The Lapel Project Shark Tank Update

The Lapel Project is a small business venture that has been featured on the popular television show Shark Tank. Founded by entrepreneur and fashion designer Nick Winkelman, this company creates high-end lapel pins with intricate designs.

Recently, the project went before the Sharks in an effort to secure funds for their business expansion. This article will provide an update on how they fared during their appearance on the show.

The Lapel Project was created as a way of expressing individual style through unique lapel pin designs. Combining bold colors and intricate patterns, these pieces are made from durable materials and feature eye-catching design elements. With a mission to make fashionable accessories accessible to all, this innovative idea caught the attention of investors who appeared on Shark Tank.

In October 2020, Winkelman presented his vision to the panel of judges in hopes of securing financial backing for his business endeavor.

Nick Winkelman’s Vision

Nick Winkelman’s vision for the Lapel project is as sharp and focused as a laser beam. He has identified multiple strategies to bring retail partnerships, branding strategy, and new technology together in order to benefit both consumers and retailers alike.

Winkelman believes that by focusing on relationships with local stores, their online presence can be used to expand their customer base even further. This would allow them to reach markets far beyond what they could have previously imagined and increase sales substantially.

They plan to use this approach combined with innovative technologies such as virtual reality experiences and augmented reality overlays to create an immersive shopping experience like no other.

The Lapel project team also plans to work closely with industry professionals through strategic partnerships in order to ensure they are always at the leading edge of innovation when it comes to creating cutting-edge solutions for customers.

With these initiatives firmly in place, Nick Winkelman envisions the Lapel Project becoming one of the most successful startups in its field.

Pitch To The Sharks

Having outlined his vision, Nick Winkelman was ready to pitch the idea of The Lapel Project to the Sharks. His primary objective was to secure funding in order to bring this innovative product to market.

In doing so he had three key points that he wanted to highlight; branding strategies, customer engagement and cost-effectiveness.

Branding strategies were essential for the success of The Lapel Project as it would need a unique identity and appeal in order to stand out from its competitors. Winkelman proposed leveraging social media campaigns such as influencer marketing along with engaging content on various platforms including YouTube and Instagram stories which have been proven effective methods of advertising products. Additionally, utilizing interactive features such as polls or contests could further increase customer engagement.

The Lapel Project also aimed at being cost-effective by streamlining production processes while still maintaining high quality standards. This could be achieved through cutting edge technologies such as 3D printing technology and automated manufacturing systems that can reduce costs without sacrificing craftsmanship. By focusing on efficient operations, increased productivity and reduced overhead expenditure, The Lapel Project would remain competitively priced in the marketplace.

Overall, Winkelman’s presentation offered an exciting opportunity for potential investors who saw immense promise in The Lapel Project due to its innovative ideas and creative approach towards solving problems faced by modern consumers today. With these points in mind, he hoped that the Sharks would recognize the potential of this new venture and invest accordingly.

The Lapel Project Concept

The Lapel Project is an innovative concept created by entrepreneurs to provide creative branding solutions for businesses and individuals. The idea behind the project was developed in order to create custom designs that are unique, attractive, and highly customized.

To further illustrate how this concept works, a quick overview of the key features can be found below:

Feature Description
Creative Branding Solutions Develops custom designs & logos
Custom Design Delivers a beautiful finish
Unique Attractive Designs Transforms ideas into reality
Highly Customizable Can tailor-fit any type of design

These features make it possible for entrepreneurs to achieve their desired results with ease. Furthermore, the team behind the project have extensive experience in graphic design and marketing which enable them to produce high quality products at competitive prices. Customers who avail of these services also benefit from expert advice provided by experienced professionals.

Given its comprehensive suite of tools and resources, The Lapel Project has become one of the most sought after creative branding solutions today. It caters to clients across all industries – from start-ups looking for logo design to established companies seeking out new ways to refresh their brand identity. With its commitment to creativity and innovation, the company continues to attract more customers every day.

Design Elements Of The Lapel Pins

The Shape of the lapel pins should be considered carefully as it affects the overall look of the design.

Color is a key element of the design and should be chosen to reflect the message or branding of the product.

Pattern, Material, Plating and Finish should be taken into account when creating the pins.

Lastly, the Backing, Size, Detail, Font, Logo, Artwork, Packaging, Quantity, and Price should all be considered to ensure the final product meets the desired outcome.


Shape is an important design element when it comes to creating lapel pins.

The Lapel Project, which recently presented on the popular television program Shark Tank, offers a variety of stylish shapes for their custom designed pins.

Customers are able to choose from classic round pinbacks and magnetic backings that come in interesting shapes such as hearts, stars and even shields.

This adds creative flair to any look while still maintaining its stylish appeal.

Whatever shape customers may prefer, The Lapel Project’s wide selection allows them to find the perfect accessory for their individual style or event theme.

Furthermore, customers can customize their lapels with intricate details like engraving or enamel coloring.

With these options, users can create unique pieces that will stand out and make a lasting impression.


In addition to shape, color is another important design element when creating lapel pins.

The Lapel Project offers a range of modern styling and fashion trends that are sure to make any pin stand out from the crowd.

Customers can choose from classic colors such as black, white, red or blue and then customize their pins with additional enamel coloring if desired.

This allows for an even greater level of customization which will reflect individual style or event themes in a truly unique way.

Whether it be simple and subtle or bold and vibrant, customers have the freedom to express themselves through this versatile accessory.

Durability Of The Pins

The Lapel Project has been designed with customizable durability in mind. The pin is made of stainless steel and can be customized to the brand’s individual needs for a variety of materials, sizes, shapes and colors.

The team believes that this customization feature will help them stand out from their competitors when it comes to brand recognition. Using advanced technology, the pins are also designed to last longer than traditional lapels due to their strong construction.

This means that brands do not need to worry about replacing their pins as often; instead they can enjoy long-lasting results that look polished and professional over time. Furthermore, these durable pins come at an affordable price point, making them accessible for any budget.

The Lapel Project offers a unique solution for businesses who want to ensure their branding is recognizable while keeping costs low. With customizable options and superior durability, companies have access to high quality products without worrying about breakage or replacement costs.

Additionally, the easy ordering process makes it simple for customers to get exactly what they need quickly and efficiently – without breaking the bank!

Bold Colors And Intricate Patterns

‘A stitch in time saves nine’, is an adage often used to describe the importance of being timely and efficient. This same concept applies when considering bold colors and intricate patterns for innovative styling with The Lapel Project’s designs. Taking risks can be intimidating, but it also brings great reward.

Here are four reasons why:

  1. Risk taking allows designers to create unique pieces that stand out from their competitors.

  2. Bold colors and intricate patterns add a sense of sophistication to any outfit while creating a timeless look.

  3. Innovative styling helps establish a strong brand identity and adds value beyond what traditional looks provide.

  4. Risk-taking designs capture attention on the runway and in everyday fashion, inspiring others to take chances with their own wardrobe choices.

The Lapel Project understands the power of risk taking through creative design by utilizing bold colors and intricate patterns for their collections; thereby pushing boundaries within the industry even further than before. With these techniques, they have created truly remarkable works of art that can be seen all around the world today!

Accessibility Of The Accessories

  1. The Lapel Project, presented on Shark Tank, has made accessories more affordable and accessible than ever before.

  2. The company offers a variety of products ranging from ties, bowties, and pocket squares to lapel pins, cufflinks, and more.

  3. The prices are reasonable and the quality is excellent, making it a great option for budget-conscious customers.

  4. All of the products are available online, making them accessible to customers worldwide.

  5. The Lapel Project is dedicated to providing customers with the latest trends in fashion accessories and making them available to everyone.

  6. The company is committed to providing products that are both affordable and accessible to all customers, regardless of budget or location.


The Lapel Project aims to make their accessories more accessible through cost effectiveness and price points. They have implemented a pricing model that is designed to meet the needs of customers who are looking for a high quality accessory at an affordable price.

By providing multiple levels of products, they can empower consumers with the ability to choose what works best for them without having to sacrifice on quality or style. In addition, The Lapel Project has negotiated discounts from suppliers in order to offer their products at an even lower rate than before.

This allows their customers access to high-end materials and craftsmanship while still saving money in the process. Moreover, the company offers free shipping worldwide which further increases affordability for those interested in purchasing any of their unique designs.

As such, The Lapel Project is ensuring accessibility by creating various options for all budgets; making it easy for anyone to take advantage of their fashionable pieces.


The Lapel Project has created a variety of options for its customers, providing them with the ability to choose from high-quality accessories at affordable prices.

From its unique designs that reflect modern fashion trends and can create a distinct branding identity to its multiple levels of products ranging from basic pieces to more intricate ones, there is something for everyone.

Furthermore, The Lapel Project offers free shipping worldwide on all purchases which further increases affordability and allows consumers access to their collections regardless of location.

With such an expansive selection available, The Lapel Project ensures accessibility by allowing customers to find an item that best fits their needs without sacrificing quality or style.


Accessibility of accessories is an important consideration for any fashion label. The Lapel Project has worked to ensure their customers have the ability to find and purchase items that fit into their individual style and needs.

Through a variety of products, from basic to intricate pieces, as well as free worldwide shipping, The Lapel Project makes sure everyone can access quality fashion accessories at reasonable prices.

Additionally, they strive to make their collections accessible to people with color blindness or other visual impairments by increasing design contrasts and avoiding cultural appropriation in product designs.

By providing these services, The Lapel Project creates a space where no customer feels left out when shopping for accessories.

Reactions From The Sharks

The Lapel Project, a new clothing line presented at the latest episode of Shark Tank, received mixed reactions from the Sharks.

Mark Cuban was impressed by the business model and branding strategy of The Lapel Project. He praised their strategic approach to customer feedback as well as their use of social media for marketing purposes.

Barbara Corcoran had reservations about the product’s long-term potential but believed it would be successful in the short term. She also appreciated its ability to generate buzz on social media platforms and praised its low entry price point.

Robert Herjavec considered investing in The Lapel Project due to its unique design elements, specifically highlighting its stylish color palette and attention grabbing graphics.

Kevin O’Leary expressed his concern over how quickly The Lapel Project team implemented changes based on customer feedback while Daymond John felt they needed to focus more on creating value rather than chasing trends if they wanted to succeed in the long run. Both investors were interested enough in the idea that they offered individual investments pending further research into market validation and scalability options.

The presentation ended with no official deal between any shark and The Lapel Project team; however all parties remain open to future discussions and negotiations. With an innovative brand identity already established, The Lapel Project is poised for success as it continues building out its presence within the fashion industry.

Financial Backing From The Investors

The Lapel Project recently presented a business plan to the Sharks on Shark Tank, in hopes of gaining financial backing. The project has set several milestone goals that will help them achieve their ultimate goal and they hope investors can assist with providing funding sources.

One key milestone is to launch an e-commerce store for selling products such as lapel pins and custom merchandise. They are aiming to have this online shop available within three months from the initial investment. To reach this astounding accomplishment, they need assistance from venture capitalists or angel investors who can provide adequate capital based on their current growth trajectory.

In addition to launching their e-commerce store, The Lapel Project seeks to expand its presence into other countries by setting up fulfillment centers around the world. By doing so, they will be able to offer same day delivery services for customers located internationally and domestically. This could become a viable source of revenue for the company if successful but requires significant amounts of funding for infrastructure development and expansion costs.

The Lapel Project needs support from investors in order to transform these ambitious goals into tangible progressions towards success. With further investments and guidance, they believe they can take the next step forward in transforming the pin industry while creating a more efficient way of delivering products worldwide.

The Future Of The Lapel Project

The Lapel Project has made a significant impression in the minds of investors, and now it is time to consider the project’s future. With financial backing secured, the team can focus on creating an impact with their product that reaches far beyond just monetary gain.

The cultural and social implications for this innovative new clothing line are clear; not only does it provide fashionable apparel options that stand out from traditional clothing styles, but it also opens up conversations about sustainability, self-expression, and individual identity.

As part of its mission to make waves in the fashion industry, the Lapel Project seeks to use social media as a platform for marketing its products. Through strategic campaigns, interactive content creation, influencer partnerships, and targeted advertising strategies, the company aims to reach a wide range of potential customers who may be looking for something unique yet classic.

Additionally, by leveraging current trends such as streetwear and athleisure into its designs, they hope to tap into a niche market while still appealing to more established markets. With ambitious plans in place and strong support from key stakeholders such as investors and consumers alike, there is no doubt that the Lapel Project will continue to strive towards becoming even more successful than before.

By staying true to their core values of creativity and innovation while making sure every step taken aligns with these goals—from product design all the way through marketing execution—they are well equipped to take on any challenge thrown at them head-on.


The Lapel Project, spearheaded by Nick Winkelman, has come a long way since its initial pitch to the sharks. With carefully crafted design elements and durable pins, it is clear that this venture is here for the long haul.

Its accessibility ensures that people of all ages can wear these fashionable accessories with pride. Due to the overwhelming support from investors on Shark Tank, The Lapel Project now offers over 500 unique designs worldwide – an impressive 800% increase in products since their appearance on the show.

The future looks bright for The Lapel Project; not only does it continue to offer world-class fashion accessories at great prices, but also provides people of all backgrounds with a sense of connection and belonging through shared interests and values. It’s no wonder why The Lapel Project continues to be one of the leading providers of lapel pin accessories today!

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