What Happened To Airbedz After Shark Tank?

AirBedz, an inflatable mattress and accessory company, was featured on Shark Tank in 2013. The product line of AirBedz had been designed to provide comfort for outdoor enthusiasts who needed a convenient way to sleep under the stars.

However, since their appearance on Shark Tank, it is unclear what has become of the business or its products. This article will look into What Happened To AirBedz After Shark Tank? by examining the company’s trajectory after appearing on the show and exploring how they have developed as a result.

It will also assess whether any changes were made to their product range in order to appeal to more mainstream consumers.

Airbedz Appearance On Shark Tank

AirBedz, an inflatable mattress company run by inventor and entrepreneur Paul Bahnmaier, made its debut on the popular reality show Shark Tank in 2014.

An American version of the British Dragons’ Den program, Shark Tank features a panel of successful investors who listen to business pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs looking for financial backing.

The Sharks were initially impressed with AirBedz’s unique design that allowed pickup truck beds to be converted into comfortable sleeping areas while camping.

The panel also appreciated the fact that AirBedz had generated over $2 million in revenue since its launch two years prior.

However, they balked at the inflated price point of each airbed and questioned whether there were any legal concerns due to potential patent infringements.

Ultimately, none of the Sharks expressed interest in investing in AirBedz and it appeared that their future would remain uncertain.

Fortunately for Bahnmaier and his team, this was not the case as AirBedz continued to thrive following their appearance on Shark Tank.

They formulated strategies to reduce product costs without sacrificing quality and successfully defended against any claims of patent infringement – allowing them continue selling through various retailers both online and offline.

While many businesses use appearances on television shows like Shark Tank as a way to increase visibility, few are able to capitalize on such opportunities like AirBedz did.

The Sharks’ Reactions

Airbedz, a company that produces inflatable mattresses for pickup trucks, appeared on Shark Tank in 2013 and elicited varied reactions from the Sharks.

Mark Cuban offered a deal for a 30% stake in the company, but it was rejected by the founders.

Afterward, Daymond John offered a deal for a 20% stake in Airbedz, but the founders held out for a 17% stake.

Ultimately, a deal was negotiated and John invested $200,000 in exchange for a 17% stake in the company.

Airbedz had a successful campaign after the episode aired, with sales increasing by more than 200%.

In the years following, Airbedz has continued to grow and expand its product line.

Reaction To Deal

The reaction of the Sharks to Airbedz’s pitch on Shark Tank was mixed.

Kevin O’Leary thought that the investment opportunity in Airbedz was too risky, while Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec believed there were potential branding tactics and product innovations that would make it a successful business.

Despite offering an impressive product with its air mattress for pickup trucks, Daymond John felt that the company had not done enough research into the market they intended to target.

John ultimately decided against investing in Airbedz due to this lack of research and feeling that the company may have underestimated their competition.

However, he did offer advice on how they could improve their branding strategies and expand their customer base by partnering with truck manufacturers like Ford or Chevy.

He also highlighted some potential product innovations such as adding a feature where customers could buy extra parts at checkout if needed.

Though no deal was made on Shark Tank, Airbedz has continued to grow since then; expanding its distribution channels from solely online sales to being sold in stores like Walmart and AutoZone across America.

The company has also been releasing new products such as camping chairs and car accessories which shows their dedication towards innovating their brand even further.

Rejection Of Deal

Despite the differing opinions on Airbedz’s pitch, no deal was made in the end. Despite this rejection, Airbedz has been able to leverage strategic partnerships and long-term growth strategies that have allowed them to become a successful business since their appearance on Shark Tank.

After the show, Airbedz expanded its distribution from online sales to stores like Walmart and AutoZone across America. They also increased their product selection with camping chairs and car accessories which demonstrate their dedication towards innovating their brand further.

Furthermore, they implemented John’s advice for improving branding tactics by partnering with truck manufacturers such as Ford or Chevy as well as offering customers extra parts at checkout if needed. This strategy lead to an increase in customer base for the company over time, making it one of the most recognizable air mattress brands today.

Negotiation Of Deal

When it came to the negotiation of a deal for Airbedz, many Sharks had different opinions about how much money was needed and what would be an appropriate valuation.

While some sharks were willing to invest in the business, others felt that the asking price was too high compared to what they could offer.

Despite this disagreement, it is clear that the owners of Airbedz did their research before entering into negotiations with the Sharks.

They gathered customer feedback on their product as well as networking tips from other entrepreneurs in order to better understand the market and potential investors.

This strategy allowed them to come prepared when negotiating a deal which helped ensure that all parties were satisfied with any agreement made.

As such, even though no deal was reached during their appearance on Shark Tank, Airbedz has been able to leverage these skills and experiences towards furthering their success since then.

Airbedz After Shark Tank

AirBedz received a lukewarm reaction from the Sharks. Despite not securing an investment, AirBedz left Shark Tank with valuable advice and momentum for their business.

They have since implemented branding tactics to increase brand recognition, as well as alternative models of mattresses that cater to different needs. For example, they created a version of the mattress specifically designed for camping trips in off-road vehicles and trucks called ‘The Adventurer’.

Additionally, Airbedz has recently released two new lines: The Dreamer and The Voyager. Each line offers diverse sizes, including full beds up to queen size options and even split king designs suitable for those who want more room or prefer sleeping separately.

Today, AirBedz is seen as one of the leading providers of inflatable mattresses on the market, having secured numerous partnerships with companies such as Walmart, Amazon and Cabela’s Outdoor Store. Their products are also highly rated by customers due to their comfortability levels and overall convenience when it comes to traveling or camping outdoors.

It appears that despite not receiving a deal from the Sharks, AirBedz was able to use this experience as motivation for future success moving forward.

Airbedz Business Model

The story of AirBedz and its success after Shark Tank is a classic tale in the annals of entrepreneurship. It’s an example of how innovation, targeting strategies, and hard work can create remarkable results.

AirBedz was founded by Paul Chen when he noticed a gap in the market for comfortable air mattresses specifically designed to fit into pickup trucks. With his innovative designs, Chen created a product that became wildly popular among campers and tailgaters.

After appearing on Shark Tank, AirBedz earned multiple offers from investors who saw the potential for growth within this unique niche market. Chen accepted an offer from investor Kevin O’Leary which allowed him to retain full control over the company while also providing much needed capital.

With support from O’Leary and increased exposure gained through national television coverage, AirBedz has become one of the leading brands in outdoor bedding products with customers all over the world. The brand continues to expand their offerings as they focus on creating quality sleep solutions for anyone looking for comfort outdoors – no matter where their adventures take them.

Changes To The Airbedz Line-Up

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, AirBedz has expanded its range of products to include truck mounted and off-roading sleeping systems. The company aims to provide a comfortable camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts by offering air mattresses that fit into the back of an SUV or pickup truck. Their patented design allows their mattress to be inflated in minutes without having to use any tools.

AirBedz also offers a variety of accessories such as LED lights, storage bags, blankets, pillows, carpets and more. Additionally, they offer specialised products for vehicles with large wheelbases like Ford F-150s, Tundras and Tacomas. This ensures that all types of trucks are catered for when it comes to providing comfort while enjoying the outdoors.

The business continues to grow and develop new products aimed at making camping even easier and more enjoyable for customers who want to get away from everyday life but still have access to the comforts of home. With this goal in mind, AirBedz is dedicated to creating innovative solutions so everyone can enjoy the great outdoors safely and comfortably.

Airbedz Marketing Strategies

Though AirBedz had great success on Shark Tank, the company still needed to consider what their next steps would be in terms of marketing and branding. How could they make sure that their product was noticed by potential customers? What strategies should they employ so that AirBedz remained an attractive option for people looking for a comfortable night’s sleep while camping out?

AirBedz chose to focus heavily on digital media as part of their marketing strategy. They created content specifically designed to engage existing and new customers, including videos showing how easy it is to set up the airbeds outdoors. Additionally, they used targeted ads tailored toward individuals who have shown interest in outdoor activities like camping or road trips. This allowed them to reach people who may not normally think about purchasing an air mattress but are likely interested in trying something new when it comes to sleeping arrangements during outdoor excursions.

The brand also capitalized on influencer partnerships via social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Through these partnerships, influential figures within the outdoor community showcased just how comfortable AirBedz mattresses can be, providing additional credibility and exposure for the product line-up.

To demonstrate product effectiveness and quality, AirBedz showcased comfortability through influential figures within the outdoor community.

Overall, AirBedz implemented a multifaceted marketing strategy that leveraged digital media and influencer partnerships to effectively reach their target audience and increase brand awareness.

Airbedz Customer Reviews

AirBedz, featured on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ in 2013, has received mixed reviews from customers.

Many customers praise the product for its convenience and durability, citing its ability to provide a comfortable sleeping surface for outdoor camping.

However, there are also dissatisfied customers who have reported problems with the product, such as air leakage and poor customer service.

Overall, customer satisfaction with AirBedz appears to vary significantly.

As such, it is difficult to accurately gauge the customer experience with AirBedz after it appeared on Shark Tank.

Positive Reviews

Since its appearance on the hit show Shark Tank, AirBedz has enjoyed an immense surge in popularity and product longevity. This is due to a combination of strong teamwork dynamics between partners Chris Lindland and Shaun Neff as well as their effective marketing strategy that appeals to campers, tailgaters, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Customer reviews of AirBedz are overwhelmingly positive; users applaud it for being lightweight yet durable with easy-to-inflate technology that allows them to sleep comfortably anywhere. Furthermore, many customers have expressed satisfaction about the company’s commitment to customer service. Through providing helpful tutorials and responsive customer support staff, AirBedz continues to exceed user expectations by providing quality products backed up by exceptional service.

The success story of AirBedz after Shark Tank amply demonstrates how even small businesses can achieve great things through focused effort and collaboration.

Negative Reviews

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews that AirBedz has received, there have been some instances of negative publicity.

Some customers who use their products for truck camping have complained about difficulty inflating and deflating the mattress due to its size.

Additionally, while the product is lightweight, it may be too heavy for some users to carry in a backpack on hikes or other outdoor adventures.

Despite these complaints, AirBedz continues to be a popular choice among campers, tailgaters, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts because of its convenience and affordability.

Though not all reviews are glowing, many people still trust this brand as an effective way to enhance their outdoor experience.

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction, AirBedz has implemented various tactics and strategies to ensure that their customers are happy.

The brand provides detailed product information on their website, as well as videos and tutorials for those who may need additional guidance in understanding the features of their products.

Additionally, they have employed branding strategies to make sure that their name is recognizable among outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition to this, AirBedz also continues to develop new products with innovative features that help them stay ahead of competitors in the industry.

As a result of these efforts, many people consider AirBedz an effective way to enhance their outdoor experience while still getting value for money.

Airbedz Financial Performance

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2014, AirBedz saw a dramatic increase in sales. The company’s success can be attributed to their smart pricing strategy and product expansion. Following the episode of Shark Tank, AirBedz became one of the leading air mattress suppliers for trucks due to its innovative design that fits into any full-size pickup truck bed.

AirBedz was able to expand its reach by leveraging online marketplaces and quickly grew its presence through eBay, Amazon, and Walmart stores. With this increased exposure, they were able to reduce costs while also increasing their profit margins. This allowed them to invest more resources into designing additional products such as camp bedding accessories and sleeping bags specifically designed for truck beds.

The company has continued to grow since the appearance on Shark Tank which has enabled them to become profitable across all channels. In addition, AirBedz now offers an extensive line of camping supplies ranging from outdoor furniture and portable grills to air mattresses and cots – all at competitive prices compared to other industry players. Overall, AirBedz has been successful in taking advantage of strategic opportunities presented after introducing itself on Shark tank which have contributed significantly towards financial growth over time.

Airbedz Future Outlook

Passionate about camping and outdoor adventures, Patrick Hooper founded AirBedz in 2011 to provide an innovative solution for truck owners looking for a more comfortable sleep experience when it comes to truck camping.

After appearing on Shark Tank five years later, the company was poised to reach even greater heights. The business savvy sharks invested $200K into AirBedz in exchange for a 10% stake in the company – providing them with not only capital but also resources that allowed their products to be available in major retail stores such as Walmart, Amazon, and Cabela’s.

This newfound success gave AirBedz access to millions of potential customers while they maintained their niche market within the truck camping community. In addition, AirBedz has made great strides in creating other products related to camping hacks and gathering ideas from everyday campers which have helped build out their product line beyond just air mattresses.

They now offer wheel chocks, lights, bedding kits and many other accessories designed specifically around making any form of camping easier and more enjoyable. All these advancements combined will allow them to continue growing well into the future as one of the leading companies catering towards those who enjoy getting away from home every once in awhile!

What We Can Learn From Airbedz’s Shark Tank Experience

The AirBedz experience on Shark Tank provides entrepreneurs with several key branding lessons. After appearing on the show, sales of AirBedz air mattresses skyrocketed and the company gained immense visibility. However, it is often overlooked that this wasn’t a result of their appearance on the show itself but rather a consequence of strategic partnerships resulting from their time in the tank.

AirBedz was able to leverage its newfound fame to gain attention from other potential partners such as Camping World and Bed Bath & Beyond who then proceeded to carry AirBedz products in stores nationwide. This allowed them access to new markets they may not have previously been exposed to or had difficulty navigating.

It also enabled them to reach larger audiences with increased awareness about their brand leading to even more success for their business. These tangible successes highlight just how powerful an opportunity being featured on a show like Shark Tank can be if leveraged correctly. With the right strategy, businesses are capable of taking full advantage of these opportunities and creating lasting relationships with others in order to increase exposure, create unique marketing campaigns, and ultimately generate additional revenue streams for themselves.


Airbedz, the unique truck mattress company, made an impactful appearance on Shark Tank. The Sharks’ reactions to the product were varied – some enthusiastic and others more skeptical.

After Shark Tank, AirBedz has seen significant changes in their line-up of products as well as customer reviews and financial performance. It can be said that success is not a sprint but a marathon; this certainly rings true for AirBedz after its time on Shark Tank.

Even though they didn’t receive a deal from any of the Sharks, they have kept up with trends and reinvented their business model to become even better than before. With continued hard work and dedication, it appears that AirBedz’s future holds great potential.

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