What Happened To Ash And Erie After Shark Tank?

Ash and Erie, a Detroit-based clothing brand catering to the needs of taller men, made an appearance on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank in 2019. Founded by two friends looking to fill a gap in the fashion market for tall males, Ash and Erie has since become one of the most successful companies featured on the show.

In this article, we will explore what happened to Ash and Erie after their memorable episode aired.

Since their time on national television, Ash and Erie have seen their business grow exponentially; they have gained recognition from various industry publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, continued to expand upon their product offering beyond just shirts, and developed partnerships with global retailers like Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

Furthermore, the company recently announced that it had secured $1 million dollars in venture capital funding from notable investors including former NBA star Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. All these factors indicate that Ash and Erie is well positioned for success moving forward into 2021.

Ash And Erie’s Appearance On Shark Tank

Ash and Erie, a clothing line for short men made its debut on Shark Tank in the spring of 2019. Co-founders Steven Mazur and Eric Huang presented their new media concept which they developed to cater specifically to shorter men who are often overlooked by traditional retail outlets.

The duo sought an investment of $300,000 in exchange for 7% equity stake. The startup had already established itself through various social media platforms where it was able to build up a loyal following as well as generate revenue prior to appearing on Shark Tank.

During their pitch, Mazur and Huang discussed how they have sold over 10,000 items since launching only two years before and were projected to bring in over $1 million dollars that year alone. After going back and forth with the Sharks about potential collaborations, the founders ultimately declined offers from Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner respectively due to disagreements about control and royalties.

Ultimately, Ash and Erie left without securing any investments despite having a successful pitch even though none of the Sharks felt comfortable investing at this point in time. Since leaving shark tank, the company has continued increasing its presence within the market while still remaining true to its mission of providing fashionable apparel tailored specifically towards shorter men.

Expansion Of Product Offering

After making a splash on Shark Tank, Ash and Erie found themselves in the spotlight. The Detroit-based startup was eager to capitalize on the recently gained attention; they decided to expand their product offering beyond casual menswear sizes small and extra-small.

Ash and Erie placed an emphasis on sustainable production methods while also leveraging customer feedback to craft designs that resonated with their target market. As such, they worked diligently to introduce new products into the line: pants, shirts, outerwear, accessories, and swimwear—all geared towards smaller men.

In just over two years since appearing on Shark Tank, the company has expanded its offerings by 300%. Today, Ash and Erie is widely considered one of the go-to sources for stylish clothing options designed specifically for shorter men.

They have been featured in publications like GQ Magazine and Men’s Health as well as major retailer stores nationwide. It seems clear that after taking a chance on Shark Tank, this dynamic duo is here to stay!

Key Points On Expansion Of Product Offering

  • Sustainable Production Methods Utilized
  • Leveraging Customer Feedback To Craft Designs That Resonate With Target Market
  • Introduced New Products Into Line Including Pants, Shirts & Outerwear Accessories & Swimwear Gear Towards Smaller Men
  • Expanded Offerings By Over 300% Since Appearing On Shark Tank
  • Widely Considered A Go-To Source For Stylish Clothing Options Designed Specifically For Shorter Men

Global Retail Partnerships

Ash and Erie, the Detroit-based clothing company for short men, came to Shark Tank in 2019 with a vision of expanding their reach. After an intense bidding war between Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec, Ash & Erie ultimately decided to partner with Cuban’s strategic investments. Since then, they have secured several new investors and partnerships that have enabled them to expand into global markets.

Their first major retail partnership was made in 2020 when the team formed a direct-to-consumer agreement with Macy’s Inc., one of the most well-known department stores in America. This deal brought Ash & Erie’s stylish collections of shirts, shorts, sweaters, and trousers to customers all over the country.

The same year, they also partnered with Walmart Canada as part of an effort to bring their designs to international audiences. The success from these two deals has allowed Ash & Erie to become more than just an online retailer; it has given them access to larger markets and created opportunities for further growth.

As they continue to cultivate relationships with new partners in different countries across the world, there is no limit to what this fashion brand can achieve.

Recognition From Industry Publications

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Ash and Erie received an influx of attention from industry publications. They were featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes. The coverage highlighted the brand’s mission to offer stylish clothing that fits men with shorter than average stature.

The duo also launched a successful social media campaign as part of their recognition effort. By partnering with influencers who resonated with their target demographic, they used platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to build awareness for the brand.

This type of marketing helped them reach a broader audience outside of their existing customer base. Through these efforts, Ash and Erie have successfully positioned themselves within the men’s apparel market by connecting with customers across several digital channels.

As the company continues to grow its presence online, it is well-positioned to become a leader in offering fashionable options for smaller sized men.

Increased Brand Awareness

Ash and Erie experienced a large increase in brand awareness following their appearance on Shark Tank. Through innovative marketing strategies, the clothing company was able to reach millions of viewers across the world and spread their message of stylish clothing for people with shorter statures. As part of this increased exposure, they were able to capitalize on customer engagement opportunities like never before.

Their strategy focused on creating an online presence that mirrored the quality of craftsmanship found in their clothing line. This included investing heavily into social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram where customers could learn more about Ash and Erie’s offerings while simultaneously connecting with fellow fans who shared similar tastes in fashion.

Additionally, through strategic partnerships with influencers and other brands, they were able to amplify their message even further. The results were impressive – within weeks of appearing on Shark Tank, Ash & Erie had become one of the most talked-about startups in the industry – all due to creative marketing tactics that leveraged both traditional and digital channels:

  • Regularly publishing engaging blog posts focusing on style tips for short men;

  • Crafting eye-catching videos featuring models wearing Ash & Erie clothes;

  • Hosting interactive webinars allowing participants to ask questions directly from the founders.

Overall, Ash & Erie’s success story serves as a testament to what can be achieved when you combine thoughtful product design with smart advertising strategies tailored towards your target audience.

Expansion Into International Markets

  1. Ash and Erie, the clothing line for short men, appeared on Shark Tank in 2018, and quickly gained global recognition.

  2. Expansion into international markets has been a successful strategy for Ash and Erie, as they have expanded their reach to over 20 countries.

  3. To ensure success in the global market, Ash and Erie have conducted extensive market research to understand the needs of their target customers.

  4. This research has enabled Ash and Erie to tailor their product offerings to the preferences of their international customers.

  5. Analyzing the data from their market research, Ash and Erie have implemented a number of expansion strategies to increase their presence in global markets.

  6. From their appearance on Shark Tank, Ash and Erie have been able to capitalize on the global market and establish their brand as a leader in short men’s fashion.

Global Reach

The success of Shark Tank contestants Ash and Erie has been noted around the world. After their season on the show, they increased their global reach by expanding into international markets through social media campaigns and customer feedback. They have successfully developed a presence in numerous countries across Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa.

Their strategy was to use localized marketing tactics that target customers in each region while maintaining their core mission: creating clothing with unrestricted sizes for all genders. This included everything from customizing models to fit local tastes to tailoring product descriptions according to regional language preferences. The results were overwhelmingly positive as they grew recognition within these new regions via word-of-mouth endorsements and repeat purchases.

As part of this international expansion, they also launched new initiatives such as partnerships with local influencers and sponsorship programs that rewarded loyal customers with discounts or free items. These activities created an even larger following among existing fans and brought more attention to their brand worldwide. As a result, Ash & Erie are now securely established in many overseas markets due to their unique approach towards global outreach.

Expansion Strategies

Ash and Erie’s success in expanding into international markets has been largely attributed to their innovative advertising and sustainable manufacturing strategies.

To maximize the impact of these initiatives, they focused on localizing their campaigns to each region with targeted language preferences, models that fit distinct tastes, and product descriptions tailored for each audience.

Additionally, the duo partnered with influential individuals and implemented loyalty programs to reward customers which further increased their global reach.

These efforts resulted in a larger customer base as well as greater recognition worldwide among existing fans who shared endorsements through word-of-mouth or repeat purchases.

All told, Ash & Erie’s creative approach towards expansion has enabled them to become firmly established in many overseas markets.

Market Research

In order to successfully expand into international markets, Ash & Erie needed to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer trends and preferences in each region.

To do this they conducted comprehensive market research which included data analysis on local demographics and surveys that gauged customer needs. This enabled them to better tailor their products, campaigns and strategies accordingly.

The company also took advantage of digital tools such as Google Trends to track shifts in product demand and gauge public opinion about new initiatives over time.

By leveraging these various sources of information, Ash & Erie was able to identify potential opportunities for growth in each country while managing risk more effectively.

Through careful observation and proactive planning, the duo has gained invaluable insight into global markets that will help them continue to succeed abroad even as competition increases across borders.

Collaborations With Celebrities

After appearing on Shark Tank, Ash and Erie received a rush of attention from potential customers. As their business began to grow, they started to receive offers for collaborations with celebrities.

The first collaboration was an endorsement deal with actor Jay Ellis who wore their shirts in several press events. This led to other product endorsements from influencers such as NFL player Marshawn Lynch and rapper Big Sean. These celebrity endorsements allowed the brand to increase its visibility by reaching out to more people than ever before.

The product endorsements also helped with sales due to the huge following that these celebrities had built up over time. Social media posts featuring Ash and Erie’s products were shared widely which created awareness about the brand amongst new audiences. The founders reported seeing an instant surge in sales after each post went live.

After experiencing this success, Ash and Erie decided to pursue more such partnerships in order to further grow their company. Ash and Erie have since gone on to collaborate with many well-known personalities including actors Issa Rae and Yara Shahidi, NBA players Rudy Gobert and Stephen Curry, singer Khalid, TV hosts Josh Peck and Rainn Wilson, among others.

Through these partnerships, Ash & Erie has managed not only to reach larger numbers of potential customers but also remain firmly rooted within their target demographic—young men aged 28–40 years old—while expanding into other markets.

Investment From Notable Investors

Ash & Erie, a clothing line for short men, received a $500,000 investment from Kevin O’Leary during their appearance on Shark Tank.

Following the episode, the company has secured additional funding from notable investors including Detroit Venture Partners, Invest Detroit, and NextGen Venture Partners.

This investment has allowed the company to expand their product line, grow their customer base, and increase their presence in the fashion industry.

Ash & Erie has also attracted attention from other prominent investors such as Mark Cuban, who expressed interest in investing in the brand.

The investment from these notable investors has been instrumental in accelerating the growth of the company, allowing it to become a major player in the fashion industry.

Ash & Erie’s Post-Shark Tank Funding

Following the success of their appearance on Shark Tank, Ash & Erie received a massive injection of funding from notable investors. This investment allowed them to expand their staffing strategies and customer feedback initiatives as well as explore new opportunities for growth.

Since then, they have shifted focus towards providing more quality products and services that are tailored to fit the needs of all customers regardless of size or shape. The company has also been successful in forging relationships with other retailers across the United States, which has opened up even more possibilities for increasing sales and expanding its brand awareness.

As such, it is clear that the post-Shark Tank investments have enabled Ash & Erie to take significant strides forward in terms of product offerings, marketing efforts, and overall business strategy.

Notable Investors In Ash & Erie

The investment that Ash & Erie received from notable investors after Shark Tank has enabled them to propel their business forward.

Through the use of sustainable sourcing and a streamlined manufacturing process, the company is able to provide quality products and services tailored to customers’ needs regardless of size or shape.

These investments have allowed them to establish relationships with other retailers across the country as well, increasing brand awareness and furthering sales opportunities.

As such, these efforts towards growth are bearing fruit for Ash & Erie in terms of product offerings, marketing strategies, and overall success.

Impact Of Investment On Growth

The investment from notable investors has had a positive effect on the growth of Ash & Erie.

With additional capital, the company was able to execute strategies that focused on customer loyalty and sustainable sourcing.

This allowed them to provide quality products tailored for customers regardless of their size or shape.

Furthermore, relationships with other retailers were established which further increased brand awareness and sales opportunities.

Through these efforts at expanding their reach, the company is now reaping the benefits as they have seen an increase in product offerings, marketing initiatives, and overall success.

Commitment To Corporate Philanthropy

Following their success on Shark Tank, the founders of Ash & Erie have made it a point to remain true to their corporate culture: giving back. After securing an investment from notable investors and expanding their reach across the United States, they began looking for ways to give back to their local community in Detroit.

Here are some of the initiatives this dynamic duo has undertaken since then:

  • They launched a clothing donation program that helps disadvantaged people access decent clothes at no cost.

  • The company also created ‘Ash & Erie Cares’ – a non-profit organization that provides mentorship opportunities to young entrepreneurs in need.

  • In addition, they started sponsoring events like food drives, charity runs, and more throughout Detroit.

  • Finally, they partner with established organizations such as First Book which works towards eliminating illiteracy amongst children living below poverty level income households.

The commitment to provide support within their own Detroit community is indicative of Ash & Erie’s core values – ones rooted deeply within its corporate philosophy. As stated by co-founder Eric Huang in response to this ongoing philanthropic mission; ‘We want our business model not only to be profitable but also responsible.’ It appears these two entrepreneurs have certainly achieved both goals!

Positive Outlook For 2021

Ash and Erie, the Detroit-based clothing company aimed at making stylish men’s clothes for shorter dudes, had a successful appearance on Shark Tank in 2020. After their pitch to the Sharks, the duo received an offer from Mark Cuban that they accepted.

Since then Ash & Erie have been hard at work utilizing Mark’s business advice to help expand operations. They are working with innovative strategies to create new product lines as well as implementing sustainable practices throughout all of their processes. The founders believe this is just the beginning for them and plan to use 2021 as a year of growth.

With Mark Cuban’s investment, they now have access to resources which will allow them to form partnerships with other big companies and open up more regional stores across the country. Their current strategy involves opening several pop-up shops around local malls while also expanding production capabilities through ecommerce platforms like Amazon Prime.

This approach allows them to reach customers outside of their traditional demographic while still keeping costs low by cutting out middlemen typically required in such ventures. In addition, there has been increased focus on ensuring quality control and customer satisfaction in order to provide shoppers with better shopping experiences when purchasing products online or in store.

Improved packaging materials are being used along with upgraded shipping services so orders can be delivered quickly and safely without hassle or lost items. As Ash & Erie continue pushing forward into 2021, it is expected that these creative marketing solutions combined with smart supply chain management decisions will help propel them further towards success than ever before seen in their industry.


After appearing on Shark Tank in 2018, Ash and Erie have experienced a plethora of success. Through expansive product offerings, global retail partnerships, recognition from industry publications, increased brand awareness, collaborations with celebrities, investments from notable investors and commitment to corporate philanthropy, the clothing retailer for short men is well-positioned for continued growth moving forward.

Their recently released collaboration with actor Miles Brown has been hailed as one of the most successful celebrity endorsements in recent memory.

Additionally, they were able to secure an investment from former NFL player Chris Long which enabled them to expand production capabilities while also giving back to local communities.

With these accomplishments under their belt, 2021 looks bright for Ash and Erie.

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