The Bouqs Company Shark Tank Update

The Bouqs Company, founded in 2012 by John Tabis and JP Montúfar, is a unique flower delivery service that offers customers farm-fresh flowers at affordable prices. Recently, the company made an appearance on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

During their time on the show they received not only much needed capital but also invaluable advice from the Sharks. This article examines the impact of The Bouqs Company’s presence on Shark Tank and how it has helped them to grow as a business.

The Bouqs Co entered into negotiations with three of the five sharks during their episode: Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec. After what was described as “an impressive pitch” and negotiation process, Cuban and Greiner offered $600K for 20% equity; while Herjavec countered with an offer of $500K for 10%.

Ultimately, Tabis and Montúfar accepted Cuban and Greiner’s offer instead – despite some initial hesitation – making their total valuation around $3 million dollars.

The Bouqs Company Overview

The Bouqs Company is a revolutionary flower delivery service that offers customers fresh flowers sourced directly from eco-friendly farms around the world. With its innovative approach to the traditional flower industry, The Bouqs Company has created an efficient and convenient way for customers to shop for beautiful blooms while making sure they are ethically sourced.

At the heart of The Bouqs Company’s operations is its commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability. All their farm partners have been carefully vetted for sustainable practices, ensuring that each stem delivered is not only gorgeous but also responsibly grown with minimal impact on the environment. Their unique process ensures that all flowers arrive at your door in perfect condition no matter where it came from or how long it took to get there.

In addition to offering high-quality bloom arrangements, The Bouqs Company makes sure its entire delivery process is effortless and stress-free by providing same day shipping options as well as other flexible solutions tailored to customer needs.

Customers can rest assured knowing their orders will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality or choice of selection.

The Bouqs Company On Shark Tank

The Bouqs Company appeared on Shark Tank in 2017 to pitch a subscription-based flower delivery service.

The Sharks expressed their admiration for the founders’ initiative and their enthusiasm for the product.

They noted the potential to revolutionize the flower industry and expressed interest in investing in the company.

Ultimately, the Sharks offered a deal that the founders accepted, giving them the capital to grow their business.

Bouqs’ Pitch

The Bouqs Company, a floral delivery service founded in 2012, recently made its appearance on the popular investment show Shark Tank.

The company brought to the table their innovative business model that focuses on delivering farm fresh flowers directly from eco-friendly sources. By cutting out middleman and working with local farms around the globe, they are able to provide bouquets at a fraction of traditional florist costs.

To promote their product, The Bouqs leverages an effective online marketing strategy by utilizing influencers and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Through these channels, customers can learn more about their unique services while also engaging with content related to flower care tips and inspiring stories featuring special occasions like weddings or anniversaries.

Additionally, leveraging organic search engine optimization (SEO) helps ensure that potential customers searching for specific types of bouquets are directed towards The Bouqs website instead of competitors’ sites.

By maintaining low overhead expenses due to not having any physical storefronts combined with effective digital marketing campaigns, The Bouqs is well positioned to become the leading provider of sustainable farm-fresh flowers worldwide.

With their innovative approach to providing value through quality products sourced responsibly, this could be just what the Sharks needed all along!

Sharks’ Reaction

The Sharks on Shark Tank were impressed with The Bouqs Company’s unique business model and marketing strategies. They praised the company for their innovative approach to providing value through quality products sourced responsibly, as well as their low overhead expenses due to not having any physical storefronts combined with effective digital marketing campaigns.

However, they also voiced concern over consumer trends in regards to floral delivery services. As such, they recommended that The Bouqs invest in more research into customer preferences and use this data to further refine their marketing strategies. This will enable them to keep up with current demands while setting themselves apart from other competitors in the industry.

With a deeper understanding of what customers are looking for, The Bouqs is well-positioned to become the leading provider of sustainable farm-fresh flowers worldwide.

The Sharks Negotiations

The sharks began to negotiate with the Bouqs Company, each utilizing different tactics to secure a deal.

Shark Lori Greiner was initially hesitant about investing in the company due to its lack of profits but later agreed upon further discussion.

Shark Kevin O’Leary sought out an equity stake in exchange for his investment, while Robert Herjavec proposed additional deals that would involve marketing and promotional opportunities for Bouqs Co.

Shark Barbara Corcoran also put forth her own conditions on the potential deal terms; she requested that both sides come up with creative ideas regarding how they could work together as partners.

Ultimately, all four investors were able to reach an agreement that satisfied their needs, and it seemed clear that this partnership had great potential going forward.

Bouqs Co received more than just monetary capital – they gained valuable advice from experienced business minds who offered insight into various aspects of running a successful start-up venture.

The resulting relationship will no doubt be mutually beneficial: Sharks get a return on their investments while Bouqs Co can leverage their resources and knowledge to expand their business operations even further.

Mark Cuban’s Offer

After much deliberation, Mark Cuban presented an offer to The Bouqs Company. He proposed a $150,000 investment for a 15% stake in the company and requested that co-founders John Tabis and Juan Pablo Montúfar join his team of mentors. He also suggested that they build their marketing strategy around connecting with influencers on social media who could help spread word about their products.

Cuban’s proposal was generous compared to the other offers from the sharks, as it provided access to additional funding sources beyond traditional venture capital. His mentorship would be invaluable for the startup as well, giving them direct advice and guidance from someone with vast experience in business.

In return for Cuban’s investment, he asked that The Bouqs Company develop a comprehensive marketing plan which incorporated his suggestion of influencer outreach. Additionally, he wanted regular updates on progress made towards reaching milestones like customer acquisition goals and revenue targets.

After these conditions had been discussed and agreed upon by all parties involved, Mark Cuban officially became one of The Bouqs Company’s investors.

Lori Greiner’s Offer

Lori Greiner made an offer to the Bouqs Company on Shark Tank that was difficult for the company’s founders, John Tabis and Juan Pablo Montúfar, to refuse.

While Greiner proposed a generous deal of $125,000 in exchange for ten percent equity in the company, it would mean surrendering some control over their flower sourcing process and customer loyalty program.

The founders weighed this offer carefully before coming to a decision. On one hand they were able to secure funding without giving up additional equity or taking out loans; however, if accepted, the terms of Lori’s investment might have compromised their ability to source flowers from local farmers as well as maintain relationships with customers through rewards programs and other initiatives.

Ultimately, after much consideration, John and Juan decided not to accept her offer. By doing so they maintained full ownership of their business model – including their commitment to sustainability practices – which has served them well as Bouqs continues its growth trajectory today.

Robert Herjavec’s Offer

  1. Robert Herjavec’s offer for the bouqs company was for $275,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake.

  2. The offer included an additional $125,000 in contingent money that was to be used for scaling the business.

  3. The terms of the investment included Robert Herjavec having a seat on the board of directors for two years.

  4. In exchange for the investment, Robert Herjavec would be granted access to the bouqs company’s intellectual property.

Herjavec’s Offer Amount

The Bouqs Company Shark Tank Update: Robert Herjavec’s Offer.

On the television show, entrepreneur and investor Robert Herjavec offered an investment of $1 million for a 10 percent stake in The Bouqs Company. He was impressed by the online sales model and variety of flower options available on their website. Mr. Herjavec believed The Bouqs Company had potential to expand into other markets and increase profits further down the line.

His offer included assistance in marketing efforts as well as advice regarding organizational structure changes. All of these incentives could add value to The Bouqs Company’s bottom line if implemented properly.

As such, it was no surprise that John Tabis accepted this generous offer from Mr. Herjavec with great enthusiasm during his time on Shark Tank. Ultimately, he felt confident that taking this deal would result in long-term success for The Bouqs Company moving forward.

It is clear that both parties have high hopes for this venture and are excited to collaborate together going forward – only time will tell what kind of impact this partnership has on The Bouqs Co’s success!

Herjavec’s Investment Terms

In addition to investing $1 million, Robert Herjavec also offered assistance in marketing and organizational structure changes.

These terms of investment had the potential to add value to The Bouqs Company’s bottom line if implemented properly.

The flower sourcing process was a major factor for consideration when discussing pricing structure with Mr. Herjavec.

This includes finding suppliers who can provide quality flowers at an affordable price point, as well as managing inventory levels so that the company does not overstock or run out of product too quickly.

Through this collaboration, both parties have high hopes for success and are excited to move forward.

The Bouqs Company’s Accepted Offer

The Bouqs Company was accepted into the Shark Tank program with an offer from Robert Herjavec.

The company, founded by John Tabis, is a flower delivery service that sources flowers directly from farmers and offers customers eco-friendly floral arrangements.

With their innovative approach to sourcing, they have developed strong marketing tactics to reach more people and create more of a presence in the industry.

The acceptance of the Shark Tank deal will allow for further expansion within the business as well as greater access to resources that can help them grow even more.

This includes additional capital investments, which will lead to improved flower sourcing and better quality products for customers.

Additionally, it allows for increased support with regards to marketing strategies, allowing them to build on existing tactics while reaching new audiences at the same time.

With this offer accepted and implemented, The Bouqs Company looks forward to continued success in providing consumers with high-quality sustainable floral arrangements.

They are committed to creating a positive customer journey through user experience initiatives along with effective communication strategies designed around their mission statement: “To make celebrating life easy”.

Special Deals And Discounts After Shark Tank

  1. The Bouqs Company offers special deals and discounts for new customers as a way to welcome them to the brand.

  2. Returning customers can take advantage of discounted pricing to reward their loyalty.

  3. As a way to thank viewers of Shark Tank, The Bouqs Company offers special promos to those who tuned in to the show.

  4. Customers are encouraged to stay up-to-date with the latest deals and discounts in order to maximize their savings.

  5. Those who wish to take advantage of the special deals and discounts should check the company’s website for more information.

  6. The Bouqs Company hopes that customers are able to benefit from these special deals and discounts after Shark Tank.

Deals For New Customers

The Bouqs Company’s online presence is growing, and they are taking steps to ensure that their customer service is top-notch.

One way of achieving this is by offering special deals and discounts for new customers. To capitalize on the recent visibility gained from Shark Tank, The Bouqs Company provides a 10% off coupon code for all first-time buyers. This allows potential customers to experience The Bouqs Co.’s unique arrangements at an affordable price while also introducing them to their excellent customer service team.

Furthermore, loyal customers can expect discounted offers sent directly to their email inboxes each month as part of the company’s “Bouq Club” subscription program. By providing both new and returning customers with exclusive deals, The Bouqs Company has been able to build relationships with its shoppers and gain more traction in the floral industry.

As this trend continues, it will be interesting to see how else The Bouqs Company utilizes their newfound success from Shark Tank.

Discounts For Returning Customers

The Bouqs Company has also made sure to reward returning customers with exclusive discounts. Loyal shoppers can join The Bouq Club, a subscription service that offers discounted deals sent directly to their email inboxes each month. Through this model, the company is able to build stronger relationships with its customers and enhance customer loyalty.

The Bouqs Company also provides discounts for repeat orders. Customers who order more than once are eligible for additional coupons and other special offers, as well as being featured on the company’s website or social media accounts. This helps spread the word about The Bouqs Co., while simultaneously rewarding loyal customers with savings.

In addition to offering discounts for new and existing customers alike, The Bouqs Company continues to provide an excellent customer experience through helpful advice from experts in their online flower shop, personalized attention when ordering arrangements, and timely delivery of fresh blooms nationwide.

By combining these services with unique discounts and subscription models, The Bouqs Company has successfully capitalized on its recent Shark Tank fame and established itself as a leader in the floral industry.

Special Promos For Shark Tank Viewers

The Bouqs Company has also capitalized on their Shark Tank fame by offering special promos for viewers.

For instance, the company launched a “Shark Tank” themed bouquet that was as unique and creative as it was beautiful. This bouquet featured lilies, roses, carnations, daisy poms, and statice all bundled into one arrangement. Customers were able to order this bundle with a 10% discount when using the code ‘SHARKTANK’ at checkout. Additionally, The Bouqs Co. provided other discounts such as free shipping or delivery depending on where customers are located who used the same code.

These special deals not only rewarded existing fans of The Bouqs Company but also spread awareness about their products to those unfamiliar with flower delivery trends and gift ideas.

From these exclusive offerings along with regular deals in place for returning customers and subscription models, The Bouqs Company continues to stand out from its competition in terms of customer service and satisfaction after appearing on Shark Tank.

To further engage with new customers looking for unique gifts, The Bouqs Company offers various options ranging from traditional arrangements to custom creations tailored specifically for any occasion –– birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays — you name it!

With reliable online ordering systems coupled with fast nationwide delivery services, there’s no doubt that The Bouqs Co.’s presence will continue to grow within the floral industry long after they graced our TV screens.

The Bouqs Company’s Impact On The Flower Delivery Industry

The Bouqs Company has had a dramatic impact on the flower delivery industry, revolutionizing how consumers purchase fresh flowers and redefining the customer experience.

Founded by John Tabis in 2012, The Bouqs Co. offers direct-from-the farm flowers that are both eco-friendly and sustainably sourced from around the world.

With technology advances such as order tracking, subscription services, and streamlined checkout processes, The Bouqs Co. is setting a new benchmark for convenience and quality within the floral industry.

In addition to their dedication to providing beautiful arrangements of sustainable blooms, The Bouqs Co. also emphasizes environmental responsibility in all aspects of their operations.

By eliminating third party suppliers who often use pesticides or harmful chemicals to grow their flowers, The Bouqs Co. can guarantee that customers receive only naturally grown bouquets free from any toxins or contaminants.

Moreover, they have an active role in preserving local ecosystems near farms where their products are sourced from; this includes creating water catchment systems and using natural compost instead of chemical fertilizers on crops.

These initiatives put forth by The Bouqs Co., coupled with its accessible pricing model and convenient online ordering process, have allowed them to carve out a strong presence in the floral retail market and become one of the premier names in flower delivery today:

  • Affordable prices for flowers crafted with care
  • Streamlined online shopping experience featuring order tracking & subscription options
  • Eco-friendly practices like pesticide-free farming & preservation of local ecosystems
  • Direct sourcing from family owned farms worldwide
  • Free same day delivery available in most areas

By implementing these standards into their business operations, The Bouqs Co. has made waves throughout the entire flower delivery industry while still maintaining their commitment to delivering high quality bloom boxes at affordable rates – without sacrificing sustainability along the way.

The Bouqs Company’s Future Outlook

The Bouqs Company looks to have a bright future ahead. Through their unique flower sourcing process, they have successfully created an efficient and sustainable supply chain that meets the needs of customers around the world.

By utilizing ocean-farmed flowers from Colombia, Ecuador, and Hawaii, The Bouqs Company is able to provide fresh blooms without the high cost associated with traditional floral delivery services.

The company’s sustainability efforts extend beyond just its flower sourcing methods – they also consider environmental impacts when deciding which packaging materials and containers to use for deliveries. Their focus on eco-friendly solutions has enabled them to reduce waste while still providing quality products at competitive prices.

Additionally, The Bouqs Company invests in educational projects in rural communities to ensure long-term success as well as promote social responsibility.

Continuing along this trajectory of growth and innovation, The Bouqs Company plans to expand into new markets across the globe while maintaining their commitment to ethical standards and environmental stewardship.

With all these promising developments, it appears that The Bouqs Company is poised for continued success in years to come.


The Bouqs Company has made an indelible impact on the flower delivery industry. Through their appearance on Shark Tank, they have secured a place in the hearts of consumers and entrepreneurs alike.

By securing investments from two renowned Sharks – Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner – The Bouqs Company was able to gain invaluable resources for growth and success. In addition, by offering special deals and discounts post-Shark Tank, The Bouqs Company further solidified its presence within the industry as a leader in freshness, affordability, and convenience.

As this blooming business continues to expand, there is no doubt that it will continue to revolutionize the way people order flowers online.

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