Top 15 Carhartt Competitors

The automotive industry is highly competitive and rapidly evolving.

Carhartt, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of workwear and outdoor apparel, faces stiff competition from a range of other companies producing similar products.

This article reviews the top fifteen competitors to Carhartt in terms of market share, quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction ratings.

The review provides an overview of how each company matches up against Carhartt in these areas and offers insights into which ones are most likely to succeed or fail as they battle for market dominance.


Dickies is a leading international brand of workwear and street style apparel, known for their diverse range of styles. The company has been in business since 1922 and manufactures its products to be highly durable yet comfortable.

Their core product line consists of hard-wearing pants, shirts, jackets and overalls that are designed to stand up to the toughest conditions at work or on the go. They also offer a wide selection of accessories such as caps, socks and bags.

The materials used by Dickies are second-to-none when it comes to durability; they use fabrics like twill, cotton canvas and ripstop nylon for superior strength and long-lasting wearability. Additionally, many of their designs feature Cordura® fabric technology which offers increased protection against abrasions and tears.

In terms of styling, Dickies provides an extensive collection with something for everyone – from classic workwear classics to modern urban looks. Their clothing is available in men’s, women’s and youth sizes so you can find just the right fit whether you’re looking for everyday comfort or rugged outdoor performance.

From head-to-toe coverage in all manner of colors and prints, this is one label that knows how to deliver quality with style. As such, Dickies remains a popular choice among workers who demand reliable quality coupled with stylish design options.

Red Kap

Red Kap is a company that specializes in making workwear and uniforms for a variety of industries, from automotive to hospitality. Their products are renowned for their excellent quality, durability and comfort.

Red Kap’s competitors in the automotive industry include Carhartt, Dickies, Bulwark, Workrite, Walls, Berne, Walls FR, Ariat, Blaklader, KNG, VF Imagewear, Berne Apparel, Horace Small, and UniFirst. These competitors offer similar products and quality to Red Kap, making the automotive marketplace highly competitive.

Red Kap Products

Red Kap products have been a leader in the workwear industry for many years, and they are still very popular today. Red Kaps’ style choices offer plenty of options when it comes to selecting clothing that will not only protect you from dirt and grime on the job but also provide modern fashion trends to match your personal style.

The company offers several different collections including Industrial Workwear, Automotive Uniforms, Chef Wear, Flame Resistant Apparel, and Hi-Viz Safety Wear.

The competition for Red Kap is growing steadily as more companies enter the market with their own unique offerings. A few of its biggest competitors include Carhartt, Dickies, Bulwark FR Clothing, Walls Industries Work Gear, Wolverine Boots & Shoes and Caterpillar Footwear among others.

All of these brands provide popular styles at competitive prices while offering features such as flame resistance or waterproofing depending on the needs of the customer.

For those looking for quality workwear solutions with stylish design choices, Red Kap has plenty to choose from. They continue to be a leader in providing fashionable yet functional apparel that can withstand even the toughest working conditions while remaining comfortable throughout long shifts.

With so many other great brands available now too though, there’s sure to be something out there worth considering no matter what kind of work environment you’re facing each day.

Red Kap Quality

Red Kap is renowned for its quality workwear that provides protection from dirt and grime on the job. Products are made of durable fabrics for long-lasting performance and there are styles to match any personal preferences. The company also offers features such as flame resistance or waterproofing, depending on customer needs.

In comparison with other brands in the market, Red Kap garments provide superior durability against abrasions and wear over time while maintaining their protective properties. Furthermore, they offer a range of options when it comes to comfort due to their lightweight designs without compromising on safety standards.

It is clear that Red Kap has put considerable effort into creating products that meet both demands of style and function, making them the go-to choice for many workers across multiple industries.

Carhartt Wip

After discussing the workwear styles of Red Kap, we now turn our attention to Carhartt WIP.

Carhartt WIP is like a phoenix rising out of the ashes; it has taken on an entire new life and appeal that continues to draw in customers from around the world. It has become a powerhouse in the apparel industry, bringing together its signature blue-collar heritage with modern streetwear influences to create something special.

In only two decades since its inception, Carhartt WIP has managed to captivate the hearts of fans with their unique blend of workwear styles and outdoor apparel. The company’s commitment to quality construction ensures that all pieces are designed for durability as well as style.

Their products have been spotted on celebrities such as Rihanna and Drake, proving just how popular these items have become among fashion aficionados everywhere. Notable collaborations include those with A Bathing Ape, Neighborhood and Vans – each one further pushing boundaries within both form and function. This makes them stand out from other competitors who may not be able to offer the same level of innovation or design detail when creating similar garments.

Carhartt WIP sets itself apart by embracing current trends while staying true to its roots, making sure no piece ever looks too overstated or understated but always timelessly elegant – even if it’s just a simple T-shirt bearing their logo emblem. The brand offers much more than basic denim jackets and jeans; they also provide accessories such as bags, hats and scarves which can complete any look nicely yet still maintain a rugged aesthetic.

They truly understand what today’s customer wants: stylish clothing that will last beyond seasonal trends without losing its charm along the way.


Columbia has made its name as a leader in the outdoor apparel space, with their focus on providing quality products that are built to last. With sustainable production at the forefront of the company’s mission statement, Columbia produces clothing and gear that is designed for long-term use so customers can enjoy their purchases for years to come.

In regards to retail marketing, Columbia focuses heavily on digital and social media presence as well as strategic partnerships with other leading brands and influencers. The company also invests in research and development to stay ahead of competitor trends while continuing to grow its market share each year.

In terms of product offerings, Columbia offers everything from casual wear such as t-shirts and sweatshirts to more technical pieces like waterproof jackets and insulated winter layers. Their selection caters not only to outdoor enthusiasts but everyday consumers who want clothes that look good and perform even better.

All Columbia garments incorporate advanced technologies such as Omni-Heat Retention System™, which helps keep wearers warm during cold weather activities; Omni-Shade UPF 50 Sun Protection fabric shields against damaging UV rays; water repellent finishes help keep people dry in wet conditions; and reflective details make sure they’re seen when visibility is low.

The brand’s commitment to innovation has been instrumental in keeping them competitive in what is now an increasingly crowded marketplace. Whether it’s introducing new fabrics or refining existing ones, Columbia continues to be one step ahead by creating high performance products that meet customer needs without sacrificing style.

Duluth Trading Company

  1. Duluth Trading Company is a premier purveyor of quality apparel, designed to provide a superior level of comfort and durability.

  2. The company is renowned for its robust guarantee of quality construction, promising to replace any garment that fails to meet its standards.

  3. As one of the top 15 Carhartt competitors, Duluth Trading Company offers a wide range of apparel designed to fulfill the needs of everyday life.

  4. With the quality of the garments, combined with the durability guarantee, Duluth Trading Company is a trusted source for apparel for outdoor activities, workwear and more.

Quality Apparel

When it comes to quality apparel, Duluth Trading Company is a key player in the market. Their commitment to ethical sourcing and eco-friendly fabrics make them stand out from other brands that focus solely on aesthetic design or value pricing. Through their clear mission statement and detailed product descriptions, customers know that they are investing in garments that have been built with care and thoughtfully sourced materials.

Carhartt is one of the leading competitors for Duluth Trading Company. Carhartt’s main focus has always been creating durable workwear for active lifestyles and consistently delivering reliable products at fair prices. They also offer a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit all body types, as well as an array of colors so everyone can find something they love.

Additionally, Carhartt continues to expand its sustainability efforts by using recycled fibers when possible while also integrating organic cotton into their collections each season.

Overall, both companies share many similarities yet there remain distinct differences which set them apart; such as commitment to providing sustainable options, range of sizing/styles available, durability warranties and more.

Despite these distinctions between brands, both companies continue to provide exceptional quality clothing meant for long lasting wear.

Durability Guarantee

It is well known that the garments produced by Duluth Trading Company are of excellent quality and durability. This excellence in construction also extends to their product warranties, which guarantee repair or replacement for items deemed defective in craftsmanship or materials within one year from purchase.

Furthermore, many of their products feature heavy-duty double-needle stitching along with reinforced stress points and water resistant fabrics that make them highly durable against wear and tear even under tough outdoor conditions. In comparison to other brands, these features ensure a higher level of ruggedness and longevity than those featuring lighter weight fabrics or single needle stitching methods.

These qualities make the clothing offered by this company an optimal choice for individuals seeking apparel designed to withstand harsh weather elements and provide long lasting comfort over time.

Helly Hansen

In stark contrast to the previous section, Helly Hansen offers a unique look into outdoor protection and waterproof technology. Employing groundbreaking techniques of both fashion and function, the Norwegian brand is an exceptional choice for those seeking modern apparel that stands up to any weather conditions.

The company’s dedication to weather-proof technology dates back over 140 years; their first product was a rubberized fabric with cotton lining developed in 1877. Since then, Helly Hansen has pioneered many advances in this field, including breathable fabrics and improved insulation materials which allow wearers to stay warm and dry no matter what activities they may be engaging in.

For anyone looking for reliable clothing options on their next adventure or merely fashionable garments designed to protect them from the elements, Helly Hansen provides:

  • Windproof jackets
  • Quick drying pants
  • Durable footwear
  • Water repellent fabrics
  • Ultra light down jackets perfect for layering during cold temperatures.

Helly Hansen guarantees satisfaction through its products’ performance, style, fit and durability – making it truly one of the top carhartt competitors out there today.

Carhartt Force

Carhartt Force is a well-known name in the realm of automotive engineering. Known for its quality and durable products, Carhartt has become one of the top 15 competitors worldwide. The company offers affordable pricing on all their products, while also offering excellent customer service to ensure satisfaction with any purchase.

When looking at similar companies in the same space, there are many that offer comparable prices and services. These include Dickies Workwear, Walls Industries, Red Kap Automotive Apparel, Berne Apparel Co., Bulwark Protective Apparel, Blaklader USA Inc., Big Bill Industrial Wearables and others. All these companies provide reliable apparel but differ slightly when it comes to pricing and customer service.

Company Affordable Pricing Customer Service
Dickies Workwear 4/5 5/5
Walls Industries 3/5 4/5
Red Kap Automotive Apparel 5/5 4/5
Berne Apparel Co. 3/5 2/5
Bulwark Protective Apparel 4/5 5/5
Blaklader USA Inc. 3/5 3/5

Accordingly, customers should take into account such factors as affordability and customer service when shopping around for automotive apparel solutions from competing brands like Carhartt Force. Factors such as product durability should also be considered before making a decision in order to make sure the item lasts longer than expected under normal wear and tear conditions. With careful consideration of all aspects involved, customers can find an option that meets their needs without breaking their budget or compromising quality standards set by industry giants like Carhartt Force.

Timberland Pro

Echoing the presence of steel-toed boots since its inception in 1973, Timberland Pro stands as a giant among giants.

With a style that transcends time and trends, this brand is no stranger to hard work or comfort.

Its lightweight fabrics, coupled with rugged styling make it an ideal choice for those looking for quality and longevity.

The level of craftsmanship employed by Timberland Pro does not go unnoticed – each pair of footwear is designed to withstand the rigors of any job site while still providing superior support and breathability.

The use of premium leathers, metals and textiles ensure durability without sacrificing aesthetics.

In addition to their various lines of shoes, they also offer apparel made from waterproof materials such as Gore-Tex® fabric technology which provides maximum protection against moisture and wind chill.

Whether you’re braving cold winter days on the jobsite or enjoying summer activities outdoors, Timberland Pro has something for everyone’s needs.

Carhartt Work In Progress

Carhartt Work In Progress is a popular workwear brand, but there are other alternatives in the market.

Dickies, Red Kap, Dickies Pro, Ben Davis, Walls, Wrangler, Berne, Bulwark, Lee, Carhartt, Timberland Pro, Maglificio Ripa, KingGee, and FR Clothing are all well-known brands in the workwear industry that compete with Carhartt Work In Progress.

All of these brands offer quality clothing and accessories that are designed to be durable and comfortable.

In terms of price, each of these brands offer competitive prices when compared to Carhartt Work In Progress.

Additionally, each brand has an extensive selection of styles and colors to choose from.

Therefore, it is essential to consider all factors when selecting workwear and compare brands to find the best option.


Dickies is one of the top competitors to Carhartt Work In Progress. It is a workwear company that has been around for over 90 years, and its clothing line is known for its durability and style.

When it comes to outdoor wear, Dickies offers jackets, overalls, shirts, jeans, shorts and accessories all designed with comfort in mind. The items are made from strong materials such as cotton twill and canvas so they last longer than typical work clothes. They also feature double-stitched seams for added strength which make them ideal for those who need durable garments that can withstand tough working conditions.

Furthermore, their stylish designs provide plenty of options when it comes to finding an outfit suitable for any job or occasion. With all these features combined, Dickies provides customers with great value while still offering quality apparel at competitive prices.

As a result, many people have chosen this brand over other leading names in the industry to get the best products available on the market today.

Carhartt Wip

Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) is a popular brand of workwear that takes its design cues from streetwear. It has been around since 1994 and has since become one of the most popular names in the industry for its modern styling, use of quality materials, and influence from urban fashion trends.

The pieces offered by Carhartt WIP are designed to combine both comfort and style while providing durability without sacrificing aesthetics. With their emphasis on fit and attention to detail, they provide an ideal balance between functionality and fashion appeal.

The range includes jackets, overalls, shirts, jeans, shorts and accessories all made with strong fabrics such as cotton twill or canvas for added strength. Furthermore, many garments feature double-stitching along seams for superior wear resistance even under tough working conditions.

Their unique designs also offer plenty of options when it comes to finding an outfit suitable for any job or occasion. In addition to delivering great value at competitive prices, Carhartt WIP provides customers with stylish apparel that can be worn anywhere from the office to outdoor events.

This makes them well suited for those who need functional clothing with a contemporary look that will help them stand out from the crowd.

Red Kap

Red Kap is another well-known brand of workwear that has been around since 1923. It offers quality clothing for both men and women designed to provide comfort, protection and style during a variety of activities.

Its garments are made from industrial grade fabrics such as poly/cotton blends which offer superior durability while also being eco-friendly in their production process.

Furthermore, Red Kap provides competitive price points compared to other brands, making it an attractive option for those on a budget who still want high quality apparel.

With its wide range of styles and colors available, Red Kap can fulfill the needs of any worker looking for durable yet stylish attire.

Walls Industries

Following Carhartt Work In Progress is Walls Industries, a company that specializes in outdoor workwear.

Starting as a small family business in the 1950s and now grown to one of the top 15 Carhartt competitors worldwide, Walls has made its name by offering superior quality garments for any job – from farm work to construction sites.

The company’s pioneering waterproofing technology ensures their clothes are highly durable and protective against harsh weather conditions. Additionally, their stretch fabric allows maximum movement while providing comfort throughout working hours.

The distinctive feature of Walls’ clothing line is that it offers an extensive selection of apparel appropriate for every season, allowing customers to find exactly what they need regardless of climate or temperature changes.

Their products range from lightweight jackets to heavy-duty bib overalls and denim jeans with reinforced seams. All items come equipped with features such as adjustable straps and deep pockets designed specifically for keeping tools safe on the job site.

With over sixty years experience manufacturing high performance outerwear, Walls Industries continues to produce dependable gear suited for all kinds of occupations, environments and climates.

With reliable fabrics and advanced technologies incorporated into their designs, you can trust their apparel will provide long lasting protection at your workplace no matter the circumstances.


The global market for workwear suppliers is competitive and dynamic. Companies like Dickies, Red Kap, Carhartt WIP, Columbia, Duluth Trading Company, Carhartt Force, Timberland Pro and Carhartt Work In Progress are all leading contenders in the race to be the most popular choice of workwear among consumers.

For example, a case study examining the success of Carhartt’s workwear line found that its unique blend of durability and comfort gave it an edge over other competing brands on the market. This allowed them to take a commanding lead in sales which they have maintained since their introduction into the industry.

Overall, it can be seen that these top 15 competitors offer various quality products at varying price points, allowing buyers to find just what they need without breaking their budget. By understanding each company’s specialties as well as their strengths and weaknesses relative to one another, purchasers will be able to make informed decisions about what type of workwear best suits their individual needs.

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