What Happened To Beard King After Shark Tank?

In 2015, Beard King appeared on the immensely popular television show Shark Tank. The company’s unique product—a beard bib to catch facial hair during shaving and grooming—instantly caught the attention of millions of viewers. It also captured the admiration of one of the program’s celebrity investors, Daymond John.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Beard King experienced a surge in popularity that has since become an example for other entrepreneurs hoping to achieve success through their products or services.

This article examines what happened to Beard King after its appearance on Shark Tank and how it has since grown as a business.

Beard King was founded by husband-and-wife team Christopher and Rebecca Dudley in 2014. With initial funds from Kickstarter campaigns and investments from family members, they launched their first product: the Original Beard Bib. Marketed as a “shaving cape” for men who want to keep messes off their bathroom floors while trimming their beards, this game-changing invention quickly became popular with consumers around the world.

In April 2015, Chris and Rebecca were invited onto Shark Tank where they successfully secured an investment from Daymond John.

Pre-Shark Tank History

Beard King was founded by Brian Robinson, an inventor and entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio, who saw a need in the market for products designed to assist with men’s grooming.

After investing six months of research into the idea, he created the ‘Original Beard Bib’ which is a cape-like garment that catches beard trimmings while a man shaves his face.

In 2013, after conducting extensive market research on consumer demand and spending habits related to facial hair care products, Robinson launched Beard King as a business venture.

He began selling his product at local barbershops and beauty supply stores before eventually expanding distribution nationwide through both ecommerce channels and retail partners.

By 2016, the company had grown significantly with over 10 million dollars in sales annually.

Appearing On Shark Tank

Beard King, a company that specializes in creating innovative products for the modern man, appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their new product – ‘The Beard Bib’.

The Sharks were impressed by the company’s branding strategy and unique concept.

Media coverage of this appearance was extensive; it provided an opportunity for Beard King to gain even more recognition and potentially increase sales.

As a result of its appearance on Shark Tank, Beard King saw increased online traffic as well as a surge in orders from retailers across North America.

Additionally, they received numerous requests to appear at events such as trade shows and expositions.

This allowed them to further promote their brand and engage with potential customers while building relationships with industry professionals.

Overall, appearing on Shark Tank presented the perfect platform for Beard King to showcase their product and build upon their existing success through marketing initiatives like media appearances and interviews which ultimately resulted in increased visibility of their business.

Post-Shark Tank Success

Beard King, the popular beard care company that appeared on Shark Tank in 2016, has become a roaring success since their appearance.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Beard King emerged with new branding strategies and marketing campaigns that have helped them reach heights unimaginable before the show.

The founders of Beard King, Chris Stoikos and John Salley had an excellent idea for a revolutionary product when they pitched to the Sharks.

Their mission was to help men take control of their beards using stylish and efficient grooming tools. With this initial goal, they began designing and producing innovative accessories like bibs, combs, scissors and more which proved successful amongst customers all over the world.

Having gained recognition through Shark Tank and appearing on other TV shows such as Good Morning America and Conan O’Brien’s show, Beard King became one of the most sought-after companies in its field.

Nowadays you can find not just their signature bib but also hoodies, t-shirts, hats and other merchandise available online or at exclusive retail stores globally.

All thanks to an impressive Shark Tank debut that enabled them to expand beyond what they could’ve ever dreamed of achieving pre-show.

Product Expansion

Beard King was featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank in 2015 and since then has seen tremendous success. After appearing on television, owner Brian Qualls used a variety of marketing strategies to make Beard King known throughout the world.

The company also focused their efforts on expanding their product line with new products that would appeal to a wider audience. One of these new products is called ‘The Royalty Kit’, which contains several different items for grooming and styling beards. This kit includes beard oil, scissors, combs, brushes, balms and other accessories.

In addition to this kit, Beard King also released the ‘Bundled Up’ set which contains everything needed to trim and groom facial hair as well as an instructional DVD outlining how to correctly use each item included in the bundle. These two products have been extremely popular among consumers due to their affordability and quality construction.

The Bundled Up set retails for around $50 while the Royalty Kit can be purchased for just under $100 dollars. Both sets offer value for money when considering all of the components they contain which makes them great gifts during special occasions like Father’s Day or birthdays.

With more innovative products being added regularly, Beard King continues to grow its customer base and expand its reach into international markets.

Rapid Growth

After the episode of Shark Tank aired, Beard King experienced a dramatic surge in sales. According to the company’s website, their products sold out within 24 hours and they received over $1 million in orders overnight.

This rapid growth was propelled by an effective combination of marketing strategies and customer outreach. Beard King utilized traditional advertisement methods such as television commercials and billboards, as well as social media campaigns that took advantage of user-generated content.

As part of its customer outreach initiatives, the company also partnered with barbershops across the United States to promote its products directly to potential customers. The success of these efforts is reflected in the fact that Beard King’s revenue grew exponentially following the airing of Shark Tank.

Today, it has become one of America’s top beard care companies and can be found online or at major retailers like Target and Walmart.

Funding Rounds

Beard King, the company that was featured on Shark Tank in 2015, has seen much success since their appearance. After appearing on the show, they saw an influx of customers and a demand for their product. To keep up with this increased interest, Beard King secured multiple rounds of funding to fuel growth and development.

The first round of funding came from individual investors who had read about Beard King’s story in numerous media outlets after it aired on Shark Tank. This allowed them to expand their customer base beyond those watching the show. They also used some of these funds to develop new marketing tactics such as email campaigns and targeted ads, which further expanded their reach.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive throughout Beard King’s journey thus far. Their website features hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers praising the products’ quality and effectiveness. Additionally, many have noted how helpful the customer service team is when helping resolve any issues or questions about orders quickly and efficiently. | Product Quality | Customer Service | Positive Reviews | |:—————:|:—————–:| :———————-:| | Excellent | Prompt | Hundreds |

Acquisitions & Mergers

Beard King, a company specializing in products for facial grooming, gained notoriety when it appeared on the popular investment show Shark Tank. Afterward, Beard King shifted its focus from solely creating products to also developing an integrated branding strategy that would engage customer loyalty.

The brand quickly saw success through its new business model as it was acquired by the shaving product manufacturer and supplier Harry’s Inc. The acquisition allowed Beard King to expand its reach across multiple retail channels including Target Corporation, Walmart and Amazon.com Inc.

This move helped promote their promotional campaigns such as their “Grow Your Own Legend” campaign which focused on celebrating bearded individuals who embody a sense of confidence, strength and ambition.

The partnership with Harry’s has given Beard King access to even more resources that have further propelled the brand into mainstream culture while maintaining strong customer loyalty among its existing base. In addition to expanding distribution, this collaboration has enabled Beard King to develop innovative marketing strategies designed to establish itself as a leader in men’s facial grooming products.

International Expansion

After appearing on Shark Tank, Beard King experienced a meteoric rise in popularity. What started as an idea became a legitimate business with products carried by major retailers all across the United States and Canada. The brand was instantly recognizable and had developed a cult following among men who wanted to look their best while maintaining their facial hair.

Now it was time for the company to take its success to new heights: International expansion. In order to expand globally, Beard King needed more than just recognition; they needed a cohesive branding strategy that would ensure uniformity of message no matter where customers were located. This meant developing marketing materials tailored specifically for each country in which the product was sold and creating localized versions of the website so users could easily browse and purchase items from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Beard King invested heavily into local influencers and digital campaigns that enabled them to reach audiences around the globe quickly and efficiently. The result? A global reach that allowed Beard King’s products to be purchased not only throughout North America but also Europe, Australia, Japan, China, India, South Africa, Brazil and beyond. With access to millions of potential customers worldwide, this small company made big strides towards becoming one of the most recognizable brands in beard care accessories—all thanks to savvy investments in international markets.

Awards & Recognition

Beard King, a grooming and styling company founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Brian Robinson and Chris Stoikos, achieved success after its appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2015. The company received an investment from entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary and has since been featured in numerous publications such as the New York Post, Forbes, Esquire, GQ Magazine, Men’s Health, CNBC News and more.

Beard King has used its media coverage to create brand recognition and expand their reach worldwide. Through strategic partnerships with other companies they have created revenue streams that have allowed them to grow exponentially over time.

In addition to expanding their product line of beard accessories, Beard King also focuses heavily on branding strategies that focus on building awareness for the company through campaigns targeted at different demographics.

In 2020 alone, Beard King experienced tremendous growth due to increased online sales channels coupled with innovative marketing tactics like influencer collaborations and sponsored content across all social media platforms which generated millions of impressions for the brand.

With this newfound exposure came awards for innovation and excellence within the men’s grooming industry including being named “Product Of The Year” by Men’s Journal magazine in 2021.

Corporate Culture & Philanthropy

Beard King, the men’s grooming company that appeared in an episode of Shark Tank, has been able to maintain a positive corporate culture and philanthropic activity since its appearance on the show.

According to statistics reported by Beard King’s website, over 500 charitable donations have been made totaling over $200,000 USD.

This commitment to social responsibility is mirrored internally with employee engagement practices such as flexible work hours and remote-work options. In addition, employees are provided with financial literacy training sessions and regular ‘lunch & learn’ opportunities which focus on topics like customer service and workplace safety.

These methods ensure their employees feel valued while helping them develop valuable skills for career growth.

The company also hosts internal team building activities such as weekly happy hours and occasional game nights at their office headquarters in Orlando, Florida. This encourages professional relationships among staff members who otherwise may not interact outside of daily operations.

Such events help build morale amongst staff members and create a more productive environment overall.


With a combination of innovation, ambition and drive, Beard King has risen to the top since its appearance on Shark Tank.

After receiving an investment from Mark Cuban, the company was able to expand their product line and rapidly grow both domestically and abroad.

From acquisitions & mergers to awards & recognition, Beard King continues to prove that success is achievable when you stay focused on your goals.

With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it looks like Beard King will remain at the forefront of men’s grooming products for years to come.

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