Swimzip Shark Tank Update

SwimZip is an American company that produces and sells UV-protective swimwear for children.

The company first rose to fame when it was featured on the popular television show Shark Tank in 2014, where investors had a chance to evaluate their product.

Since then, SwimZip has grown exponentially, expanding its reach all over the world.

SwimZip stands out amongst other swimwear companies due to its focus on sun safety and comfort for young swimmers.

Its products feature 50+ UPF protection which blocks 97% of harmful UV rays from reaching skin directly.

In addition, they are designed with convenience in mind – featuring quick drying fabric and full zipper closures that make changing much easier than traditional bathing suits.

Swimzip’s History

SwimZip is a swimsuit manufacturer that recently appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank. Founded in 2013, the company offers its customers high-quality and stylishly designed rash guards for children.

Over the years, SwimZip has developed several branding strategies to promote their products, including celebrity endorsements and extensive online marketing campaigns. Pricing models have also been an integral part of SwimZip’s success. The company utilizes competitive pricing structures to remain competitive in the market while still offering quality products at reasonable prices.

As a result of these tactics, SwimZip has seen consistent growth since its inception and continues to expand as it gains more exposure through Shark Tank. Moving forward, SwimZip will continue to focus on crafting innovative marketing plans and developing value-based pricing models for their products.

The Shark Tank Experience

  1. Pitching to the Sharks in the Shark Tank is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their product in hopes of securing an investment.

  2. It is important to be well-prepared and to practice the pitch beforehand in order to maximize the chance of success.

  3. Networking opportunities also exist as entrepreneurs have the chance to meet and interact with the Sharks.

  4. This can lead to potential collaborations and investments even if the initial pitch is not successful.

Pitching To Sharks

The experience of pitching to the sharks on Shark Tank is both exciting and intimidating. In order for entrepreneurs to make a successful pitch, they must be prepared with an effective branding strategy and pricing model.

A key factor in this process is understanding which elements will create value for potential investors. Research shows that strong brand recognition leads to increased sales, so when developing a product or service, entrepreneurs need to consider how it can play into their overall branding strategy.

Additionally, finding the right pricing model allows companies to maximize profits while still appealing to customers. It’s important to demonstrate clearly why businesses are worth investing in by showing projected revenue streams along with associated costs.

Finally, having knowledge of the market trends and competitive landscape will help entrepreneurs better understand the potential risks involved in launching a new venture.

Networking Opportunities

The Shark Tank experience offers entrepreneurs the chance to not only pitch their businesses, but also create valuable networking opportunities.

By attending events such as industry conventions and trade shows, entrepreneurs can meet potential investors and grow their network of business contacts. Additionally, those with existing connections in the industry may be able to leverage these relationships for a successful presentation.

Networking is an important aspect of startup success, so entrepreneurs need to ensure they are taking advantage of all available resources. Furthermore, by participating in online communities related to startups or venture capital investments, individuals can access advice from experienced professionals who have been through the process before.

All of this information can help guide entrepreneurs on what it takes to make a successful pitch on Shark Tank.

Product Features

SwimZip, the ultra-innovative and premier swimwear apparel company, has made a splash in the world of fashion.

From its inception to present day, SwimZip has been continuously pushing boundaries with their commitment to quality fabric, innovative design and durability testing.

With this recent Shark Tank update, the brand is furthering itself as an industry leader for stylish yet comfortable UV protection clothing.

The unrivaled fabric used by SwimZip provides unparalleled comfort while still maintaining its long lasting durability.

After extensive wear testing both in indoor and outdoor scenarios, it was determined that these fabrics could stand up against even the most extreme conditions without any signs of fading or stretching out of shape.

This attention to detail also carries over into their unique designs which allow for maximum coverage throughout all activities whether on land or sea!

This season’s collection from SwimZip focuses on combining fashionable looks with high-end quality materials.

Their range of products are designed specifically for those who want to look good while being protected from the sun’s harmful rays using only the best fabrics available today.

Each piece not only features UPF 50+ blocks 98% UVA/UVB protection but also offers superior breathability so you can be confident knowing your skin will remain safe during your daily adventures.

Sun Protection Benefits

SwimZip, an SPF50+ sun-safe swimwear company, has received considerable attention on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. The innovative product line offers all of the convenience and style of traditional swimwear with a unique added bonus: complete UV protection for adults and children alike.

The benefits of this type of protection can be far reaching; not only does it protect against painful sunburns but also helps reduce skin cancer risk by blocking out over 99% UVA/UVB rays.

In addition to these advantages, SwimZip’s special fabric is lightweight and breathable so wearers don’t have to sacrifice comfort or mobility while still being protected from the elements.

By providing its customers with the safest possible environment in which to enjoy their time outdoors, SwimZip is helping ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe no matter where they are spending their days outside.

There is no doubt that SwimZip is revolutionizing how people think about protecting themselves from harmful UV radiation when engaging in outdoor activities – making sure that individuals are able to stay healthier for much longer than before without having to compromise on any aspect of their day.

Design And Comfort

Swimzip, the innovative swimwear company that appeared on Shark Tank and captured the attention of investors everywhere, is known for much more than its stylish designs. In addition to boasting a wide selection of eye-catching apparel, Swimzip also offers comfort like no other.

From their signature UPF 50+ sun protection fabric to the adjustable straps and elasticized hems, all pieces are designed with optimum fit in mind – making them perfect for everyone from toddlers to seniors alike. The craftsmanship behind each garment is truly remarkable; every detail has been carefully thought out and executed with precision.

The two-way zipper feature allows parents to change diapers easily without compromising style or comfort. Additionally, many items come with pockets so kids (and adults!) can store small belongings such as goggles or snacks while they’re swimming in the pool or at the beach. Furthermore, it’s just as easy taking off wet clothes after a day in the water due to the lightweight material that dries quickly when laid flat.

Swimzip provides an extensive array of products ranging from rash guards and board shorts to hats and sunglasses – all made with superior quality fabrics tailored for maximum comfortability and fashion forward styling! With options available at competitive prices and sizes up to 4XL, anyone can enjoy these stylish yet comfortable fits no matter what body type they have.

Expansion Of The Company

  1. Swimzip, founded in 2011, has seen a significant expansion in their business since appearing on ‘Shark Tank’ in 2015.

  2. The company has been exploring new markets and partnerships to further their success.

  3. Swimzip has focused on creating international partnerships in order to expand their reach to customers around the world.

  4. Additionally, the company has implemented expansion strategies to explore new markets and products, as well as increasing their online presence.

  5. These strategies have allowed Swimzip to expand their customer base and increase their overall market share.

  6. As a result, Swimzip has experienced continued success and growth since their ‘Shark Tank’ appearance.

New Markets

Swimzip, the popular online retailer of swimming apparel and accessories, has announced ambitious plans to expand its business into new markets. The company’s marketing strategies focus on global growth, with a particular emphasis on targeting emerging markets in Latin America and other parts of the world.

As part of this strategy, Swimzip is focusing heavily on developing their international website presence while also reaching out to local influencers and leveraging digital advertising platforms worldwide. With these efforts supporting increased product visibility and customer reach, Swimzip aims to become one of the leading players in the swimwear market globally.

In order to achieve this goal, Swimzip will continue developing innovative strategies for delivering superior products that meet the needs and expectations of customers around the world. A key element of this effort includes creating customised designs tailored specifically for each country or region. Additionally, as part of its commitment to sustainability initiatives, Swimzip is exploring options such as recycled materials for production processes in all countries it operates in.

By taking advantage of these opportunities and further expanding its operations into new regions, Swimzip hopes to increase its revenues significantly over time and become an industry leader both domestically and internationally.


In order to ensure the success of its ambitious expansion plans, Swimzip is also focusing on forming strategic partnerships and alliances with other businesses. Through these partnerships, they can gain access to a wider range of resources such as capital investments, technology capabilities and additional distribution networks.

By leveraging the collective strengths of their partners, Swimzip can create a comprehensive branding strategy that will allow them to fully capitalize on emerging markets in Latin America and other parts of the world. Additionally, by engaging in mutually beneficial collaborations with key stakeholders, Swimzip has been able to strengthen its competitive position within the swimwear industry globally.

As it continues to pursue growth opportunities both domestically and internationally, Swimzip’s partnership-focused approach may further bolster its long-term prospects for success.

Expansion Strategies

In order to achieve its ambitious expansion plans, Swimzip has been exploring a number of strategies.

One such strategy is the focus on forming strategic partnerships and alliances with other businesses.

This partnership model allows them access to resources such as capital investments, technology capabilities, additional distribution networks and more.

By leveraging these collective strengths in mutually beneficial collaborations with key stakeholders, Swimzip can create an effective branding strategy that will enable it to capitalize on international markets.

Additionally, this approach could prove instrumental for their long-term growth prospects both domestically and abroad by strengthening their competitive position within the swimwear industry globally.

With an eye towards the future, Swimzip is poised to take full advantage of all potential opportunities available in order to ensure success going forward.

The Reach Of Swimzip

SwimZip, founded in 2014 by mother and daughter duo, Allison and Emily Deutsch, has become a recognized leader in the children’s swimwear industry.

With its signature full-zip rash guard suits for toddlers to 12 year olds that make dressing kids easier than ever before, SwimZip quickly gained attention from consumers around the world.

SwimZip’s success can be attributed to their strong branding message of ‘fun sun protective clothing’ along with its trendsetting designs which adhere to current industry trends.

The company has seen incredible growth since it first appeared on Shark Tank in 2017, launching into retail stores such as Nordstrom and Macy’s, selling worldwide via Amazon, expanding into beach towels and accessories alongside their original lineup of UV protection products.

Today, SwimZip is continuing its mission to provide stylish yet practical solutions for parents who want to keep their children safe while having fun under the sun.

To accomplish this they have continued to focus on creating innovative product lines that combine fashion-forward designs with up-to-date sun safety technologies.

With sustainability at the heart of every design decision made within the organization, SwimZip is leading the way towards a more conscious future for all generations to come.

Benefits For Kids

SwimZip, a children’s swimwear line that focuses on water safety and sun protection, recently appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank.

The company is dedicated to providing stylish yet highly functional UPF 50+ rated swimsuits for kids of all ages.

With the SwimZip range of fashionable designs and bright colors, parents can ensure their child is safe in the water while still being able to express themselves with fun fashion choices.

SwimZip also addresses an important issue: reducing exposure to UV rays when swimming or playing outdoors.

Children are more at risk than adults from skin damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight due to thinner skin layers and less melanin production.

As well as using premium fabrics designed specifically to block out harmful UV radiation, the products offer extra coverage compared to traditional styles without compromising style or comfort.

The success of SwimZip has been demonstrated through its constant growth since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2016.

Its unique approach to creating stylish swimwear with enhanced features offers families peace of mind knowing that their children are both comfortable and protected whenever they spend time near water or under the sun’s harsh rays.

The Future Of Swimzip

SwimZip, a startup that produces UV-protective swimwear for babies and toddlers, recently made an appearance on Shark Tank. Following the show, there has been much interest in SwimZip’s future plans.

The company is currently focused on increasing their production capabilities to meet the growing demand for their products. They are also investing heavily into research and development of new materials and designs which will improve upon existing product lines as well as allow them to expand into other age groups.

To make their products more accessible, they plan to maintain affordable pricing while using eco friendly materials wherever possible.

These changes will likely mean big things for the brand’s success in the long run. With improved production capabilities combined with high quality eco friendly materials at competitive prices, SwimZip stands poised to become a leading player in the market for sun protective apparel worldwide.

Customer Testimonials

Swimzip, the award-winning children’s swimming apparel startup, recently presented at Shark Tank. The response was overwhelmingly positive; investors were impressed with Swimzip’s expansive sizing options and innovative pricing models.

The company offers a range of sizes for both boys and girls from 0-24 months up to 8T/9T. This ensures that every child can find something to fit their size as they grow.

Additionally, customers have the option to purchase individual pieces or complete sets with matching swimwear accessories such as hats and sunglasses. As an added bonus, all products come with UPF 50+ sun protection which is tested by independent labs for quality assurance.

By offering convenient subscription plans, special discounts on birthday gifts, and free shipping over $50 orders in the US, Swimzip has established itself as a leader in its category. With these features combined into one package, it comes as no surprise why so many parents are choosing Swimzip for their kids’ summer wardrobe this season.


SwimZip has made a lasting impact since its appearance on the hit TV show Shark Tank.

The company’s innovative sun-protection clothing for kids offers an ideal solution to parents and caregivers, making outdoor activities safer and more enjoyable.

Symbolically, SwimZip provides comfort like a pair of angel wings, while shielding young ones from harmful rays with UPF 50+ protection that won’t wash out or wear off.

It is clear that this business will continue flying high in the future as it continues to expand its reach and bring joy to children everywhere.

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