The Natural Grip Shark Tank Update

The Natural Grip, an innovative fitness product company, recently appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank. Founded by two fitness entrepreneurs, this business is already making waves in the health and wellness industry.

This article provides an update about the progress of The Natural Grip since its airing on Shark Tank.

The Natural Grip has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes for their unique take on exercise equipment. They offer a range of products from wrist wraps to weightlifting gloves that are made with superior quality materials and craftsmanship.

With a focus on customer service and providing exceptional value to customers, they have become one of the most sought-after brands in the health and wellness space.

History Of The Natural Grip

The Natural Grip is a company founded in 2011 that produces athletic tape and wraps for athletes. It has quickly become one of the leading brands within the industry, due to its innovative product designs and customer-focused approach.

The origin of the product began when founder Nick Holanek was inspired by his own experience as an athlete with skin irritation from traditional athletic tapes. He created an alternative option using natural rubber latex which improved comfort for athletes while maintaining security during physical activity. This innovation started a trend among other companies in the industry, who followed suit and developed similar products.

In addition to being popular among athletes, The Natural Grip’s products have been featured on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank where it gained recognition from some of America’s most successful entrepreneurs. During this time, they demonstrated their commitment to making quality products accessible to everyone regardless of gender or ability level.

Their appearance also solidified them as a leader in the market, showing potential customers how confident they are about their product performance and design capabilities.

Since then, The Natural Grip continues to set themselves apart through their dedication to research and development which allows them to stay ahead of industry trends while providing reliable solutions for those participating in contact sports or activities requiring physical exertion.

They remain focused on creating new ways to make exercising safer and more convenient without sacrificing support or protection offered by traditional methods. By following these principles, The Natural Grip is well positioned to continue offering high-quality athletic gear that meets the needs of all types of athletes around the world.

Unique Products Offered

The natural grip company offers customers an array of unique products. Using innovative designs and customizable options, the options are nearly limitless.

To begin with, the natural grip team has created a wide range of colorful exercise grips that can be used to target specific areas or muscles in the body.

Additionally, they offer specialized wrist bands for better gripping power during workouts as well as custom-made gloves designed specifically for weightlifting and strength training exercises.

Furthermore, they provide resistance bands tailored to target different muscle groups such as glutes, chest, back, arms, shoulders etc., adjustable ankle straps for more intense leg workouts along with foam rollers which help improve flexibility and posture by loosening knots in tight muscles due to stress or physical activity.

For people looking for a convenient storage solution for when not in use, The Natural Grip also provides mesh bags for all its products.

These items have become popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike who understand the importance of using quality equipment while exercising. With these items being both affordable and versatile enough to accommodate any kind of workout routine – from yoga sessions to CrossFit classes – it’s no wonder why Natural Grip is becoming increasingly sought out by many!

Superior Quality Materials And Craftsmanship

The Natural Grip has developed innovative designs to provide superior quality materials and craftsmanship.

The team of engineers at the company have crafted a variety of tools using high tech materials, resulting in products that are durable yet lightweight.

Each item is manufactured with precision and attention to detail, ensuring they can handle even the toughest tasks without breaking or becoming damaged.

By combining cutting-edge technology with traditional techniques, The Natural Grip enables customers to enjoy a unique experience every time they use their products.

This includes grip strength testers, weightlifting bars, and other workout accessories designed for maximum comfort and performance.

All these items come with a lifetime warranty so users can rest assured knowing their investment will last them years down the line.

In addition to providing an unrivaled level of quality, The Natural Grip also offers unbeatable customer service.

Their knowledgeable staff members are available 24/7 for any questions or concerns customers may have about their purchases.

With such dedication to excellence, it’s no wonder why The Natural Grip continues to receive rave reviews from its loyal fan base.

Focus On Customer Service

The Natural Grip has seen success in its customer engagement and relationship building initiatives. Focusing on innovative solutions to meet the needs of their customers, they have made strides towards becoming a major player in the Shark Tank space.

Their strategy includes developing relationships with influencers who can then help promote their product and share their story among potential customers.

To further enhance customer experience, The Natural Grip offers personalized services like one-on-one consultations and interactive online experiences for those interested in learning more about the company’s offerings. This helps build trust between The Natural Grip and its consumers by creating a sense of connection that is often lacking from larger corporate entities or competitors.

In addition to these engagement tactics, The Natural Grip also provides educational material related to the products they offer, such as informative videos or tutorials. By providing this information upfront, customers are able to make informed decisions when it comes time to decide whether or not to purchase The Natural Grip’s products.

Through these strategies, The Natural Grip continues to differentiate itself from other companies in the marketplace and create long term relationships with customers.

Appearances On Shark Tank

The natural grip, a company that manufactures and sells non-slip yoga mats and other accessories, was recently featured on the hit show Shark Tank.

The episode aired in November 2020 to much fanfare from viewers who were excited about its innovative products.

Since appearing on the show, the natural grip has seen an increase in sales due to its successful branding strategy.

They have also had success with their social media campaigns which focus on providing tips and advice for customers on how to use their products safely and effectively.

These strategies have helped them reach a larger customer base than before they appeared on Shark Tank.

For those interested in learning more about the natural grip’s products or looking for purchase options, the website is updated regularly with new information regarding upcoming releases and special offers.

Customers can also find reviews of current items available online or by visiting one of the many retailers offering these unique items throughout the US.

Media Features

The Natural Grip Shark Tank update has seen a marked increase in their online presence, with their products appearing on a range of online retail outlets.

Their social media engagement has also seen a recent surge with their Instagram followers increasing by 20% in the past month.

With their exposure increasing, The Natural Grip have further expanded their presence to Twitter, where they have seen a steady increase in engagement.

The company has now secured partnerships with some of the biggest online influencers, allowing them to further expand their reach.

Online Presence

The natural grip has become a notable presence in the online world. With an established social media presence and utilization of multiple ecommerce platforms, their reach is ever expanding.

Social media marketing campaigns have been implemented to raise brand awareness and increase customer engagement with a highly visible platform that reaches millions of people around the globe.

The company’s ability to take advantage of various e-commerce strategies such as selling directly from website, partnering with other sites for product distribution, and utilizing drop shipping services all contribute to increasing sales opportunities.

The natural grip also offers custom product design capabilities via its website allowing customers to create unique customized products tailored to fit individual needs. This feature helps generate customer loyalty by providing an opportunity for them to express themselves while still remaining faithful to the brand image.

Additionally, the site contains detailed information on each product including size options, color choices, and production details which gives potential customers confidence when making purchases or inquiring about specific items.

This combination of factors has enabled the natural grip to gain rapid growth in a relatively short time period while continuing to provide quality products and excellent service at competitive prices. As they continue adapting their business model accordingly, it is likely that there will be more success stories in store for this innovative company.

Social Media Engagement

The natural grip has achieved success by leveraging social media platforms to increase brand recognition and spur viral campaigns. Through their impressive presence on various outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube they have been able to reach out to a wide variety of customers in an effective manner.

Utilizing these platforms allows the company to build relationships with its audience while highlighting new products and promotions through interactive content that resonates with viewers.

As well as being used for marketing purposes, the natural grip’s social media accounts also serve as customer service channels where questions or concerns can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Feedback From Customers

The Natural Grip’s launch on the Shark Tank has been met with widespread enthusiasm from customers. Reviews for the product have been overwhelmingly positive, praising its simple and secure design. Many customers are commenting on how comfortable it is to use compared to other products in its category.

In terms of pricing plans, The Natural Grip offers an individual plan as well as a family/group package that includes multiple grips at a discounted rate. Customers seem satisfied with these options and appreciate having different purchasing opportunities available to them.

Overall, customer feedback regarding The Natural Grip has been extremely positive across all aspects – product reviews, pricing plans, etc. This is indicative of the company’s success since their appearance on the Shark Tank show and bodes well for future growth prospects.

Business Growth

The Natural Grip team has made impressive strides since their Shark Tank appearance, particularly in terms of business growth. Like a mighty wave surging forward, the company’s sales have seen exponential increase over recent months – with customer acquisition having multiplied by three times.

This surge was driven largely by the dynamism and innovation that flow from within the organization; each individual playing an integral role in ensuring success. Team dynamics brought about strong collaboration between members as they worked tirelessly to develop new products and markets for The Natural Grip brand.

Their efforts were rewarded when prominent sports figures began endorsing the product publicly, leading to increased public awareness and demand for it. Combined with targeted marketing strategies across multiple channels, this catapulted them into the limelight amongst both athletes and everyday consumers alike.

This remarkable journey is far from over however; evident in their commitment to maintaining a competitive edge by continuously refining existing processes while developing innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs even better. With such dedication at its helm, The Natural Grip is set to remain an industry leader for many years to come.

Expansion Into New Markets

The Natural Grip has made impressive progress in expanding into new markets since its appearance on Shark Tank. With the help of their investors, they have been able to create a global distribution network and establish relationships with retailers worldwide.

In order to do this successfully, The Natural Grip conducted extensive market research to determine which countries offered the ideal demographic for their product. As a result of these efforts, The Natural Grip products are now sold in more than 40 countries around the world.

Their presence is particularly strong in Europe and Asia where consumers appreciate their unique design and affordable price point. Furthermore, The Natural Grips’ online presence continues to grow at an exponential rate as it reaches customers across all continents who may not be able to access them locally due to limited retail availability.

In addition to increasing sales internationally, The Natural Grip continues to focus on building brand awareness through digital marketing campaigns that draw attention from potential customers around the globe. They also leverage influencers within each country so that local audiences can connect with their product more authentically.

This multi-pronged approach has proven successful over time and will continue to be used by The Natural Grip moving forward in order to maintain steady growth both domestically and abroad.

Future Plans

The Natural Grip team has a strategic vision for the future. The company’s goals are to continue creating innovative products that benefit individuals, teams and organizations in various industries through improved performance and safety.

In addition, they plan to implement effective marketing strategies to reach new customers. To meet these objectives, the team plans to use digital advertising channels such as social media, email campaigns and webinars. Additionally, they will focus on building relationships with influencers who can spread their message more effectively than traditional methods of advertising. They also want to create partnerships with other companies which could help them expand into different markets.

By focusing on developing innovative products and utilizing modern marketing techniques, The Natural Grip is aiming to become an industry leader in providing safe equipment for athletes everywhere. With this goal in mind, they hope to see steady growth over the next few years while staying true to their mission of improving performance and safety.


The Natural Grip has become a symbol of innovation and success in the sports equipment industry.

From its humble beginnings to its current growth, The Natural Grips stands out as an example of what can be achieved with hard work, dedication and passion for customer satisfaction.

Their multiple appearances on Shark Tank have helped cement their reputation for quality products backed by superior materials and craftsmanship.

As they continue to expand into new markets, it is certain that The Natural Grip will remain a leader in the field thanks to their commitment to excellence.

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