Titin After Shark Tank Update

Titin, a company founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Tyler Cage, has been gaining increasing attention and recognition for its revolutionary weight training system. The product is designed to provide the user with an adjustable weighted compression shirt that can be used to simulate gym exercises from push-ups to deadlifts.

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2016, Titin received offers of investment from four Sharks, which resulted in a $2 million deal. Since then, Titin has grown significantly due to increased funding and publicity.

With new investments and partnerships, the company developed a variety of new products such as weighted vests, shorts, and belts along with accessories like gloves and headbands. Additionally, they established retail partnerships with major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart.

As a result of these changes, Titin now reaches more than 5 million people worldwide each month through various media outlets such as print ads, television commercials, radio spots and digital marketing campaigns.

Background On Titin

Titin is an innovative design company that has created a unique system for weight distribution in clothing. Founded by CEO and former professional athlete, David Kawena, Titin seeks to revolutionize the athletic apparel industry through its patented technology.

By leveraging existing industry trends, Titin has developed a product line of garments with adjustable weights attached to strategic regions on the body. Through the use of advanced fabrics and manufacturing processes, Titin’s products are engineered to provide comfort while also enhancing performance.

The lightweight design ensures maximum movement during exercise while evenly distributing weight throughout the garment so athletes can focus solely on their fitness goals without worrying about uncomfortable or bulky equipment. Additionally, each piece is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing users to maximize their workouts regardless of location.

The result is a highly specialized garment collection designed specifically for athletes looking to take their training efforts to new heights. With its revolutionary approach to weight-distribution technology combined with up-to-date designs inspired by current fashion trends, Titin stands out as one of the leading brands in sports apparel today.

Appearing On Shark Tank

Titin was featured on Shark Tank in 2019, an opportunity that provided the company with a unique platform to demonstrate their technology.

The product is a weight-training system comprised of a shirt and set of weights specifically engineered for optimal performance enhancement.

After appearing on the show, Titin underwent rigorous product testing and customer feedback assessment to ensure they were maintaining quality standards associated with their brand.

The use of scientific studies conducted by universities such as Purdue University and Ohio State have validated the effectiveness of Titin’s products when it comes to muscle building and strength training.

The results from these studies showed that users who utilized Titin increased muscle volume up to 15% more than those using conventional weights alone.

Furthermore, participants reported improved muscular strength during workouts compared to traditional methods.

Using this data, Titin has been able to successfully refine its design process, creating new features such as adjustable straps for different body sizes and portability so athletes can train on-the-go.

As well as having an online store presence, there are now over 1000 retail stores across the US carrying Titin providing customers unparalleled access both locally and nationally.

Investment From The Sharks

After the success of appearing on Shark Tank, titin has seen an influx in investment from the Sharks. A testament to this is investor Kevin O’Leary’s comments post-show, where he noted that ‘titin was a great opportunity and one I am very happy to be part of.’ His enthusiasm echoes across all of the other investors who have offered up their support for titin.

To understand why these investors are so keen to invest in titin, it helps to consider their investment strategy and return expectations. In an effort to maximize returns, they scrutinize each deal carefully before deciding whether or not it should receive funding. When looking at titin specifically, they saw its potential as a long-term venture with high upside and decided that the risk associated with such an investment would be well worth taking.

The fact that titin received unanimous backing from the Sharks serves as further proof that investments in innovative products can offer dividends beyond imagination if done right.

With their capital injection and mentorship, titin stands poised to take advantage of what could be yet another lucrative venture for them; only time will tell how successful this particular endeavor turns out to be.

Expansion Of Product Offerings

Since appearing on Shark Tank, titin has experienced a tremendous growth in its customer base. This success can be attributed to the company’s focus on product diversification and an emphasis on providing high-quality goods that offer value for money.

By introducing new products into the market, titin has been able to foster brand loyalty amongst existing customers while simultaneously attracting new ones. In addition to expanding their range of clothing items, titin also offers accessories such as bags, hats and sunglasses which are designed with attention to detail and crafted using quality materials.

The company has also invested heavily into marketing efforts; deploying strategies such as social media campaigns which have helped them reach even more potential customers. Overall, titin’s expansion of product offerings since appearing on Shark Tank shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

With continued investment into research and development, this successful business is sure to continue growing for years to come.

Retail Partnerships

Following the expansion of product offerings, titin has sought to build retail partnerships in order to bring their products closer to their customers. By leveraging existing retail channels and e-commerce platforms, titin aims to further enhance its visibility and gain access to a larger customer base.

This type of strategic partnership enables titin to increase brand awareness and share knowledge about their personalized apparel with potential buyers. Additionally, it allows them to take advantage of cross promotion opportunities between brands that could benefit both parties involved.

Moreover, titin has made an effort to collaborate with fitness influencers in order to spread awareness about their product range. Through this marketing strategy they can reach out directly to target audiences as well as generate more engagement within the community by leveraging the followership of popular influencers.

This includes organizing events such as workouts or seminars that allow people interested in health and wellness activities get introduced to the titin brand while having fun at the same time:

  • Creating interactive content like Q&A sessions where influencers provide advice on sports nutrition
  • Offering exclusive discounts for loyal followers
  • Organizing giveaways through social media accounts
  • Developing joint campaigns where influencers promote specific items from the collection

By investing resources into building these relationships, titin is able to establish itself as an authority figure within its niche market without compromising its core values. As a result, titin continues expanding its reach beyond traditional advertising methods making it easier for consumers discover new ways of living healthier lifestyles with quality apparel designed specifically for them.

Global Reach And Awareness

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, titin has expanded globally. The company continues to focus on product localization as it explores new international markets. This has been achieved through a variety of methods, including research and development of localized products, strategic partnerships with local retailers, and influencer marketing campaigns tailored for specific countries or regions.

Additionally, the brand is leveraging digital platforms to maximize global reach and awareness by partnering with key opinion leaders across multiple social media outlets in various countries. One example of this successful strategy includes a collaboration with an Indian-based fitness celebrity earlier this year. Through extensive promotion on their Instagram channels and other digital assets, titin experienced immense success in both sales growth and public engagement within India’s booming fitness industry.

This partnership was followed up with several additional collaborations throughout Asia which allowed titin to further expand operations into these territories while gaining invaluable market insights along the way. As part of its continued efforts to increase global recognition and sales, titin plans to continue exploring opportunities in emerging markets throughout the next few years.

By utilizing current strategies such as influencer marketing coupled with innovative tactics like product customization, titin will look to capitalize off existing trends while simultaneously creating new ones around their top-of-the-line fitness apparel line worldwide.

Print Ads And Television Commercials

Print ads come in a variety of forms including billboards, magazines, newspapers, and direct mail.

Television commercials boast a wide reach, allowing businesses to target large audiences quickly.

Advertising can be costly, but the potential benefit of increased brand awareness and customer engagement often outweighs the cost.

Print ads are often more cost effective than television for smaller businesses with a limited budget.

TV commercials are also more engaging, with motion, sound, and creative visuals to capture the viewer’s attention.

When determining an advertising budget, it is important to consider both the cost and the potential reach and effectiveness of the medium.

Types Of Print Ads

Print advertising is one of the major methods used by companies to reach a broad audience. It is also known as traditional media because it has been utilized since the early days of marketing.

There are various types of print ads available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Product placement and guerrilla marketing are two popular strategies employed in print advertisement campaigns.

Product placement involves placing a product or brand within an ad in order to gain recognition from customers. This can be done through strategic positioning on a page, including prominent locations such as the header or footer. Although this method is effective for creating awareness, it may not necessarily result in increased sales due to limited exposure unless accompanied by other promotional efforts.

Guerrilla marketing is another strategy that leverages unconventional tactics to promote products or services without spending large amounts of money. Companies often use this approach to create buzz around their brands and engage potential customers directly rather than relying solely on traditional advertising techniques such as television commercials or radio spots. Examples include street art campaigns, flash mobs, surprise giveaways, interactive games, mobile apps and more.

By engaging consumers in unique ways, businesses have greater chances of successfully increasing their visibility and gaining loyal customers who will spread word-of-mouth about their offerings. By utilizing both product placements and guerrilla marketing strategies when creating print advertisements, companies can maximize their reach while optimizing resources spent on campaign production costs – ultimately leading to increased profits over time.

Benefits Of Tv Commercials

TV commercials are also a popular form of advertisement and can be as effective in reaching target audiences as print ads. An important benefit to TV commercials is that they have the potential to reach viewers on a global scale, particularly with cable networks or streaming services. This makes them an ideal option for businesses hoping to expand their reach beyond the local area.

Additionally, companies can create targeted campaigns by selecting channels based on demographics such as age, gender, location etc., ensuring their message reaches its intended recipients more effectively than through traditional media outlets alone. Through branding strategies such as celebrity endorsements and catchy slogans, businesses can promote their products or services while engaging consumers emotionally and creating lasting impressions.

Ultimately, utilizing both print advertisements and television commercials within an advertising campaign ensures maximum exposure while remaining cost-effective over time.

Cost Of Advertising

When discussing print ads and television commercials, it is important to consider the cost of advertising.

Advertising can be a large expense for businesses, but there are ways to reduce costs without compromising effectiveness.

One way to lower expenses while still reaching an intended audience is by utilizing influencer marketing or partnering with celebrities who already have established relationships with target audiences.

Additionally, companies should focus on creating well-crafted campaigns rather than relying solely on costly branding strategies in order to maintain a budget friendly approach that yields desired results.

Finally, taking advantage of digital platforms such as social media or streaming services can often provide more affordable options when compared to traditional forms of advertisement.

Radio Spots And Digital Marketing Campaigns

Following the successful appearance of titin on Shark Tank, a variety of branding strategies have been developed to maximize audience reach.

Radio spots featuring testimonials from satisfied customers and athletes were created and broadcasted across multiple markets in order to target specific audiences. Digital marketing campaigns through social media platforms increased visibility for titin while gaining new followers. Through effective branding strategies, titin was able to appeal to both existing and potential consumer groups.

Analyzing which channels generated the most engagement with consumers allowed titin’s team to adjust their marketing tactics accordingly. The effectiveness of radio spots versus digital campaigns provided insight into how best to reach different demographics. This information enabled titin’s marketers to hone their messaging in order to better cater their products towards certain regions or interests.

As part of its efforts to promote brand recognition, titin implemented various targeted campaigns that addressed key needs within a particular market segment or demographic group.

These initiatives included specialized promotions and discounts tailored for specific groups, allowing them access previously unavailable resources at reduced costs. As a result, these branding strategies further established titin as an industry leader among its peers by catering specifically to the needs of each individual customer base.

Titin’s Impact On The Weight Training Market

Since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2016, Titin has revolutionised the weight training market with their personalised fitness tracking products. The success of the company lies in their ability to provide a unique combination of comfort and convenience for users to track performance data during exercise sessions.

Through innovative design features such as force-sensing technology embedded into garments that can be worn while exercising, Titin offers product solutions tailored specifically for athletes who are looking to measure progress over time.

Furthermore, Titin’s impact on the industry extends beyond just providing an effective way to optimize workouts; it provides consumers with real-time feedback about how their bodies are responding to each workout session. By understanding what works best for them through this personalized approach, they can make more informed decisions when planning future routines or adjusting existing ones.

This level of individualized attention is unprecedented within the weight training market and could potentially lead to improved health outcomes through better physical activity adherence overall.

Titin’s continued commitment to pushing boundaries and creating revolutionary products seeks to equip individuals with the knowledge necessary to unlock peak performance levels regardless of goals or limitations. As evidenced by the accolades given since first appearing on Shark Tank, it appears that Titin will remain at the forefront of innovation in this space for years to come.

Future Plans For Titin

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, the innovative weight training product Titin has become a popular addition to fitness trends and workout culture. With the help of investor Robert Herjavec, Titin is entering into new markets with their superior technology.

Titin’s advanced weighted vest system increases both performance and muscle activation levels for athletes by delivering resistance in a comfortable form factor that allows users to train anywhere, anytime. The patented Hydro-Gel packs increase support during workouts while providing maximum comfort for any user, regardless of size or physical limitations. In addition to this unique design feature, the gel packs are removable and reusable, allowing users to customize their own personalized weights.

Looking ahead, Titin plans to continue expanding its presence within the market through strategic partnerships and collaborations with top brands in the industry. It will focus on developing more products like accessories and apparel as well as leveraging digital platforms such as social media influencers.

By utilizing these strategies, Titin aims to build an even stronger brand identity among those who want quality gear but also value convenience when it comes to working out.


Titin has made a remarkable impact on the weight training market since its appearance in Shark Tank. After receiving an investment from the Sharks, it has been able to expand and diversify its product offerings while also entering into retail partnerships.

Furthermore, Titin’s marketing campaigns have reached heights beyond what was imagined with print ads, television commercials, radio spots, and digital media all playing key roles in their success story.

This incredible journey for Titin continues as they plan for even more ambitious projects that will undoubtedly revolutionize the industry like never before. In short, Titin has achieved ‘monumental’ progress since being featured on Shark Tank and there is no doubt that this success streak is only getting started!

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