What Happened To Cerebral Success After Shark Tank?

The Shark Tank television show has been a popular platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas and secure investments from established industry investors.

Cerebral Success, a brain health supplement company founded by college student Ryan Smith, made an appearance on the show in 2013. Since then, many viewers have wondered what happened to the ambitious start-up after leaving the tank.

This article takes a look at Cerebral Success since its time on Shark Tank and attempts to answer the question of where it is today.

Cerebral Success was created with one goal in mind – to provide consumers with quality supplements that would help improve cognitive performance and energy levels. Smith pitched his idea on Shark Tank and received offers from two sharks: Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec.

After appearing on the show, sales of his product skyrocketed but eventually began declining over time due to competition in the market and other factors. What steps did Smith take next? Read on to find out more about what happened to Cerebral Success after Shark Tank.

Ryan Smith’s Background

Ryan Smith, the founder of Cerebral Success, has had a successful career in business and was featured on ABC’s reality series Shark Tank. According to Forbes Magazine, before appearing on the show, he held two degrees from Virginia Tech and ran a multi-million dollar investment strategy firm.

His college career included internships at Goldman Sachs as well as JP Morgan Chase where he honed his skills in finance and investments.

Smith created Cerebral Success with an emphasis on nootropic supplements designed to help people focus better or have enhanced mental clarity. After receiving an offer during his appearance on Shark Tank that valued the company at $2 million dollars, Ryan accepted it and started working with investor Robert Herjavec to build out the brand.

Since then, Cerebral Success has seen exponential growth while offering its customers natural health products they can trust backed by science. The company now distributes their products worldwide through retail outlets such as Amazon and Walmart along with having direct sales online via their website.

Cerebral Success And Shark Tank

In 2018, Cerebral Success received a high-stakes investment from the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank. The brain health and online course platform was founded by Todd White in 2014 with the goal of helping individuals increase their mental acuity and focus through effective cognitive training techniques.

Since appearing on the show, Cerebral Success has grown to become one of the leading providers of brain health supplements and online courses. They offer over 20 self-paced courses that help users develop more efficient learning strategies while providing valuable information about memory enhancement techniques. Their scientifically formulated dietary supplement contains ingredients designed to support healthy cognition and energy levels.

In addition to these products, they provide an array of articles that cover topics ranging from study habits to stress management tips. Users also have access to a private Facebook group where members can share stories, ask questions, and find motivation for achieving personal goals.

The company’s mission is simple yet powerful; “to empower people with the knowledge needed to unlock their potential”. As such, it continues to be a go-to resource for those looking for resources or guidance related to improving their cognitive performance or general well being despite its time on Shark Tank coming to end.

Initial Success After Shark Tank

Cerebral Success was a rising star after their appearance on Shark Tank. The innovative and unique dynamic pricing model developed by the company provided an unprecedented opportunity to all customers, regardless of budget or credit score. They experienced explosive growth almost immediately after airing on the show, aided by savvy marketing tactics and bolstered public support from celebrity endorsements.

The success of Cerebral Success could be seen in the numbers- sales skyrocketed beyond expectations as people clamored for the product that promised tangible results with real world applications. Their customer base grew significantly within weeks of appearing on Shark Tank, which put them firmly in the spotlight amongst other competitors in the market.

The immediate impact of Cerebral Success’s media exposure has resulted in long term repercussions for those looking to take advantage of their services. Today it is one of the most sought after companies in its field due to its ability to stay ahead of trends and provide unparalleled value when compared to other options available. Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Price Quality Value
Affordable High Standard Unmatched
Competitive Durable Innovative Superior Outstanding Unprecedented

Factors Leading To Decline In Sales

Poor marketing strategies can have a significant impact on sales figures, and this is an issue that Cerebral Success, a company that appeared on the TV show Shark Tank, can identify with.

Low brand awareness is one of the main issues that Cerebral Success faced and this could be attributed to their lack of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Without a proper marketing plan and budget, Cerebral Success was unable to effectively promote their product and reach their target audience.

This lack of visibility had a negative effect on their sales figures, leading to a decline in revenue.

Poor Marketing Strategies

In the aftermath of appearing on Shark Tank, many cerebral success businesses have faltered due to a lack of effective marketing strategies.

Social media can be an invaluable tool for reaching potential customers, but it requires consistent effort and planning in order to generate real results.

One example is when companies fail to respond promptly and effectively to customer feedback or inquiries that are posted online – this can create negative impressions with their audiences who may then turn away from them as a result.

Poorly planned social campaigns can also lead to poor visibility and decreased sales, since users will not click through if they do not find what they are looking for quickly enough.

A comprehensive approach which includes careful market research and targeted campaigns tailored towards different demographics is essential in order to ensure continued growth.

Low Brand Awareness

Low brand awareness can be a major factor leading to decline in sales. It is essential for companies to ensure that their product visibility and marketing tactics are well-coordinated in order to reach the maximum number of potential customers.

Poorly planned campaigns or inadequate use of available platforms may lead to poor product visibility, resulting in decreased recognition and sales among target audiences. Effective strategies should include market research and targeted campaigns tailored towards different demographics with the aim of increasing brand awareness and customer engagement.

Additionally, it is important to maintain an active presence online by responding quickly and effectively to customer feedback in order to create positive impressions with audiences.

Rebranding And Expansion Of The Company

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, the business model of Cerebral Success shifted as they began to focus more heavily on rebranding and expansion.

This included a revamped logo design, an updated website, and a new branding strategy that was designed to better connect with consumers. To further this goal, the company also implemented several marketing tactics such as improved social media management, email campaigns targeting existing and potential customers, influencer partnerships, product bundling strategies, and discounts in order to increase sales.

In addition to these initiatives, product packaging was redesigned and promotional materials were printed in an effort to generate additional exposure for the brand. By focusing on both short-term and long-term goals through comprehensive campaigns that included digital advertising techniques along with traditional print advertisements, Cerebral Success saw improvements in their overall visibility within the marketplace.

While sales increased incrementally throughout the following year due to strategic investments made by the team during this time period, it took some time before any significant change could be seen.

New Products And Strategies

After garnering a deal from the sharks, Cerebral Success’ future looked bright. However, their success was not to be taken for granted; they had to take creative steps in order to reach new heights of prosperity.

To this end, the company implemented a number of diversification strategies and marketing tactics that allowed them to expand into various markets beyond the scope of their original product line. One such strategy was to offer subscription services geared towards those seeking ongoing mental health assistance. This move opened up an entirely new avenue for potential customers who could benefit from long-term help with memory retention and other cognitive enhancement techniques.

Additionally, through partnerships with educational institutions and corporate wellness programs, Cerebral Success was able to get its products into the hands of even more people across industries.

The company’s commitment to innovation didn’t stop there either; content creation initiatives enabled them to create social media campaigns which increased brand visibility while also providing resources on topics ranging from nutrition science to meditation practices.

By broadening their horizons both literally and figuratively, Cerebral Success achieved greater market penetration than ever before as well as further growth within existing customer bases – all thanks to sound business practices and well-thought out plans executed at just the right time.

Challenges Faced By Cerebral Success

After receiving a generous offer from Mark Cuban on the entrepreneurial show Shark Tank, Cerebral Success had an exciting opportunity to introduce their product, BrainFuel Plus Memory and Focus supplement, to millions of potential customers. However, despite the momentum gained by appearing on the show and taking advantage of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, getting customers interested in their product proved challenging for the company.

From customer feedback surveys gathered after Shark Tank’s airing it was evident that many people were skeptical about buying over-the-counter supplements without first consulting with a doctor or seeing results from others who have used them. This massive challenge forced Cerebral Success to develop new strategies to market their products and increase public trust in order to achieve greater success.

In particular:

  • They focused on increasing visibility through strategic partnerships;
  • Acknowledged customer feedback more proactively;
  • Developed effective advertising campaigns;
  • Leveraged social media influencers for promotional purposes.

The ability of Cerebral Success to quickly adapt to changing conditions has been critical for its continued growth since Shark Tank aired. By utilizing these marketing techniques they managed to reach larger audiences and build stronger relationships with current customers which ultimately allowed them to expand into other markets.

Unique Features Of The Company

Cerebral Success, a supplement company featured on Shark Tank in 2015, has seen an impressive growth trajectory since its appearance. Describing itself as the “Uber of brain supplements”, it quickly found success with savvy branding tactics and customer engagement strategies.

After appearing on the show, its social media presence exploded from around 500 followers to over 20 thousand within days. In order to continue that rapid growth and remain competitive in the market, Cerebral Success implemented bold marketing campaigns through influencers and targeted advertisements.

A few months after their debut on Shark Tank, they launched their own podcast which has now been running for several years. This project was designed to further engage customers by providing helpful tips and advice about topics like nutrition, wellness, and productivity. The company also created customized product bundles tailored to specific goals or interests such as studying for exams or improving focus at work.

These bundles have become an integral part of Cerebral Success’s strategy when it comes to expanding reach into new markets while still maintaining a strong relationship with existing customers. The result is an ever-growing network of loyalists who are always eager to try the latest products from this innovative brand.

Cerebral Success Today

Cerebral Success has continued to grow since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2014. Brain training is still at the core of their mission, and they have expanded beyond offering just a single product – Memory Mastery – to include a suite of products and services related to learning optimization.

Their offerings now include online courses that are designed to help users improve their memory, concentration, focus, speed reading skills and other cognitive abilities. The company also provides personalized coaching sessions with experts in the field of brain science as well as access to exclusive content from top-tier universities such as Harvard and Yale.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology with proven scientific methods, Cerebral Success is able to provide comprehensive solutions for individuals looking to boost their mental performance. In addition, the team at Cerebral Success has developed partnerships with leading organizations around the world including Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple.

This allows them to stay ahead of industry trends while providing customers with timely updates on new developments in brain science research. Through these relationships, customers can be sure that they’re getting the best possible education when it comes to optimizing their mental capabilities.

Closing Thoughts

With the appearance of Cerebral Success on Shark Tank, there was a great deal of expectation that the business would skyrocket. Unfortunately, while they experienced some success initially, the company failed to reach their full potential.

It is widely believed that this failure could have been avoided with more strategic planning and market analysis. With better foresight into consumer needs and trends in the industry, Cerebral Success might have been able to capitalize on their momentary fame from appearing on television.

As such, it is important for any entrepreneur or business-minded individual to conduct adequate research before pursuing a venture. Careful considerations must be made when launching any new product or service onto an existing market if one wants to remain competitive and viable.

Moreover, having insight into what consumers are looking for can prove invaluable in making sure that resources are allocated correctly. All these elements should come together during the planning process for maximum efficiency.

  • Researching your target audience
  • Conducting thorough market analysis
  • Developing a sound strategy based on data
  • Establishing achievable goals
  • Understanding customer expectations
  • Creating a detailed implementation plan


Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Cerebral Success has experienced a rollercoaster of success and failure.

Initially experiencing incredible growth after the show, sales began to decline as various factors came into play.

The company responded by rebranding and expanding their product line, but faced significant challenges in doing so.

Despite all this, Cerebral Success is still alive today with unique features such as natural ingredients and fast delivery times that set it apart from competitors.

Although they may have had difficulty over the years, the resilience of the company stands testament to its potential for continued success.

Some might object that Cerebral Success shouldn’t be celebrated due to prior difficulties; however, these can be seen as an opportunity for learning and refining strategy, ultimately leading to increased stability in the long run.

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