Naturally Perfect Dolls Shark Tank Update

The innovative toy company, Naturally Perfect Dolls, recently made an appearance on the popular ABC show Shark Tank. Founded by Angela and Yolonda Richardson, Naturally Perfect Dolls creates dolls that are designed to look more like real children—dolls with a variety of facial features, skin tones and hair textures.

The Richardsons appeared before the Sharks in hopes of securing an investment in order for their company to continue growing. Naturally Perfect Dolls’ mission is to provide young girls with positive role models that reflect diversity and promote self-love.

This article will provide an update regarding how the Richardsons fared during their presentation on Shark Tank as well as any changes or updates since then.

Background On The Company

The doll industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years, with new companies entering the market and existing ones vying for dominance.

Naturally Perfect Dolls is one such company that recently graced ABC’s Shark Tank to seek investment from the show’s famous investors.

The concept behind their dolls is simple: create a truly diverse line of dolls that “capture beauty at its best—just like you!”

Naturally Perfect Dolls takes pride in doing extensive market research before launching any products. They use traditional methods such as surveys and focus groups, as well as social media platforms, to obtain feedback from potential customers about what features they would want to see on the dolls.

This allows them to make sure their product meets customer needs and also identify potential gaps in the market.

With their strong commitment to quality control, it’s no surprise that Naturally Perfect Dolls was able to secure an investment offer from Daymond John during their appearance on Shark Tank; this will undoubtedly help boost production and further expand their reach within the doll industry.

The Richardsons’ Pitch

The Richardsons entered the shark tank with a unique idea. Their company, Naturally Perfect Dolls, aimed to provide dolls that look more like real people in terms of body shape and size. They argued that this would lead to better self-esteem for children playing with them.

Their pitch focused on their brand messaging as well as their target market – parents who want to provide positive representations of beauty for their daughters. To demonstrate this, they presented prototypes of the dolls which featured different skin tones and sizes in order to appeal to a variety of customers:

  • Skin tones:

  • Light skin tone

  • Medium skin tone

  • Dark skin tone

  • Sizes:

  • Standard size

  • Plus size

  • Petite size

Additionally, they had carefully planned out how they intended to bring these dolls to life. The Richardsons outlined an extensive plan involving manufacturing processes and partnerships with retailers throughout the country.

This detailed approach was impressive enough for two sharks to make offers for investment in exchange for equity shares in the company. With their business model now validated by outside investors, Parents can be sure that Naturally Perfect Dolls will soon become available everywhere.

The Sharks’ Reactions

The Sharks’ reactions to the Naturally Perfect Dolls update were varied. Many of the sharks thought that this product could have a positive cultural impact on the toy industry, as it provided children with dolls that looked more like them than generic dolls typically do. Some also believed that the company was well-positioned for future growth due to their mission and unique business model. On the other hand, some of the Sharks had doubts about whether or not they would be able to turn a profit in such a competitive market.

Emotion Description
Positive The Shark’s saw potential in the product due to its positive cultural impact and unique business model.
Negative Some Sharks had doubts about whether or not they would be able to make a successful return on investment in such a competitive market.

Despite these varying opinions, all of the Sharks agreed that naturally perfect dolls were providing an important service by creating more diverse representation within toys. They believe this is something that should continue being supported in order to provide kids with better self-representation and identity formation opportunities when playing with dolls. Ultimately, it will depend on how effectively the team can develop their branding strategy and marketing tactics if they want natural perfect dolls to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Reactions From The Public

The Sharks’ reactions to the Naturally Perfect Dolls were a mixture of appreciation and scepticism. After much deliberation, they decided to invest in the product. However, their decision had an even bigger impact outside of the Shark Tank – it reverberated throughout society as well.

When news of the Sharks’ investment spread, there was a massive outpouring of positive feedback from people around the world who had been waiting for something like this. Many praised the company’s mission to provide children with dolls that better reflected reality, praising its potential to help young girls have a more positive body image. Despite some minor negative backlash from those opposed to such “unrealistic figures,” most people seemed delighted by this breakthrough innovation.

One thing is certain: whether it be in terms of business or social progress, the Naturally Perfect Dolls are making waves – and not just inside the Shark Tank. With so many people responding positively to this new venture, it looks set to make a lasting impression on both the toy industry and society at large.

The Aftermath Of The Show

Following the Shark Tank appearance of Jennifer James and her company, Naturally Perfect Dolls, an investment from shark Lori Greiner was secured. The doll company has seen success since the show, with their products now available in major retailers.

In regard to the success of the company, Jennifer James has been involved in multiple follow-up interviews including appearances on the Today Show and The Kelly Clarkson Show. These interviews have helped to further the reach of Naturally Perfect Dolls, as well as provide insight into the company’s growth.

Additionally, the success of Naturally Perfect Dolls has made Lori Greiner’s monetary investment a wise decision. As the doll company continues to grow, the Shark Tank update will be one to watch.

Shark Investment

The startup funding landscape of the naturally perfect dolls industry was drastically altered by the investment made in the company on Shark Tank.

Market research conducted prior to the episode suggested that this particular venture had immense potential, and it has since paid off handsomely with the company’s newfound exposure and financial backing.

The investor sharks were wowed by their unique business model and overall presentation, leading them to make a substantial investment into the brand.

As expected, once word got out about the impressive success story behind Naturally Perfect Dolls, other entrepreneurs looking for startup funding began clamoring for attention from investors.

According to reports, several more companies have been able to secure large amounts of money due to increased interest in similar types of businesses as a result of this show.

This surge of capital will likely contribute significantly towards bolstering an already booming sector within the toy market.

With its groundbreaking product line now backed up by significant investments from experienced individuals within various industries, Naturally Perfect Dolls is poised to be at the forefront of modern day doll manufacturing.

It may only be a matter of time before these toys become a staple item among many households across America and beyond; something which would not have been possible without such serendipitous events occurring on national television.

Doll’s Success

Since the appearance of Naturally Perfect Dolls on Shark Tank, the success story has been well-received by customers. Reports indicate that customer feedback and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive with many citing great appreciation for the brand’s mission to provide realistic dolls of all skin tones.

Furthermore, the impact of this venture on similar companies within the industry is undeniable; a surge in capital investments made towards similar brands suggests an increased interest from investors. This influx of funds has resulted in more toys becoming available on store shelves and online markets as demand continues to increase exponentially.

It is safe to say, then, that consumers are now presented with greater options when it comes to purchasing dolls compared to before Shark Tank.

Follow-Up Interviews

Since the appearance of Naturally Perfect Dolls on Shark Tank, follow-up interviews are providing a greater insight into the brand’s recognition and growth.

With each new report, it is clear that consumers have responded positively to the mission of expanding the toy industry with realistic dolls in all skin tones.

Reports from within the industry suggest an increased interest from investors as well; capital investments made towards similar brands have resulted in more toys being available for purchase online and in stores.

Brand recognition has grown significantly since then, especially when taking into account consumer feedback – many customers expressing their appreciation for what this company represents.

Follow-up reports also illustrate how far this venture has come since its first airing on Shark Tank, with no indication of slowing down anytime soon.

Changes To The Company

Since the initial appearance on Shark Tank in 2018, Naturally Perfect Dolls has continued to refine their strategy for success.

The majority of this effort has focused on revising their marketing and pricing models to ensure commercial viability of their product.

Naturally Perfect Doll’s approach to marketing involves a holistic integration of traditional media with contemporary digital communication strategies.

This includes leveraging social networks such as YouTube and Instagram, creating virtual press releases, and using targeted email campaigns.

Such an approach allows them to build brand awareness while simultaneously increasing customer engagement.

At the same time, they have also worked hard to optimize the price point associated with each doll.

Through careful analysis of customer feedback and market research data, they were able to tailor prices that would appeal specifically to different age groups without compromising profits or quality of service delivery.

By doing so, Naturally Perfect Dolls has been able to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Expansion Of The Product Line

Astonishing ambition has propelled the Naturally Perfect Dolls company to unprecedented heights. Having made an indelible impression on Shark Tank, the innovative toy makers have extended their reach beyond the show and are now aiming higher than ever before.

Their relentless focus on expanding product lines is nothing short of remarkable. From adding new shipping options to bolstering fundraising efforts, Naturally Perfect Dolls continues to push forward with no sign of slowing down.

Here’s a 3-item list outlining some key aspects of their expansive strategy:

  • Shipping Options – The team has implemented free domestic shipping for orders over $50 and international delivery services for customers abroad.

  • Fundraising Efforts – They’ve partnered with several non-profit organizations dedicated to empowering young girls and helping them break through gender stereotypes in society.

  • Variety & Quality – Their dolls come in different styles, shades, shapes and sizes that all exude the same level of quality craftsmanship. As such, they appeal not only visually but also emotionally to children around the world.

The founders behind this venture remain laser focused on providing kids everywhere with access to meaningful playtime experiences that spark imagination and help foster creativity. It’s clear that this family run business is poised for even greater success as it looks toward its next chapter of growth and expansion in the years ahead.

New Partnerships And Collaborations

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Naturally Perfect Dolls has continued to expand its reach and partnerships. The company’s founders have been successful in securing new relationships that allow them to further develop their unique dolls and build a strong brand presence in the market.

One of the most notable collaborations is with marketing firm Branding Strategies, Inc., which has provided comprehensive market analysis for the company’s product line. Using this data, they are able to better understand customer preferences and strategically target their advertising efforts.

This partnership has also enabled Naturally Perfect Dolls to create more effective branding campaigns, resulting in increased sales across multiple platforms.

Additionally, the company plans to continue building strategic partnerships throughout 2021 as it continues to grow. With these relationships in place, Naturally Perfect Dolls can position itself at the forefront of the doll industry by providing high-quality products and innovative designs that appeal to customers around the world.

Moving forward, there is no doubt that the company will be well positioned for success as it works towards achieving its mission of creating toys that all children can relate to.

Social Media Presence

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Naturally Perfect Dolls has seen a surge in social media presence. The company’s main Instagram page has gained over 50,000 followers and the hashtag #naturallyperfectdolls is used by fans to post photos of their dolls.

These posts have been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from people who are excited to see more doll diversity in the toy market. The company has also started using other platforms such as Tumblr and TikTok to engage with customers and promote new products.

They recently released a video series called #NPDSuperStars which features real kids talking about why they love Naturally Perfect Dolls. This content has resonated well with viewers both young and old who appreciate seeing authentic representation of diverse children playing together.

Naturally Perfect Dolls continues to be a leader within the industry for creating toys that embody beauty standards from all backgrounds. With its growing online presence, the company is reaching millions of potential customers and giving them access to quality dolls that represent everyone equally.

The Future Of Naturally Perfect Dolls

The future of Naturally Perfect Dolls looks incredibly promising. With a solid social media presence, the company is positioned to make an impact with their brand messaging and product reviews.

Building on this strong foundation, the team has identified key areas for improvement:

  • Redefining customer service standards
  • Investing in market research initiatives
  • Focusing on expanding distribution channels
  • Enhancing digital marketing campaigns

These efforts will help increase visibility across all markets, enabling more people access to these unique dolls.

Going into 2021, Naturally Perfect Dolls is poised to become one of the most sought-after products in its industry. The journey ahead is sure to be filled with meaningful milestones as the business continues to grow and evolve.


The journey of the Naturally Perfect Dolls has been a lesson in resilience and ambition.

From the initial pitch on Shark Tank, to their expansion of product lines and new partnerships, they have continued to defy odds with their inventive approach to business.

This small group of entrepreneurs has managed to gain an international following through social media platforms, further highlighting the success of this endeavor.

The future looks bright for Naturally Perfect Dolls as it aims to become more accessible by collaborating with other brands.

It is clear that these dolls will continue to bring joy to children around the world while providing them with representation in a positive light.

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