What Happened To Bottle Breacher After Shark Tank?

Bottle Breacher is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality bottle openers made out of 50 caliber ammunition.

The founders, Eli and Jen Crane, were featured on the popular TV show Shark Tank in 2014.

Since then, the couple has experienced tremendous success with their business, but what happened to them after they appeared on the show?

This article will explore how Bottle Breacher has grown since appearing on Shark Tank and examine some of their major accomplishments during this period.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Bottle Breacher saw an increase in sales volume due to increased exposure from being featured on television.

Furthermore, Eli and Jen have invested into marketing strategies such as social media campaigns, celebrity collaborations and expanding product offerings which all contributed to their growth.

Despite these successes though, there have been challenges along the way for Bottle Breacher.

They’ve had to battle counterfeit products while also dealing with overwhelming demand at times.

This article examines both aspects of their journey since appearing on Shark Tank.

Increased Exposure From Television

Bottle Breacher, the company that creates bottle openers made from spent shell casings from the US Military, had a huge success when they appeared on Shark Tank in 2014. The appearance catapulted Bottle Breacher into mainstream media and resulted in an increase of sales for the veteran-owned business.

After their time on Shark Tank, Bottle Breacher has gone on to create several successful media partnerships and viral videos which have further spread awareness about their products and brand. The popularity of Bottle Breacher skyrocketed after it was featured on Shark Tank with offers from three out of five panelists including Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary. Since then, they’ve been able to leverage those relationships to build a powerful presence across social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.

Through these channels they regularly post content featuring veterans or active duty military personnel who use their product as well as customer reviews showing how much people love their unique gift items. In addition to increasing visibility through social media campaigns, Bottle Breacher has also generated millions of views by creating entertaining videos that are shared throughout various networks including popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

These short clips highlight different members of the team while simultaneously demonstrating the uses for their product in humorous scenarios that resonate with potential customers all over the world.

Increased Sales Volume

Following the successful appearance on Shark Tank, Bottle Breacher saw a huge surge in demand for their product. This necessitated scaling production to meet customer expectations. To accomplish this, the company formed strategic partnerships with several suppliers and manufacturers to increase supply chain efficiency and ensure that orders could be fulfilled quickly and reliably.

As sales increased due to higher exposure from television, they also began offering new products such as personalized bottle openers featuring different colors, designs, and engravings. These items have become popular gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions.

The combination of greater public awareness through television appearances along with more diverse product offerings has been integral to their success since appearing on Shark Tank.

Social Media Campaigns

Bottle Breacher’s journey after Shark Tank was a raging river, carving its way towards success. The company had improved visibility and expanded reach through well-crafted social media campaigns that gained them worldwide attention from customers, investors and industry professionals alike.

These campaigns were not just limited to the usual Facebook or Twitter platforms but also included YouTube videos, LinkedIn posts, Instagram stories, blog posts and more – all of which successfully sought out new customers. The content of these campaigns focused on promoting their high quality products as well as providing creative solutions for everyday problems with an innovative approach.

Bottle Breacher used interactive visuals such as infographics and GIFs in order to engage viewers and create a memorable experience by making it fun yet informative at the same time. This resulted in increased brand awareness amongst target audiences while simultaneously building customer loyalty due to the consistent delivery of quality content.

By using digital marketing strategies such as influencer endorsements on YouTube channels and various other online forums, Bottle Breacher found themselves firmly entrenched in the eCommerce space with millions of followers across multiple platforms. Through this wide array of engagement tactics, they have been able to maximize profits while capitalizing on their newfound fame from Shark Tank to further improve their presence in both local and international markets.

Celebrity Collaborations

Bottle Breacher is a business that manufactures and sells custom, handcrafted bottle openers. After appearing on the hit TV show Shark Tank in 2014, Bottle Breacher saw exponential growth due to its impressive conversion optimization techniques.

It has continued to ensure customer loyalty through various collaborations with celebrities such as actor Mark Wahlberg and professional golfer Jordan Spieth. One of their most successful collaborations was with world-renowned skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Together they created limited edition, handmade bottle openers featuring the Birdhouse Skateboards logo. The partnership between Bottle Breacher and Tony Hawk helped to further increase brand awareness across multiple demographics by leveraging his iconic image.

In addition, it provided customers who were loyal fans of both brands an opportunity to purchase unique products from two incredible entities at once. The success of these celebrity collaborations has positively impacted Bottle Breacher’s bottom line by increasing sales and expanding into new markets around the globe.

From its humble beginnings selling online out of a garage in San Diego, California to being featured in major publications like Forbes Magazine and Fox News – there’s no doubt that this small business is here to stay!

Expanding Product Offerings

Bottle Breacher, a small business created by Eli and Jen Obrecht in 2013, has experienced impressive success following their appearance on Shark Tank. As of 2020 Bottle Breacher was bringing in an estimated 10 million dollars in annual revenue. The company’s rapid growth is due to many factors; however, the most significant cause for this meteoric rise can be attributed to celebrity collaborations and expanding product offerings.

Celebrity Collaborations: Celebrities Products Date
Snoop Dogg Beer Bong April 2018
Ted Nugent Bullet Flask October 2019
Jeff Gordon Wine Tumbler August 2016

The Obrechts have collaborated with various celebrities throughout the years to help promote their products. In April 2018 they released a beer bong with rap artist Snoop Dogg, followed by a bullet-shaped flask with rock musician Ted Nugent in October 2019. NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon even had his own branded wine tumbler designed by Bottle Breacher back in August 2016. All these partnerships helped create extra attention around new product releases and increased sales overall – proving that celebrity endorsements are still relevant today.

As their customer base grew it became clear that diversifying into other markets would be beneficial for long term international growth. To meet customer demand Bottle Breacher began offering customized apparel such as hats, shirts and hoodies along with personalized accessories like mugs, corkscrews and keychains too. These additions expanded the range of potential customers from military personnel or gun enthusiasts to anyone who likes unique gifts or custom apparel items. With multiple collections available online it has become easier than ever before to find something special regardless of budget size or location – allowing Bottle Breacher access to an entirely new market segment without sacrificing the quality associated with its original products.

Battling Counterfeit Products

Bottle Breacher has been able to remain a successful business since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2014. Through strategic partnerships, they have been able to expand their reach while continuing to provide quality products and employ many people across the United States.

The company was also faced with an unexpected challenge of counterfeit Bottle Breachers appearing on Amazon as well as other platforms. To combat this, Bottle Breacher implemented several marketing strategies that involve creating relationships with retailers who could help them protect against dubious vendors and counterfeits being sold online.

The core strategy involved partnering with Amazon and eBay directly rather than relying solely on independent third-party sellers for product distribution. By engaging in direct negotiation with these companies and taking a proactive approach towards understanding how their algorithms work, Bottle Breacher was able to gain visibility and control over listings that were falsely representing or selling counterfeit merchandise under their name.

As part of the agreement between both parties, Bottle Breacher agreed to remove any seller found guilty of infringing upon their trademarks from the platform completely.

In addition, Bottle Breacher took steps outside of ecommerce to fight against counterfeiting through trademark registrations globally and implementing stricter production processes when manufacturing products. This includes employing rigorous testing procedures before releasing new items into circulation as well as educating customers about what real products look like so they can make informed decisions when shopping online.

With all these efforts combined, Bottle Breacher is now better equipped than ever before to tackle rising issues surrounding intellectual property rights violation and piracy within the industry.

Dealing With Overwhelming Demand

Bottle Breacher, the company founded by Eli and Jen Head, experienced an overwhelming surge in demand after their appearance on the popular TV show, Shark Tank.

To meet the demand, they implemented mass production of their product, while also optimizing their supply chain management. This enabled them to deliver their product to all of their customers in a timely manner.

Additionally, Bottle Breacher utilized third-party fulfillment services to further increase their production. This allowed them to keep up with the overwhelming demand for their product.

As a result, Bottle Breacher was able to handle the surge of customers, which positioned them for future success.

Mass Production

Bottle Breacher, a company known for creating bottle openers out of de-milled ammunition shells, experienced an overwhelming demand after their appearance on the television show Shark Tank.

In order to meet this massive demand that far exceeded any initial projections, Bottle Breacher had to quickly ramp up its production and expand into new markets.

To accomplish this monumental task they needed to establish a reliable supply chain management system in order to access the raw materials needed for producing more units of product.

They reached out to contacts from multiple suppliers who could provide them with these resources at competitive prices, enabling them increase their output without sacrificing quality.

As a result, Bottle Breacher was able to grow rapidly as it expanded its reach to customers around the world while ensuring customer satisfaction by providing efficient delivery times.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is an essential component of dealing with overwhelming demand. When a company experiences a massive increase in orders, they must be able to efficiently manage the inventory and streamline their processes in order to meet customer expectations.

This requires identifying reliable suppliers who can provide raw materials at competitive prices while ensuring timely delivery. Companies like Bottle Breacher have found success by establishing contacts with multiple vendors that could provide them with cost-effective resources needed for production, as this enabled rapid growth and expansion on a global scale.

By managing inventory and streamlining processes, companies are better positioned to handle unexpected spikes in demand without sacrificing quality or service standards.

Fulfillment Services

The last step of managing overwhelming demand is to use fulfillment services. Outsourcing logistics to a third-party service provider can help companies scale quickly and streamline customer engagement, as the company will no longer be responsible for warehousing, shipping or order tracking.

This allows them to focus on other aspects of their business such as marketing, product development and customer support without having to worry about delivery delays. Fulfillment services also let businesses provide faster and more reliable deliveries, which builds trust with customers and enhances customer satisfaction.

Additionally, using these services may reduce costs associated with storing inventory in warehouses as well as labor expenses related to handling orders manually.

Quality Control Challenges

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Bottle Breacher experienced a surge in demand for its products. This sudden increase was challenging as it put immense pressure on the company’s supply chain, customer service, and quality control systems.

Quality control became an especially pressing issue as they had to maintain their standards of excellence while meeting the rapidly increasing demands from customers. Bottle Breacher responded by hiring more staff members specifically dedicated to managing customer relationships, production scheduling, and shipping operations.

The company also invested in software programs that allowed them to automate many of these processes so they could efficiently manage increased orders with fewer resources. These changes enabled them to better serve existing customers while allowing them to welcome new ones into the fold.

In addition to this, Bottle Breacher implemented additional measures such as product testing protocols and inventory tracking systems in order to ensure consistent product quality throughout their supply chain. Moving forward, these initiatives helped the company maintain high levels of customer satisfaction without sacrificing any of their core values or brand image.

Building A Brand

Bottle Breacher’s journey since appearing on Shark Tank has been a meteoric rise to success. It is like watching the sun blaze across the sky, leaving behind nothing but wisps of clouds in its wake.

As soon as Bottle Breacher made their debut appearance on Shark Tank and walked away with an investment from investor Lori Greiner, it was clear that this company had potential for massive growth.

The key ingredients to Bottle Breachers’ success have been brand recognition and customer loyalty. The bright colors, logo design, and overall aesthetic combined with high quality product have enabled them to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. This visibility has allowed them to build a loyal following amongst gun enthusiasts who appreciate their unique approach to customizing firearms accessories.

They now offer over two hundred products ranging from apparel to speciality items such as personalized bottle openers and flasks. This type of success takes commitment and dedication; something founders Eli and Jen O’Neal understand well.

Since they first appeared on Shark Tank, they have worked hard to grow their business into what it is today by focusing on creating great products while providing excellent customer service. And that strategy seems to be paying off: the company continues to expand at breakneck speed, posting record-breaking profit margins quarter after quarter.

Meeting Customer Expectations

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2014, Bottle Breacher quickly began to realize the challenge of meeting customer expectations. Being a small business with limited resources and personnel, they needed to find ways to meet production deadlines while still providing quality products that were up to each customer’s standards.

In order to do so, Bottle Breacher implemented several strategies:

  • They established an on-site manufacturing facility capable of producing up to 2,000 pieces per day.
  • They partnered with local suppliers for raw materials and packaging components.
  • They created detailed work instructions for their staff members, ensuring consistency across all orders and reducing errors.
  • They improved their inventory management systems by closely monitoring stock levels and ordering replacements as soon as necessary.
  • They collected customer feedback from every sale, allowing them to make adjustments where needed and guarantee satisfaction.

By using these tactics, Bottle Breacher was able to ensure prompt delivery times while maintaining high product quality. As a result of this successful strategy implementation, they have been able to expand their operations and reach even more customers around the world.


The success of Bottle Breacher after its appearance on Shark Tank has been a symbol of determination, grit and perseverance. The company’s founders have pushed forward despite the obstacles they faced, such as dealing with overwhelming demand and quality control challenges.

Through their hard work and dedication to creating an amazing product, they’ve managed to build an incredible brand that customers trust and admire. They continue to strive for excellence by offering new products while working diligently to meet customer expectations.

It is clear that with the right attitude and support from family, Bottle Breacher can achieve great things in their industry.

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