What Happened To Angellift After Shark Tank?

AngelLift was founded in 2011 by entrepreneur and inventor, Dr. Michael Kaminer with a mission to make the world’s first non-invasive dermal filler for lip augmentation.

After appearing on Season 5 of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, the company gained worldwide attention and provided innovative opportunities for potential investors.

This article will explore what happened to AngelLift following its appearance on Shark Tank and provide insight into how it has impacted the industry since then.

In 2013, when Kaminer pitched his idea to the Sharks, he was seeking an investment of $200K in exchange for 10% equity stake in AngelLift.

Ultimately, no deals were made that day but this didn’t stop Kaminer from furthering his business venture.

The exposure he received from being featured on one of prime time television’s most watched shows allowed him to continue developing new products and expanding into international markets as well as build relationships with some of the biggest names in beauty supply retailing.

The Impact Of ‘Shark Tank’

The impact of ‘Shark Tank’ on Angellift can be compared to the power of a raging river. It was an unpredictable force that had the potential to sweep away everything in its path, or to change course and create new pathways for success.

The reality TV show provided entrepreneurs with access to influential investors who weren’t previously accessible through traditional methods. Founded by Cassandra Curtis in 2017, Angellift is a platform which connects celebrities and influencers with causes they care about as well as incentivizing investors.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Angellift began creating partnerships with top businesses from around the world in order to support their mission of connecting people with meaningful opportunities. As investor interest grew, so did Angellift’s reach into other markets such as television commercials, social media campaigns and more.

This newfound exposure afforded Angellift unprecedented levels of growth and allowed it to become a major player in the market. Today, it continues to grow globally while continuing its mission of becoming the largest online celebrity and cause matching service worldwide.

Developing New Products

Following its appearance on the show Shark Tank, Angellift had a unique opportunity to take their business venture to new heights. The company was able to leverage the exposure from the show and make significant strides in developing innovative products meant to break barriers for individuals with hearing impairments.

Angellift’s success story is an example of what can happen when an entrepreneur gets access to invest capital:

  • With additional funds, they were able to expand research and development efforts.
  • They also began hiring more staff, increasing their online presence through marketing campaigns, and expanding into different markets.
  • Finally, they expanded their product line further to include other technologies that would improve hearing aid function even more.

This remarkable transformation happened within a short span of time since appearing on Shark Tank, proving that investing capital at the right moment can truly pay off.

Their journey serves as an inspiration not just for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break barriers but also those who want to see tangible results from investments made in startups.

Expanding Into International Markets

Angellift, the medical device company that was featured on Shark Tank in 2018, has experienced tremendous growth since its appearance. After receiving an investment offer from one of the sharks, Angellift began expanding into international markets by exploring partnerships and forging alliances with local businesses.

Explore Partnerships Forge Alliances See Growth
Explore global markets for potential partners to expand product reach Leverage existing relationships to create new opportunities locally Increase user base and revenue through effective strategies
Research target countries and their regulations regarding medical devices Establish trust between manufactures and distributors in foreign countries Generate brand awareness through exposure on TV show

The strategy paid off as they gained access to many hard-to-reach customers around the world. By creating a global presence, they have been able to increase sales exponentially. But there is still much work to be done to ensure that all consumers can benefit from Angellift’s products regardless of where they are located. As such, they continue to explore new ways of connecting with customers worldwide while ensuring compliance with various regulatory standards.

Through strategic investments and careful planning, Angellift has managed to become a leader in the medical device industry. They are committed to providing quality products at competitive prices across national boundaries, giving more people access to life-changing technology than ever before.

Growing Relationships With Retailers

After appearing on Shark Tank, Angellift had an incredible opportunity to elevate its presence and build a loyal following. Network building was essential for the company’s success in boosting brand awareness both online and offline.

To achieve this goal, they began actively engaging with retail partners across the United States. The first step taken by Angellift was identifying potential retailers who could be interested in their products. After researching the market, they identified key players that provided access to large consumer bases.

Once these relationships were established, Angellift took steps to introduce their products through product demonstrations as well as special offers and discounts. These efforts helped create interest among potential customers while increasing Angellift’s reach within different markets. Angellift also partnered with major influencers from various industries such as health and wellness which further promoted their mission of offering innovative solutions that enhance facial aesthetics without surgery or downtime.

Through strategic partnerships, Angellift increased visibility for their brand leading to higher sales figures and expanding customer base around the world. Overall, the result of developing strong relationships with retailers has been beneficial for growing brand awareness and creating long-term sustainable growth for Angellift.

Gaining Valuable Publicity

  1. Angellift, a facial toning device, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2015, appearing to be well-received by the five investors.

  2. Leveraging the exposure, Angellift’s website experienced an influx of visitors and pre-orders of the device skyrocketed.

  3. In addition, Angellift was able to expand its distribution channels to major retailers, such as QVC.

  4. Furthermore, Angellift’s appearance on Shark Tank has allowed the company to reach a much larger audience than it could have otherwise.

  5. As a result of the publicity, Angellift has been able to increase its market share and generate more revenue.

  6. Overall, Angellift’s Shark Tank appearance has been a success, leading to increased sales and brand recognition.

Angellift’s Shark Tank Appearance

The appearance of Angellift, a facial sculpting device designed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face, on Shark Tank created an immense buzz in the public domain. The show enabled the brand to gain valuable publicity and create an effective virtual presence that is still benefiting them today. Through their time spent with the Sharks, they were able to increase their brand awareness while also gaining potential investments from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner; however, both ultimately decided not to invest.

After leaving the tank without any financial backing, Angellift took advantage of their newfound exposure by creating a comprehensive marketing campaign aimed at leveraging their expertise in skincare treatments through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As a result, they have been able to reach even more consumers across the world.

Ultimately, it was through this great leap into television stardom which allowed for greater public recognition of the product’s value and efficacy – something money could never buy.

Leveraging The Exposure

Having made a favorable impression on the Sharks during their time in the tank, Angellift began to leverage this newfound exposure by investing resources into building partnerships and creating a comprehensive marketing campaign.

This involved utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach more potential customers. As well as providing valuable information regarding skincare treatments while also offering discounted products with promotional codes that could be used online.

The effectiveness of this strategy has been seen through an exponential increase in revenue for Angellift since appearing on Shark Tank. In addition, it has enabled them to become one of the leading players in the facial sculpting device industry due to its presence across numerous digital platforms.

This shows how important public recognition is when promoting any product or service; having earned credibility amongst consumers can manifest itself into tangible financial gains which cannot be underestimated.

Publicity Outcomes

Publicity outcomes are an integral part of any branding strategies, as it can help a business to reach its target audience and inform them about the product or service offering.

In particular, when companies appear on television shows such as Shark Tank, they gain valuable public exposure that can lead to increased sales. This is because viewers become familiar with their brand and start to consider them among other options in the market.

Through analyzing consumer trends, Angellift was able to capitalize on this publicity by creating comprehensive marketing campaigns across various social media platforms. As well as providing discounts and promotional codes online, which ultimately led to an exponential increase in revenue for the company within the facial sculpting device industry.

It goes without saying that having gained recognition from consumers has been extremely beneficial for Angellift’s profitability.

Securing Financial Backing

After the Shark Tank episode, Angellift was able to leverage its newfound fame. The company secured financial backing from venture capitalists and began diversifying investments in order to increase growth opportunities:

  • Investing in research and development of new products

  • Focusing on product design and testing

  • Conducting market surveys and analysis

  • Forming strategic partnerships with other companies

  • Establishing joint ventures for long-term success

  • Expanding distribution networks across multiple channels

In addition, Angellift received additional capital investment that enabled them to hire more staff members and expand their operations into several new markets.

As a result, they have been able to improve their customer service and support capabilities while increasing their reach within global consumer markets.

Reaching New Levels Of Success

Angellift’s appearance on Shark Tank in 2017 was a defining moment for the company, and marked the beginning of an unprecedented level of success. Immediately after the episode aired, Angellift saw a surge in sales and interest from potential customers, who were inspired by their vision to revolutionize skincare with innovative LED technology. This initial burst of enthusiasm quickly manifested itself into long-term partnerships that enabled Angellift to reach new heights.

By forming strategic partnerships with both small businesses and larger corporate entities alike, Angellift was able to leverage its newfound fame to further advance its mission. These innovative collaborations gave them access to resources they wouldn’t have otherwise been able acquire alone and allowed them to build out their product line much more quickly than anticipated.

Thanks to these alliances, AngelLift has made tremendous progress over the past few years in terms of research & development, marketing outreach, operational efficiency, etc., solidifying their position as one of the most promising startups currently active within this space.

Having established themselves as leaders in skin care innovation—and having garnered significant industry recognition—the team at AngelLift can now look confidently towards a bright future ahead. With numerous projects already underway and plenty more opportunities on the horizon, there is no question that this business will continue to expand rapidly while continuing to provide high quality products and services for many years to come.

Entering The Dermal Filler Market

Angellift, a company that produces innovative solutions for skin problems, made an appearance on the hit show Shark Tank. After successfully pitching their product to the Sharks and gaining interest from investors, Angellift set its sights on entering the dermal filler market.

The business leveraged its established brand identity, which had been built up over years of marketing campaigns, in order to make a name for itself among competitors. In addition to capitalizing on their existing presence in the industry, they opted to pursue aggressive digital strategies such as social media promotions and influencer endorsements to expand their reach even further.

By making strategic investments in modern technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing, Angellift was able to create efficient production processes and position themselves as one of the leading companies in this field.

Their advanced systems allowed them to develop products with unparalleled quality at lower costs than traditional methods would allow. This gave them a competitive advantage that helped propel them into becoming a major player in the global marketplace of dermal fillers.

Reaching New Customers

After its appearance on Shark Tank, Angellift was able to receive a huge influx of capital and attention. As a result, the team behind the product had an opportunity to expand their reach beyond what they were previously capable of. The company began looking at ways in which it could gain more customers and increase visibility for the brand.

One strategy that was employed by the business was reaching out to potential customers through targeted ads across various digital platforms. This allowed them to target those who would be most likely to purchase the product and spread word-of-mouth about Angellift’s offerings. Additionally, these campaigns enabled Angellift to keep track of customer engagement with their products over time. They also invested in additional marketing research initiatives such as surveys and focus groups designed to understand how people felt about this innovative new solution for facial rejuvenation.

The end result of all these efforts was considerable growth for Angellift after Shark Tank, both in terms of revenue generated from sales and the number of satisfied customers served around the world. In fact, since appearing on television, there has been increased demand for their product due largely in part to their effective use of advertising strategies targeting key demographics.

The Future Of Angellift

Following the appearance on Shark Tank, AngelLift quickly became a household name. Optimizing visibility through social media and press campaigns was key to getting the word out about their innovative product. As customers flooded in from all over North America, it soon became clear that building partnerships with other companies would be essential for continued growth.

To this end, AngelLift has teamed up with several beauty brands including Sephora, Ulta Beauty and QVC to ensure their products are available to as many people as possible. The success of AngelLift’s first generation product led them to develop additional versions which are now sold globally in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Their latest product is an anti-aging lip treatment with plumping effects; it boasts natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid combined with peptides to improve lips’ texture while increasing fullness and hydration levels. The brand also launched a range of skincare products designed to address various concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and uneven skin tone.

AngelLift continues its mission of helping women feel more confident by providing quality beauty tools at an affordable price point. With plans for further expansion into Europe and Asia in the works, there is no doubt that we will continue to hear great things from this company in the near future.


The appearance of AngelLift on Shark Tank has led to a new level of success for the company.

With a focus on developing new products, expanding into international markets, and growing relationships with retailers, AngelLift’s future is looking brighter than ever before.

They have been able to leverage their newfound fame in an effort to reach more customers and enter the dermal filler market, which will act as a launching pad for further growth.

It’s clear that AngelLift are aiming high – they’ve already proved themselves capable of taking flight like a soaring eagle!

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