What Happened To Biem Butter Sprayer After Shark Tank?

The Biem Butter Sprayer made its debut on the popular television show Shark Tank in 2017. Despite receiving an offer from one of the investors, it ultimately did not receive a deal due to certain conditions that could not be met.

Since then, many people have been wondering what happened to this innovative kitchen gadget and if it is still available for purchase. This article will provide a detailed overview of the product’s journey since appearing on the show, as well as insight into where customers can currently find it.

Overview Of Biem Butter Sprayer

Biem Butter Sprayer revolutionized the way people spread butter on their food. This innovative product attracted a lot of attention when it appeared in an episode of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

The device is small, sleek, and easy to use – simply press down the button and spray your favorite butter onto anything you like! Its unique design was one of its biggest selling points, as were its branding strategies and product packaging.

The Biem Butter Sprayer has been praised for not only being incredibly efficient but also for making spreading butter fun. With just a few quick pumps of the device, you can easily apply generous amounts of butter without any mess or fuss. Additionally, thanks to its eye-catching design, customers are sure to never forget about this revolutionary invention.

This remarkable product quickly became popular after appearing on television, garnering interest from many who had seen it before on Shark Tank. While the founders have yet to make public announcements regarding sales figures or future plans for the device, countless reviews online attest to how successful the product has become since then.

The Shark Tank Experience

In 2017, the Biem Butter Sprayer made its way to the Shark Tank. Co-founders Adam and Ryan Lippincott took their innovative product before a panel of investors in hopes of receiving an investment that could help them take their business to the next level.

The brothers had been working for two years on perfecting their invention and pitching strategy leading up to this momentous event. Although they hadn’t expected it, the brothers were well prepared with negotiation tactics when presented with unexpected offers from the Sharks.

Adam and Ryan’s pitch focused on how easy the butter sprayer was to use; they highlighted key features such as simple assembly, affordability, and convenience. After presenting their idea, all five sharks expressed interest in investing in Biem Butter Sprayer but began bargaining over price points and equity splits.

Ultimately, Mark Cuban recognized the potential profits in Biem Butter Spray and offered a deal that gave him 25% ownership stake at $200k plus royalties until he received his initial investment back. The Lippincotts accepted Cuban’s offer after much deliberation between themselves and negotiations with the other four Sharks.

The deal provided Biem Butter Sprayer with access to resources not previously available which allowed them to ramp up production significantly. In addition, having an investor like Mark Cuban helped open doors for further investments from venture capitalists who saw value in the company’s long term success prospects – something which ultimately led to greater market penetration within retail stores across America and abroad.

The Aftermath Of The Show

The appearance of Biem Butter Sprayer on Shark Tank was a major coup for the company. It gave them an ideal platform to showcase their innovative product and potentially reach their target market in no time at all.

But what happened after they left the show?

After appearing on Shark Tank, many people had high expectations for Biem Butter Sprayer. The brand seemed to grow exponentially in popularity overnight, with consumers flocking from around the world to get their hands on one of these butter sprayers.

However, it didn’t take long for some of the luster surrounding this once-promising device to start fading away as more and more customers reported issues with its efficacy and design flaws.

Still, despite these setbacks, Biem Butter Sprayer has managed to stay afloat by responding quickly to customer complaints and leveraging its newfound notoriety into successful brand building efforts. They have continued to innovate and improve upon their original product offering while also launching other kitchen gadgets that are sure to please home chefs everywhere.

Thanks in part to the exposure gained through Shark Tank, Biem Butter Sprayer is still going strong today!

Biem Butter Sprayer’s Continued Success

Since appearing on Shark Tank, the Biem Butter Sprayer has experienced a surge in popularity. After the broadcast of their episode, their website saw an impressive spike in traffic and sales. This trend has enabled them to continue their sustainable growth as more customers become aware of this innovative product.

The success of the Biem Butter Sprayer was further solidified when it received positive reviews from leading publications such as The New York Times and Good Housekeeping. Through these endorsements, the company gained additional brand awareness which resulted in higher demand for the product across several markets including Europe and Australia.

The heated reaction to the Biem Butter Sprayer continues today with celebrities like Gordon Ramsay showcasing its ease-of-use on social media platforms. Its status as one of the most sought-after kitchen gadgets is evident based on the number of awards that it has recently won such as ‘Best Kitchen Gadget’ at CES 2020 and ‘Innovative Product’ at SXSW 2021.

With customer interest continuing to grow around this device, experts anticipate even greater success for this revolutionary butter sprayer going forward.

The Product Expansion

The success of the Biem Butter Sprayer on Shark Tank sparked a flurry of interest in the product. As a result, CEO and founder David Peters quickly began to focus on expanding the company’s reach by implementing various branding strategies. He also sought to make improvements to the technology behind the sprayer itself.

The first step was increasing marketing efforts both online and through traditional channels such as television commercials and radio spots.

The next move Peter’s made was to introduce new features for existing customers, including a timer that allowed them to set how much butter they wanted per serving with just one click. Additionally, he invested heavily in research and development (R&D) for product improvements; this resulted in better ergonomics, more accurate dosing, and an overall easier-to-use experience compared to previous versions of the device.

This combination of improved usability and increased brand awareness helped propel Biem Butter Sprayer into a top kitchen tool across multiple retail outlets nationally within two years after its appearance on Shark Tank. Today, it is firmly established as an essential part of any home chef’s arsenal thanks to these strategic initiatives taken by Peter’s early on.

Awards And Recognition

  1. Biem Butter Sprayer, the revolutionary kitchen tool, earned a prestigious award from the National Association of Home and Kitchen Professionals for innovation in kitchen technology.

  2. The product was featured in multiple major publications and praised for its unique design.

  3. After appearing on Shark Tank, the product gained worldwide recognition and substantial press coverage.

  4. The product was featured in multiple television programs, as well as in print and online media outlets.

  5. The product received numerous awards and recognitions, including being recognized as a top kitchen gadget in multiple consumer polls.

  6. It was also recognized as the most innovative kitchen product of the year by the National Association of Home and Kitchen Professionals.

Awards Won

The Biem Butter Spray is a revolutionary kitchen device that dispenses butter without the need for spreading it.

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2017, the company has gone on to win several awards and recognition for its innovative product.

In 2018, Green Magazine named Biem one of the 10 best green-friendly innovations of all time due to their commitment to reducing plastic waste by using recyclable aluminum canisters.

Additionally, they also received an award from Health Magazine as one of the top products with health benefits; because users only need to spray what they need instead of overusing butter, this reduces fat intake which helps people stay healthy.

This improved lifestyle choice was highly praised by both magazines’ editors.

With such widespread acclaim and praise, there is no doubt that Biem will continue to be popular with consumers who are seeking healthier alternatives when cooking meals.

Recognition Received

The Biem Butter Spray has received a multitude of awards and recognition for its innovative product. Its commitment to reducing plastic waste by using recyclable aluminum canisters was recognized in 2018 when Green Magazine named it one of the 10 best green-friendly innovations of all time.

Furthermore, Health Magazine also awarded it as one of the top products with health benefits due to users only needing to spray what they need instead of overusing butter which reduces fat intake and helps people stay healthy. This improved lifestyle choice resonated well with consumers who are looking for healthier alternatives when cooking meals and led to an increase in brand awareness that is reflected in consumer trends.

It is evident that Biem’s success will continue into the future as more consumers look towards sustainable solutions while staying healthy.

Press Coverage

The success of Biem Butter Spray has not gone unnoticed by journalists and media outlets. The product’s numerous awards have been covered extensively in both local and national press, helping to spread the word about its innovative design and commitment to sustainability.

By leveraging these stories, Biem was able to create successful marketing strategies that focused on increasing brand recognition through branding tactics such as social media campaigns, giveaways and partnerships with influencers. This enabled them to reach a wide range of consumers who are now more aware of the benefits their products offer.

Furthermore, these press stories also helped to boost consumer confidence in Biem’s product due to its endorsement from prestigious organizations such as Green Magazine and Health Magazine. As a result, Biem has seen an increase in sales since each story was released which further demonstrates how effective their publicity strategy has been.

It is clear that positive press coverage can be a powerful tool when it comes to promoting sustainable products like those offered by Biem Butter Spray. Biem Butter Spray continues to receive praise for its innovative design and commitment towards reducing plastic waste while offering health benefits for users. Its presence within the media landscape helps make this message even stronger, allowing the company to reach new heights within this competitive market space.

Further Developments

The Biem Butter Sprayer has made a significant impact since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2016. Initially developed as an alternative to the traditional butter-spreading process, it quickly gained traction among consumers for its convenience and cost savings potential.

But what does the future hold for this innovative product?

Recent developments suggest that the use of the Biem Butter Sprayer will continue to revolutionize how people enjoy their food. With regards to cost implications, users can expect far less waste with each portion of butter used –– making it both more economical and sustainable than other conventional options. In addition, its ability to spray butter directly onto any type of food saves time and energy while producing even coverage every single time.

From popcorns to pancakes, these qualities make it clear why so many people have come to embrace the Biem Butter Sprayer: 1) Cost efficiency 2) Sustainability impact 3) Time saving capabilities.

As we move forward into 2021, there is no doubt that this revolutionary device will only become increasingly popular amongst households all over the world.

Where To Buy Biem Butter Sprayer

Biem Butter Sprayer, an innovative kitchen appliance that sprays butter directly from a cylindrical container, made its debut on Shark Tank in 2017. After the show aired, the product gained considerable attention and sales spiked for the company.

To capitalize on this newfound success, Biem Butter Sprayer’s creators implemented several marketing strategies to reach more consumers worldwide. They launched an active social media campaign aimed at raising awareness of their product, as well as offering discounts to encourage customers to purchase it. The company also began offering bulk orders to restaurants and catering services throughout the United States so they could offer their diners a unique way of adding flavor to their food without having to buy multiple containers of butter or margarine.

In addition, Biem Butter Spray has been featured in various publications such as Good Housekeeping Magazine and The New York Times. This helped solidify its presence within the culinary sphere and raised further awareness about the revolutionary design of this kitchen tool. Furthermore, Biem Butter Sprayer was included in Oprah Winfrey’s list of Favorite Things 2018 which boosted sales even higher than before due to her endorsement.

As a result of these tactics, Biem Butter Sprayer is now available for purchase through major retailers across North America including Amazon and Target.

Today, Biem Butter Sprayer continues to be a popular choice for home cooks who want an efficient way of flavoring dishes or spreading butter evenly over toast and other breads with minimal effort required. It remains one of the most noteworthy products from Shark Tank thus far thanks to its innovative design combined with successful marketing strategies used by its creators.

Customer Reviews

After appearing on Shark Tank, Biem Butter Sprayer received a positive response from its customers.

One customer noted that the product was easy to use and saved time when preparing meals. Another commented on how it made buttering food items more convenient than ever before.

The feedback regarding the product’s quality has been overwhelmingly positive overall. Consumers have praised the device for being lightweight and ergonomically designed; they appreciate that it is easy to hold while using with one hand.

They also report that clean-up is straightforward, as all parts are dishwasher safe. Customers have further said that the sprayer produces a light mist of melted butter rather than large chunks or clumps, providing even coverage every time.

The success of this innovative kitchen tool speaks for itself, as satisfied customers continue to recommend it to their friends and family members alike. Many users claim they no longer need to put up with the mess associated with traditional methods of spreading butter onto foods such as toast, pancakes and waffles.

As a result, Biem Butter Spray is quickly becoming a staple in many households across America.

Final Thoughts

The Biem Butter Sprayer was featured on Shark Tank in 2015, and the product received a $400,000 investment from one of the Sharks. Since then, it has experienced positive growth despite some setbacks.

This section will discuss the marketing strategy and product longevity of the Biem Butter Sprayer since its appearance on Shark Tank.

When it comes to marketing strategies, the company behind the Biem Butter Sprayer has employed several successful tactics that have kept sales steady over time. They began by focusing their efforts on social media campaigns with influencers, as well as utilizing direct-to-consumer platforms like Amazon and other online retailers for distribution. Additionally, they formed strategic partnerships with traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores including Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. These initiatives have resulted in a strong consumer base for products sold in both physical and digital formats.

One factor that contributes to the product’s longevity is its unique design; there are no comparable competitors to challenge its dominance within this particular market niche. The company also offers an extensive warranty program which includes free replacements if necessary due to any issues encountered during use or operation of the device itself. This commitment to customer satisfaction along with quality manufacturing processes has kept current customers loyal while simultaneously attracting new ones into their existing clientele base.

Overall, taking these various factors into consideration it becomes evident that success achieved by the Biem Butter Sprayer can be attributed largely due to effective marketing strategies combined with a high-quality product backed up by excellent customer service policies.

As such, it is safe to say that regardless of whether or not additional investments were made after its initial appearance on Shark Tank, this product remains a viable option when looking for an efficient butter sprayer solution today.


Biem Butter Sprayer has continued to remain a successful product even after its appearance on Shark Tank.

The company’s founders have seen success in their endeavors, having expanded the product line and introduced new variations of the sprayer.

This has allowed them to reach a wider audience and capitalize on their newfound fame from the show.

Repetition of this innovative design has lent itself well to further development, with customers praising Biem for its ease of use and convenience.

It is no wonder that it remains popular among consumers looking for an efficient solution to buttering food items quickly and cleanly.

Alliteration aside, Biem Butter Spray is an ideal choice for those seeking out a time-saving device that gets the job done right every single time.

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