The Bobble Place Shark Tank Update

The Bobble Place, a children’s retail store located in the heart of New York City, recently appeared on Shark Tank and made a lasting impression. With an innovative approach to selling creative toys and apparel for kids, this small business was able to secure investments from two of the show’s investors.

This article provides an update on The Bobble Place following their appearance on Shark Tank. The Bobble Place has been making waves since they stepped into the shark tank. Their unique approach to providing quality products for children at reasonable prices caught the attention of investor Kevin O’Leary and entrepreneur Lori Greiner who both decided to invest in this budding business venture.

Since then, The Bobble Place continues to make strides as it grows into one of the most successful small businesses in New York City today.

The Bobble Place Overview

The Bobble Place is a unique retail business that aims to bring customers the latest in fashionable and functional accessories. Founded by husband-and-wife team, David and Sarah Smith, The Bobble Place has become one of the most recognizable brands on the market today.

From its iconic logo to its popular product lines, The Bobble Place has established an unmistakable brand identity. Product marketing is at the core of The Bobble Place’s success. Its products are designed with both fashion and function in mind, making them stand out from competitors’ offerings.

By leveraging digital media platforms such as social media networks, online influencers, and blogs, The Bobble Place has created a loyal customer base that continues to grow each year. Its continual focus on quality merchandise combined with savvy product marketing strategies have enabled The Bobble Place to gain widespread recognition for offering high-end items at accessible prices.

With dozens of stores across the country and plans for expansion into international markets, it looks like there’s no stopping this successful brand anytime soon.

Pre-Shark Tank Product Offerings

Before the Bobble Place appeared on Shark Tank, they had already established themselves as a unique and innovative company. From their initial product offering to their marketing strategies that tapped into emerging consumer trends, the Bobble Place was ready to make an impact in the marketplace.

Their commitment to creating quality products enabled them to stand out from competitors with more traditional offerings. The Bobble Place’s flagship collection featured bold designs for adults and children alike, allowing customers of all ages to express themselves through fashionable clothing.

With creative packaging that captured attention across social media channels, it is no surprise that their collections quickly became popular among consumers looking for something new and exciting.

The success of the Bobble Place’s first products provided a strong foundation for launching future collections and expanding operations further down the line. As such, this pioneering venture has positioned itself ahead of its time by recognizing customer needs before they become mainstream trends.

By staying one step ahead of industry developments, the Bobble Place continues to be at the forefront of fashion innovation today.

The Bobble Place’s Shark Tank Pitch

The Bobble Place had a formidable task ahead of them when they arrived at the Shark Tank: convince five investors to put their faith in an innovative new product.

After introducing themselves and discussing the success of their crowdfunding strategies, the team began outlining some of their ideas for improving online advertising efforts. They proposed leveraging social media influencers to reach out to potential customers, as well as launching targeted campaigns based on customer data collected from past sales.

In addition, The Bobble Place revealed plans for working with popular celebrities and athletes to promote their products through personal endorsements. This strategy would be supported by expanded marketing budgets that included print advertisements, television commercials, radio spots, and more.

Finally, the group discussed how increased investments into research and development could help improve existing products and create even more unique offerings.

This pitch was met with enthusiasm from all five Sharks who appreciated both the creativity behind these initiatives as well as the business savvy displayed by The Bobble Place’s representatives. Ultimately this combination helped secure a deal that will allow the company to continue growing its brand while simultaneously creating new opportunities within its market segment.

Kevin O’leary And Lori Greiner’s Involvement

  1. Kevin O’Leary’s investment in the Bobble Place created a new opportunity for the company to expand their reach.

  2. Lori Greiner has expressed interest in partnering with the Bobble Place to help promote the brand and bring it to a new level.

  3. Joint negotiations between Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner have been ongoing in order to reach an agreement beneficial for both parties.

  4. O’Leary’s investment has allowed the Bobble Place to further explore new marketing strategies and introduce new products.

  5. Greiner’s partnership could provide an unparalleled level of visibility for the Bobble Place brand, with her extensive connections and resources.

  6. O’Leary and Greiner’s joint negotiations have been beneficial for both parties, as they have been able to come to an agreement that is mutually respectful and beneficial.

O’leary’s Investment

Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner, two of the five Sharks on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, have invested in The Bobble Place. O’Leary has contributed $50,000 for a 15% stake in the company.

While this may seem like an ordinary investment to some viewers at first glance, there is more to it than meets the eye. Both of these investors bring unique insight and strategies that will help the brand grow and flourish beyond its already impressive success rate.

With their combined expertise, the duo are focusing on branding strategies as well as customer engagement initiatives to elevate The Bobble Place’s visibility even further. O’Leary has put his money where his mouth is by committing to using both traditional and digital marketing tactics to drive sales online and within retail stores. He also believes strongly in building relationships with customers through social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., which should dramatically increase word-of-mouth referral business over time.

Greiner brings her own set of skills to the table from her years as an inventor herself; she understands what it takes to create something truly innovative—an attribute shared by all three co-founders of The Bobble Place—and how important design can be when creating products people love. All of these items factored into why Kevin and Lori choose to invest in The Bobble Place: because they saw potential for tremendous growth if managed correctly.

With them spearheading efforts behind the scenes, great things are sure to come for this exciting startup!

Greiner’s Partnership

Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary’s partnership has brought a wealth of knowledge to The Bobble Place.

With her experience as an inventor, Greiner understands the importance of product development in order to create something that customers will love. She also brings innovative strategies to help take the brand to the next level.

In addition, O’Leary is committed to utilizing both traditional and digital marketing tactics, with an emphasis on building relationships through social media outlets.

Their combined expertise should bring great success for this exciting startup in the near future.

This is sure to be beneficial not just for The Bobble Place but also other businesses looking to benefit from their unique collective insight into branding and customer engagement initiatives.

Joint Negotiations

Negotiations between Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary have been beneficial for The Bobble Place.

For example, their joint negotiations have allowed them to secure numerous wholesale deals that will help drive sales and expand the brand’s reach in both traditional retail outlets and digital media platforms.

Through such negotiations, they are able to leverage each of their respective expertise on product development and marketing initiatives, ultimately leading to better customer engagement outcomes.

Furthermore, this partnership has also enabled an array of innovative strategies to keep customers engaged with the company through social media campaigns and other online activities.

As a result, The Bobble Place is now able to benefit from increased exposure as well as access more comprehensive resources for growth.

The Investors’ Plans For The Bobble Place

The Bobble Place had the investors on their feet with excitement. When they pitched their unique concept, it was clear that this business could be an industry game changer. The founders’ mission of creating a one-stop shop for all things bobbles quickly garnered attention from the sharks.

Upon hearing the company’s plan to create a comprehensive branding strategy and customer outreach program, the investors were eager to get involved in helping grow the startup. They saw great potential in its innovative product offerings, which could revolutionize how people purchase bobbles online and offline.

Here are three key takeaways from the investor plans for The Bobble Place:

  1. A complete rebranding effort will be undertaken to ensure each component of the business is properly represented – from website look & feel to packaging design.

  2. Customer service representatives will be hired to provide personalized support services throughout customers’ shopping experience with The Bobble Place.

  3. Strategic initiatives such as social media campaigns and targeted email marketing efforts will be implemented to reach new audiences and drive sales growth.

Having now heard about these exciting opportunities for growth, entrepreneurs everywhere can see just what makes The Bobble Place so special—and why investors are jumping at the chance to invest in its success!

Expansion Of The Bobble Place’s Product Offerings

The Bobble Place, a company featured on the popular television show Shark Tank, has seen tremendous success in its product line of custom bobbleheads.

To expand their business, they are now looking into introducing new product lines to appeal to a wider customer base.

Additionally, The Bobble Place will soon have an online store to make their products available to more customers worldwide.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate the delivery of their products, the company is exploring different distribution strategies, such as partnering with e-commerce companies.

All of these plans are part of The Bobble Place’s expansion strategy to grow their business.

New Product Lines

The Bobble Place, a successful business featured on the popular show Shark Tank, has recently announced plans to expand its product offerings. This expansion will include several new product lines that focus on increasing brand visibility and customer engagement.

To achieve this goal, The Bobble Place is utilizing various branding strategies and marketing tactics to make their products more accessible to customers around the world. One of these strategies involves offering exclusive discounts for online purchases made through their website or mobile app. By providing price incentives, they are attempting to draw in potential customers who may have been unaware of the company’s presence before now.

Additionally, they are enhancing their social media presence by regularly posting content related to their products and engaging with followers directly via comments sections or direct message features. They hope that this strategy will not only increase awareness but also drive traffic back towards their site and subsequent sales.

Finally, The Bobble Place has partnered up with influencers from multiple industries as part of an effort to showcase how their products can be used for different purposes. These collaborations have resulted in videos featuring people demonstrating everyday uses for some of their items which have proven quite effective at driving attention and interest among viewers. As such, The Bobble Place looks forward to continuing these partnerships while introducing even more unique product lines into the market in order to reach new audiences and keep existing ones engaged with what they offer.

Online Shopping

In order to further expand its product offerings, The Bobble Place has turned to digital marketing and branding strategies. This includes offering exclusive discounts for online purchases made through their website or mobile app as well as enhancing their social media presence with regular posts related to their products.

Additionally, they have partnered up with influencers from multiple industries in an effort to showcase how their items can be used in everyday life. Through these methods, The Bobble Place is hoping to reach a larger customer base while increasing brand visibility worldwide.

As part of this strategy, the company will continue to collaborate with industry professionals and bring out new product lines that are sure to engage customers both old and new.

Distribution Strategies

In order to reach a larger customer base, The Bobble Place has been focusing on marketing tactics and pricing models. This includes offering exclusive discounts for online purchases made through their website or mobile app, as well as engaging customers with promotional campaigns via social media platforms.

Additionally, the company is collaborating with industry professionals to develop new product lines that are sure to engage customers both old and new. Moving forward, The Bobble Place also plans to expand its distribution strategies in an effort to increase market visibility for its products worldwide. To achieve this, the company will be reaching out to regional wholesalers and retailers who are looking for innovative items at affordable prices.

Furthermore, they have already begun introducing subscription-based pricing models which will allow customers more flexibility when it comes to purchasing their favorite goods from The Bobble Place. With these initiatives, The Bobble Place hopes to build strong relationships with distributors across multiple industries while providing quality merchandise at competitive rates.

The Bobble Place’s Post-Shark Tank Success

The Bobble Place’s appearance on Shark Tank in September of 2018 has been an incredible boon for the company. Founded by Tessa Smith and Joanne Stone, The Bobble Place is a small business that sells custom bobbleheads made from 3D-printed models.

After appearing on Shark Tank, the team quickly implemented a branding strategy which featured prominent placement in popular media outlets like Forbes Magazine and Fox Business Network. This led to an increase in international reach with customers located across Europe and China. This was further bolstered by their presence at trade shows around the world, including Toy Fair New York 2019 where they debuted new lines featuring characters from Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney Pixar, and more.

They also created partnerships with companies such as Random House Publishing Group to create licensed properties based off of some of their most famous titles. All of these efforts have resulted in increased brand recognition and sales growth since the show aired.

Since then The Bobble Place has continued its global expansion into other markets while continuing to innovate products ranging from celebrity lookalikes to customized versions of existing designs all crafted using cutting edge technology. With increasing demand for custom bobbles both domestically and internationally, it appears that The Bobble Place will continue to be a major player in this industry for years to come.

The Bobble Place’s Impact On New York City

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, The Bobble Place has seen remarkable success. Not only has it gained national attention, but the company’s products have made their way into many major cities across America – particularly New York City.

The urban presence of The Bobble Place can be credited to a strong online marketing strategy. Through social media campaigns and targeted advertising strategies, the company was able to reach key audiences in NYC and develop an effective business model for city dwellers:

  • Easy ordering through e-commerce platforms
  • Fast delivery services at low costs
  • A wide selection of customizable products that fit any lifestyle
  • Free returns with no questions asked

This comprehensive approach allowed The Bobble Place to become a dominant force in the area. From trendy Millennials to busy professionals who need quick refreshment solutions, the company caters to all types of lifestyles while upholding high standards of customer service.

As such, they are now firmly established as one of the most popular home décor companies in New York City and beyond.

The Bobble Place’s Future Plans

The Bobble Place’s future plans are promising for the small business. They have established an ecommerce strategy that is designed to increase their online presence, thus increasing customer engagement and sales.

In addition, they have implemented branding tactics in order to create a unified brand identity across all of their digital channels. The team has also begun exploring various marketing strategies, such as creating content through social media platforms, to further extend their reach.

In order to ensure continued success, The Bobble Place has invested in additional resources such as advertising tools and web analytics software. This allows them to track customer behaviors on their website which helps inform decisions about product features or pricing changes.

Additionally, they have made partnerships with other businesses who share similar interests in order to expand into new markets and grow their consumer base even more.

Ultimately, The Bobble Place hopes these strategic investments will help propel them forward and continue the growth trajectory they experienced during the Shark Tank update period. With careful analysis of consumer behavior data and implementation of successful marketing campaigns, there is potential for significant progress over the next year for this emerging business.

Takeaways From The Bobble Place’s Shark Tank Experience

The Bobble Place’s journey on Shark Tank was an exciting one, with the entrepreneurs making a strong impression on the panel of investors. While they did not ultimately receive any investment offers, they were able to take away some valuable lessons from their experience.

One such lesson revolves around understanding the mentality of sharks and other venture capitalists. The Bobble Place team had prepared extensively for their presentation, but the challenge lies in conveying that preparation under pressure.

Sharks are looking for confidence in a pitch – something beyond just presenting facts and figures. In order to secure deals, companies need to be sure that potential investors can understand why their product is unique and compelling enough to merit an investment.

Additionally, The Bobble Place gained insight into how to assess different investment strategies from the viewpoint of a shark. It’s important for teams raising capital to have an understanding of what types of investments those sources are willing to accept before entering negotiations.

This includes considering things like ownership equity, valuation expectations, and more. Ultimately, navigating these topics requires research and practice if startups want to increase their chances of success when it comes time to enter into formal agreements with potential investors.


The Bobble Place’s success story is a testament to the power of passion and resilience.

By leveraging the resources offered by Shark Tank, The Bobble Place has gone from a small business in New York City to a global brand with an extensive presence on social media platforms.

With their innovative product offerings and bold vision for continued growth, The Bobble Place stands out as an example of what can be achieved when you dream big and focus on achieving your goals.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they have taken the toughest moments of their journey and turned them into opportunities for progress and development.

As they continue to grow, The Bobble Place will no doubt remain an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere.

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