What Happened To Body Jac After Shark Tank?

Body Jac, a fitness product designed to help people do pushups with better form, was featured on the hit show Shark Tank in 2018. Its creators were hoping for an investment from one of the illustrious “sharks” and offered up 20% ownership in exchange. The pitch did not go as planned, however, leaving viewers wondering what happened to Body Jac after its appearance on the popular show?

This article will explore how the company has fared since their appearance on television and attempt to answer this question. The invention of Body Jac by founder Jacob Zundel is an inspiring story that began when he wanted to improve his own fitness routine. He sought out a way to make push-ups easier but still provide all of the benefits associated with them, leading him to create a device which allowed users to perform exercises more efficiently.

As word spread about his innovative product, it caught the attention of the producers at Shark Tank who invited him onto their show for a chance to win over investors.

The Creation Of Body Jac

The innovative product Body Jac has revolutionized the fitness industry, offering a unique solution to an age-old problem. It is the brainchild of entrepreneur and inventor Michael Jacobs who unveiled it in 2013 on ABC’s Shark Tank. The green marketing and product design behind the revolutionary piece of equipment made it stand out among its competitors – with enthusiastic investors eager to get involved.

Body Jac was immediately popular after its first appearance on Shark Tank as users were thrilled by its space saving capabilities combined with intense workout opportunities. Assembled like a jigsaw puzzle, this machine features no bulky parts or weight plates; instead, relying solely upon leverage which allows it to be folded up easily for storage when not in use. This made it ideal for both residential and commercial settings alike due to its ability to save precious floor space without sacrificing effective results from workouts.

Jacobs’ invention had strong appeal amongst potential consumers looking for convenience and effectiveness packed into one small package – giving them access to powerful strength building exercises that can be done anytime anywhere. Furthermore, their investment in such products would have long term sustainability benefits since they would never need replacement parts compared to traditional gym machines that often require expensive replacements over time.

Jacob Zundel’s Pitch On Shark Tank

Jacob Zundel’s pitch for Body Jac on Shark Tank in 2015 was for a revolutionary home gym system. It was met with enthusiasm from the Sharks and he secured a deal with Kevin O’Leary.

Following the airing of the episode, Body Jac experienced a surge in sales and distribution opportunities. However, the company ultimately struggled to keep up with demand and had to close in 2018.

Jacob’s Pitch

Jacob Zundel’s pitch to the Sharks on Shark Tank was an ambitious one. His product, Body Jac, a portable resistance training device that allowed users to exercise anytime, anywhere and with any level of intensity they desired, was met with excitement from all five investors.

With its clever design featuring adjustable straps and handles that could be used for pull-up exercises, pushups and crunches, Jacob demonstrated how his device enabled people to replicate gym workouts in their own homes. He received positive feedback from the Sharks regarding product demos he had provided prior to the show taping.

Despite receiving interest from each investor, none of them were willing to offer Jacob a deal. Their main concern seemed to stem from some issues surrounding manufacturing costs as well as marketing strategies needed for success.

Although disappointed by not receiving an investment on the show, Jacob has persevered in developing his business. He currently sells his products online at bodyjacfitness.com and through select retailers across the U.S., offering customers workout routines designed specifically for use with his equipment.

In addition, Jacob continues to invest heavily in research and development efforts towards improving both existing models of Body Jac along with pursuing new ideas related to personal fitness equipment creation. His passion remains focused upon helping others achieve their goals when it comes to exercising safely while still being able to enjoy the process itself rather than dreading it due to tediousness or monotony associated with conventional gym activities.


Despite not receiving an investment on Shark Tank, Jacob Zundel has continued to focus his efforts towards developing his business.

After the show aired, Body Jac saw a surge in online sales due to its newfound popularity. This allowed him to gain more visibility and recognition from customers who had seen it featured on the program. As a result of this increased awareness, Body Jac has become one of the leading fitness trends among consumers looking for convenient ways to exercise in their own homes.

In addition to selling through physical retailers and directly via bodyjacfitness.com, Jacob has also greatly expanded Body Jac’s online presence with active social media pages that regularly feature customer testimonials and product giveaways.

He continues to stay actively engaged with his audience by providing helpful tips and guidance related to health and wellness topics as well as responding quickly when people reach out with questions or feedback about his products.

By staying true to his vision and continuing to invest heavily in research and development, Jacob is helping others achieve their goals when it comes to exercising safely while still enjoying the process itself rather than dreading it due to tediousness or monotony associated with conventional gym activities.

The Sharks’ Reactions

The Sharks’ reactions to Body Jac were mixed. While some found its potential intriguing, others had reservations about the product’s expired patents and lack of marketing strategies.

Kevin O’Leary noted that while he liked the idea behind Body Jac, he was concerned with the fact that the company would have a hard time competing in the market due to their expired patents.

Mark Cuban also believed that it would be difficult for them to make money without a strong marketing plan.

Daymond John said that although he admired the passion of the entrepreneurs behind Body Jac, he felt like there were too many risks involved with investing in an invention with no competitive advantage or patent protections.

All five sharks ultimately decided not to invest in this business venture.

Body Jac After Shark Tank

Irony aside, Body Jac had a lot of potential to be the next big thing according to Shark Tank viewers. What started as an idea for a better chest press machine ended up being much more than that – it was a complete at-home fitness system.

Unfortunately, after appearing on the show and receiving offers from two of its panelists, the company didn’t get far in terms of its ecommerce strategy.

Body Jac’s post-Shark Tank journey seemed promising with high customer reviews and well thought out product demonstrations. However, despite these positives, the company’s growth stalled due to issues such as low stock levels and lack of marketing efforts.

The challenge now lies in how Body Jac will take advantage of the exposure they received through their appearance on Shark Tank and turn this into success. The key is to make sure customers are aware of what they have to offer while also creating an effective ecommerce strategy that can maximize sales opportunities online.

Expanding The Lineup Of Products

Following the successful appearance of Body Jac on Shark Tank, the company has continued to expand its lineup of products. The product customization offered by Body Jac allows customers to select their own color combinations and sizes for a variety of bodyweight training devices such as push up bars, power wheels, and heavy duty exercise bands. This provides exercisers with an opportunity to customize their workouts in order to maximize their performance and results.

Customer feedback is playing an important role in helping Body Jac develop new products that will meet customer needs. Through surveys and interviews, the company has been able to gain insight into how customers use their existing products, what features they like, and what improvements could be made. This data helps them determine which products are most popular among exercisers so that they can create additional variations or introduce completely new products based on this information.

Body Jac’s lineup continues to evolve as it listens closely to its customers’ feedback while also innovating new ways for people to train safely at home or in the gym. With more than 20 different items available across multiple categories including fitness accessories, core strength tools, bodyweight trainers, workout benches, and even special packages designed specifically for athletes – there is something for everyone!

The Body Jac Challenge

The Body Jac Challenge has become a popular at home workout since its debut on Shark Tank. After appearing on the show in 2017, founder Kelly Love Johnson saw a dramatic increase in demand for her product.

The unique piece of equipment allows users to do exercises like chest presses and flys using their own body weight as resistance. It also helps build core strength faster than traditional methods because it works more muscle groups at once.

At home workouts have been incredibly popular during the pandemic, driven by an increased desire to stay healthy while avoiding public areas. Fitness trends such as yoga, HIIT, and calisthenics have all seen huge growth online over this period.

With so many people looking for new ways to exercise from the comfort of their homes, the Body Jac Challenge provides an easy solution that can be used safely indoors or outdoors. With its lightweight design and affordable price point, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to this innovative fitness tool.

Plus, with additional features like adjustable straps and flexible arms that provide different levels of intensity, it offers something for both beginners and experienced exercisers alike.

Opening A Gym

After appearing on Shark Tank, Body Jac faced a new challenge. They had to find ways to make their product more accessible and appealing to consumers in order for it to become a trending workout.

To meet this demand, they decided to open up a gym where people could use the equipment as part of an individual or group fitness program.

The Body Jac Gym was opened with the aim of providing customers access to the company’s revolutionary technology that helps improve technique and strength training performance.

The gym features custom-made resistance machines from Body Jac, along with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, bands and other traditional pieces of gym equipment.

In addition there are personal trainers on hand who can provide advice and guidance about specific exercises using all types of equipment.

The Body Jac Gym has quickly gained popularity among those looking for workouts tailored specifically for them.

Customers have been able to get results faster due to the focus on correct technique which is provided by Body Jac’s patented products.

It also provides an opportunity for people to build relationships with others who share similar goals while enjoying quality time at the gym together working towards their own health objectives.

Appearances At Major Expositions

Body Jac has stayed in the limelight since its appearance on Shark Tank. The company’s product, which is designed to make push-ups easier and more effective for users, was first unveiled at a health expo in Las Vegas. Since then, Body Jac has become a fixture at major fitness expositions across America.

Attending such events gives Body Jac an opportunity to showcase their products as well as network with other industry professionals and customers. At these shows, they often offer discounts or free demonstrations of their machines to draw attention from potential buyers. Additionally, it provides them with access to marketing strategies used by successful companies within the same space that can be incorporated into their own approach.

As a result of attending these functions, Body Jac has been able to increase brand awareness significantly and solidify relationships with existing customers while forging new ones. It also serves as a platform for introducing new features and services that are tailored towards what consumers need and want most out of their workout equipment.

The Impact On The Fitness Industry

Body Jac, a fitness system created by husband and wife duo John and Liz Jansen, debuted on Shark Tank in 2011. They showcased their product to the Sharks with hopes of receiving an investment that would ultimately help them make Body Jac widely available for purchase. Despite impressing the panel of investors, they were unable to secure an offer.

While Body Jac did not receive any investments after appearing on Shark Tank, it had a lasting impact on the fitness industry as a whole. The revolutionary design allowed users to achieve immediate results while reducing risk of injury due to its adjustable resistance bands. This gave rise to new trends in exercise meant for low-impact strength training using similar techniques employed by Body Jac. It was praised for its convenience, ease of use and portability which helped popularize bodyweight exercises among people of all ages who wished to stay fit without having access traditional gym equipment or expensive machines.

The success of Body Jac inspired other companies to create innovative products that addressed health challenges such as balance instability and muscle imbalances related to movement patterns caused by everyday activities like sitting at a desk job or standing in one place for long periods time . These products also focused heavily on injury prevention through proper alignment and posture maintenance during workouts, something that has become increasingly important in today’s society where physical activity is seen more as preventive medicine than anything else.

Product Benefits Contribution
Body Jac Immediate Results
Risk Reduction
Convenience & Portability
Low Impact Strength Training
Popularized bodyweight exercises
Injury Prevention
Other Products Balance Instability
Muscle Imbalances
Injury Prevention
Addressed Health Challenges
Focused on Alignment & Posture
Seen as Preventive Medicine
Seen as a form of preventative medicine.

The Future Of Body Jac

The fitness industry is constantly evolving and new trends are emerging, especially when it comes to home workouts. Body Jac was one such brand that made waves in the market after its appearance on Shark Tank.

But what happened to this innovative product line since then?

Body Jac had been around for quite a while before they appeared on Shark Tank, with their signature body jacks offering users an effective way of getting fit from the comfort of their own homes; something that has become increasingly popular over the last decade.

After appearing on Shark Tank, though, Body Jac experienced a surge in popularity as people were more interested than ever to try out the revolutionary products.

This attention allowed Body Jac to expand its range of products even further, allowing customers to choose from different sizes and styles depending on their preferences and needs. Their products have also come down significantly in price since being featured on Shark Tank which makes them accessible to anyone looking for an inexpensive yet effective workout solution at home.

With this increased visibility and accessibility, there’s no doubt that Body Jac will continue leading the charge within the home workout trend sector for years to come.


The Body Jac infomercials and fitness product line have impacted the fitness industry in more ways than one.

Despite its lack of success on Shark Tank, it is clear that Jacob Zundel’s vision has not been forgotten.

Through expanding their lineup of products and opening a gym, Body Jac continues to remain relevant in the health and wellness space.

As they continue to make appearances at major exhibitions around the world, there is no telling what heights this company can reach with time.

After all, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”; similarly, Body Jac may take some time before reaching its fullest potential.

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