What Happened To Budsies After Shark Tank?

Budsies is a company that creates custom stuffed animals from children’s drawings. Founded in 2013, the business had gained considerable traction before appearing on Shark Tank in 2015. After their appearance on the show, Budsies received an offer of $200,000 for 25% equity by Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban.

The founders of Budsies have since gone on to expand the product line beyond custom stuffed animals and into other areas including apparel and home décor items. Following its success on Shark Tank, Budsies has also been featured in numerous media outlets such as Good Morning America, The Huffington Post, Forbes Magazine and Buzzfeed News. Additionally, they developed partnerships with companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon and Sanrio.

These successes have made them one of the most successful businesses ever to appear on Shark Tank.

The Origins Of Budsies

Budsies is an artist-focused company that allows customers to turn their original artwork into stuffed animals. Founded in 2013 by Alex Furmansky and Rachel Zietz, the idea for Budsies came about when Rachel was unable to find a stuffed animal version of her brother’s favorite character.

After meeting at Babson College, they launched their business with $18,000 from family members and friends on Kickstarter. The start-up quickly gained exposure through social media campaigns and appearances on Shark Tank.

They secured a deal with two sharks who invested $100,000 for 25 percent equity in the company. Following this investment, Budsies increased its staff size to accommodate customer demand and expanded its product line beyond just custom plush dolls to include customizable apparel and accessories such as hats or backpacks featuring popular characters and designs made exclusively for children.

With the help of Shark Tank investors, Budsies has grown significantly over the years and continues to be dedicated to providing quality products which are personalized according to each customer’s individual needs. Today, the company offers thousands of items ranging from plush toys to clothing all designed with an emphasis on creativity and fun while still maintaining affordability.

The Budsies Pitch On Shark Tank

After their appearance on Shark Tank, Budsies continued to grow and expand their services. The company now offers custom stuffed animals, custom clothing, and custom artwork.

During their Shark Tank pitch, the Budsies team highlighted their unique service of creating custom stuffed animals from a photo.

As of 2019, Budsies had created over 100,000 custom stuffed animals for customers around the world.

Budsies After Shark Tank

Budsies, the custom stuffed animal creation company, made a splash when they appeared on Shark Tank in 2014. Founded by Alex Furmansky and Jonathan Becker two years prior to their appearance on the show, Budsies had already gained traction for their unique concept of transforming customer’s drawings into plush animals.

The duo pitched Budsies as an easy way for children to keep memories alive through customized toys. After appearing on the show, reviews from customers were overwhelmingly positive with regards to product quality and turnaround time.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Budsies has continued to grow exponentially. Their mission remains focused on providing exceptional products that capture cherished moments and feelings for their customers.

To date, they have created over 200 thousand individualized plush creations which span across more than 50 countries worldwide. This growth can be attributed to word-of-mouth referrals along with strategic partnerships such as teaming up with Disney Junior where kids could design characters based off of shows like Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins.

In addition to selling products directly through their website, Budsies offers corporate services such as designing branded merchandise or creating special gifts for employees and clients alike. With demand continuing to rise each year, this innovative company is well poised to develop even further in the future.

Budsies During Shark Tank Pitch

The Budsies team, Alex Furmansky and Jonathan Becker, made an unforgettable impression on Shark Tank during their pitch of personalized dolls.

The pair presented the concept to the five judges as a way for kids to turn custom artwork into stuffed animals that would last beyond just a photograph.

They spoke about the simplicity of selecting from one of over 500 fabrics and trims in order to create something unique for customers.

Additionally, they noted how quickly turnaround time was with orders typically being fulfilled within two weeks or less.

The Sharks showed great interest in Budsies’ potential by investing $100K for 10% equity in the company.

Since then, Budsies has proudly created customized plush creations spanning across more than 50 countries worldwide; this is largely attributed to word-of-mouth referrals and strategic partnerships such as Disney Junior which allowed kids to design characters based off popular shows like Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins.

As demand continues to rise each year, it is clear that Budsies will remain successful well into the future.

The Offer From Lori Greiner And Mark Cuban

An example of a business leveraging the power of Shark Tank to take it to the next level is Budsies, an online custom plush toy company. When they appeared on the show in 2014, their founders had already raised over $100,000 through crowdfunding and were ready for even more growth.

The sharks saw potential in this small business but wanted more details about how the owners planned to scale up. After some bargaining tactics from Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban, who offered a deal where each shark got 30% equity stake instead of 40%, Budsiess was able to close a deal with them both.

The partnership between Budsies and the two Sharks has enabled the company to reach new heights while keeping its original mission intact: To help people bring their imaginations to life by creating customized plush toys based off any drawing or design submitted. By working together, Budsies was able to use Lori’s retail experience as well as access her extensive network of contacts throughout the industry. In addition, Mark provided invaluable advice on how best to expand into other markets via his expertise in tech startups and venture capital investments.

Budsies’ success since appearing on Shark Tank has been remarkable – they have gone from producing less than 1000 items per month when they first appeared on Shark Tank to now producing thousands every week! This newfound ability to produce large volumes of product allowed them to make deals with major retailers such as Toys “R” Us and Amazon which helped grow their customer base exponentially – not only domestically but also internationally too.

The Expansion Of The Budsies Product Line

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Budsies has seen significant growth in its business. They have developed a line of interactive toys, plush dolls and other products that can be customized with unique designs, logos and artwork to create one-of-a-kind creations.

Their custom product offerings include both digital and physical versions that provide customers with the opportunity to bring their imagination to life and express themselves through art.

The company’s success since Shark Tank has allowed them to expand into new markets such as corporate gifts where they offer large volume orders for events and conferences. Additionally, Budsies has become an important partner for charities looking to raise funds by offering special branded merchandise.

Finally, the company is now working with schools across America to help students learn about creativity and design while creating their own personalized products.

Budsies continues to build upon its initial success by continuing to innovate their product line with creative solutions designed for all ages from toddlers up through adults. Recently launched initiatives like “bulk essentials packages” are proving popular among those looking for cost savings when ordering multiple items at once, allowing customers more options than ever before when it comes time customize their products.

With these developments in place, there’s no telling just how far Budsies will go in the future.

Media Coverage For Budsies

Budsies, a personalized plush doll company, received a lot of media attention after appearing on Shark Tank in 2013. The publicity generated by the show allowed Budsies to significantly increase their customer base.

In addition, the company has regularly issued press releases to keep their customers and the media informed of their latest products and developments. Budsies also engages with their customers and potential new customers on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

This has been an effective way for them to reach out to a wider audience.

Media Attention

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Budsies has seen an increase in media attention. Co-founders Alex Furmansky and Jonathan Becker have appeared on several prominent television shows such as The Steve Harvey Show, Good Morning America and Rachael Ray. They have also been featured by various newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, Forbes Magazine and the Miami Herald.

Budsiess’ success story was even discussed during the show’s finale when co-founder Alex Furmansky said that he felt it was important to ensure they had a strong brand before launching their product marketing strategies. As part of this strategy, they relied heavily on traditional methods such as print advertising, word-of-mouth referrals, in addition to increasing visibility through television appearances and online presence.

The company has also capitalized on its appearance on Shark Tank by using social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to reach out to potential customers. This allowed them to further promote their products while engaging with existing followers.

It is clear that due to their strategic branding strategies, Budsies has continued to enjoy increased exposure since being featured on Shark Tank.

Press Releases

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Budsies has implemented a number of branding strategies to increase their media coverage.

One such strategy is the use of press releases. Press releases are an effective way for companies to reach out to existing and potential customers by providing detailed information about products or services a company offers.

Through press releases, Budsies can create customer engagement in order to raise awareness of their brand. Additionally, this ensures that customers are kept up-to-date with any new developments surrounding the company’s offerings.

By utilizing press releases as part of their media strategy, Budsies continues to be successful in increasing their visibility and deepening customer relationships.

Social Media Engagement

In addition to press releases, Budsies has also implemented social media engagement as a strategy for increasing their media coverage.

By actively engaging in conversations with customers on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, Budsies is able to generate brand loyalty and trust from its customer base.

This helps create an environment of constant communication between the company’s current and potential customers, allowing them to get feedback from existing users or ask questions about products or services that are being offered by the company.

By utilizing these methods of communication, Budsies can not only spread their message more widely but also provide custom-tailored support when needed.

Through this approach they have been able to cultivate strong relationships with customers while simultaneously creating positive word-of-mouth endorsements which further increases awareness surrounding their offerings.

Moreover, through the use of social media engagement strategies, Budsies has seen a significant increase in both sales and brand recognition among its target audience.

As a result, it continues to be one of the most successful brands in terms of leveraging digital media channels for growth.

Partnerships With Disney, Nickelodeon And Sanrio

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2014, Budsies continued to build momentum by partnering with major entertainment brands Disney, Nickelodeon and Sanrio.

In 2015, the company introduced a DIY Dolls collection that allowed customers to design their own custom plushies without any kind of artistic or sewing skills. This was met with great success as the demand for customizable products skyrocketed amongst consumers who wanted something unique for themselves.

In 2017, Budsies released its most popular product line to date: The Custom Plush Series. By using customer photos and drawings, the series enabled anyone to create personalized stuffed animals from scratch. Customers were excited at the prospect of owning one-of-a-kind items customized just for them, which led to an increase in sales across all products offered by Budsies.

The company also added new features such as a monthly subscription box service, where kids could receive surprise gifts every month.

With these initiatives, Budsie proved itself as a leader in custom merchandise industry and continues to offer innovative solutions for customers looking for unique keepsakes.

Budsies Expansion Into Apparel And Home Décor

Since the company’s appearance on Shark Tank in 2013, Budsies has expanded into apparel and home décor.

Budsies apparel includes t-shirts, hoodies, and leggings that feature custom designs and characters.

Home décor includes blankets, pillows, and rugs with unique artwork and illustrations.

The apparel and home décor items feature the same custom designs used to create the popular plush dolls that made Budsies a household name.

Budsies Apparel

Budsies, an innovative customizing apparel company that was featured on Shark Tank in 2014, has since found success and expanded its services beyond just creating personalized stuffed animals for children.

The company now offers a range of products from customized clothing to home décor items such as pillows and blankets.

Customers can choose their own fabric designs and create unique pieces with the help of Budsies’ experienced team members who specialize in cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

The apparel side of Budsies allows customers to design hoodies, sweatpants and other garments using any image they desire – anything from cartoon characters to family portraits or sports logos is possible.

All orders are printed onto quality fabrics which ensures comfort while wearing them; additionally, each item comes with a guarantee against fading or cracking over time due to washing or wear.

In terms of home décor, Budsies specializes in creating photo collages for various surfaces like cushions and throws for beds and sofas.

These products come packaged securely with instructions outlining how easy it is to assemble and attach the pieces into one unified work of art – making decorating living spaces both quick and enjoyable.

With these creative solutions, Budsies provides endless options for personalizing products at affordable prices.

Home Décor

As Budsies continues to expand its services beyond just creating personalized stuffed animals for children, their home décor options offer customers a chance to customize and decorate various surfaces like cushions and throws for beds and sofas.

With the help of artificial intelligence, customers are able to design collages with ease that can be quickly assembled and attached into one unified work of art – making any living space look unique and vibrant.

Additionally, each product comes with an array of customization options allowing users to create custom pieces tailored specifically to their needs without compromising on quality or comfort.

From cartoon characters to family portraits or sports logos, the possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing products at affordable prices.

The Impact Of Shark Tank On Budsies

Budsies, a company that specializes in toy customization and custom dolls made its Shark Tank debut in 2014. Founder Alex Furmansky pitched his idea to the Sharks with great success—all five Sharks gave him an offer.

After appearing on the show, Budsies experienced tremendous growth. In their first year post-Shark Tank, their sales increased by over 200%, and they have since gone on to expand into new markets across different countries.

The impact of appearing on Shark Tank has been huge for Budsies – not only did it increase the visibility of their brand but also allowed them to reach out to potential customers who may never have heard of them before. It was also an opportunity for them to get feedback from some of the biggest names in business as well as gain invaluable insights.

This enabled them to improve upon existing products and services while introducing new ones tailored specifically towards their target market. By taking advantage of the resources available through Shark Tank, Budsies were able to catapult themselves forward in terms of success and recognition within a relatively short space of time.

They are now renowned worldwide for creating high-quality customized toys and dolls which is testament to how powerful this platform can be when used effectively.

Budsies As A Business Success Story

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Budsies has had great success as a business. The idea of customizing stuffed animals was an immediate hit with customers and the crowdfunding campaign that followed generated over $100,000 in its first 24 hours. This allowed founder Alex Furmansky to launch his own company.

Furmansky’s entrepreneurial spirit is seen through the way he runs his business. He focuses on customer service and continually finds ways to improve it. As part of this effort, he offers two-way communication between designers and customers so they can get exactly what they want from their customized design orders. In addition, Budsies also strives for sustainability by only using environmentally friendly materials for production.

Budsies has become a powerful example of how successful businesses are made: through hard work, dedication, excellent customer service, and creative ideas combined with modern technologies like crowdfunding platforms.

These efforts have enabled Budsies to be featured in several media outlets such as MSNBC’s Your Business program and Entrepreneur Magazine, among others.

Budsies also has strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

The Future Of Budsies

Following the Shark Tank episode, Budsies saw a surge in popularity. The company was able to capitalize on its newfound fame by launching several successful crowdfunding campaigns and pursuing licensing agreements with larger companies.

In 2014, they launched their first campaign on Indiegogo which raised over $17,000 for their product. Since then, they have partnered with Wal-Mart and Toys R Us to expand their reach and gain more visibility through retail outlets.

Budsies has continued to grow steadily since appearing on Shark Tank. They now offer custom plush toys of people’s pets as well as other characters such as superheroes or cartoon characters from popular media franchises like Star Wars and Harry Potter. Additionally, they provide an online design tool that makes it easy for customers to create customized items without any additional cost.

This has allowed them to expand their customer base even further beyond those who may be interested in creating replicas of themselves or loved ones. The company continues to see success today due largely in part to the exposure gained from Shark Tank eight years ago.

It is estimated that their current annual revenue exceeds $2 million dollars, with plans for expansion into international markets within the next year. With numerous awards under their belt, such as winning “Best Gift Idea” at the 2015 New York Toy Fair, Budsies looks forward towards a bright future ahead of them.


Budsies is a perfect example of how the right idea, combined with the right platform, can be extremely successful. The Shark Tank appearance not only brought attention to Budsies’ products but also gave them a chance to expand their product line and explore new markets.

Despite initial skepticism from some Sharks, it’s clear that Budsies has become an incredible success story thanks to Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban’s investments. As they continue to create unique custom plush toys and apparel for customers around the world, Budsies will remain a proud reminder of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation – proving that any dream worth pursuing is possible if approached with tenacity!

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