Plate Topper Shark Tank Update

Plate Topper, a revolutionary food storage system created by entrepreneur Melissa Carbone, recently received an investment from the Sharks on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank.” With this new influx of investments, Plate Topper is now available for purchase in major retailers across the United States and Canada.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Plate Topper has seen a dramatic increase in sales nationwide. The product has been well-received by consumers due to its unique design that allows users to store their leftovers while keeping them fresh longer than traditional methods. Additionally, customers have praised Plate Toppers ease of use as well as its affordability compared to other similar products on the market today.

Overview Of Plate Topper

Plate Topper, an eco-friendly food covering product that was featured on the popular TV show Shark Tank, is gaining traction in the market.

Each Plate Topper features a silicone lid and stainless steel band to create an airtight seal which helps to preserve freshness of leftovers or other home cooked meals.

The product also has numerous health benefits as it reduces contact with germs and bacteria while creating a safe environment for children who are learning to eat independently.

The idea behind Plate Topper began when its creator, David Perez, noticed his daughter having difficulty eating without making a mess.

He wanted her to be able to enjoy her meal without worrying about spills.

His invention uses magnets so that no matter how much she moves around during mealtimes, the plate stays covered.

Furthermore, unlike plastic wraps and containers, there’s no need for multiple pieces since all components are held together by one simple magnet strip.

Since being featured on Shark Tank in 2017, sales for Plate Topper have skyrocketed and it is now available nationwide at major retail stores such as Walmart and Target.

With this increased awareness comes more families enjoying the convenience of Plate Topper along with its associated health benefits.

Benefits Of Plate Topper

Plate Topper has been a popular product since it first appeared on Shark Tank. It is an innovative and useful cooking device that simplifies the process of reheating food, allowing users to quickly create meals with minimal effort.

This section will explore some of the key benefits of Plate Topper for meal planning and cooking techniques.

One benefit of Plate Topper is its convenience; users can save time in the kitchen by simply popping their food into the device and having it ready within minutes. The design also ensures that food remains warm while other tasks are completed, meaning that multiple dishes or ingredients can be cooked at once without any loss in flavor or texture. Additionally, this type of cooker allows people to use alternate heating methods such as steaming or grilling—options which may not have been available before due to lack of access to specialized equipment.

In addition to being convenient, Plate Topper provides excellent value for money when it comes to meal planning. Its simple design makes it easy to customize recipes according to taste preferences and dietary requirements, enabling users to prepare healthier meals more efficiently than ever before. Furthermore, the plate’s reversible nature means that leftovers can be stored in one container rather than being transferred back-and-forth between different types of cookware – cutting down on both cleanup time and wastefulness.

The advantages offered by Plate Topper make clear why it was so successful on Shark Tank: its versatile capabilities allow consumers to take control over their kitchens like never before, creating delicious homecooked meals with ease and efficiency.

The Success Of Plate Topper On Shark Tank

The success of Plate Topper on Shark Tank has been nothing short of phenomenal. From the moment entrepreneur, Phil Dumontet, stepped onto the set with his innovative plate cover product to protect food from contamination in microwave ovens, eyes were glued and ears perked up for what was about to come next.

With a captivating pitch and an unbeatable confidence that resonated through the room, Eckō Unltd investor Mark Cuban took note and made an offer which left all other investors stunned- $200K for 20% equity.

Dumontet had achieved success beyond his wildest dreams in no time at all and it seemed as though this would be just the beginning of great things to come. However, he soon encountered patent issues which threatened to put a halt on further production and marketing efforts despite early successes due to social media buzz generated by exposure during Shark Tank airing times.

Fortunately Dumontet was able to work around these obstacles allowing him to maintain momentum built over previous months and continue taking orders online. His clever navigation of both legal matters concerning patents as well as leveraging available resources like Twitter and Facebook ensured Plate Topper’s continued rise in popularity among consumers looking for solutions that fit their needs without compromising quality or safety standards.

Plate Topper’s Place In The Market

Plate Topper, a product that transforms plates into food-grade containers for leftovers, has seen considerable success since its debut on Shark Tank in 2017. After appearing on the show and receiving investment from Lori Greiner, Plate Topper’s brand awareness skyrocketed and has become one of the most recognizable products of its kind:

  • Over 500 stores nationwide now carry Plate Topper;

  • The company website receives over 1 million hits per month;

  • The product is featured in multiple reviews online.

This success can also be measured by market share. Since the appearance on Shark Tank, Plate Topper has been able to capture almost 30% of the total plate container market due to their innovative design and numerous appearances in media outlets such as Good Morning America and ABC News.

They have even shipped out nearly 200,000 units worldwide since their launch in 2015.

The high visibility that Plate Topper has received since its appearance on Shark Tank has given them an advantage over other similar products currently available. This combined with strong customer satisfaction ratings and extensive marketing campaigns have allowed Plate Topper to remain one of the top brands in this space.

As more consumers become aware of this product line, it should continue to grow in popularity among those seeking an easy way to store leftovers at home or take their meals to go when traveling.

Plate Topper’s Design Features

Plate Topper is an innovative kitchen accessory that has revolutionized mealtime for families around the world. Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Plate Topper’s popularity has skyrocketed to over $1 million in sales from nearly 200 countries. Its success can be attributed to its unique design features, which make it both a convenient and attractive addition to any kitchen table.

The most prominent feature of Plate Topper is its stackable designs: they are designed so that several plates can be placed atop one another without the risk of them falling apart or spilling food onto each other. This makes it easier than ever before to serve large portions at once, while still maintaining a neat and organized look on the dinner table.

Additionally, all of Plate Topper’s products are dishwasher safe, eliminating the need for tedious hand-washing after every meal. This product also offers various sizes and colors suitable for any occasion. It comes in three different sizes – small (for appetizers), medium (for individual meals) and large (for family-sized servings).

In terms of color options, consumers have their choice between red, blue, gray, green and black – allowing customers to choose something that best suits their taste and decor. With such an array of choices available, there is sure to be something perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy meals with style and convenience.

Plate Topper’s Customer Reviews

Plate Topper, an invention featured on Shark Tank, has been praised by customers for its easy-to-use design. Many reviews cite its ability to keep food fresh and free from spills.

However, some customers have criticized the product for its bulky size and the difficulty of cleaning it.

Nonetheless, Plate Topper is still a popular choice among its users.

Positive Reviews

Recent consumer trends have seen a marked increase in the number of people seeking out Plate Topper products. In response to this growing market, reviews for both Plate Topper and its Shark Tank update are overwhelmingly positive.

Customers report that the product is easy to use and effective at keeping food fresh longer than traditional methods, while also providing them with an overall improved eating experience. Additionally, many reviewers note the dramatic cost savings when compared to other storage options on the market, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious households.

Reviews suggest that customers enjoy their purchase and find value beyond just money saved; they cite convenience as one of their primary motivators. As such, it appears that Plate Topper has succeeded in meeting customer needs and expectations by delivering a quality product at a reasonable price point.

Negative Reviews

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews for Plate Topper products and its Shark Tank update, it is important to recognize that some customers have reported negative experiences.

These issues can range from product reliability to customer service.

In particular, several customers reported difficulty using the product or even finding a replacement when needed.

Others noted delayed or inadequate responses to inquiries regarding their purchase or warranty coverage.

It appears, then, that while most customers are satisfied with their purchase of Plate Topper products, there may be room for improvement in terms of customer service and product reliability.

As such, further research should be conducted into these areas in order to improve customer satisfaction going forward.

Plate Topper’s Pricing

Plate Topper’s pricing strategy provides customers with an affordable option for their mealtime needs. The company offers flexible, competitive prices that appeal to a range of budgets.

The Plate Topper is available in two different sizes and priced accordingly: the small size retails at $9.99 and the large size retails at $14.99. Furthermore, both sizes are offered in three distinct color options – green, blue, or clear – allowing parents and children alike to customize their mealtime experience.

Customers can also choose between buying individual products or purchasing them as part of a bundle package which includes multiple items such as forks, spoons, plates and more all within one budget-friendly price point.

With this wide variety of options, Plate Topper has made it easier than ever before to accessorize your table settings without breaking the bank.

Plate Topper’s Availability

Plate Topper has been making waves in the marketplace since its appearance on Shark Tank. After securing an investment from Kevin O’Leary, Plate Topper was able to expand their product’s availability and increase sales across numerous distribution channels.

The company developed a series of marketing campaigns that increased visibility for the product, resulting in higher demand and more widespread recognition among consumers. The success of these initiatives allowed Plate Topper to reach new markets, including retail stores such as Walmart and Target.

With this expansion came even further demand for the product which meant that production had to be scaled up significantly to meet consumer needs. However, despite this growth in output, all orders continue to be fulfilled quickly with no backlogs or delays reported by customers.

This successful transition into larger markets has enabled Plate Topper to gain greater exposure and create a strong foothold in the industry. As the company continues to grow, it is well-positioned to become a key player within its market segment.

By leveraging existing relationships with distributors and retailers while continuing to invest heavily in marketing strategies, Plate Topper can remain competitive while increasing its overall reach and profitability.

Plate Topper’s Promotional Strategies

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Plate Topper has been leveraging various promotional strategies to further its reach.

Social media has been a key platform for the company in order to spread awareness and build up their customer base. They have created several accounts across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok with content that ranges from product features to fun recipes using their products.

Secondarily, Plate Topper has adopted influencer marketing tactics by partnering with popular food bloggers and chefs who can provide authentic reviews of the products or inspire others through creative culinary dishes utilizing them. This strategy helps to create credibility for the brand while also increasing its visibility online.

Additionally, Plate Topper holds regular contests and giveaways which entice customers to engage with them more frequently on social media.

The company is constantly creating new campaigns that strive to capture attention of potential customers while reinforcing loyalty amongst existing ones. These initiatives include:

  • Collaborations with other well-known brands;
  • Unique hashtag challenges;
  • Exclusive discounts offered only through social channels;
  • Live Q&A sessions featuring industry experts or celebrities talking about the product.

By employing these varied tactics alongside traditional methods like advertising and email newsletters, Plate Topper continues to grow in popularity after its initial success on Shark Tank.

Plate Topper’s Future Outlook

Plate Topper, a product of Shark Tank fame, has seen immense success since its debut in the show. After securing an investment from investor Lori Greiner, Plate Topper was able to reach new heights with their business strategy.

With more and more consumers recognizing the innovative design of Plate Topper’s products – allowing users to store food while still having access to it on the plate – sales have continued to climb over time.

In order for Plate Topper to continue this growth trajectory into the future, marketing tactics must be utilized effectively. The company has already been successful through various platforms such as social media and television advertisements; however, there are other strategies that can be implemented to further increase visibility of the brand.

Additionally, exploring different investment options will help ensure their long-term sustainability and financial stability.

As Plate Topper continues striving for success and customer satisfaction, they are committed ensuring these goals remain at the forefront of all decisions moving forward. It is clear that with careful planning and strategic execution, Plate Topper can become a leader in kitchenware design innovation as well as a trusted name in households across America.


Plate Topper has become a household name since its appearance on Shark Tank. Its innovative design and reasonable pricing have allowed it to carve out an impressive place in the market.

With increased availability, promotional strategies, and future outlook, Plate Topper is looking at bright days ahead like a lighthouse guiding ships into port.

The success of Plate Topper shows that with dedication and hard work dreams can be achieved. It serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere who are striving to reach their goals no matter what obstacles they may face; just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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