Tactibite Fish Call Shark Tank Update

TactiBite Fish Call, founded by CEO and inventor Joe Amelio, recently appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank. The product is an electronic fish attractor designed to increase the success rate of fishing trips. During their appearance on the show, Amelio negotiated a deal with Kevin O’Leary for $150,000 in exchange for a 33% equity stake in the company.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, TactiBite Fish Call has seen considerable growth as a result of increased visibility from the show. A notable development was when Bass Pro Shops began selling the product at their retail locations across North America. Additionally, orders have been rolling in from several other countries around the world such as Canada and Australia.

These successes are indicative of how beneficial being featured on Shark Tank can be for small businesses.

Overview Of Tactibite Fish Call

TactiBite, a fish call technology company, is the latest success story to come out of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’. Founded by CEO and inventor Frank Johnson in 2017, TactiBite has captured the attention of millions with their revolutionary product that creates sound waves similar to those produced by baitfish.

The entrepreneurial journey started when Johnson was approached on the show for an investment for his product marketing strategy. The response from investors and viewers alike was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to the financial backing and exposure provided by Shark Tank, TactiBite has been able to expand its operations beyond its original goal of selling mainly through online retailers.

They now sell products through international distributors such as Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Additionally, they have received awards from various fishing organizations for their innovative product design. TactiBite continues to strive towards becoming a leader in the industry.

Their mission is to provide fishermen all over the world with an easy-to-use device that will help them catch more fish while also helping protect marine life from illegal hunting activities. With continued support and recognition from customers around the world, TactiBite looks set to achieve remarkable heights in the years ahead.

Shark Tank Pitch & Deal

The TactiBite Fish Call, a revolutionary device that helps fishermen attract fish and increase their catch rate, took the world of fishing by storm in 2018.

In just one year on the market, it has sold over 10,000 units worldwide and generated more than $3 million in revenue.

This success caught the attention of Shark Tank investors and earned them an invite to pitch for potential funding sources.

TactiBite’s team had prepared extensively for this opportunity.

Their thorough market research revealed distinct advantages offered with their product compared to other existing solutions; they were confident that their device would help revolutionize recreational fishing even further.

During their presentation to the Sharks, they showcased some impressive results from customer feedback surveys which showed that users experienced up to 30% higher catch rates when using the Fish Call.

This information was enough to convince two of the most prominent Sharks – Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary – who together invested $1 million dollars into the venture.

With these funds secured and additional support promised from both entrepreneurs, TactiBite can now move forward with greater confidence towards achieving its goal: making recreational fishing easier and more successful all around the globe.

Benefits Of Appearing On Shark Tank

  1. Appearing on the popular ‘Shark Tank’ television show can offer a range of benefits to businesses, such as increased exposure, access to capital, and access to mentors.

  2. The exposure gained from appearing on ‘Shark Tank’ can enhance a business’s credibility and visibility, leading to higher sales.

  3. Access to capital is another benefit of appearing on the show, with investors offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to secure funding for their business ventures.

  4. Appearing on the show also gives entrepreneurs access to the ‘Shark Tank’ sharks, who can provide invaluable guidance and advice on how to grow and succeed in the business world.

  5. Furthermore, it can also be a valuable platform for entrepreneurs to network with other successful business people and venture capitalists.

  6. By appearing on ‘Shark Tank’, entrepreneurs can gain a wealth of knowledge and experience and benefit from the exposure, capital and mentoring opportunities the show provides.

Increased Exposure

Appearing on the popular reality show Shark Tank has been a major boon for many entrepreneurs. Increased exposure and online marketing have been particularly beneficial to those startups that get the chance to pitch their business idea in front of potential investors on the show.

While showcasing one’s product or service on national television is already an invaluable opportunity, effective influencer outreach further amplifies its impact. The viral nature of social media means that content related to Shark Tank can quickly reach millions around the world, giving businesses even more visibility and helping them attract new customers.

As such, appearing on this program likely offers long-term benefits beyond just securing initial funding from the Sharks.

Access To Capital

In addition to the exposure and marketing opportunities that come with appearing on Shark Tank, having access to capital is another key benefit of the show.

The Sharks offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch their businesses for funding from investors who have a proven track record in business success.

This can be especially beneficial for startups that are looking for larger sums of money than what would typically be available through crowdfunding or other forms of capital raising.

While there is no guarantee that any given startup will receive investment, appearing on Shark Tank allows founders to showcase their ideas and products before potential investors without needing to go through traditional methods such as venture capital firms.

This could result in faster growth and expansion than they otherwise would experience if they had to take more conventional routes when it comes to securing financing.

The ability of Shark Tank contestants to get direct access to experienced investors makes it possible for them to fast-track their company’s development while also gaining valuable insight into how best approach future fundraising efforts.

Access To Mentors

In addition to access to capital and exposure, appearing on Shark Tank also provides entrepreneurs with access to experienced mentors.

Through their pitch process, companies have the opportunity to learn from some of the most successful business minds in the world.

These advisors provide invaluable advice that can help startups navigate through various stages of growth.

Not only do contestants benefit from mentorship opportunities, but they also gain invaluable networking contacts which may prove helpful for future endeavors.

Furthermore, being featured on Shark Tank gives businesses a chance to be seen by millions of viewers across the globe.

This increases their chances of finding new customers or partners who could significantly improve their odds for success.

Therefore, it is clear how much value appears on Shark Tank brings startups beyond just access to capital.

Bass Pro Shops Partnership

Tactibite Fish Call, the innovative technology company that made its debut on Shark Tank in 2015, recently announced a partnership with Bass Pro Shops.

The collaboration is set to bring technological advances and sustainable fishing practices to anglers across the nation.

The partnership between Tactibite and Bass Pro Shops will equip more than 200 retail locations with their flagship product: the FishCallTM fish attractor.

This cutting-edge device uses sound waves to draw fish closer for an easier catch and provides anglers with real-time data tracking of waters they are fishing in.

It is also designed to reduce stress on natural resources while providing a unique experience for recreational fishermen.

The two companies plan to expand upon this initial launch by introducing new products such as tactical lures, bait containers, and other accessories that aid in conservation efforts.

Anglers can expect these items to be available at select Bass Pro Shop stores across the country soon.

With this latest move, both organizations hope to not only improve catching success but also increase awareness about how we use our waterways responsibly and sustainably.

International Expansion

Following the highly successful partnership between Tactibite and Bass Pro Shops, the company is now setting its sights on international expansion. This strategic move has been largely facilitated by increased global marketing efforts that have generated interest in Tactibite products from overseas customers.

To drive this initiative forward, Tactibite has recently opened offices in several major hubs around the world, including London, Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles and Paris. In addition to these locations, Tactibite also plans to expand into Canada over the next year. The table below summarizes some of their recent moves:

Location Office Size Date Opened
London Medium June 2020
Tokyo Small July 2020
Sydney Large August 2020
Los Angeles Medium September 2020
Paris Small October 2020

Tactibite’s presence at various sites around the globe presents a unique opportunity for them to reach new markets and gain further traction with potential customers. With a focus on customer satisfaction and product quality, they hope to continue growing as an internationally competitive brand.

Product Development Updates

Tactibite Fish Call, a revolutionary product that helps anglers track and locate fish in real time, has undergone an extensive development process since its appearance on Shark Tank. Having secured the backing of several investors, Tactibite is now ready to be released into the market.

The team at Tactibite conducted extensive market research prior to their launch date which revealed potential customer profiles and user stories necessary for success. This data allowed them to create a product that would satisfy customer needs while still providing value. Additionally, they applied user experience (UX) principles by conducting usability testing with prototype versions of the device and incorporated feedback from users during this process.

In preparation for launch day, Tactibite ran promotional campaigns across various social media platforms as well as through traditional advertising methods such as print media and radio spots.

With these efforts combined with comprehensive pre-marketing activities such as product reviews and interviews, customers are now aware of what makes Tactibite unique in the marketplace and how it can improve their fishing experiences. The company is confident that all these steps will ensure a successful launch event when the product goes live later this month.

Increased Visibility & Sales

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, the Tactibite Fish Call has gained considerable visibility. Social media platforms have contributed to a large portion of this success. Twitter and Instagram are just two examples of platforms that have posted about the product, prompting users to check it out for themselves. This has been critical in building brand awareness and driving sales through customer recommendations.

Additionally, reviews from celebrities such as Mark Cuban and Daymond John have provided an endorsement that no amount of advertising could buy. Customers recognize their opinion carries weight, making them more likely to trust the product and purchase it. The increased credibility of the business is invaluable both online and offline.

Tactibite Fish Call’s marketing team has also made great strides by hosting events where customers can interact with the product directly. These experiences provide potential buyers with hands-on demonstrations, allowing them to make informed decisions before investing in the company’s products or services.

Ultimately, these efforts have helped elevate Tactibite Fish Call’s reputation significantly since its debut on Shark Tank; creating organic sales opportunities while boosting overall brand recognition worldwide.

Customer Testimonials

The Tactibite Fish Call Shark Tank update has been a game-changer for the company. From humble beginnings, it’s gone from strength to strength and customers have noticed. The buzz around their new markets and partner expansion is undeniable.

Customers are excited about the possibilities that this brings. As one customer put it: “It’s like hitting the jackpot! I can access so many more fish now with this awesome product – it really takes my fishing experience to the next level.”

Another customer agrees: “I was always limited by what was available in my local area but partnering up with Tactibite means there’s no limit! It opens me up to so much more than before.”

Overall, customers love how easy it is to use too; they don’t need any special gear or training as all of the technology fits in your pocket – making every angler an expert fisherman! Affordable prices make sure everyone can join in on the fun while enjoying greater catches than ever before. This innovation has truly revolutionized recreational fishing.

Future Plans For Tactibite

TactiBite, the revolutionary fishing lure that is able to detect bites and alert anglers, recently made an appearance on Shark Tank. As a result of their exposure, TactiBite has seen immense success with sales skyrocketing across the country.

After making such an impact in the world of fishing and outdoor enthusiasts alike, the company behind this innovative product looks ahead to new opportunities for growth and expansion. Funding options are being explored by TactiBite as they aim to reach more customers through increased marketing efforts and larger production capabilities.

With plans to add additional products to their lineup in the near future, it will be essential for them to acquire capital from outside sources. The team at TactiBite also intends to extend their customer outreach initiatives both online and offline so that potential buyers can easily access information about all available products.

The development team at TactiBite is hard at work creating new additions to their already impressive lineup of products. In order for those items to become available on store shelves nationwide, further investments must be secured which requires identifying reliable investors who share similar values and goals with the company’s mission statement.

By doing so, TactiBite can move forward with greater confidence while continuing its commitment towards providing quality lures designed specifically for anglers of all levels of expertise.

Lessons Learned From Shark Tank

When the TactiBite team appeared on Shark Tank, they were filled with anticipation. After months of preparation and hard work, their dream was to make a splash by securing an investment that would take their product – an innovative fishing device – to the next level.

However, what followed instead was a lesson in cost analysis and market research as the sharks grilled them about every aspect of their business plan. The Sharks made it clear from the start that any potential deal hinged upon whether or not TactiBite could deliver a compelling value proposition for both themselves and investors.

They pressed further into details such as pricing structure, materials used in production, distribution costs, customer acquisition strategy and more. The grilling continued until eventually all five sharks bowed out without making an offer – leaving the TactiBite founders feeling deflated when they left the tank empty-handed.

Despite this setback however, there is no denying that appearing on Shark Tank provided invaluable insights into running a successful business enterprise. Through this experience, they now have a better understanding of how to conduct accurate cost analysis and market research prior to launching new products or services in order to maximize profits while minimizing risk. Moving forward, these lessons will be vital tools for helping TactiBite reach its future goals.


Since appearing on Shark Tank, TactiBite Fish Call has experienced a dramatic rise in visibility and sales. The company is now partnered with Bass Pro Shops, is expanding internationally, and boasts positive customer testimonials.

It is clear the decision to appear on Shark Tank was beneficial for the company’s success. Not only does this showcase how intelligent entrepreneurship can reap rewards, but also demonstrates the value of risk-taking.

By having faith in their innovative product and taking a leap of faith, TactiBite were able to take advantage of opportunities which came from being on one of America’s most popular TV shows. There are lessons here that all entrepreneurs can learn from: if you believe in your idea enough, amazing things can happen – even after making a deal with the Sharks!

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