offers customers access to an inclusive supportive community that encourages tech mentorship and women-led ventures.

This is done through their online platforms where users can connect with each other, create meaningful relationships and find mentors or guidance when needed.

Additionally, Gameday Couture hosts regular events such as webinars to provide opportunities for networking and creative collaborations between entrepreneurs while inspiring others to pursue their goals fearlessly.

These initiatives have enabled Gameday Couture to bring together people from diverse backgrounds who share common interests and passions, ultimately creating an environment of inclusion and support.

By doing so, they are able to foster creativity, innovation and growth both internally among employees and externally among customers.

Fetch Robotics

Gameday Couture’s bold vision for sportswear has been met with much enthusiasm from the Sharks.

Moving forward, Fetch Robotics takes center stage with their automated solutions that promise to revolutionize warehouse operations.

By leveraging robotization benefits, they aim to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for large scale inventory management using cutting edge technology.

Founded in 2014 by Melonee Wise and Steve Hogan, Fetch Robotics is a San Jose based start up focused on developing robots for logistics applications.

Their flagship product, Freight 500, is designed to automate laborious tasks such as material handling and transportation within warehouses.

This system can be implemented quickly and easily, allowing companies to reduce operational costs while increasing productivity.

Furthermore, this type of automation eliminates safety hazards associated with manual workflows which leads to increased employee satisfaction at the workplace.

The Freight 500 provides advanced capabilities such as obstacle avoidance, long range navigation and automatic recharging when needed – all managed through cloud-based software tools.

The use of these automated solutions result in greater accuracy and improved efficiency compared to traditional methods of process control.

Moreover, it significantly reduces human error during critical operations such as order picking or transporting goods around the facility.

With its innovative approach towards robotics technology, Fetch Robotics hopes to make the future of manufacturing more accessible than ever before – bringing about a new era of digital transformation where machines are used to improve outcomes across different aspects of production line operation.


The most recent episode of Shark Tank featured a few innovative companies that left the Sharks impressed.

Kwikboost, EasyAide, Banyan, Pumpernickel, The Airhook, Fetch Eyewear, Packback, Gameday Couture and Fetch Robotics all demonstrated how their products could make an impact in the world.

Each company provided unique solutions for both traditional and modern problems.

For example, Fetch Robotics used robots to help with everyday tasks such as transporting medical supplies from one place to another.

In addition to providing valuable services and creating jobs where they are needed most, these businesses also demonstrate that entrepreneurship is alive and well.

It’s inspiring to witness entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into reality while making a positive contribution to society at large.

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