Pipsnacks/Pipcorn After Shark Tank Update

Pipcorn, a company specializing in gourmet popcorn snacks, recently had an update on their progress after the appearance of the founders’ on Shark Tank. It was no ordinary pitch as it was met with enthusiasm from all five sharks and resulted in three offers for investment. With investments from Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary, Pipcorn has seen remarkable growth since its inception in 2012.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Pipcorn has gone through several changes including new packaging designs, additional flavors added to their current offerings and capitalizing on opportunities outside of traditional retail stores such as grocer chains or convenience stores. The brand also found success by creating partnerships with like-minded companies who share similar values and interests in providing healthy snack options to customers.

These partnerships opened up more doors for expansion into different markets while allowing them to remain true to their mission of producing high quality products at affordable prices.

Pre-Shark Tank Progress

Pipcorn, an organic popcorn snack company co-founded by brother and sister team Jen Martin and Jeff Martin, began its online presence in 2012. The siblings saw a need for healthier snacks that were still delicious and wanted to start a business based around their core values of sustainability.

With the launch of their website, they started selling their product directly to customers with great success. By 2014, Pipcorn was available in retail stores throughout the United States as well as on several major ecommerce websites such as Amazon and Whole Foods Market.

The Martins further enhanced the brand’s commitment to sustainability initiatives through various projects. They launched a refillable bag program where customers could purchase pre-filled bags or fill their own from bulk bins at select retailers. Additionally, all packaging materials are made out of recycled paperboard certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which ensures responsible forest management practices.

With these efforts in place, Pipcorn has become one of the leading natural snack brands in the US and continues to grow exponentially year after year due to increased demand for healthy snacks.

This momentum continued into 2020 when they appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank reality show seeking investor funding for future growth opportunities.

Shark Tank Appearence

Pipcorn and pipsnacks made an iconic appearance on the popular television show, Shark Tank. The episode showcased their innovative marketing techniques and their brand recognition with a captivated audience.

It was not just about appearing on the show but also making sure that viewers were engaged in their product. The family-run business had two of its founders present to pitch the company’s mission—to create healthier snacks from high-quality ingredients without compromising taste or texture.

They impressed all five Sharks with their determination to make a difference while creating delicious snacks everyone can enjoy. Pardonum Foods, LLC’s products are now available in over 6,000 stores nationwide, including Whole Food and Walmart.

Overall, it was a success for Pipcorn and Pipsnacks as they gained more exposure through this powerful platform which resulted in increased sales figures and greater brand loyalty amongst customers who identified with the companies message of healthy snacking options.

This bold move proved to be beneficial as both brands continue to expand into new markets around the globe.

Shark Investment Offers

The Sharks’ reaction to the Pipsnacks/Pipcorn pitch was overwhelmingly positive. The product had a clear market and a unique proposition that resonated with all of them. After hearing the presentation, each shark made an offer for investment in Pipsnacks/Pipcorn.

Kevin O’Leary’s offered $150,000 for 20% equity stake in exchange for brand recognition and customer loyalty initiatives from the team.

Lori Greiner wanted 15% equity stake coupled with royalty payments on sales revenue.

Robert Herjavec proposed 10% equity stake along with his expertise in scaling companies into global brands.

Daymond John offered $200,000 for 25% equity stake plus marketing support from his network of influencers.

Mark Cuban provided insights on how to grow the business further by leveraging their existing social media presence as well as pursuing more retail partnerships. He also suggested focusing more on developing customer loyalty programs to increase repeat purchases and create stronger bonds between customers and the brand.

Product Packaging Design

After their successful appearance on Shark Tank, pipsnacks/pipcorn took the initiative to rebrand and redesign their product packaging. Their focus was twofold: sourcing locally-made materials for production and making sure that the new design would be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The company chose a variety of local suppliers to produce their packaging using biodegradable materials, keeping in mind the need for sustainability while maintaining high standards of quality. They also integrated elements like recycled paper into their designs to reduce waste.

The result is a unique package that stands out from its competitors with eye-catching colors and graphics, as well as an assurance of freshness inside each bag.

The impact of these efforts have been immense; customers are increasingly drawn towards pipsnacks/pipcorn’s products due to their commitment to responsible business practices. Additionally, they’re able to showcase their vibrant brand identity through this sophisticated yet practical packaging design solution:

  • Eco-friendly material sourcing
  • Eye-catching color palette
  • Recycled paper integration
  • Vibrant branding
  • Assurance of freshness

As such, pipsnacks/pipcorn has demonstrated how important it is for businesses today to prioritize both environmental responsibility and creative marketing solutions when designing product packages.

Additional Flavor Offerings

It is a well-known fact that pipsnacks/pipcorn has been in the spotlight lately, with its recent success on Shark Tank. With their commitment to creating innovative flavors and healthy alternatives, they are continuing to expand their product line.

An analysis of consumer trends indicates that there is an ever-growing demand for healthier snack options as more people become conscious of nutrition and overall health. In particular, consumers are looking for snacks that have fewer calories but still satisfy cravings without sacrificing flavor or quality.

It appears that pipsnack/pipcorn has tapped into this market by introducing new products such as popcorn chips and cheese puff twists which provide a delicious alternative to traditional unhealthy snacks. The company continues to develop innovative flavors using natural ingredients while also maintaining their commitment to providing nutritious snack options.

By offering unique flavors like jalapeno lime, raspberry coconut, and sea salt caramel, pipsnacks/pipcorn is making it easier than ever before for customers to find healthier snacking choices. Furthermore, these creative combinations help to elevate the overall experience from simply eating a snack to truly enjoying it – something that many other companies fail to do.

Expansion Into Grocer Chains

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Pipsnacks and Pipcorn have seen a massive expansion in the availability of their products. While they initially focused primarily on selling directly to consumers through their website, the company has since secured agreements with several large grocery chains across the United States.

This expansion into larger retail outlets allows them to reach an even greater number of customers who may not be aware of their brand or may not shop regularly online. The agreement with these stores is based on providing high quality snacks made from all natural ingredients that are certified organic. As such, it serves as an endorsement for both companies and gives them more widespread recognition.

The lack of preservatives used also means that the product will stay fresher longer than most traditional snack foods, while still being affordable and accessible to all types of shoppers. Some notable accomplishments include:

  • Achieving national distribution within three months after appearing on Shark Tank
  • Obtaining formal organic certification for each flavor which meets USDA standards
  • Growing direct to consumer sales by over 300% year over year
  • Developing a new line of vegan-friendly, gluten-free products

Expansion Into Convenience Stores

Following their success after the Shark Tank update, pipsnacks/pipcorn took further steps to expand into both grocery chains and convenience stores. This expansion has been crucial in helping them increase visibility and reach a larger consumer base. Grocery Chains Convenience Stores
More shelf space Limited shelf space
Rewarding Loyalty Programs Greater foot traffic

In order to maximize their presence at each market, they have implemented innovative marketing strategies. For example, in-store advertising materials such as brochures are used for grocery stores, while sampling events are held at convenience stores to promote brand recognition. They also offer promotional discounts which help attract customers from either type of store.
Pipsnacks/pipcorn is continuing to develop creative ways to spread awareness about their products through new methods like pop-up shops and food truck tours. Their efforts have enabled them to remain visible among different retail outlets and build stronger relationships with consumers who appreciate their unique snacks.

Partnerships With Like-Minded Companies

After appearing on the popular show Shark Tank, pipsnacks/pipcorn has been hard at work searching for partnerships with like-minded companies. The popcorn brand has gained national recognition and is now highly sought after due to its commitment to organic sourcing and wide variety of flavors that cater to various dietary restrictions.

The company’s mission centers around providing a healthy snack option that is both delicious and convenient. Its snacks are made from natural ingredients including organic corn kernels, coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, cane sugar, and spices. This unique combination creates a flavor profile which makes their products stand out among competitors who may not use as many sustainable sources or accommodate all types of diets.

Due to the immense success following their appearance on Shark Tank, pipsnacks/pipcorn is continuously expanding their network by partnering with companies who share similar values when it comes to creating quality food products.

By joining forces with these other brands they will be able to reach more customers while also increasing awareness about the importance of using responsibly sourced materials in order to support human health.

Expansion Into Different Markets

The strategic partnerships of pipsnacks/pipcorn with like-minded companies has been beneficial in increasing their visibility and presence within the food industry. With strong relationships with other brands, pipsnacks/pipcorn have successfully tapped into a new market which is focused on targeting millennials.

In order to further increase their presence, pipsnacks/pipcorn are now looking to expand into different markets around the world:

  • Expanding distribution networks across various countries through business alliances and collaborations

  • Establishing sustainable retail channels by partnering up with local distributors

  • Leveraging digital marketing campaigns that will help create brand awareness online

  • Developing mobile applications for customers worldwide who prefer shopping from their phones

This focus on expansion has already seen positive results for pipsnacks/pipcorn as they look to achieve global success. By creating international opportunities, they are able to reach out to more consumers while also building an even stronger following of loyal fans throughout the globe.

Mission Of Producing High Quality Products At Affordable Prices

An eco-friendly production, paired with a unique branding strategy, has been at the heart of pipsnacks/pipcorn since its inception.

The company’s mission is to produce high quality products that not only taste great but are also affordable for everyday consumers.

The original founders of the brand wanted to create something special and they have done just that.

The team works hard to ensure that every product meets their rigorous standards before it makes its way onto shelves nationwide.

All ingredients used in their snacks are ethically sourced from local farms and suppliers.

Moreover, all packaging materials are recyclable or compostable to help reduce waste within our environment.

In order to keep prices low for customers, pipsnacks/pipcorn utilizes innovative technology such as automated assembly lines which minimize labor costs and increase efficiency during production.

They also work closely with retailers so that each product can be sold at an attractive price point while still providing them with healthy margins on each sale.

Ultimately, this allows everyone involved in the process – from farmers to manufacturers – to benefit from the success of pipsnacks/pipcorn.


The success of pipsnacks/pipcorn after their Shark Tank appearance is a testament to the hard work and dedication put in by founders Jen Martin and Jeff Martin. After securing an investment from one of the sharks, they have been able to expand into convenience stores, partner with like-minded companies, and increase product offerings. This has allowed them to capture different markets across the US while still maintaining their mission of providing high quality products at affordable prices.

For example, recently pipsnacks/pipcorn announced that it would be partnering with Sprouts Farmers Market to help distribute its organic popcorn line nationwide. As part of this partnership, customers will now be able to find these flavors in over 3,000 locations throughout the US.

Through such initiatives, pipsnacks/pipcorn continue to prove why they are leading innovators in the snack industry today.

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