Piperwai Shark Tank Update

The popular American television show Shark Tank aired an episode featuring the natural deodorant company PiperWai in 2017. Since appearing on the show, the brand has gone from strength to strength and established itself as a leader in the deodorant market.

PiperWai is a Philadelphia-based startup founded by two women with a mission to create natural deodorants free of synthetic fragrances, aluminum, parabens and other artificial ingredients that can be harmful to skin. The product was initially developed out of necessity due to one of the founders suffering from sensitivity to conventional antiperspirants.

After much success at local farmer’s markets, PiperWai secured its first retail distribution deal in 2015. In 2017, this led them to seek investment for growth on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank where four Sharks offered $50k for 20% equity – setting up huge opportunities for expansion.

The Founders Of Piperwai

The founders of PiperWai, Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner, first met in a chemistry class at the University of Pennsylvania. Little did they know that their shared interest in green chemistry would lead to an innovative product development – all-natural deodorant made with activated charcoal as its primary ingredient.

With this newfound knowledge, Edelstein and Ribner began researching eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable packaging for their future product line.

Their journey culminated in 2014 when the duo launched PiperWai on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter; within 28 days, they raised over $70K from 2,650 backers. After appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2016, their business took off even further – within three months, sales had grown by 1,000 percent and distribution was extended across Canada and Europe.

Today, PiperWai is committed to producing natural products with minimal impact on the environment through carbon neutral manufacturing processes and 100% recyclable materials. The company has since expanded its range beyond deodorants to include body wash, bar soap and hand sanitizer while still adhering to strict standards of green chemistry and sustainable packaging solutions.

Piperwai’s Mission

PiperWai is a deodorant brand on mission to provide its customers with eco-friendly, natural ingredients and sustainable sourcing. This ambitious start-up was founded in 2015 by Laura Westerman and Jess Edelstein who had the vision of creating an all-natural solution for body odor that was free from aluminum salts and parabens.

The company has worked hard to create widespread brand awareness through their social media presence, as well as appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank show in December 2016. One of the key elements that stands out about PiperWai is how committed they are to providing quality products without compromising on their core values.

Their products are made using only natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils which makes them both safe and effective. Not only do they prioritize sustainability but also ethical sourcing practices throughout the production process while striving to form long lasting relationships with suppliers.

In addition, they have partnered with numerous charitable organizations including Girls Inc., The Trevor Project, Clean Water Fund, UNICEF USA and more to help support those in need around the world. All these efforts demonstrate PiperWai’s dedication towards being a socially responsible business.

Creating A Natural Deodorant

The PiperWai team stood in front of the shark tank with a unique product; natural deodorant that was created using green chemistry. These entrepreneurs had come to ask for an investment from the “sharks”, offering not only a revolutionary new way to stay fresh but also a chance at disrupting the beauty and personal care industry.

Their mission? To create a healthy yet effective alternative to antiperspirants filled with harsh chemicals, fragrances and unknown substances. In order to do so they turned to nature:

  • Natural ingredients such as activated charcoal and baking soda help neutralize odors while leaving the skin clean and free of irritation

  • Coconut oil helps keep skin moisturized without clogging pores

  • Shea butter provides long-lasting protection against wetness

  • Essential oils add refreshing scents that make it enjoyable to use daily

Through their combination of traditional herbal remedies along with modern science, this small company is making waves by providing an all-natural solution that works better than its chemical counterpart.

With no toxins or parabens, consumers can trust that this deodorant has been made safely and ethically – something which cannot be said about many other brands on the market today.

The journey may have just begun for this startup, but it has certainly given us hope for a brighter future in body care products.

Finding Success At Farmer’s Markets

Researching markets is an important step for those looking to find success at farmer’s markets, as it is key to understanding the customer demographics, competition and other market conditions.

Effective marketing is also essential to success, as it helps to create a brand identity and entice customers to purchase products. Creating attractive displays, offering samples and utilizing social media are strategies that can help to draw in customers.

Analyzing results is a critical component of success, as it helps to understand what works and what does not, and allows for adjustments to be made. Keeping track of sales on a day-to-day basis, surveying customers and tracking customer flow are all useful methods for understanding results.

Researching Markets

Navigating the go-to market strategy for success in farmer’s markets can be a daunting task. To ensure maximum return on investment, it is important to conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis and evaluate potential customer segments prior to launch.

First, entrepreneurs should research current products or services being offered at local farmers’ markets and identify gaps that their product could fill. This will help them determine which customers they have an opportunity to target and what pricing structure would best fit the chosen segment.

Additionally, performing an analysis of competitor offerings across multiple markets helps entrepreneurs understand how existing products are priced and which strategies may work better than others.

Finally, exploring trends within related industries provides insight into potential opportunities that could be leveraged for increased revenue generation.

By taking these steps prior to launching their product or service, business owners maximize their chances of finding success at farmers’ markets.

Effective Marketing

Effective marketing is essential for finding success at farmer’s markets.

Social media and influencer marketing are two of the most effective strategies to reach potential customers.

Businesses should focus on creating content that resonates with their target audience, utilizing platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to generate interest in their products or services.

Additionally, partnering with local influencers can be an effective way to increase brand awareness and visibility within the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs should also consider working with bloggers who specialize in the farming industry, as they can provide valuable insights into trends and opportunities relevant to farmers’ markets.

By employing these tactics, businesses can better position themselves to capitalize on their investments in this market space.

Analyzing Results

Once the strategies for marketing a business at farmers’ markets have been implemented, it is essential to analyze results in order to determine the success of these efforts.

By tracking customer feedback and responses from social media campaigns, entrepreneurs can gain insight into what resonates with their target audience and make changes accordingly.

Additionally, measuring sales data will help indicate if customers are engaging with products or services.

All of this information should then be used to inform future decisions related to marketing strategy.

Natural alternatives and sustainable practices could also be considered as part of analyzing results; by including such topics when advertising, businesses may find that they attract more customers who prioritize eco-friendly options.

Ultimately, understanding how successful each tactic has been can inform business owners on how best to continue capitalizing upon the market opportunities available through farmer’s markets.

Securing A Retail Distribution Deal

After securing success through Farmer’s Markets, PiperWai was ready to set its sights on a retail distribution deal. This meant reaching out to the right people in order to find the best network for their product. The founders of PiperWai had already made connections with multiple retailers; however, this next step provided an opportunity to scale up and secure additional sales outlets.

The team at PiperWai started by researching potential partners who could help them reach their target audience. They were careful to select companies that shared similar values and would be able to market their product effectively. Additionally, they explored direct sales options such as online stores or even creating their own e-commerce site.

The research paid off when they found a company willing to distribute PiperWai’s products in major retail stores across the United States and Canada – providing access to thousands more customers than previously possible.

With this new partnership, PiperWai achieved another milestone in its journey of becoming the leading deodorant brand for natural ingredients and activated charcoal technology.

Appearing On Shark Tank

The Shark Tank experience for PiperWai has certainly been a memorable one. The eco-friendly deodorant company made its potent pitch to the panel of investors, who were eager and curious to learn more about the product.

During the episode, co-founder Jess Edelstein announced that their crowdfunding campaign had reached $1 million in sales – an impressive figure by any measure!

PiperWai’s natural formula was born out of necessity; when traditional antiperspirants failed to work for Jess and her team, they decided to create something that would not only be effective but also safe enough for sensitive skin.

What resulted is now known as one of the most popular all-natural deodorants on the market today. It utilizes activated charcoal along with other natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa seed butter, and silver chloride to keep users feeling fresh throughout the day while avoiding potentially harmful chemicals found in some commercial products.

The appearance on Shark Tank helped catapult PiperWai into household name status overnight – people from around the world tuned in to watch the show and learn about this innovative new deodorant solution.

Now sold at major retailers like Target and Walmart, PiperWai is becoming increasingly common among those looking for an eco-friendly alternative to conventional products.

The Sharks’ Investment Offer

Piperwai, the natural deodorant provider, recently secured an investment offer from the Sharks on Shark Tank.

The amount of the investment is reported to be $50,000 in exchange for 10% equity stake in the company.

The conditions of the offer are that the Sharks will receive a percentage of the sales of the product.

The impact of the investment is expected to be a significant increase in the profits of the business.

Piperwai will benefit from additional resources to expand their operations and access to the Sharks’ extensive connections.

The injection of capital is also expected to help the company to increase their marketing efforts and expand their customer base.

Finally, the investment offer from the Sharks is expected to bring more visibility to Piperwai and further boost its reputation in the market.


The Sharks made an offer to invest in the PiperWai deodorant company on Shark Tank. The amount of their investment was significant, as it would provide financial stability and aid in marketing efforts. Funding sources included Mark Cuban’s private investments, Robert Herjavec’s expertise in investor relations, and Kevin O’Leary’s knowledge of product development and management.

In exchange for these funds, the investors received a combined 10% stake in the company with up to an additional 5% if certain conditions were met. This agreement provided much needed capital that allowed PiperWai to expand its operations while retaining majority control of the business.

Ultimately, this arrangement proved beneficial for both parties involved, as PiperWai experienced rapid growth over the following years thanks to increased visibility from their televised appearance on Shark Tank.


The Sharks’ investment offer to the PiperWai deodorant company came with conditions that were agreed upon by both parties. These included a 10% stake in the company, as well as up to 5% more if certain requirements were met.

One of these was an agreement for PiperWai to use green chemistry and ethical sourcing for their product ingredients. This ensured that the materials used would be free from any potentially hazardous chemicals or animal cruelty. Additionally, it also improved sustainability practices within the business model which enabled them to remain competitive in this growing market.

The partnership further solidified when Mark Cuban’s private investments, Robert Herjavec’s expertise in investor relations, and Kevin O’Leary’s knowledge of product development and management all contributed towards making this venture successful.


The impact of the Sharks’ investment offer to PiperWai has been felt in many ways. By incorporating green chemistry and ethical sourcing into their product ingredients, they are able to ensure that customers receive quality products without worrying about potentially hazardous chemicals or animal cruelty.

Additionally, sustainability initiatives such as these have enabled them to remain competitive in a rapidly growing market. This is due in part to Mark Cuban’s private investments, Robert Herjavec’s expertise with investor relations, and Kevin O’Leary’s knowledge of product development and management which all contributed towards making this venture successful.

Furthermore, by taking steps towards sustainable practices like these, PiperWai has become an example for other companies looking to do right by their customers while also demonstrating a commitment to environmentalism through greenwashing efforts. The success of the Shark Tank deal shows just how much potential there can be when investing in sustainable business models.

Expansion And Growth Opportunities

Piperwai, the natural deodorant company that has already made a splash on Shark Tank, is looking to continue its growth and expansion opportunities. In order to do so effectively, Piperwai must look into building relationships in new international markets.

The following four points should be considered when expanding their reach:

  1. Developing an effective marketing strategy specifically tailored for each target market

  2. Leveraging existing customer reviews and feedback to better inform decisions about product development and design

  3. Making sure the brand is well-represented across all digital platforms

  4. Establishing partnerships with retailers and distributors in other countries

These strategies will help Piperwai make headway in foreign markets and build strong relationships with potential customers around the world.

It’s clear that these steps can take Piperwai from a successful startup to a global sensation if executed properly. With this foundation of success, it’s easy to predict great things for the future of this innovative company.

Piperwai’s Subsequent Success

Since being on the show Shark Tank, PiperWai has seen tremendous expansion in the production, distribution, and sales of its all-natural deodorant.

The company has added additional staff, partnered with major retailers, and expanded their reach into new markets.

Financially, PiperWai has enjoyed a significant spike in revenue and profits, and the company has achieved a noteworthy valuation.

These positive developments have kept PiperWai’s success story alive and thriving.

Piperwai’s Expansion

PiperWai, the all-natural deodorant company that secured a $100,000 investment from shark investors on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2016, has seen remarkable success since its appearance on the show.

The brand has expanded rapidly and sustainably by focusing on sourcing natural ingredients and finding innovative ways to make their products accessible to customers worldwide.

The brand is now sold at over 10,000 retail stores across North America including Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods Market.

Additionally, PiperWai has received numerous endorsements from celebrities such as actress Kate Hudson who posted about her love for the product on Instagram and actor Kevin Hart who also endorsed it during his comedy tour.

This recognition combined with continued commitment to sustainable sourcing practices has helped PiperWai expand significantly while maintaining high standards of quality.

In addition to selling online directly through their website, PiperWai continues to develop new products like body sprays and lotion bars that cater to a wider range of consumers’ needs.

As they continue to grow year after year without compromising sustainability or quality control efforts – thanks in part to the initial support from Shark Tank viewers – PiperWai demonstrates that dreams can become reality when you stay true to your values.

Financial Growth

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, PiperWai has experienced tremendous financial growth. Their customer base has grown exponentially and they are now sold at over 10,000 retail stores across North America including Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods Market. They have also implemented effective grassroots marketing strategies to reach more customers. This includes endorsements from celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Kevin Hart which helped the brand gain even more recognition.

Product diversification has also been a key factor in PiperWai’s success. The company continues to develop new products like body sprays and lotion bars that cater to specific needs of different customers. All this while maintaining commitment to sustainable sourcing practices; thus demonstrating how values can be upheld when chasing dreams of business expansion.

PiperWai’s success since its appearance on Shark Tank serves as an example for other small businesses looking to grow without compromising standards or vision. It shows that with hard work and dedication, companies can achieve remarkable results through product innovation and efficient marketing tactics.

The Future Of The Brand

Having entered the Shark Tank in 2016, PiperWai has experienced an impressive amount of growth and success. In addition to securing a deal with investor Robert Herjavec, they have expanded their product line beyond just natural deodorant sticks to include body wash and sunscreen, both made from environmentally-friendly and sustainably sourced ingredients. As the brand continues to grow, it is aiming to enter new markets that will benefit from its products and mission.

One example of this expansion can be seen in PiperWai’s recent partnership with Whole Foods Market. Through this collaboration, the company was able to bring its innovative formulas into hundreds of stores located throughout North America and Europe. This opened up exciting opportunities for consumers who wanted access to safe and sustainable personal care products without having to order them online or hunt around for them at specialty retailers. Country Number of Stores Estimated Reach
USA 400 2 Million
Canada 100 700 Thousand
UK 60 300 Thousand

In addition to expanding its reach through retail partnerships, PiperWai is making strides towards becoming a global leader in ethical beauty by investing heavily in research and development focused on using even more eco-friendly ingredients such as plant-based emulsifiers and naturally derived preservatives. With these initiatives in place, the company hopes that future generations will enjoy better health while also preserving our planet’s resources for years to come.


The success of PiperWai is a story that continues to unfold.

From its humble beginnings, the natural deodorant brand has grown into an industry leader with nationwide distribution and a passionate following.

With so much potential for growth, it’s clear that this company is just getting started and will continue to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for an all-natural solution to body odor, PiperWai is your go-to choice.

Together we can usher in a future where natural products are in demand and chemical-filled alternatives are left behind.

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