Katamco Toilet Timer Shark Tank Update

Katamco Toilet Timer is a groundbreaking product that has recently been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. The innovative timer was designed to help address the issue of water waste due to toilet flushing and target those who leave their toilet running for long periods of time.

It acts as a friendly reminder to users when they need to turn off the water supply, helping them save money on utility bills while also promoting environmental sustainability.

This article will discuss the history of Katamco Toilet Timer before its appearance on Shark Tank, as well as update readers on how it performed in front of the sharks.

History Of Katamco Toilet Timer

Katamco is the maker of a revolutionary new product that seeks to help people save time and be more eco-friendly.

The Katamco Toilet Timer was created in response to an ever-increasing need for energy conservation, water efficiency and convenience in the bathroom. It is a unique device that attaches to existing toilets with no modifications or special tools required.

The Katamco Toilet Timer works by setting a timer based on how long you want your toilet usage to last; it then shuts off automatically when the time runs out. This not only prevents overuse of water but also helps alleviate any worry about leaving the tap running accidentally.

For those concerned about their environmental impact, this device can be set up to ensure minimal resources are used while still having enough time to complete necessary tasks.

With its simple installation process and user-friendly interface, the Katamco Toilet Timer has gained overwhelming attention from customers all around the world as well as being featured on Shark Tank.

From saving precious minutes each day to conserving natural resources, this innovative product proves itself worthy of recognition every single day.

The Problem Katamco Solves

Katamco is a toilet timer that helps reduce water waste. It encourages users to set a timer while they are using the toilet, and will flush automatically when the timer runs out. This allows households to save water by limiting the amount of time spent in the bathroom.

Time management is improved with Katamco, as people can set a specific time for their bathroom routine. Additionally, the timer helps to reduce water bills, as users are able to save money on their water bill by using the timer to limit their water usage.

Katamco is also a great tool for teaching kids how to be mindful of their water usage. By setting a timer, children learn how to be mindful of their water usage and develop habits that will help them save water.

Katamco is a great way to save money, conserve water, and manage time in the bathroom.

Water Waste

Water waste is an issue that needs to be addressed in order for our planet to remain a sustainable place.

Katamco’s toilet timer provides an effective solution, reducing consumption of water by notifying users when they have spent too much time on the toilet and need to flush.

The use of this device significantly reduces the amount of water wasted due to extended periods spent in the restroom.

Furthermore, it encourages users to adopt more mindful habits when using the bathroom, leading them towards sustainable solutions with respect to their usage of resources like water.

With its innovative approach, Katamco has proven itself as a viable method for conserving precious resources and tackling issues related to environmental conservation.

Time Management

Time management is an important factor to be considered when it comes to water conservation.

Katamco’s toilet timer provides a unique solution that helps users keep track of their bathroom usage and reduce their overall consumption of water. By setting a predetermined time limit, this device notifies the user when they have exceeded the allotted amount of time in the restroom and need to flush.

This encourages mindful habits with respect to resources like water, as well as promotes sustainable practices for environmental protection. In addition, by monitoring how much time is being spent on the toilet, individuals can save precious minutes throughout their day which adds up over time.

With its innovative approach towards resource management, Katamco has provided an effective method for conserving our planet’s most vital asset – clean water.

Cost Savings

By using the Katamco toilet timer, users can reduce their water consumption and save money on their utility bills. This cost savings is an important benefit of utilizing this device as it provides a tangible return on investment for customers.

Additionally, alternative solutions such as installing low-flow toilets or dual flush systems also offer potential cost savings compared to traditional fixtures but lack the convenience that Katamco’s product offers.

A comprehensive cost analysis should be conducted in order to determine which solution best suits individual needs. With these factors taken into account, consumers will have access to a variety of options when seeking ways to conserve water in the home while reaping financial rewards at the same time.

Design And Features

The problem Katamco solves is a common one; the majority of households across the world have bathrooms with toilets that are not adequately timed. This issue results in water waste, as well as an unpleasant smell from overflowing tanks and inefficient usage trends.

In order to tackle this widespread issue, Katamco has developed a toilet timer which offers users accurate control over their bathroom system. The design of this device is sleek, attractive and efficient – it fits seamlessly into any home setting and can be customized according to individual needs. It features:

  • A high-quality LCD display
  • Easy setup process
  • Adjustable timers for optimal customization

Product feedback on this device has been overwhelmingly positive – customers report that they are able to cut down significantly on both time spent flushing and money wasted due to water bills. Moreover, many homeowners appreciate the peace of mind that comes with having an effective solution for managing their toilet use without needing manual intervention every time.

All in all, Katamco’s revolutionary product provides an innovative way to address the problem of inadequate timing in bathrooms around the globe.

Benefits Of Katamco Toilet Timer

The Katamco Toilet Timer is a revolutionary product that offers numerous benefits to its users. The primary benefit of this device is the ability to reduce water consumption and its resulting environmental impact, making it an important tool for conserving resources.

Table 1 summarizes the key advantages of using the Katamco Toilet Timer: Advantages Description
Water Conservation Reduces water use by automatically turning off after set time interval
Environmentally-friendly Feature Decreases negative impacts on environment due to water waste reduction

This innovative device provides a cost-effective way for individuals and families to conserve water without sacrificing comfort or convenience. It not only saves money by reducing energy costs associated with heating hot water but also reduces maintenance costs associated with frequent toilet flushes. Furthermore, this timer integrates seamlessly into existing plumbing systems, which means installation can be completed quickly with minimal disruption to everyday life.

In short, the Katamco Toilet Timer has many distinct advantages that make it an attractive choice for those interested in minimizing their environmental footprint while saving money at the same time. With this device installed in homes across the country, sustainable living can become more accessible than ever before.

Katamco On Shark Tank

The Katamco Toilet Timer was designed to help reduce water usage in the home, and its potential benefits were clear. The device offers an eco-friendly solution that can save money on utility bills while also helping conserve resources.

However, it wasn’t until a recent appearance on Shark Tank that Katamco received widespread exposure. On the show, entrepreneur Paul Kaminski was able to effectively demonstrate how his invention works and explain why it is important for conserving resources. Despite initial skepticism from some of the Sharks, he was ultimately offered a deal by Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran.

In addition to the investment capital provided, this opportunity allowed him to make valuable connections with industry professionals as well as gain significant exposure through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The success of Katamco’s Shark Tank experience has resulted in numerous sales opportunities throughout the United States and beyond.

Thanks to its newfound popularity, more people are becoming aware of this innovative eco-friendly product which could help create lasting change when it comes to reducing water consumption around the globe.

Pitches To The Sharks

Katamco Toilet Timer’s pitch to the Sharks was a success.

The team demonstrated how their product would revolutionize daily household routines and presented a clear marketing strategy for its promotion.

They highlighted potential celebrity endorsements that could raise brand awareness and drive sales.

The Sharks were impressed with the smart toilet timer, which allowed users to set timers on individual toilets in order to save water while ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.

It also had an energy-saving feature that made it more attractive to environmentally conscious customers.

The Katamco Toilet Timer team offered an innovative solution that addressed many of the challenges faced by homeowners when using multiple bathrooms simultaneously.

Their unique approach blended practicality with convenience, making it an ideal choice for eco-friendly households looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort or luxury.

Negotiations And Deals

Contracts are essential for any negotiation or deal; they define the conditions under which a deal is reached.

Offerings represent the product or service being negotiated and must be clearly outlined in a contract.

Agreements are based on the terms of the contract and once reached, must be honored by both parties.

Katamco recently pitched their toilet timer product on Shark Tank and was able to negotiate a deal with three of the sharks.

The agreement included a $100,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity in the company.

Katamco was able to leverage the deal to gain recognition and to promote their product.


Negotiations and deals are an essential part of the business landscape, often involving contracts to protect both parties involved.

Patent protection is one such measure used for innovation or technology related products. It grants exclusive rights over a product’s use and production that can be licensed out by the patent holder in exchange for royalties.

Licensing agreements between two entities also allows for access to patented inventions without infringing on intellectual property laws. This mutually beneficial arrangement works best when there is clear communication from both sides about their expectations and obligations within the agreement.

As such, it is important to consider potential issues that could arise due to unforeseen circumstances prior to signing any contract. Careful planning ensures all contingencies are addressed so neither party is disadvantaged if these problems do occur down the line.

With well constructed contracts reflecting the terms of negotiations and deals, businesses can rest assured they have taken necessary steps towards protecting their interests.


Offerings form an integral part of negotiations and deals, as they are often used to entice a party into agreeing to the terms of a contract.

In order for businesses to gain competitive advantages in the market, their offerings must meet certain criteria that makes it attractive enough for buyers.

One such criterion is the price point; eco-friendly products can be especially appealing due to its affordability and sustainability.

Furthermore, offering discounts or other incentives gives customers added value which may increase their willingness to purchase the product.

Additionally, providing options with different features allows consumers to select the one most suitable for them while still giving companies profit margins from each sale.

Ultimately, effective offerings serve as powerful tools in sealing agreements with potential partners or clients.


Agreements are a fundamental component of negotiations and deals, as they define the terms and conditions that both parties must abide to. As such, businesses must ensure that the agreements are transparent and clear in order for all involved to understand their respective rights and obligations.

Furthermore, companies should be conscious about greenwashing when making commitments or promises related to environmental sustainability; ensuring that actions align with words is critical for maintaining integrity and trustworthiness among stakeholders. Additionally, reducing an organization’s ecological footprint can also be achieved through building more environmentally-friendly agreements which take into account resource consumption levels throughout its life cycle.

By doing so, organizations can protect their reputation while being mindful of the environment too. Ultimately, successful negotiations require robust yet fair agreements which balance economic interests with responsible ecology practices.

Post-Shark Tank Success

The newly released Katamco Toilet Timer has been making waves since its successful appearance on Shark Tank. The product, designed to help conserve water and reduce energy bills, is a perfect fit for the eco-conscious lifestyle of today’s consumer. With an innovative system that works with almost any toilet in the market, this simple device puts sustainability within reach.

Since its debut on Shark Tank, Katamco has revolutionized sustainable living by providing customers with an easy way to save money while helping the environment. By allowing users to set their desired flush time, it encourages them to use only what they need without compromising comfort or hygiene. Not only can customers adjust their flushes according to their needs but they also get real-time notifications when the timer runs out – all through a user-friendly app!

Eco Friendly Sustainable Living Cost Efficient
Automatically shuts off after preset time Reduces energy consumption Potentially lowers water bill
Utilizes precision sensors for accuracy Promotes conservation efforts Easy installation process
Adjustable settings based on individual preferences Encourages minimal waste production Compatible with most modern toilets

As one of the few products on the market offering both convenience and environmental benefits alike, Katamco has quickly become a popular choice among those looking for green solutions at home. It not only provides an effective solution for conserving resources but does so in a cost-efficient manner as well. With such features combined into one package, it’s no wonder why people are turning towards Katamco as their go-to tool for achieving sustainable living goals.

Katamco’s Impact On Water Waste

Katamco is a company dedicated to the development of water conservation technology and reducing consumption.

Its flagship product, the Katamco Toilet Timer, was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in order to help spread awareness about their mission.

The timer works by limiting toilet flushes to two minutes per session in order to save up to 70 percent of water usage compared to standard toilets.

The impact that this new technology can have on saving water is huge.

It has been estimated that if every household switched over to using the Katamco Toilet Timer, millions of gallons of water would be saved each year.

This would not only benefit households financially with lower utility bills but also reduce strain on municipal infrastructure due to decreased demand.

Furthermore, it could even go as far as helping provide clean drinking water for communities around the world who are struggling from lack of resources.

As part of its outreach program, Katamco offers free timers and installation services for low-income families.

Through this initiative, they hope to make their product more accessible to those who need it most while furthering their goal of conserving precious resources worldwide.

By taking advantage of these opportunities and making small changes at home, everyone can do their part in protecting our planet’s future.

What’s Next For Katamco?

Since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2019, Katamco has become a leader in the industry for innovative solutions to reduce water and energy waste. According to statistics, their toilet timer product can save an average of 27.5% of total household water usage per month. This impressive statistic is only one example of how Katamco provides green initiatives that help conserve natural resources while saving money for consumers.

Katamco’s presence in the market continues to grow as they develop new products to meet consumer needs. Some key features include:

  • Easy installation with no additional tools required
  • Ability to set timers based on user preferences
  • Voice-activated commands make it easy to control settings
  • Customizable alarms ensure users are notified when time runs out

The company’s commitment to providing convenient and sustainable solutions has earned them numerous awards from environmental organizations around the world and countless positive reviews from customers who have used their products.

As Katamco moves forward into 2020, they aim to continue delivering high quality services that will benefit both consumers and the environment alike.


Katamco Toilet Timer has made a lasting impact on water waste across the globe. Invented by siblings Tyler and Rachel Wiedower, this innovative device solves the problem of long bathroom visits by setting an adjustable timer which alerts users when their time is up.

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2018, Katamco gained exposure and secured deals with notable investors, propelling it to success.

Today, Katamco continues to make strides towards environmental stewardship through its technology. With user-friendly features such as customizable timers, audio alerts, and compatibility with Alexa devices, this smart toilet timer offers convenience while conserving precious resources.

As we look to the future of sustainability solutions, Katamco stands poised to lead the way.

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