Voyage Air Guitar Shark Tank Update

Voyage Air Guitar is a company that recently appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, and the update concerning their venture has been highly anticipated.

This article will discuss the details of Voyage Air Guitar’s appearance on Shark Tank as well as the impacts it has had on business operations. It will also provide an overview of how this venture capital opportunity may shape the future of the company.

The popular television show Shark Tank provides small businesses with an opportunity to pitch their ideas to prominent investors in exchange for equity investments.

On March 11th, 2020, Voyage Air Guitar made its debut appearance on this show.

The company presented their innovative guitar designs which feature folding mechanisms allowing them to fit into airline carry-on bags without sacrificing sound quality or playability.

With careful consideration from the Sharks, Voyage Air Guitar was able to secure an investment deal from investor Lori Greiner.

What Is Voyage Air Guitar?

Voyage Air Guitar is a revolutionary guitar design that allows musicians to fold up their instrument into a compact size for easy storage and transport in travel cases.

The key feature of the Voyage Air Guitar is its patented folding neck, which enables the user to easily collapse both the body and neck of the instrument into a single unit.

This makes it much easier to fit inside traditional travel cases such as briefcases or backpacks without risk of damaging the instrument.

The company was founded by Jeff Cohen, an experienced musician and engineer who was inspired to create an innovative guitar design after struggling to find reliable ways of transporting his own instruments on tour.

Through extensive research and development, he eventually created the first prototype version of what would later become known as Voyage Air Guitar.

In 2012, Cohen pitched his invention on Shark Tank where he secured funding from investor Robert Herjavec, making Voyage Air Guitars one of the few businesses featured on the show to be successfully funded.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Voyage Air Guitar has continued to grow in popularity among professional and amateur musicians alike due to its unique combination of portability and sound quality.

The company now offers several different models ranging from beginner-friendly designs all the way up to professional grade guitars with superior sound capabilities.

All models are designed with convenience in mind so that users can quickly pack away their instrument when not in use or take it wherever they go without having to worry about bulky equipment taking up space during trips.

The Voyage Air Guitar Story

Voyage Air Guitar has come a long way since its beginnings in 2009. The company, founded by Jeff Cohen and Patrick Nettesheim, set out with ambitious goals of revolutionizing the music industry through their innovative guitar technology.

Their product was featured on Shark Tank in 2012; following this appearance, Voyage Air Guitar saw an influx of sales that allowed them to expand into new markets throughout the United States and abroad.

The success of Voyage Air Guitar is due in part to their patented folding-neck design, which allows for easy transport without compromising sound quality or playability. This one-of-a-kind design eliminates string buzzing and provides more stability than traditional guitars – making it ideal for gigging musicians who need to travel frequently.

Additionally, their guitars feature a variety of high-end components including solid spruce tops and mahogany bodies.

Today, Voyage Air Guitar produces both acoustic and electric models as well as accessories such as straps, cases, and pickups. With dealerships across the globe, they have become a leader in the world of portable instruments – providing musicians everywhere with reliable products at competitive prices.

Their commitment to innovation continues to drive them forward towards achieving their original mission: make playing music easier on the go!

Why Was Voyage Air Guitar On Shark Tank?

Voyage Air Guitar made an appearance on Shark Tank in order to promote their innovative design and unique features. Founded by David Nordschow, the company offers compact travel guitars that can be folded up for easy transportability.

The idea of a folding guitar came from years of traveling across the country with his own instruments; he noticed that traditional acoustic guitars were too cumbersome to take along easily. The Voyage-Air Guitar is designed with portability in mind, featuring a patented hinge system allowing it to fold into itself like a suitcase when not in use.

It also includes locking mechanisms which keep the neck stable and secure during play or travel. Additionally, its slim body allows the instrument to fit inside overhead compartments on planes without issue.

In order to make sure the sound quality was still comparable to other conventional models, Voyage Air used a select grade spruce top combined with mahogany back and sides for maximum resonance and tone projection. This combination ensures that even though the shape has been altered significantly, players are still able to produce full sounding notes regardless of playing style.

Who Are The Sharks?

The hit television show Shark Tank has brought business owners of all types to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of investors. One such company is Voyage Air Guitar, which appeared on the show in 2013. But why was this guitar manufacturer chosen for an appearance on the program?

Voyage Air Guitar produces specialized guitars that can fold into themselves and be carried as luggage. This unique design allows musicians traveling by plane or car to transport their instruments without having to worry about extra costs due to size restrictions. The product had already gained recognition before appearing on Shark Tank, but it was hoped that an investment from one of the “sharks” would help take the company to the next level.

The panel of sharks who heard and evaluated Voyage Air Guitar’s presentation consisted of Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John and Mark Cuban. Each shark brings his or her own experience and expertise to the table when making decisions about potential investments:

  • Robert Herjavec is a technology entrepreneur with decades of success building companies from scratch.

  • He is known for his willingness to invest in innovative products that still need development assistance before they are ready for market.

  • Lori Greiner is well-known for being able to spot trends in consumer goods and make smart investments accordingly; she often focuses on items related to home organization, beauty products, and tech gadgets.

  • She is especially interested in helping people launch their own businesses within those categories.

  • Kevin O’Leary specializes in digital media ventures; he looks at how companies use technology to increase sales while minimizing overhead costs like marketing budgets and staff salaries.

  • His long history as a successful investor makes him attractive to entrepreneurs hoping for guidance beyond just financial support.

  • Daymond John uses his experience as founder of FUBU clothing line to evaluate whether investments will have staying power across multiple markets or if they are merely fads that won’t last longer than a season or two.

  • He also provides mentorship opportunities so startups don’t miss out on important details needed for success down the road.

  • Finally there’s Mark Cuban who often takes chances on young entrepreneurs despite not always understanding the technical aspects behind their projects – instead he pays close attention to passion and enthusiasm levels among founders during presentations.

With these five different perspectives coming together around Voyage Air Guitar’s request for funding sources, it remains unclear what decision was ultimately made regarding the company’s future plans and growth trajectory.

What Was The Investment Deal?

The bright lights of the studio, anticipation in the air and a sense of purpose – these were all present during Voyage Air Guitar’s pitch on Shark Tank. The company had come prepared to showcase their innovative product: an affordable, portable guitar that could be folded up into its own carrying case for easy travel and storage. But what made this venture so special was not just innovation but also strong marketing strategy and shrewd product launch.

Voyage Air Guitar’s presentation kicked off with an impressive video showcasing their foldable instrument as well as famed musician Marty Schwartz playing it. This powerful demonstration immediately caught the attention of the Sharks who proceeded to ask questions about sales figures and market segmentation strategies among others.

In response, Voyage Air Guitar outlined how they had used digital media campaigns both domestically and internationally to great effect and even gave details about their pricing structure which entailed offering discounts for bulk purchases from music stores or other retailers.

When asked by one of the Sharks why some people might choose them over competitors like Fender or Taylor Guitars, Voyage Air Guitar confidently noted that along with affordability their unique selling point lay in portability – something that neither Fender nor Taylor could offer at such price points.

With this compelling argument, four out of five sharks decided to invest in Voyage Air Guitar giving them a total valuation of $2 million dollars; a figure more than double what they initially requested! It marked a huge success story for the up-and-coming startup proving once again that ingenuity combined with clever products can go far.

What Are The Benefits Of The Investment?

The investment deal between Voyage Air Guitar and the Shark Tank investors was an advantageous one for both parties. The company received a $300,000 injection of capital in exchange for a 15% stake in their business. This cash flow allowed the company to expand their production facilities while allowing them to maintain majority control over their operations.

In addition, this gave them access to further resources such as mentorship from the Sharks that can help drive success long-term. For the Sharks, this provided an opportunity to gain exposure into a unique instrument market with a potentially high rate of return on their investment if successful. It also offered them the chance to increase their wealth through the potential rise in market share that could occur should Voyage Air Guitar reach its goals.

The benefits of this investment are twofold – it allows Voyage Air Guitar to continue growing and expanding its product offerings, while offering additional security and financial stability during uncertain times; it also provides Shark Tank investors with a considerable return on their investment due to increased visibility within the guitar marketplace and greater chances at capturing larger portions of market share. By combining these opportunities, both sides stand to benefit greatly from this strategic partnership.

What Does The Future Hold For Voyage Air Guitar?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Voyage Air Guitar has seen considerable success. The company’s foldable guitar design was an instant hit with investors and consumers alike. To meet the high demand for their guitars, they have implemented a variety of strategies to ensure quality production while meeting customer needs.

One such strategy is alternative funding sources. Through crowdsourcing campaigns, Voyage Air Guitar has been able to secure additional funds that allow them to purchase more materials to produce higher-quality products. Additionally, these same campaigns help build relationships with customers by directly involving them in helping create new designs or features for future models.

Another successful strategy employed by Voyage Air Guitar is innovative marketing techniques. By utilizing influencers and creating buzzworthy content on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, the company has managed to spread awareness about their product far beyond its initial appearance on Shark Tank. This increased visibility has lead to significant sales growth as well as repeat purchases from loyal fans of the brand.

At present, it appears that Voyage Air Guitar will continue its current path of success for years to come. With their unique design, reliable manufacturing process and creative marketing tactics, the company remains poised to remain at the forefront of innovation within the industry. As evidenced through continued financial support from both private investments and public crowdfunding initiatives, there is no doubt that Voyage Air Guitar will remain a leader in portable guitar technology moving forward into the future.

How Can You Invest In Voyage Air Guitar?

  1. An analysis of the company’s performance is necessary before investing in Voyage Air Guitar. This includes evaluating past financial performance, checking the quality of their products, and assessing the strength of their customer base.

  2. Evaluating the risk associated with investing in Voyage Air Guitar requires an understanding of their competition, their position within the industry, and their ability to remain relevant in an ever-changing market.

  3. Researching market trends is an important step to determine the potential success of investing in Voyage Air Guitar. This includes researching the current state of the industry, identifying potential competitors, and understanding the potential growth of the instrument.

  4. In evaluating Voyage Air Guitar’s performance, it is important to consider their appearance on the television show Shark Tank, as well as the company’s subsequent growth since then.

  5. In order to assess the risk associated with investing in Voyage Air Guitar, it is necessary to assess the company’s ability to compete in a crowded market and their ability to remain profitable in the face of competition.

  6. Researching the current market trends for guitars and other string instruments is essential to understanding the potential success of investing in Voyage Air Guitar. Factors such as the popularity of the instrument, the availability of similar products, and the company’s marketing strategy all need to be considered.

Analyzing Company Performance

The success of Voyage Air Guitar has been evident since it appeared on Shark Tank. The company offers a unique business model, centered around their innovative product – the folding guitar. Utilizing cutting edge technology, the instrument can be folded in half and stowed away for easy transportation. This allows customers to have access to instruments that are not only more portable than traditional guitars, but also more affordable.

When analyzing the performance of Voyage Air Guitar, it is important to consider its competitive advantages over other companies offering similar products. Firstly, because of its compact design and light weight construction, the company’s product appeals to a wider customer base who may not have purchased regular-sized guitars due to budget or portability concerns.

Furthermore, Voyage Air Guitar’s extensive network of dealerships across North America adds value by providing customers with convenient places where they can purchase and learn how to use their new instrument.

In addition to these advantages, the company stands out from competitors with its commitment to quality control and customer service. Every guitar is inspected multiple times before being shipped to ensure that each one meets the highest standards and arrives safely at its destination. Similarly, after sales support is available if any issues arise while using the instrument or if customers need help choosing which accessories best suit their needs.

Evaluating Investment Risk

When considering an investment in Voyage Air Guitar, it is important to assess the risk associated with such a decision.

A thorough evaluation of the company should include both quantitative and qualitative measures.

An analysis of financial statements can help identify any potential risks related to cash flow, liquidity, or profitability issues.

Additionally, examining customer reviews and satisfaction rates as well as industry trends may provide insight into the overall viability of the company.

Finally, investors need to consider their own appetite for risk when evaluating whether this type of venture is right for them.

By carefully assessing these factors, investors will be able to make more informed decisions about investing in Voyage Air Guitar.

Researching Market Trends

When evaluating potential investments in Voyage Air Guitar, researching market trends is an important step.

Industry analysis can provide insight into the size and growth rate of the industry as well as customer preferences and competition.

Market segmentation should also be considered to identify which areas have the most potential for success.

By examining these factors, investors will gain a better understanding of how their investment may fare in relation to other companies in the space.

Furthermore, studying consumer reviews and satisfaction rates provides valuable information about what customers are looking for when it comes to products like Voyage Air Guitar.

With this knowledge, investors can make more informed decisions regarding whether or not investing in Voyage Air Guitar is right for them.

Are There Any Other Investment Opportunities?

Investing in a business can be like navigating uncharted waters. While there are many investment strategies to consider, it is important to find the one that best suits your goals and capabilities.

For example, venture capital offers high risk but potentially greater returns than other forms of investments. Venture Capital (VC) involves investing funds into startup companies with potential for exponential growth. It is primarily used by early stage companies who may have difficulty accessing traditional sources of financing such as banks or stock markets.

Here’s a list of what VC entails:

  • A large sum of money invested into an unproven company
  • High-risk / high-reward scenario: if the company succeeds, investors make substantial profits; if not they lose their entire investment
  • Longterm commitment from investors – usually 5+ years to allow enough time for the company to become profitable
  • The ability to influence major decisions within the organization once invested

For entrepreneurs seeking additional resources beyond family and friends, VC provides access to much needed funds while also providing mentorship, knowledge and experience which help create successful businesses. Without this form of financing, many innovative startups would remain lost at sea without hope of getting off shore.

Are there any other investment opportunities?

What Advice Would The Sharks Give To Other Entrepreneurs?

The previous section discussed the potential for investment opportunities outside of the Voyage Air Guitar Shark Tank venture. This subsequent section will look to explore what advice the Sharks would give to other entrepreneurs from their experience with this particular business.

One key takeaway that can be taken away from the exchange between the Sharks and the founders of Voyage Air is the importance of having an effective marketing strategy in place prior to seeking out any investments or pitching a product idea.

Having established an online presence via social media was critical for giving visibility to their product, as well as being able to demonstrate proof-of-concept before going into negotiations. With such a visible platform, it allowed them to reach out directly to customers, receive feedback on how they could improve their product, as well as build up hype around its release date.

It is not enough just to have a great idea; one must also know how best to showcase it in order for it gain interest and traction amongst investors, who are looking for projects that show promise and potential return on investment.

By understanding both sides of the equation—the creative side through innovation and design, but also building out solid marketing strategies—it allows new businesses more chances at success when put in front of experienced investors like those featured on Shark Tank.


Voyage Air Guitar’s appearance on the Shark Tank was a major success story for entrepreneurs. The investment deal offered by the Sharks provided Voyage Air with necessary capital to expand and develop their product line, allowing them to reach more customers than ever before.

Despite this success, some may question whether or not investing in Voyage Air is a wise decision. While it may be true that there are risks associated with any new venture, these risks can often be mitigated through due diligence and research.

When done correctly, investments such as those made into Voyage Air Guitar have the potential to generate strong returns for investors over time.

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