What Happened To Cougar Energy Drink After Shark Tank?

In 2012, Cougar Energy Drink made a splash on the business venture scene when it pitched its product during an episode of Shark Tank. Since then, many entrepreneurs have been curious about how this energy drink fared after appearing on the show.

This article will take a deep dive into what happened to Cougar Energy Drink after its appearance on Shark Tank and provide insight for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to pursue similar ventures.

Cougar Energy Drink is one of many products that has appeared before the panel of investors known as The Sharks in the popular television series Shark Tank. As part of each investor’s decision-making process, they consider not only immediate financial success but also long-term viability of projects presented to them.

Therefore, examining what happened to Cougar Energy Drink post-Shark Tank can provide valuable knowledge for potential business owners interested in pursuing similar opportunities.

Shark Tank Appearance

Cougar Energy Drink made an appearance on the popular television show Shark Tank in 2014. The company was founded by entrepreneur John Cimperman and his partner Bob Smith and their goal was to bring a healthy energy drink alternative to the market. Their branding strategy involved targeting health-conscious consumers who wanted a non-caffeinated beverage that could provide them with sustained energy throughout the day.

The duo pitched their product to the Sharks but, unfortunately, they failed to receive an investment offer from any of them. This was primarily due to Cougar’s pricing model which did not align with what investors perceived as profitable.

While it isn’t known if Cougar offered equity or not, one thing is certain: the partners believed strongly in their brand and were unwilling to give away too much for capital infusion.

Despite being turned down on Shark Tank, Cougar has since gone on to become a successful energy drink enterprise. After realizing there wasn’t enough demand for their higher priced item, they decided to reposition themselves as an ‘affordable premium’ option, allowing customers access to quality ingredients at lower prices than competitors charge.

Thanks largely in part to this strategic move and great marketing campaigns, today Cougar is sold in many major retailers across North America.

The Sharks’ View Of The Product

The Shark Tank investors viewed Cougar Energy Drink as a potential investment, with its natural ingredients and exotic flavor. The brand perception of the product was mixed; some believed it to be unique while others felt that there were more established competitors in the market.

Consumer feedback on the drink leaned mostly positive, however this did not convince any of the Sharks to invest. They were concerned about how the company would differentiate itself from energy beverages already available and remain competitive in the long run.

In addition, their doubts about whether or not their target audience would buy into such an unknown product hindered them from investing. Cougar Energy Drink failed to secure an investment from any of the Sharks despite receiving praise for its taste and uniqueness.

Despite this setback, entrepreneurs Dave Hirtz and Justin Goldman continued to pursue other avenues of funding in order to bring their vision to life.

Post-Show Marketing Strategies

The Sharks’ decision left Cougar Energy Drink with a brand new challenge: how to market the energy drink’s unique features in order to bring it from Shark Tank obscurity into the public eye. Despite their lack of interest in investing, the show still presented an important opportunity for Cougar Energy Drink to gain visibility and establish its place within the competitive beverage industry.

To make this happen, Cougar Energy Drink must refocus their efforts on creating a strong branding strategy that resonates with potential customers. While having celebrity endorsements helps build credibility and trust among consumers, target audiences can be swayed by other factors such as discounts or exclusive offers.

Here are five key strategies that could help boost sales and increase awareness of Cougar Energy Drink:

  • Leveraging social media platforms to engage customers directly
  • Creating engaging content around the product’s benefits
  • Developing loyalty programs that reward repeat purchases
  • Designing attractive packaging that stands out on store shelves
  • Using influencers across multiple channels to reach new audiences

Cougar Energy Drink has already taken some steps towards success since appearing on Shark Tank. By focusing further on these marketing strategies, they can continue to ride the momentum created by the show while increasing their chances of becoming one of America’s top-selling energy drinks.

Changes To Product Packaging

  1. When Cougar Energy Drink appeared on Shark Tank in 2013, the product packaging underwent a complete redesign following the success of the pitch.

  2. The redesigned labels featured a bold font, eye-catching colors, and a more modern logo.

  3. Additionally, the product’s availability increased significantly, with the drink being stocked in major convenience stores and supermarkets across the country.

  4. Furthermore, Cougar Energy Drink expanded its packaging to include a variety of sizes, from small single-serve cans to larger 16-ounce bottles.

  5. This change in product packaging had a significant impact on sales, with the drink becoming one of the fastest-growing energy drinks in the United States.

  6. As a result, Cougar Energy Drink has become a household name, with its new packaging and increased availability making it a popular choice among consumers.

Redesigned Labels

After their appearance on Shark Tank, Cougar Energy Drink decided to make a change to their product packaging. They implemented branding strategies and targeted advertising in order to increase the effectiveness of their labels.

The redesigned label featured an image of two cheetahs jumping through a hoop with bright yellow and red colors that were more eye catching than the previous design. This new look was aimed at attracting younger consumers who would be more likely to pick up the energy drink off the shelf.

Additionally, they changed the format from an 8-oz can to 12-oz cans as well as offering multi-packs for those looking for greater convenience. This strategic move allowed them to stand out from other competitors in the market by providing something unique for customers.

As a result, Cougar Energy has seen increased sales due largely in part to these changes made after appearing on Shark Tank.

Increased Availability

Following the success of Cougar Energy Drink’s appearance on Shark Tank, the company made changes to their product packaging with an emphasis on branding awareness and promotion.

This included changing their format from 8-oz cans to 12-oz cans, as well as offering multi-packs for those looking for greater convenience. The new label also featured an eye catching image of two cheetahs jumping through a hoop with bright yellow and red colors that were more attractive than the previous design.

The increased availability of Cougar Energy Drink has allowed them to further expand their reach into different markets. Through strategic partnerships, they have been able to get their energy drink stocked in convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and other retail outlets across the country.

Additionally, they implemented localized marketing campaigns aimed at getting people talking about their brand and creating buzz around it. This focus on availability has paid off for Cougar Energy Drink as they have seen continued growth since appearing on Shark Tank due largely in part to these efforts towards increasing awareness and product promotion.

Additional Sizes

In order to meet the changing needs of consumers and keep up with current market trends, Cougar Energy Drink has introduced additional sizes. Alongside their traditional 8-oz cans, they now offer 12-oz cans as well as multi-packs for those seeking greater convenience.

This versatility in product packaging is a key component of their branding strategies, allowing them to reach more customers while staying competitive within the energy drink industry. As part of this effort, Cougar Energy Drink also invested heavily into localized marketing campaigns that raised awareness about their products. Through these efforts, their energy drinks have seen increased availability in retail outlets such as gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience stores across the nation.

Their success on Shark Tank further contributed to this growth due largely in part to the promotion it provided for the company’s brand image. The changes made by Cougar Energy Drink demonstrate how companies can utilize different consumer trends to drive sales and increase profitability.

By broadening its size offerings and investing resources into promotional activities, Cougar was able to create a successful business model that capitalizes on both demand and visibility.

Expansion Into Other Markets

After its appearance on Shark Tank, Cougar Energy Drink experienced a surge in interest. To capitalize on this wave of attention, the company quickly set out to explore new markets that could benefit from their product offerings.

To help them decide which areas showed promise for growth, the team studied consumer trends and conducted market research. They identified several key locations where they felt confident launching Cougar Energy Drink with minimal risk involved. This included countries such as Australia, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa; each one being selected for its potential for success within the beverage industry.

The expansion into these foreign territories was met with great success; sales spiked significantly compared to before their presence on Shark Tank. Cougar Energy Drink had achieved international recognition overnight and gained an even larger customer base than what was anticipated by the owners prior to appearing on the show.

Investment Opportunities

The story of Cougar Energy Drink is one that resonates with entrepreneurs everywhere.

It’s the classic tale of a small business struggling against larger competitors.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Cougar was given an opportunity to leverage their branding strategies and sales tactics in order to compete in the energy drink market.

Their pitch focused on how they could stand out from traditional energy drinks by using all-natural ingredients instead of artificial sweeteners.

The Sharks were impressed by this alternative approach, but they had concerns about the company’s ability to scale up quickly enough to gain significant market share.

Ultimately, no investment deal was made during the episode.

Despite not receiving any direct financial support after Shark Tank, Cougar continued working hard towards its goal.

They used creative marketing campaigns and grassroots efforts to spread awareness about their product, eventually becoming successful enough for a major beverage company to acquire them for an undisclosed sum several years later.

Future Opportunities For Growth

After their appearance on Shark Tank, Cougar Energy Drink was able to secure a $200,000 investment from Mark Cuban.

Moving forward, Cougar Energy Drink has the potential to grow their business by expanding their distribution to new markets and building brand awareness.

To gain more traction, Cougar Energy Drink can partner with stores across the country to increase their visibility.

Additionally, strategic marketing campaigns can be implemented to reach a broader target audience.

Expanding Distribution

The alternative outlets for Cougar Energy Drink post-Shark Tank have proven to be a viable path forward for the company.

Following their selection of an investor on the show, distribution has expanded beyond conventional retailers such as grocery stores and convenience shops into more specialized niche markets.

This includes health food stores, spas and even some gyms that are seeking healthier energy drink options for customers.

It is estimated that these alternative channels now account for up to 20% of the total sales volume for Cougar Energy Drink since their appearance on Shark Tank.

In addition to extending access within local markets, Cougar Energy Drink has also been able to leverage their exposure from Shark Tank in order to increase international reach.

The company was initially available in Australia only but has recently begun shipping orders directly online worldwide with plans to expand its footprint further in 2021.

Clearly, this type of growth potential represents an exciting opportunity not just for revenue generation but brand recognition globally.

This surge in interest and demand should allow Cougar Energy Drink to continue building upon their success after appearing on Shark Tank by focusing efforts towards expanding consumer base through both traditional retailers and foreign markets alike while maintaining high levels of quality control across operations.

Building Brand Awareness

As Cougar Energy Drink continues to expand their consumer base, it is important to understand how best to build brand loyalty and recognition.

This can be achieved through an effective marketing strategy that engages with customers on a variety of levels.

Utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook allow for direct communication between the company and consumers while also providing a platform to showcase special offers or discounts.

Furthermore, staying current with consumer trends by utilizing market research will provide insight into which areas should be targeted in order to gain maximum exposure.

Finally, focusing on quality control ensures that each product meets customer expectations thus leading to a stronger connection with the brand over time.

Challenges Faced After Appearing On Shark Tank

The success of Cougar Energy Drink on Shark Tank sparked a lot of interest in the brand. This, however, soon led to some challenges that they had to face.

The first challenge was expanding their branding strategies and utilizing social media effectively. As an emerging business venture, it was difficult for them to establish themselves as a reliable brand with just a few successful sales from the show.

In addition, having limited resources meant that advertising through traditional mediums such as television or radio was out of reach. Therefore, Cougar Energy Drink turned towards digital marketing and social media platforms in order to get their message across.

However, this too proved challenging due to their lack of experience in content creation and developing campaigns specifically tailored for each platform. Despite these difficulties, the team at Cougar managed to create engaging posts about the product which resulted in increased awareness among potential consumers.

This further helped them grow their customer base and build relationships with influencers who could help spread word-of-mouth about the drink. The new wave of customers also allowed them to collect feedback which they used to improve both their products and services over time – enabling them to better meet consumer needs while staying ahead of competitors within their market niche.

Lessons Learned From The Experience

The appearance of Cougar Energy Drink on Shark Tank provided an opportunity for the company to gain valuable exposure, yet it also brought about a unique challenge. While some viewers may have expected that the investors would be interested in their product and eager to invest, this was not the case. The Sharks had reservations about investing due to issues with branding strategy and customer feedback. Despite these challenges, there were still lessons to be learned from the experience.

It is important for entrepreneurs to develop an effective brand identity before pitching any product or service to potential investors. Viewers of Shark Tank saw firsthand how a lack of clarity surrounding the company’s branding could adversely affect its chances of success. It is essential that companies consider what message they want to communicate when developing their marketing strategies as this will play a key role in gaining investor interest.

In addition, understanding customer needs and preferences can give brands an edge over competitors by allowing them to anticipate market trends and create products tailored specifically towards target markets. Though no investments were gained during Cougar Energy Drink’s time on Shark Tank, it did serve as a learning experience for other businesses looking for growth opportunities through investment capital.

A successful pitch should incorporate both strong branding strategies and detailed knowledge of consumer tastes if business owners wish to secure funding from savvy investors like Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran. Ultimately, taking such measures can set companies up for long-term success post-Shark Tank show appearances.

The Impact Of Shark Tank On Cougar Energy Drink

Cougar Energy Drink appeared on the popular reality TV show Shark Tank in 2017, with the goal of securing financial investments for their product. They received a $600,000 investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner for a 15% stake in the company.

After appearing on the show, Cougar’s branding strategies underwent some significant changes. The marketing team began to focus more heavily on social media campaigns and online advertisements; they also implemented an aggressive pricing strategy to drive sales.

The combination of these efforts resulted in huge success for Cougar Energy Drink. Sales surged over 1,500%, allowing them to capture a substantial portion of the energy drink market share. This growth was instrumental in helping them secure additional capital investments that enabled even further expansion into new markets around the world.

Additionally, their brand recognition increased exponentially due to their exposure on Shark Tank and other media outlets covering their story.

Today, Cougar Energy Drink is widely regarded as one of the most successful companies ever featured on Shark Tank and has become an example for entrepreneurs looking to make it big after appearing on television shows like this one. It stands as proof that having access to experienced investors can drastically alter a business’ trajectory; when combined with sound branding practices, anything is possible.


Cougar Energy Drink had a successful appearance on Shark Tank, and the exposure of their product has allowed for greater brand recognition.

Despite this success, it is clear that there are still challenges ahead for Cougar as they look to expand into new markets and fully capitalize on their newfound fame.

However, with an experienced team in place and a unique strategy to market their product, Cougar appears well-equipped to overcome any obstacles.

Moreover, the experience gained from appearing on Shark Tank will have undoubtedly provided invaluable insights which can be used moving forward by both the company itself and other aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break into the industry.

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