Stress Free Kids Shark Tank Update

The hit show Shark Tank, which features entrepreneurs seeking investments from a panel of experts, recently featured the company Stress Free Kids. The business is dedicated to helping parents and educators provide tools to children that can help them manage their emotions and reactions in difficult situations.

This article provides an update on how this innovative product has been doing since its appearance on the program. Stress Free Kids was introduced to the Sharks by founder Lori Lite, who designed her products with the intention of bringing peace into homes and classrooms around the world.

Her stress-reducing books, CDs and apps have become popular with families looking for resources to assist in managing their child’s behavior during moments of tension. In addition to providing educational materials about emotional intelligence, she also offers other services such as workshops and webinars.

Stress Free Kids Founder Lori Lite

Propelling progress, pioneering entrepreneur Lori Lite has led the way in creating a stress-free childhood experience. Her journey to success began with her first book, Stress Free Kids: A Parent’s Guide To Helping Children Manage Stress and Anxiety in 2004. Through this, she has since presented seminars around the world educating parents on how to help their children cope with stress and anxiety.

Recently, it was announced that Lori would be appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank for their 11th season. Lori will be entering the tank to pitch her latest venture, “Stress Free Kids” (SFK). SFK is an online platform which provides resources such as books and activities designed to teach kids how to create balance between work, play and relaxation at home without external pressures or influences from society.

As part of her appearance, Lori will discuss why helping children learn emotional regulation skills is so important and share stories of families who have benefited from SFK products and services. This marks another milestone in Lori’s mission to bring peace into homes across America – offering tools that can help parents guide their children through life’s struggles while teaching them valuable skills they use throughout life.

Appearing on Shark Tank gives Lori the opportunity to reach millions more people who may not have otherwise been aware of these essential resources available for managing childhood stress.

The Stress Free Kids Product Line

Lori Lite, the founder of Stress Free Kids, had a vision to bring mindfulness and relaxation techniques to children in an effort to reduce stress. This idea was brought before the Sharks on Shark Tank with great success. After pitching her business plan for The Stress Free Kids product line, Lori secured financial backing from investor Daymond John that jumpstarted her venture into turning this dream into reality.

The Stress Free Kids Product Line is comprised of various books, CDs/mp3s, DVDs and other resources designed to help kids develop better emotional health through mindful breathing and relaxation exercises. These products offer parents and educators tools to use when teaching young people how to manage feelings such as fear, anger or sadness in order to promote healthy coping strategies.

These are just some of the ways that The Stress Free Kids Product Line can benefit families and teachers alike by helping children learn skills they need in order to thrive emotionally. Here’s a bullet point list of benefits:

  • Enhances ability to focus & concentrate
  • Helps children deal with anxiety & frustration
  • Encourages thoughtfulness & self compassion

Not only have these products been well received by consumers but also endorsed by psychologists, psychiatrists and pediatricians across the nation who believe there is significant value in teaching children mindfulness practices at a young age.

It’s clear that Lori Lite has made strides towards achieving her goal of reducing child stress levels through successful implementation of her strategy.

Stress Free Kids Books And Cds

Stress Free Kids, a company that offers mindfulness and meditation tools to help children manage their stress and anxiety, recently pitched its products on Shark Tank.

During the show, co-founders Lindsay Kallish and Heather Haxo Phillips presented an array of books, CDs, and digital downloads designed to equip parents with the resources they need to teach their kids how to better cope with life’s challenges.

The book series includes titles like “My Big Book of Calm” which covers relaxation techniques for 3-7 year olds; “Letting Go of Stress” for 8-12 year olds; and “Mindfulness in Teens” for 13-19 year olds. Each volume is filled with stories and activities aimed at helping young people develop strong emotional intelligence skills such as self-awareness, empathy, assertiveness, resilience and creativity.

Additionally, each product comes with a companion audio CD or download featuring guided meditations specifically tailored for each age group.

This comprehensive collection was well received by investors during the pitch session. The Sharks praised the founders’ commitment to making mindful living accessible to families everywhere—and even offered up some helpful advice about widening their reach through additional channels like subscription boxes and television commercials.

With this feedback in hand, it remains to be seen if Stress Free Kids will strike a deal—but regardless of what transpires next, these compassionate entrepreneurs have certainly made a lasting impression on audiences across America.

Stress Free Kids Apps

Stress Free Kids has recently been featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank. After successfully gaining an investment from one of the Sharks, Stress Free Kids is now developing and launching a series of apps to support mindful parenting.

The first app in this suite aims to aid parents with bedtime routines for their children. The Bedtime Routines app was designed by experts in child development and will provide parents with step-by-step guidance on how best to set up healthy and sustainable sleep patterns for their kids.

It offers detailed instructions about when it’s time for lights out, what activities should occur before bed, such as reading or brushing teeth, and also provides interactive elements like customizable stories that promote relaxation. Additionally, this app helps remind caregivers when it’s time to put their little ones to sleep and can even track progress over time.

This app promises not only easier bedtimes but better quality sleep too; studies have shown that following consistent nighttime rituals leads to more restful nights for both parent and child alike. With its easy setup and intuitive design, the Bedtime Routines app looks poised to revolutionize the way families approach winding down at night – so they all get some much needed shut eye!

Stress Free Kids Workshops

The Stress Free Kids program is a breath of fresh air offering hope for parents struggling to keep up with their children’s changing needs. This innovative approach provides an array of workshops that seek to equip and empower caregivers and educate youth in the art of mindful parenting, self-awareness, healthy communication, cooperative problem solving and stress management.

The program has been featured on Shark Tank, where it received praise from all five sharks. It was also recognized by Oprah Winfrey as one of her favorite things in 2017.

The response has been so positive that Stress Free Kids now offers 10 different types of workshops tailored specifically to address the unique challenges faced by today’s families.

Each workshop includes age appropriate activities such as yoga and mindfulness exercises aimed at helping kids learn calming techniques while giving them tools they can use daily to manage stress or anxiety. In addition, the programs provide counselors and teen advisors who specialize in youth counseling and mentoring which enables both adults and teens to better understand each other’s perspective and find resolution through effective listening skills.

Stress Free Kids Webinars

Stress Free Kids, a company that specializes in mindful parenting and helping children deal with anxiety, has recently launched an initiative to offer webinars for parents. These webinars focus on teaching parents how to effectively manage their child’s stress levels and create a safe environment for them to flourish.

The webinars are led by experts from the Stress Free Kids team who provide valuable guidance and resources to help parents learn how to best handle difficult situations with their children. The purpose of these webinars is two-fold; firstly, they aim to educate parents about the importance of mindfulness when it comes to raising healthy and resilient children.

Secondly, they strive to empower parents so that all families can benefit from the knowledge shared during each session. Through this program, Stress Free Kids hopes to give every parent access to quality information regarding mindful parenting practices as well as tips on dealing with anxiety-related issues.

The organization also provides additional support services such as private coaching sessions and workshops designed specifically for children who struggle with mental health issues. This comprehensive approach ensures that everyone receives the support they need while allowing individuals more time and space to work through any challenges they may be facing.

With these programs in place, Stress Free Kids looks forward to seeing positive changes within families across the country.

Stress Free Kids On Shark Tank

Stress Free Kids, a company that provides mindful parenting and relaxation techniques for families struggling with stressors in their lives, recently appeared on Shark Tank.

The Sharks were initially impressed by the product’s potential to help parents manage children’s emotional issues and create a positive home environment.

The founder of Stress Free Kids, Beth Cavell, shared her experiences as both a mother and an educator who has seen firsthand how stressful family dynamics can affect not just kids but entire households.

She demonstrated how her products provide gentle guidance through mindfulness-based activities while also offering tools such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, storybooks, games and music to reduce stress levels among children and adults alike.

Cavell was ultimately successful in securing investments from two of the five Sharks.

They commended her passion for helping others find balance within themselves and their homes by providing educational resources based upon ancient wisdom practices.

With this new influx of capital, Stress Free Kids is now poised to reach many more people looking for support during times of difficulty.

Stress Free Kids Competition

The Stress Free Kids competition saw a number of impressive entrants. The panel of judges had to evaluate each based on the quality and presentation of their mindfulness practices, as well as how they incorporated meditation techniques into solving problems.

First place was awarded to Team Mindful Munchkins who showcased an innovative take on using both mindfulness practices and meditation techniques in order to help children develop better coping skills for dealing with stress:

  • Programmed daily reminders for mindful awareness practice
  • Developed guided meditations that can be used by kids
  • Created an app-based program to track progress and raise money for charity
  • Used positive reinforcement techniques to encourage involvement from parents
  • Implemented activities designed specifically to increase self-esteem

Team Mindful Munchkins stood out due to the sheer breadth of their project – not only did it incorporate multiple aspects of improving mental health through mindfulness but it also served as a platform for further research and development into this area. This allowed them to win over the judge’s favour, leading them towards victory. In addition, they are now working closely with other organizations to bring these tools and resources closer to those who need them most.

Stress Free Kids Investment

As the sun rose over a new day, there was an air of excitement in the room. It was time for the Stress Free Kids Shark Tank Update to begin and everyone knew something remarkable would happen soon.

Investors from around the globe had gathered in this state-of-the-art facility to decide on their next venture into youth counseling and parenting strategies. They were eager to hear what solutions Stress Free Kids could offer them as they continued on their journey towards helping children better cope with stress.

The energy level increased as each investor presented their ideas, one after another. All present seemed impressed by how comprehensive and effective these strategies were, which made it clear that investment in Stress Free Kids was not only wise but also necessary.

The decision was unanimous: Stress Free Kids deserved funding to take its services further than ever before.

Stress Free Kids Reviews

Following the investment from Shark Tank, Stress Free Kids has continued to be successful in developing new parenting strategies and solutions for child anxiety. The company’s products have been praised by parents who have seen positive results with their children after using them.

A variety of books, mobile apps, music, and other resources that focus on relaxation techniques and breathing exercises are available through its website. With a mission to help create an emotionally balanced world for children, Stress Free Kids continues to make strides in providing effective solutions for families across the globe.

Stress Free Kids’ approach is based on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) which emphasizes changing negative thought patterns into more positive ones. This type of therapy helps kids learn how to manage difficult situations while building self-confidence and emotional resilience.

By teaching parents how to become better advocates for their children’s mental health needs, they can work together as a team when it comes to dealing with challenging behaviors or emotions like stress or anger.

The success of Stress Free Kids lies in its dedication to delivering quality content and resources that provide guidance and support during times of difficulty. Numerous reviews highlight the impact this organization has had on countless families who have experienced relief thanks to their products and services.

With ongoing research and development efforts combined with real life testimonials from satisfied customers, it is clear why Stress Free Kids has become so popular among both adults and youths alike.


Stress Free Kids, a business founded by Lori Lite, has experienced exponential growth since its appearance on Shark Tank.

The product line includes stress-free books and CDs, as well as apps and workshops for parents and children alike. These products have received positive reviews from customers, with many praising the effectiveness of the tools provided to reduce anxiety in children.

The competition faced by Stress Free Kids is intense; however, their successful investment from the Sharks gives them a competitive edge. This “leg up” will allow them to continue providing quality resources for families dealing with childhood stressors.

With this newfound support and drive, Stress Free Kids looks to be making waves in further reducing childhood anxieties one family at a time–no doubt they’re going places!

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