Nardo’S Natural Shark Tank Update

Nardo’s Natural is a skincare and beauty brand that has been featured on the hit television show Shark Tank. After appearing on the show in 2012, Nardo’s Natural received an offer of $300,000 for 25% equity from investor Robert Herjavec.

Since its inception in 2011, Nardo’s Natural has become one of the leading organic skin care companies in the United States. The family-run business produces all natural products such as body lotions, facial wash and lip balm made with certified organic ingredients and without any harsh chemicals or preservatives. They have also recently expanded their product line to include color cosmetics and hair care items.

As part of their mission statement, they strive to promote healthy living by providing quality products at affordable prices.

Nardo’s Natural Story

Nardo’s Natural, a skincare company based in Daytona Beach, Florida first gained nationwide attention after appearing on the popular TV show Shark Tank. Founded by brothers Nicolas and Jeremy Martin, Nardo’s mission is to create natural products that provide superior results without sacrificing quality or safety. Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Nardo’s has become one of the top selling skincare companies in the US and continues to grow with an aggressive branding strategy and customer outreach programs.

The brand takes pride in using only ingredients found naturally in nature such as aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, green tea extract, etc., all of which are sourced from local farms and suppliers.

In addition to their product line, Nardo also offers exclusive promotional items for customers such as t-shirts and hats branded with their logo. This type of marketing helps to keep customers engaged while creating brand awareness at the same time.

In order to reach more potential customers beyond traditional methods like television advertising or print media campaigns, Nardo’s relies heavily on digital content creation through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Through these platforms they can interact directly with their target audience while promoting new products and services.

By leveraging content marketing techniques combined with strategic partnerships both online and offline they have been able to increase visibility across multiple consumer demographics.

Investor Robert Herjavec’s Offer

Nardo’s Natural, a skincare brand created with natural ingredients, recently appeared on ABC’s hit show ‘Shark Tank.’

During the episode, investor Robert Herjavec offered Nardo’s founders $600,000 in exchange for 10% equity.

Here are some highlights of his offer:

  • Profit Sharing: Robert proposed that he would become an active investor and receive 25% of all profits above $2 million as part of his profit sharing deal.

  • Ethical Sourcing: Robert also ensured that he was committed to using only ethical sources when obtaining raw materials used in producing the products.

The offer from Robert Herjavec provided a great opportunity for Nardo’s Natural to take their business to the next level.

With access to capital and commitment to quality sourcing, the potential for success is high.

The outcome remains unknown but it appears the future looks bright for this unique skincare brand.

Product Line Expansion

Nardo’s Natural, a family-owned business that produces skin care products made with natural ingredients, recently appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank to pitch their product line. After securing an offer from two of the sharks, Nardo’s Natural has continued to make strides for success in order to expand its product line.

In 2018, Nardo’s Natural began offering eco friendly packaging as part of their green marketing campaign. By doing so, they are able to better protect and preserve both the environment and their product while making it easier for consumers to recognize when shopping for organic skincare items.

The company is also utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to reach out and connect with new customers all over the world. This type of digital presence allows them to tap into different markets without having too many physical locations or spending additional money on advertising campaigns.

The use of eco friendly packaging and green marketing strategies have allowed Nardo’s Natural to set itself apart from other companies in the industry. As a result, they are now able to build trust and loyalty among current customers in addition to gaining traction with potential buyers who may be considering trying something new when it comes to skincare options.

With these steps being taken by the team at Nardo’s Natural, there is no doubt that further growth will follow in short time.

Certified Organic Ingredients

Organically farmed ingredients are in high demand, due to the assurance that the produce is grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Quality assurance of these products involves verifying that the entire production process was done according to organic regulations.

Non-GMO products are also a priority for consumers, as the demand for non-genetically modified ingredients is on the rise.

Organic certification is the most reliable way to prove that the ingredients used in products are produced with organic farming practices.

In addition, it is important to ensure that the production process is strictly monitored to guarantee that the organic ingredients are of the highest quality.

As an organic company, Nardo’s Natural is dedicated to providing their customers with organic, non-GMO products.

Their commitment to using only the highest quality organic ingredients has earned them recognition from the Shark Tank investors.

Organic Farming

Organic farming has recently become a popular topic of discussion in the food industry.

Organic produce is grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals which can be harmful to both the environment and human health.

Certified organic ingredients are those that have been sourced from suppliers that follow specific guidelines designed by governing bodies like the USDA or EU regulations.

Nardo’s Natural is committed to sourcing certified organic ingredients for their products, as well as using green packaging materials whenever possible.

Sustainable sourcing practices ensure that high-quality natural ingredients remain available for future generations while also protecting our planet’s resources.

By utilizing sustainable sources of organic ingredients and implementing green packaging solutions, Nardo’s Natural continues to lead the charge when it comes to delivering safe and healthy products with minimal environmental impact.

Quality Assurance

In order to guarantee the highest quality of organic ingredients, Nardo’s Natural is committed to ensuring that its products are third-party tested and verified.

All certified organic ingredients must be rigorously inspected by an independent laboratory in order to meet regulatory standards.

This process includes analyzing samples for contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Additionally, customer feedback is used to identify any potential issues with product quality or safety.

By employing rigorous testing protocols and incorporating customer feedback into the equation, Nardo’s Natural ensures that only the best quality ingredients make it into their final products.

As a result of this commitment to excellence, consumers can rest assured that they are receiving safe and healthy products with every purchase.

Non-Gmo Products

Nardo’s Natural is committed to providing customers with non-GMO products. All ingredients used by the company are sustainably sourced and verified to be free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

To ensure that their products remain non-GMO, they employ rigorous testing protocols and incorporate customer feedback into their quality assurance process.

In addition, Nardo’s Natural packages all of its chemical-free ingredients in green packaging materials, which helps reduce waste for a more eco-friendly solution.

This commitment to excellence has made them a leader in the natural health industry and ensures that customers get only safe and healthy products every time.

Cruelty-Free And Vegan Products

Nardo’s Natural, a family-run skincare business, recently appeared on the hit reality show Shark Tank.

The company has made a name for itself by offering natural and cruelty-free products that are friendly to both people and animals alike.

Their commitment to creating animal-friendly products extends beyond their ingredients list – they have implemented strict policies in order to ensure that all of their materials are sourced from suppliers who do not test on animals.

The company also makes an effort to reach out to vegans through targeted marketing campaigns.

In addition to avoiding animal testing, Nardo’s Natural only uses plant-based ingredients in its products — making them great choices for vegan shoppers looking for a healthier lifestyle option.

They also employ several prominent vegan influencers as brand ambassadors in order to promote their mission among potential customers.

These efforts have helped put Nardo’s Natural at the forefront of the industry when it comes to responsible manufacturing practices and cruelty free policies.

As more consumers become aware of these issues and seek out companies that share their ethical values, Nardo’s Natural is well positioned to capitalize on this growing market trend moving forward.

Affordable Prices

Nardo’s Natural made a huge splash on the hit series Shark Tank when they presented their eco-friendly skincare line. The natural, organic ingredients and budget friendly prices appealed to both investors and customers alike, making it no surprise that Nardo’s Natural has seen such success since its appearance on the show.

The company is committed to providing high quality products at an affordable price point. Their full range of lotions, balms, oils, scrubs and more can be found for under $20 per item – something unheard of in the niche market of organic skin care.

Furthermore, their commitment to sustainability means all packaging is recyclable or compostable and their manufacturing processes are 100% carbon neutral.

This makes it easy for consumers who care about their health as well as the environment to purchase with confidence knowing they’re getting safe products without breaking the bank.

With this combination of values, Nardo’s Natural have proven themselves to be game changers in the industry – offering luxury items without luxury prices.

Promoting Healthy Living

Nardo’s Natural, a skincare line created by entrepreneurs and brothers Brandin, who appeared on Shark Tank in 2019, has made an impact with their affordable prices. In order to further promote healthy living, the company strives to use natural ingredients that are good for both consumers and the environment.

As part of this commitment to green living, Nardo’s Natural products are free from toxic chemicals such as parabens and sulfates. This helps ensure that customers can trust the quality of each product they purchase from them.

The business also takes part in helping raise health awareness throughout communities across the country. The team visits schools to talk about how people can take better care of their skin while using safe and natural products. They have partnered with local nonprofits like Girls Inc., where they discuss topics such as sun protection and acne prevention with young girls in attendance.

Additionally, Nardo’s Natural is dedicated to creating content that educates customers about proper skincare habits so everyone can learn more about taking care of themselves naturally.

In addition to providing education and raising awareness through community outreach initiatives, Nardo’s Natural is continuously innovating new ways to make sure its mission reaches every customer possible. With their active presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, they hope that more people become aware of the importance of choosing natural ingredients when shopping for beauty items or any other type of product.

Through these efforts, Nardo’s Natural hopes to create a healthier world today and for generations to come.

Sustainability Initiatives

Nardo’s Natural is dedicated to making its products and services more sustainable. The company has implemented numerous initiatives in order to reduce waste and use eco-friendly packaging.

To begin, Nardo’s Natural switched from plastic containers to glass containers for some of their products. This shift was a positive change as it reduces the overall amount of single-use plastics going into landfills and oceans.

Additionally, all shipping materials are made with recycled cardboard and post-consumer paper so that they contain less virgin fiber content. Furthermore, Nardo’s Natural utilizes an innovative air pillow packing system which uses up to 80 percent fewer boxes than traditional methods while providing superior protection during transit.

In addition to switching out unsustainable packaging materials, Nardo’s Natural also takes steps towards reducing food waste. For example, they partner with local farms who provide produce that would have otherwise gone to waste due to aesthetic imperfections or excess supply.

By sourcing these ingredients, Nardo’s Natural helps support local farmers and divert food scraps away from landfills where it can emit harmful methane gas.

Overall, Nardo’s Natural demonstrates a commitment towards sustainability through their various initiatives such as:

1) Switching from plastic containers to glass containers;

2) Utilizing recycled cardboard and post-consumer paper in all shipping materials;

3) Using an air pillow packing systems;

4) Partnering with local farms for aesthetically imperfect produce instead of throwing them away.

Through these efforts, customers can trust that purchasing any product from this brand means supporting a business that respects the environment just as much as people do.

Company Growth And Success

Nardo’s Natural has had a great deal of success since appearing on Shark Tank in 2012. The company began with its core product, a natural skincare line made from botanical ingredients and essential oils, but it quickly expanded to include several other products that have allowed the business to grow exponentially. As part of this growth, Nardo’s Natural has implemented sustainability initiatives to ensure their operations are eco-friendly and reduce environmental impact.

Green marketing is an important strategy for businesses looking to promote sustainability measures while delivering value to consumers. To facilitate these efforts, Nardo’s Natural adopted sustainable packaging solutions such as recyclable containers and biodegradable materials like cardboard boxes or paper bags instead of plastic ones. Additionally, the company encourages customers to buy refills using reusable containers rather than purchasing new items every time they run out of product.

These strategies have been successful not only in terms of reducing waste but also in helping Nardo’s Natural reach more people globally. In addition to expanding into online marketplaces around the world, the brand has increased sales by 3x from when it first appeared on Shark Tank and opened a flagship store in Los Angeles where customers can purchase both products and experiences like spa treatments. The combination of green marketing techniques, innovative packaging solutions, along with worldwide distribution channels helped contribute to the tremendous success achieved by the company so far.

Future Plans And Goals

Nardo’s Natural, the natural body care and skincare company that recently appeared on Shark Tank, has a promising future ahead of them. The company is poised for global expansion with their innovative products and marketing strategies.

An example of Nardo’s success can be seen in the way they approached appearances on multiple television networks such as ABC, NBC and CBS to spread the word about their brand. Not only were these appearances helpful for garnering attention from potential customers, but it also helped increase sales by providing an opportunity to showcase their unique product lines.

To further capitalize on this momentum, Nardo’s Natural have set forth ambitious goals for continued growth. Here are three ways they plan to achieve this:

  • Develop new product lines that target international markets

  • Expand into more retail stores while continuing partnerships with existing ones

  • Increase digital presence through social media campaigns and influencer collaborations

These plans demonstrate the commitment of Nardo’s Natural to invest in their own success and secure lasting relationships with customers all over the globe. With smart investments, experienced leadership and talented team members, the company looks forward to expanding its reach even farther in 2021.


Nardo’s Natural has seen remarkable growth since its appearance on Shark Tank. The company is now a leader in the industry, offering organic ingredients, cruelty-free and vegan products, as well as promoting healthy living and sustainability initiatives.

Its success can be attributed to Robert Herjavec’s offer of investment; product line expansion; certified organic ingredients; and its commitment to animal welfare and environmental protection.

Nardo’s Natural continues to grow at an impressive rate and their plans for the future include furthering their mission to provide clean beauty products that are accessible to all consumers.

With continued innovation, ambition, and dedication from the team behind Nardo’s Natural, this business is sure to remain a leader in the health and wellness sector for years to come.

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