Trunkster Shark Tank Update

Trunkster, a revolutionary piece of luggage that has been featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank, is taking the world by storm. Through their unique zipperless design and built-in USB charging port, they have made traveling easier than ever before.

This article will discuss the product’s success since its appearance on Shark Tank, as well as what lies ahead for this innovative company.

Since being pitched to the Sharks in 2015, Trunkster has seen unparalleled growth. The founders were offered an investment deal with Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec that valued their business at $1 million dollars.

Since then, the team behind Trunkster has continued to improve upon their initial concept: creating multiple sizes of their signature suitcase and introducing new features such as RFID blocking material and a removable battery pack specifically designed for travelers.

With these improvements, along with rave reviews from customers around the globe, it’s no wonder why Trunkster is quickly becoming one of the most popular travel products today.

The Pitch To Shark Tank

The founders of Trunkster, a luggage startup, entered the Shark Tank on January 15th with an ambitious goal: to revolutionize the travel industry. They asked for an investment that would give them the capital needed to launch their product and gain brand recognition in the market.

The entrepreneurs had designed a suitcase tailored to fit travelers’ needs and expand functionality through smart features. Their pitch emphasized how traditional luggage companies were failing to address customer wants and issues such as weight restrictions and inconvenient compartments.

To illustrate this point, they showcased some of Trunkster’s unique features including its digital scale which allows users to easily track bag weight before arriving at the airport and its zip-around closure system allowing access from any angle without having to unzip completely or rummage around inside. These small changes added up to major improvements in convenience and value for customers.

The Sharks showed enthusiasm for Trunkster’s innovative approach, recognizing it could become a leader in the space if properly funded. Although negotiations remain ongoing, all signs indicate that a deal is close – one that will undoubtedly open many doors for Trunkster on its mission towards becoming an iconic part of modern day travel.

Lori Greiner And Robert Herjavec’s Investment

The pitch to Shark Tank had been a success and Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec were ready to invest in Trunkster.

After an in-depth analysis of the company, they agreed that it was worth investing in with its potential for growth.

They decided to invest $1 million dollars into the business with their own private funds.

The two investors also discussed security implications when making this investment as there are risks involved in any venture capital investment.

Greiner and Herjavec took additional steps to ensure their investments would be secure by examining Trunkster’s financial reports, management plans, legal documents, marketing strategies and other relevant information.

Both investors felt confident about the decisions they made after performing due diligence and researching all aspects of the business model.

Through their investment, Greiner and Herjavec provided not only monetary support but mentorship opportunities for Trunkster’s executive team.

By leveraging their expertise within the industry, both investors will provide guidance on how to navigate difficult situations while growing the company’s presence worldwide.

With access to these resources, Trunkster is well positioned for future success.

Trunkster’s Innovative Design

Trunkster has revolutionized the travel industry with its innovative design. The company is dedicated to providing travelers with a secure, convenient and modern luggage experience.

For added peace of mind, Trunkster features built-in security measures as well as digital tracking capabilities to track luggage throughout a user’s journey. The exterior of the trunkster bag is made from premium grade materials that are lightweight yet highly durable for long lasting use. It also includes an integrated TSA approved lock system which allows users to quickly and conveniently secure their belongings in the event of theft or misplaced items while traveling.

Additionally, Trunkster offers advanced digital tracking technology that tracks each individual piece of luggage via GPS so it can be easily located if lost or stolen during transit. This feature provides increased safety and assurance for travelers who may not have access to their bags at all times due to busy schedules or airport delays.

Ultimately, this cutting edge design helps make air travel easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Different Sizes Available

Trunkster’s innovative design has revolutionized the way travelers carry their luggage. With its sleek, modern look and thoughtful features like built-in weight scales for weighing bags before check-in, Trunkster is a must-have in any traveler’s arsenal.

But it doesn’t stop there – now available in different sizes to cater to all kinds of travel needs, Trunkster offers luxury options with extra features that give users even more control over how they get around.

The smallest size packs enough room for two days’ worth of clothing and other necessities while still being small enough to fit overhead on planes or under bus seats.

The medium size adds an additional 25% capacity without sacrificing much of the portability that makes Trunkster so popular.

Finally, the largest version provides 50% more space than the original while still fitting as a piece of checked luggage at most major airlines and keeping your belongings secure during transit.

These varying sizes are great for those who need just a bit more storage when traveling, whether you’re packing light for a weekend jaunt or taking everything but the kitchen sink on an extended vacation abroad.

Each bag also comes with plenty of organizational pockets and compartments along with TSA approved locks for added peace of mind no matter where your journey takes you.

Whether looking for something lightweight and convenient or luxurious and spacious, Trunkster has got you covered at every turn!

Features Such As Rfid Blocking Material

As the saying goes, “Forewarned is forearmed”. Trunkster has incorporated a feature that provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind to its customers; RFID blocking material. This special fabric prevents hackers from accessing any personal information stored in passports or credit cards using radio frequency identification technology. The RFID protection available on Trunkster suitcases also helps protect against identity theft by keeping important data safe.

The battery life of these bags is also noteworthy. As it can be used up to three months without needing a recharge, users don’t have to worry about running out of power while they are traveling with their suitcase connected to GPS.

Furthermore, the integrated tracking system allows owners to track down their bag if it gets lost during transit with real-time updates showing its location at all times.

Trunkster’s RFID blocking material and long lasting battery make this suitcase stand out among other competitors as one of the most secure pieces of luggage for travelers today. It offers customers piece of mind knowing that their belongings are well protected when going on trips so they can enjoy more time away and less worry about safety issues associated with baggage handling.

Removable Battery Pack

Trunkster, the luggage company that appeared on Shark Tank recently, has a unique feature that sets it apart from other competitors – the removable battery pack. This technology allows users to easily remove and replace their own batteries without having to rely on customer service for assistance.

The lithium-ion battery is conveniently stored in a compartment located at the bottom of the suitcase and provides up to 6 hours of charging time when fully charged. It’s rechargeable using any wall outlet or USB port, making it ideal for travelers who spend long amounts of time away from home. Additionally, its convenient size makes it easy to carry around and use wherever needed.

Overall, Trunkster offers an innovative solution for those looking for reliable power source while travelling. Its price point is relatively low compared to similar products on the market and customers will appreciate not needing to pay extra fees for customer service help with battery replacements.

Furthermore, some key features offered by Trunkster include:

  • Removable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Up To 6 Hours of Charging Time
  • Rechargeable Using Any Wall Outlet Or USB Port
  • Convenient Size For Easy Storage And Transport
  • Relatively Low Price Point Compared To Competitors

Trunkster’s removable battery pack is an attractive option for anyone seeking convenience while traveling as well as peace of mind knowing they have access to reliable power sources during times of need.

Traveling Made Easier

Trunkster, the company that appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2019, has revolutionized the way people travel. The smart luggage is designed with digital storage and a host of other features to make traveling easier.

With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, Trunkster provides travelers with an unprecedented level of convenience when it comes to packing for trips.

The zippers on Trunkster have been replaced with TSA approved latches that open from either side, allowing users to gain quick access to their items without needing assistance from airline personnel or having to take everything out of their bag at security checkpoints.

Additionally, each piece of luggage is equipped with built-in scales so that users can easily measure how much they are packing before they even reach the airport. This allows them to avoid any surprises when checking bags into flights due to weight restrictions.

A notable feature of Trunkster is its digital lock system which uses Bluetooth technology. This means that users never need worry about losing their keys as all they need do is use the associated app on their phone or tablet device to securely lock and unlock their suitcase whenever necessary.

What’s more, this same digital storage also stores information such as flight itineraries and hotel bookings – making life easier for those who constantly find themselves jetting across the globe.

All in all, Trunkster offers a convenient and stress-free way for travelers to pack up and hit the road.

Positive Customer Reviews

Trunkster, a start-up company that produces an innovative and revolutionary line of luggage, recently appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank. The episode immediately went viral after viewers were able to witness how Trunkster’s unique features offer travelers convenience and flexibility when it comes to packing their bags.

The most striking feature of Trunkster is its patented zipless closure system which allows users to open and close their suitcase with one single motion. This eliminates the need for users to fumble around with zippers or straps while trying to get them closed securely.

Additionally, Trunkster provides other important features such as a built-in digital scale and USB charging port in order to make traveling even more convenient. These innovative features have been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who appreciate the ease and convenience of using this product when they travel.

In fact, many reviewers claim that using Trunkster has made packing for trips much easier since there are no complications associated with traditional zipper closures. Furthermore, some customers report feeling more secure knowing that their belongings will remain safely stored inside their bag thanks to the zipless design of Trunkster’s closure system.

It is clear that Trunkster offers something new and different from traditional luggage products by providing travelers with greater convenience and packing flexibility than ever before. Through its progressive designs, this brand has certainly revolutionized the way people pack for trips both near and far!

Growing Popularity Worldwide

Trunkster, a luggage company that originated on the ABC hit show Shark Tank, has seen its popularity grow worldwide.

After gaining immense traction in North America, Trunkster quickly spread to other countries around the world. The startup now boasts customers from over 15 different nations with orders being shipped daily.

The success of the business is due in part to their state-of-the-art destination tracking service which allows travelers to stay informed about their package’s journey regardless of distance and location. This feature has become instrumental for those who want real time updates or peace of mind when sending parcels overseas.

In addition, Trunkster provides delivery solutions tailored specifically towards international needs such as customs clearance support and multiple shipping carriers. These features have proven invaluable for many clients while allowing Trunkster to reach a much wider audience than initially expected.

The company continues to expand its presence across continents and is looking forward to furthering its worldwide reach in 2020 and beyond.

What Lies Ahead For Trunkster

Trunkster, a luggage startup founded by two entrepreneurs in 2015, recently made an appearance on the popular television show Shark Tank. The company was seeking a $500k investment for 10% equity and pitched its ‘Zipperless’ suitcases with charging capabilities to the panel of investors. While Trunkster did not secure any funding from the Sharks, there are still other options available for funding that would help them expand their product line and reach new customers.

The success of Trunkster’s first round of suitcases has led to more ambitious plans for expansion. To achieve this goal, they will need additional capital which may come from venture capitalists or angel investors who specialize in start-ups. Additionally, crowdfunding campaigns can be used as a way to receive financial backing while also building brand recognition among consumers. Moreover, strategic partnerships with larger companies could provide even greater opportunities for growth.

Now that the concept is proven viable and successful, it is up to Trunkster’s founders to find ways to capitalize on the momentum gained from Shark Tank and bring their vision into reality through creative fundraising solutions and innovative business strategies.

By exploring all potential avenues of support – both monetary and non-monetary – Trunkster can continue its mission towards becoming a leader in smart luggage products worldwide:

  • Developing further product lines featuring new designs and features;
  • Setting up collaborations with sector experts within travel industry;
  • Pursuing sponsorships with major airlines;
  • Expanding distribution channels across multiple countries.

Going forward, these initiatives will play an important role in helping Trunkster reach beyond current customer base and become a global player in the booming market of smart luggage products.


Trunkster has been a huge success for founders Jesse Potash and Zak Williams, with their innovative design taking the luggage industry by storm.

The journey that began with Shark Tank back in 2015 continues to be an inspirational story of hard work and determination paying off.

From RFID Blocking Material to different sizes available, Trunkster has made traveling easier than ever before – all while receiving rave reviews from customers worldwide.

With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it is safe to say “the sky’s the limit” when it comes to what lies ahead for this successful company.

Through continued innovation and customer satisfaction, there is no telling just how far Trunkster will go next.

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