Mtailor After Shark Tank Update

The popular television show Shark Tank has featured many successful entrepreneurs over the years, but one of its most memorable businesses is MTailor. Founded in 2014 by former Google engineers, MTailor offers custom-tailored menswear at an affordable price. Customers simply take three photos and input their measurements, then they receive a shirt or suit tailored specifically to them within two weeks.

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2015, MTailor saw tremendous growth thanks to the exposure and capital from the investors. Since then, MTailor has become one of the premier brands for men’s custom clothing. It now sells shirts, suits, jeans, outerwear and accessories all tailored to customers’ exact measurements through its simple online system.

In addition to providing stylish apparel that fits perfectly every time, MTailor also offers free shipping and returns with no minimum order size required. Furthermore, each item is made using high-quality fabrics sourced from around the world so customers can be confident that their purchase will last for years to come.

Overview Of Mtailor

MTailor is a virtual tailoring company that provides custom clothing to customers through its online platform. Using advanced algorithms and highly accurate body scanning technology, MTailor offers an unprecedented level of customization in menswear sizing.

With this cutting-edge approach, the company creates garments for each individual customer based on his exact measurements and preferences.

The concept of ‘shark tank’ refers to a competition where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to potential investors. In 2015, MTailor appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and received a $500,000 investment from tech mogul Mark Cuban.

This allowed them to make major improvements in product development, such as introducing new fabrics into their lineup, as well as expanding their reach with new marketing campaigns.

Today, MTailor continues to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to providing custom tailored clothing solutions for men. Their website now features an easy-to-use interface that allows customers to input specific details about their body type including height, weight and shoulder width so they can get perfectly fitted clothes without hassle or delay.

They also offer free shipping and returns on all orders within the US making it easier than ever before for people to purchase quality apparel with confidence.

Founder Background

Mtailor was founded by Roneel and Rishi in 2014, after a career switch from engineering. Their startup journey began with the mission of making custom tailored clothing accessible to anyone. They leveraged technology to make accurate measurements using just photos taken on a smartphone, creating an online store for customers to purchase garments made-to-measure.

By 2017, Mtailor had become the leading provider of affordable custom apparel. The company has since built a strong following among their customers due to its commitment to delivering high quality products at competitive prices. Additionally, they have expanded their product offering beyond traditional tailoring services into shirts, trousers and dress shirts that can be customized based on customer preferences.

The founders continue to strive towards expanding the reach of Mtailor’s offerings globally.

In 2020, the company secured an investment in Shark Tank which allowed them to further expand operations and bring their vision to more customers around the world. With this funding, Mtailor is well positioned to realize its goal of becoming one of the most successful startups in fashion retailing industry worldwide.

  • Recognized as leader in providing affordable custom apparel
  • Leveraging technology for accurate measurement taking
  • Expanding global presence with new investments

Appearing On Shark Tank

Mtailor made a splash when it appeared on Shark Tank in 2017. The company is an online custom clothing service that specializes in tailored suits and shirts for men, created with precise measurements taken by the customer’s own smartphone camera. CEO and founder Tristan Walker pitched Mtailor’s innovative approach to customized apparel design to the Sharks, showcasing how their technology creates perfectly fitted designs from just two pictures of customers.

With its unique process, Mtailor brought a fresh perspective on fashion-forward style while making high-end tailoring accessible and affordable. The episode sparked intense interest in the brand, propelling them into the limelight. After appearing on Shark Tank, Mtailor saw an increase in website visits and sales of over 500%, as well as gaining numerous media outlets featuring their story.

In addition to this, they were able to secure a deal with one of the Sharks who invested $250K into the business. This gave them access to much needed capital which allowed them to scale up their operations and develop even more refined custom designs for their customers. Since then, Mtailor has gone from strength to strength and become a leader in personalized menswear designs utilizing cutting edge technology.

They have been featured multiple times on major television networks such as ABC News, CNBC and Fox Business Network, further cementing their position as innovators in bespoke menswear fashion solutions. Their products can now be found across various retail locations around the world enabling customers everywhere access to fashionable yet affordable attire designed specifically for them.

Growth Since Shark Tank

Mtailor’s entrepreneurial journey after appearing on the hit show Shark Tank has been a remarkable success story. Founded by Raffi and Anna in 2014, their business has grown exponentially since being featured on the ABC series.

Despite initial skepticism from some of the Sharks about whether such an innovative idea could lead to corporate expansion, Mtailor has since emerged as one of Silicon Valley’s most successful startups. The company now offers its customers a personalized shopping experience that includes virtual clothing try-ons, instant size recommendations, tailoring services, and free home delivery.

Their mission is to provide men with stylish and modern clothes that fit perfectly at an affordable price point. The results speak for themselves – Mtailor was named “Best Custom Clothing Service” by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2018 and continues to garner rave reviews across social media platforms and customer review sites alike.

Mtailor also recently announced it had secured over $10 million in funding from various investors including Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary, who have all become vocal advocates for the brand over time. This injection of capital will help to further fuel the growth of Mtailor’s unique menswear model as they look to expand into new markets worldwide.

As part of this global expansion strategy, Mtailor plans to launch additional product lines tailored towards specific styles and body types in order to meet consumer demand more effectively than ever before.

Mtailor’S Products

MTailor is a company that produces custom-fit clothing items. Following their appearance on Shark Tank, the company has seen an increase in popularity and demand for their products. They use technology to help customers get a perfect fit using body measurements from any device with a camera. Customers can also make adjustments during the tailoring process if needed for improved comfort and style.

The MTailor product line consists of shirts, suits, jeans, chinos, shorts, blazers, outerwear and more. All items are made-to-order based on customer specifications, including fabric selection and specific measurements taken via video chat or photo uploads.

In addition to providing convenience, this method ensures personalized fits with minimal effort from the customer. The company also offers free shipping and returns within 14 days as well as free fit adjustments over time to ensure maximum satisfaction with each purchase.

Customers appreciate the hassle-free experience provided by MTailor’s products and services. Their approach to personalization allows users to create pieces tailored specifically for them without compromising quality or effectiveness of the design process.

With great attention paid to detail, no one else will have exactly what you do when shopping at MTailor – making it easy to stand out from the crowd!

Simple Online Measurement System

Mtailor has revolutionized the way people buy tailored suits. Their Simple Online Measurement System is a game changer for customers who want to feel confident in their custom fitting clothing without ever having to visit a physical store or tailor.

Here are three ways Mtailor’s system makes it easier than ever before:

  1. Measurements at Your Fingertips – Customers can easily take accurate measurements of themselves through their mobile device and send them directly to Mtailor, making personalised tailoring simple and fast.

  2. Updated Software – With regularly updated software, customers always have access to the latest version of the app, allowing them to get precise measurements every time they use it.

  3. Easy Checkout Process – The checkout process at Mtailor is quick and easy, so that customers can enjoy their new tailored suit as soon as possible with minimal fuss.

The Simple Online Measurement System from Mtailor elevates buying tailored suits from an arduous task into an effortless one; no more trudging around different stores trying on ill-fitting outfits or enduring long waiting times for your clothes to be ready – just order online and you’ll have a perfectly fitted wardrobe item in no time!

Free Shipping & Returns

Mtailor, since its appearance on Shark Tank, has included free shipping and returns in all orders. This policy provides customers with convenience and an enhanced shopping experience by eliminating the need for them to cover any shipping costs or worry about return policies.

A table displaying information regarding Mtailor’s free shipping and returns is shown below:

Policy Description Benefits
Shipping Free shipping provided Convenience
Returns 30-day risk-free trial & full refunds Security/ Peace of mind

The above data highlights how customers are able to benefit from Mtailors’ hassle-free shipping and generous return policy. With this new policy, they are ensured a secure shopping experience without having to pay additional delivery charges. Furthermore, it also allows them more flexibility when returning items which may not meet their expectations. Customers can be confident that if the product purchased does not satisfy them, they are entitled to receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

By providing free shipping and liberal return policies, Mtailor ensures customer satisfaction through greater transparency and better service quality. It further demonstrates their commitment towards creating an enjoyable online shopping experience for their customers.

High-Quality Fabrics

Mtailor after the Shark Tank update has come a long way in their efforts to provide customers with high-quality fabrics. Through collaborations with local tailors, they have been able to increase their selection of premium fabric types and designs.

As such, customers are now able to build unique garments tailored specifically for them that reflect their own personal style and taste.

The new fabric variety includes options ranging from lightweight silks and cottons, to more luxurious blends like wool and cashmere. In addition, Mtailor also offers an extensive range of colors and patterns so that customers can make sure their clothing truly stands out.

To ensure top quality standards, all materials used by Mtailor go through rigorous testing prior to being shipped out or delivered.

Finally, thanks to the work done by the team at Mtailor, customers now have access to exquisite apparel crafted from some of the finest fabrics on the market:

  1. Lightweight silks
  2. Cottons
  3. Blended wools
  4. Cashmeres
  5. Linens

Customer Reviews

Mtailor has been met with exceptional customer satisfaction since its post-Shark Tank update. Those who have ordered the product are beyond pleased with not only the high quality fabrics, but also the convenience and ease of use that Mtailor provides.

Customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, as customers find their custom tailored clothing to fit perfectly at a fraction of the cost they’d pay at retail stores or other online tailoring services. The experience of ordering from Mtailor is stress free, where customers can take measurements on their own time in the comfort of their home and receive a perfect fitting garment in just two weeks.

The attention to detail taken into account when creating each piece shows through in every stitch—allowing for complete confidence when wearing even the most intricate ensembles. Any alterations needed after receiving an order are made quickly and without hassle.

From fabric selection to delivery service, it’s clear why so many loyal customers continue to choose Mtailor over traditional alternatives—the perfect combination of affordability and quality paired with unparalleled customer service makes them stand out among competitors. Customers leave raving reviews about how wonderful their purchase was; whether getting dressed up for special occasions or day-to-day wear, trust in Mtailor creates beautiful memories each time one wears clothes crafted specifically for them.

Future Plans

Mtailor, the revolutionary clothing tailoring service that appeared in Shark Tank and received an investment from Mark Cuban, has been making strides since its appearance on the show.

According to recent reports, mtailor experienced a 400% increase in sales after appearing on the program.

The company’s unique remote tailoring services have allowed customers to get clothes tailored without ever having to step into a store or tailor shop.

In addition to this convenience factor, virtual styling has also played a key role in allowing customers to customize their order with ease.

The success of these features has led mtailor to look for potential expansions across other markets as well.

To facilitate this expansion process, they are currently developing partnerships with various retailers so that they can offer their products around the world while still providing superior customer experience through cutting-edge technology solutions.

Such collaborations will not only provide more options for customers but may also help lower costs by leveraging existing supply chains and resources.

In the future, mtailor plans to continue expanding its reach and services across multiple countries while continuing to prioritize customer satisfaction through innovative technologies such as remote tailoring and virtual styling.

This would allow them to cater better to different types of consumers while taking advantage of local market trends and opportunities available in each respective country.

As a result, it is expected that mtailor could become one of the most successful custom clothing businesses both locally and internationally over time if these strategies are implemented successfully.


Following their appearance on Shark Tank, MTailor has experienced a great deal of success in the past few years.

They have expanded their product line to include high-quality fabrics and offer free shipping and returns for customers.

Additionally, they are now widely regarded as reliable due to the many positive customer reviews that they have received.

It is clear from these developments that MTailor’s vision of revolutionizing the way people purchase clothes through quality and convenience is becoming more realized each day.

With continued innovation and an emphasis on customer satisfaction, it seems likely that this company will continue to grow exponentially in both popularity and profits over time.

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