Just The Cheese Shark Tank Update

Just the Cheese, a Wisconsin-based snack food manufacturer, recently appeared on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. After their successful appearance, the company has experienced an unprecedented surge in sales and success.

This article will provide an update of what has happened to Just The Cheese since its debut on Shark Tank.

Just the Cheese’s unique product quickly caught the attention of all five Sharks during their episode which aired January 2017. After brief negotiations with Mark Cuban – who offered $250K for 10% equity – founder Richard Radcliffe was able to accept Daymond John’s offer of $300K for 25%.

Since then, Just the Cheese has seen remarkable growth as it continues to expand into new markets across the nation.

Background On Just The Cheese

Just the Cheese, a family-owned and operated Wisconsin cheese business, has recently made waves in the Shark Tank franchise. According to their official website, Just the Cheese is “the leading manufacturer of all-natural baked cheese snacks” and specializes in creating unique flavors from high quality ingredients. The company’s outreach efforts have enabled it to gain traction across multiple regions as well as within its local community; for instance, Just the Cheese was credited with helping two small towns generate over $30 million dollars in revenue through sales of their products.

In order to further expand their reach beyond the Midwest region, Just the Cheese conducted extensive market research on potential customer segments that could potentially benefit from its product offerings. After discovering that young adults were particularly eager to purchase healthier alternatives to traditional snack foods, they developed new flavor combinations such as Cheddar and Bacon Bits or Jalapeño Jack Bites which generated positive responses amongst this demographic group.

This strategic move allowed them to grow exponentially during a time when many businesses were struggling due to unpredictable economic conditions. As per data collected by several industry reports, Just the Cheese currently holds a strong foothold in numerous markets throughout the United States and continues to explore opportunities with retailers both domestically and internationally. With an impressive range of gourmet snacks now available online and at select retail locations across America, consumers can enjoy these delicious yet healthy treats anytime they want!

Just The Cheese On Shark Tank

Just the Cheese, a Wisconsin-based company specializing in all-natural cheese snacks, recently appeared on Shark Tank.

The episode highlighted the aging process of their original product and showcased several snack ideas that can be made with Just the Cheese products.

The aging process for Just the Cheese begins when they source only the highest quality cheeses from local farms.

They then cut each piece into perfect slices before baking it at low temperatures to preserve its natural flavor and crunchy texture.

After this process is complete, customers have access to healthy cheese snacks that are also great tasting.

Shark Tank viewers were also introduced to a variety of recipes featuring Just the Cheese products including cheesy chips, crackers, pizzas and more.

All these dishes require minimal effort while still being incredibly delicious and nutritious.

With so many options available, there’s something for everyone looking for an easy but wholesome snack option.

Whether you’re adding some extra nutrition to your favorite dish or snacking between meals, Just the Cheese is sure to become one of your go-to treats!

Daymond John’s Investment

The cheese company Just the Cheese, recently appeared in Shark Tank. Daymond John, one of the investors on the show, had an offer to invest $200 000 into Just The Cheese’s business. In exchange for this investment, he asked for a 5% stake with no royalties.

This was a great opportunity for Just The Cheese as they have been looking to expand their marketing strategies and product diversification in order to reach more consumers. With Daymond John’s help, such expansion could become possible with his experience and networks that would be beneficial for the company’s growth.

Just The Cheese accepted his offer which should help them make further progress towards reaching their goals. This is especially true since now they will have access to a variety of resources from Daymond John himself who has proven successful investments in the past.

Overall, this investment can only mean good things ahead for Just The Cheese and its future endeavors.

Expansion Into New Markets

Daymond John’s investment in Just the Cheese has been a game-changer for the company. It enabled them to scale up their production and expand into new markets.

Now, as they look to further expand the reach of their product, it is important to consider industry trends and market insights.

Recent consumer research suggests that there is an increasing demand from health-conscious consumers for natural cheese snacks with no artificial additives or preservatives. Just the Cheese meets this need perfectly, due to its all-natural ingredients and use of only Wisconsin cheddar cheese. Their products are also gluten-free, making them attractive to both gluten intolerant customers and those who want to eat healthier snacks without sacrificing flavor.

The popularity of high protein snacks is another trend worth noting. Just the Cheese provides an excellent source of protein – 7 grams per serving – which makes them appealing not just to athletes looking for post-workout fuel but also busy parents needing on-the-go snacks for their kids.

With these factors in mind, Just the Cheese looks well positioned to take advantage of current industry trends and continue expanding into new markets across North America.

Consumer Demand For Just The Cheese

The Just the Cheese brand has captivated consumer attention worldwide, becoming a staple in many households. With their emphasis on high-quality cheese products and their passion for customer satisfaction, Just the Cheese is an ever growing force within the food industry.

Their success can be attributed to their global reach that continues to expand with each passing day. Consumers from all walks of life are able to experience the same taste and quality of product wherever they may be located throughout the world.

The company receives frequent feedback from customers regarding its products, allowing them to make necessary changes and improvements where needed. This ensures that what each customer experiences is nothing short of excellence, no matter where they are based or how much time passes between purchases.

Just the Cheese stands strong as one of the leading brands in both local and international markets due to its commitment to providing outstanding service and unbeatable product standards. It’s easy to see why more people choose this renowned brand when it comes to purchasing cheese products – simply put, there’s none better!

New Products Added To Just The Cheese Lineup

Just the Cheese, a Wisconsin-based cheese snack manufacturer, has made an impressive impression on Shark Tank viewers. After presenting their unique product and strategy to the Sharks in 2018, Just the Cheese’s business boomed. Now, they are capitalizing on dietary trends and expanding their lineup with new products that meet consumer demands for healthy snacking options.

The newest addition to the Just the Cheese lineup is an innovative cheddar cheese block snack. The all-natural blocks combine high-quality Wisconsin cheddar cheese with nutritious ingredients like chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and quinoa flakes. Not only do these blocks offer consumers a tasty and convenient snack option; they also provide vital nutrients like protein and fiber.

The company is also planning to roll out additional flavors such as sharp white cheddar and aged gouda varieties later this year.

To support these efforts, Just the Cheese is investing heavily in its marketing strategies by launching television commercials featuring celebrity chefs and other influencers who will endorse their flagship snacks. By leveraging current dietary trends to create flavorful products that fit into any lifestyle or diet plan, Just the Cheese aims to become one of America’s top go-to snacks for health-conscious consumers everywhere.

Increased Distribution

Just the Cheese, a Wisconsin-based snack company, continues to show its potential for growth with their recent product diversification and market penetration strategies. The most visible of these moves was when they appeared on the hit ABC show Shark Tank, gaining two offers from celebrity investors Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2016, Just the Cheese has gone through several changes that have allowed them to expand into new markets and increase their visibility as an up-and-coming brand. They’ve made strategic partnerships with distributors throughout the United States and opened international distribution channels in Europe. In addition, they’ve expanded their product line by introducing more flavors of cheese bars, including pepper jack cheddar crunch and sea salt caramel crunch.

With one foot firmly planted in traditional retail outlets like grocery stores and convenience shops, customers can now find Just the Cheese products at select Target locations nationwide. This move towards wider availability is expected to bring even greater success to this thriving business venture.

With continued effort put forth by co-founders Steve Stettler and Jim Kabbani, it’s safe to say that Just the Cheese will continue rising above all expectations.

Just The Cheese’s Online Presence

The potential for increased distribution of Just the Cheese’s products is not limited to physical retail locations. With the rise of digital and online marketing, the company can also utilize their skills in social media to reach a broader customer base.

In order to maximize this opportunity, Just the Cheese has implemented an aggressive approach to digital promotion. They are creating content on popular platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter that highlights their product’s unique benefits and features. This effort has been further supplemented through influencer collaborations with prominent figures in the health food industry who have helped spread awareness about Just The Cheese’s mission of providing high-quality snacks while still maintaining nutrition standards.

Additionally, they are running sponsored campaigns across multiple online channels like Google Ads and Facebook Ads which actively target people searching for healthy snack options or individuals looking to improve their diet. These strategies have already begun to bear fruit — over the past few months, Just The Cheese has seen an increase in website traffic, improved brand recognition among consumers, and higher sales numbers compared to pre-campaign periods.

As these trends continue, it will be exciting to watch how far this innovative business can go when given access to larger markets around the world via digital channels.

Media Attention Received

  1. The ‘Just the Cheese’ Shark Tank update has seen considerable success, with the company raising over $100,000 through crowdfunding campaigns.

  2. Social media engagement for the company has grown exponentially since the appearance on Shark Tank, with the brand now having over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

  3. In terms of press coverage, the company has been featured in various outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The New York Times. The product has also been featured in a number of lifestyle magazines, including Real Simple and Health Magazine.

  4. The Shark Tank update for ‘Just the Cheese’ has been covered extensively by the media, with articles and reviews being published in outlets such as Huffington Post and USA Today.

  5. The company has also been featured on numerous podcasts and radio shows, including ‘This American Life’, ‘The Today Show’, and ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

In a world of ever-increasing competition, crowdfunding campaigns can be an invaluable source of funding for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

With the right marketing strategies and access to effective funding sources, such as Shark Tank, just the cheese was able to gain substantial media attention when they launched their campaign in 2016.

Through their successful campaign, they were able to secure significant investment from the show’s investors which allowed them to create high quality products at competitive prices.

By leveraging social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, just the cheese managed to engage with potential consumers on a global scale and created awareness about their product offerings.

This helped them generate more funds for their business growth and development.

Just the cheese has since gone on to become one of the most recognizable brands in the industry, providing customers across America with delicious dairy free snacks that are both healthy and vegan friendly.

Social Media Engagement

Just the cheese’s success in generating media attention can be attributed to their effective branding strategies. The company leveraged influencer marketing and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to engage with potential consumers on a global scale.

They created awareness about their product offerings, which helped them generate more funds for their business growth and development. Additionally, Just the Cheese collaborated with other notable brands and celebrities to reach out to a larger audience base, ultimately providing an impetus for greater brand recognition among consumers.

Through these strategic efforts, they managed to create a strong presence across various channels that enabled them to stay ahead of competitors and remain competitive in the industry.

Press Coverage

The press coverage that Just the Cheese received was a direct result of their successful business strategy.

As part of this, they engaged in effective influencer marketing and social media outreach to create brand awareness on a global scale. This enabled them to reach out to potential consumers and remain competitive with their competitors.

In addition, by collaborating with other notable brands and celebrities, Just the Cheese expanded its consumer base significantly.

Through such strategic efforts, they managed to garner significant positive attention from both traditional and digital media outlets across numerous channels.

Not only did this increase their sales but also had lasting sustainability impacts as more people were exposed to their product offerings which allowed them to further develop their business growth and development goals.

Future Plans For Just The Cheese

Just the Cheese has ambitious plans for growth following their successful Shark Tank appearance. To increase revenue and visibility, they plan to focus on their branding strategy by launching a new website with an improved user interface that is more customer friendly. This will also include product packaging enhancements such as adding colorful graphics and informative information about the cheese to make it more visually appealing.

In addition, Just the Cheese aims to expand its reach by entering into new markets across the United States. The company plans to hire additional staff members with expertise in areas such as marketing and sales so that they can effectively target potential customers through online advertising campaigns and other promotional activities. They are also exploring opportunities for partnerships with food manufacturers who may be interested in buying or selling their products.

Finally, Just the Cheese looks forward to developing innovative products using fresh ingredients while maintaining their commitment to providing all-natural cheeses that are free from preservatives and artificial flavors. As part of this effort, they will continue to invest in research and development of new recipes that appeal to both health conscious consumers as well as those looking for convenient snacks.

A comprehensive branding strategy aimed at increasing consumer awareness

Product packaging enhancements including colorful graphics & informative information

Exploring opportunities for partnerships with food manufacturers

Developing a strong presence on social media to reach a wider audience


Just the Cheese’s success on Shark Tank is a testament to its unique product.

From Daymond John’s investment, Just the Cheese has expanded into new markets and seen an impressive increase in both consumer demand and distribution.

It has made waves with its online presence and earned attention from major media outlets.

There is no doubt that this cheese-making business will continue to grow as they move forward with their plans for expansion.

The future looks bright for Just the Cheese—a true symbol of ambition transforming dreams into reality.

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