What Happened To Crooked Jaw: Mma Apparel After Shark Tank?

Crooked Jaw, an MMA apparel line founded by former professional fighter Jared “Flash” Gordon and entrepreneur Josh York, debuted on the popular ABC show Shark Tank in 2015. After appearing on the show, Crooked Jaw gained significant public attention as well as a $300,000 investment from Mark Cuban.

This article will analyze what happened to the company post-Shark Tank and whether its success has continued beyond its television debut. In order to assess how successful Crooked Jaw has been since their appearance on Shark Tank, it is important to examine both financial resources and customer feedback regarding the products.

A review of sales figures combined with consumer reviews should provide insight into which direction the company chose after securing funding from Mark Cuban. Additionally, interviews with founders Gordon and York could reveal any strategic changes or decisions made that have impacted the future of Crooked Jaw.

Founders Jared "Flash" Gordon And Josh York

Founders Jared ‘Flash’ Gordon and Josh York of the MMA apparel company Crooked Jaw had high hopes for their appearance on Shark Tank. After pitching to a panel of investors, they left with an offer from Chris Sacca that would give him 25% ownership of the company in exchange for $200,000. Flash and York accepted the deal, leaving them feeling excited about what was to come next.

The pair put all their energy into ramping up production after landing on Shark Tank, as well as developing new sales strategies. This included selling more merchandise online, offering discounts directly to customers through social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, and partnering with influencers who could help promote the brand.

They also increased their marketing efforts by expanding into other countries like Canada and Mexico. By focusing on both production and sale dynamics, Crooked Jaw experienced a huge surge in growth within just 6 months of appearing on Shark Tank. Their revenue doubled year-over-year due to these initiatives, cementing their success story long after the show had finished filming.

Thanks to this boost in sales, Flash and York have been able to expand their business even further while continuing to build relationships with influential people around the world.

Crooked Jaw’s Appearances On Shark Tank

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Crooked Jaw had the opportunity to capitalize on the newfound fame and attention they were receiving.

The founders of Crooked Jaw, Jared ‘Flash’ Gordon and Josh York, set out to create a comprehensive branding strategy for the company that would make them stand out from the competition in MMA apparel.

They adopted an influencer marketing approach which involved partnering with various athletes in MMA to promote their products. This proved successful as it allowed them to reach potential customers through word-of-mouth referrals from these influential figures in the sport.

Their strategy paid off after several months as sales began to increase significantly due to increased exposure and more people learning about the brand.

In addition, this also led to additional media coverage where outlets such as ESPN News began running stories about Crooked Jaw’s success.

As a result of this effective combination of traditional advertising and influencer marketing campaigns, Crooked Jaw was able to become well established within the competitive market of MMA apparel companies.

The founders have since continued expanding their reach by taking advantage of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube where they can showcase their latest product lines and engage directly with fans and consumers alike.

With this ongoing effort, Crooked Jaw has managed to remain one of the most widely recognized brands in MMA while continuing its mission of providing high quality apparel that meets both style and comfort standards for athletes worldwide.

Mark Cuban’s Investment In Crooked Jaw

Crooked Jaw, an MMA apparel brand that appeared on the hit TV show Shark Tank in 2014, has seen remarkable success since its appearance.

After securing a $250,000 investment from billionaire Mark Cuban and fellow sharks Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner, Crooked Jaw experienced a surge of interest in their products. This allowed them to invest heavily into branding strategies and merchandise design which helped establish their presence as a leader in the MMA apparel industry.

The increased exposure also enabled them to expand their product line beyond just t-shirts. Through strategic partnerships with retailers like Amazon and Target, they were able to offer items such as hoodies, socks, hats and even children’s clothing. They have become known for offering unique designs not found anywhere else and at competitive prices.

This strategy has resulted in more than 50% revenue growth year over year since 2016 according to the company’s financial statements.

Furthermore, Crooked Jaw is actively looking to maximize their reach by expanding into international markets including Japan, Brazil, Canada and Mexico. It will be interesting to see how this new market can help propel the already successful brand further forward in terms of awareness and sales figures going forward.

Crooked Jaw’s Financial Resources

Crooked Jaw’s success after Shark Tank was largely attributed to their diverse funding sources. By utilizing a combination of private investors, crowdfunding, and loans from institutions like the Small Business Administration (SBA), they were able to quickly expand their operations. This allowed them to keep up with customer demand while having enough capital on hand for marketing campaigns and other promotional activities.

The company also benefited from Mark Cuban’s expertise in pricing strategies. After his investment, Crooked Jaw introduced several new product lines at different price points. This helped them capture more customers across all income brackets and extend their reach beyond the MMA community. Additionally, this approach enabled them to better manage inventory levels and optimize production costs.

Moreover, Cuban provided invaluable guidance to the team about how to create brand loyalty through customer engagement initiatives such as giveaways, social media contests and influencer collaborations. His input has been instrumental in helping Crooked Jaw establish itself as an industry leader within the competitive world of mixed martial arts apparel.

Customer Reviews Of Crooked Jaw’s Products

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Crooked Jaw has become a household name for MMA apparel. The brand loyalty that the company had created prior to appearing on the show catapulted them into even greater success after it aired.

Their product innovation was praised by many and they quickly became one of the top suppliers in the industry. The continued rise in popularity of Mixed Martial Arts meant that demand for quality apparel skyrocketed over time. This allowed Crooked Jaw to continue expanding its range of products with new designs and styles being released regularly.

Many customers praised the company’s innovative approach to creating unique clothing, which helped them stay ahead of competitors in terms of design and style. Crooked Jaw also took advantage of digital marketing strategies to increase exposure and reach new audiences around the world.

By utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, they were able to build an engaged fan base who eagerly awaited each release from their ever-growing selection of apparel items.

Strategic Changes And Decisions Made Post-Shark Tank

Crooked Jaw: MMA Apparel was founded by UFC fighter and entrepreneur Joe Lauzon in 2015. After appearing on Shark Tank, the company gained widespread attention for its innovative athletic wear designed to be comfortable during intense workouts.

In order to capitalize on this newfound fame, Crooked Jaw implemented several branding strategies and fundraising tactics that have allowed them to continue growing despite a turbulent economy.

The first step taken by the company was creating a comprehensive marketing plan with an emphasis on social media outreach. They used platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to create engaging content about their products while also connecting with potential customers directly via direct messages.

Additionally, they began partnering with well-known athletes from different sports including boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), and CrossFit which helped build brand recognition among fitness enthusiasts both online and off.

To further increase awareness of their product line, Crooked Jaw launched a crowdfunding campaign where fans could donate money in exchange for exclusive discount codes or early access to new releases. This proved successful as it not only brought in much needed funds but also generated buzz around the brand leading many people who had never heard of them before checking out what they had available.

As such, these efforts enabled the company to stay afloat amidst economic uncertainty while continuing to put out quality apparel that has become a favorite among professional fighters and amateur athletes alike.

Interviews With Founders Gordon And York

Founders Gordon and York had a shared passion for Mixed Martial Arts that drove them to start their MMA apparel company, Crooked Jaw, in 2017.

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2019, the founders reported seeing a 500% increase in their sales. The company’s success in the wake of the show has had an impact on the MMA apparel industry, with other brands now attempting to replicate their success.

Following their success on Shark Tank, Crooked Jaw has continued to expand their product offerings and opened up a new online store in 2020. The company has also seen a surge in partnerships with professional athletes, providing further visibility for their products.

Crooked Jaw has become a recognizable brand in the MMA apparel industry, and their success is a testament to the tenacity of their founders.

Founders’ Backgrounds

Crooked Jaw founders, Gordon and York, had extensive backgrounds in the apparel industry.

Prior to launching Crooked Jaw, both were involved with successful streetwear brands that experienced growth through a combination of online marketing efforts and physical retail stores.

This experience enabled them to develop a focused branding strategy for their MMA apparel brand.

The pair’s approach was built on remaining true to their core customer base while also taking advantage of new opportunities as they emerged.

By leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, Gordon and York successfully generated awareness of their products among an even wider audience.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Crooked Jaw received significant investments from Mark Cuban and Daymond John.

This capital injection allowed the company to take its business operations to a whole new level by increasing production capabilities and exploring more international markets via e-commerce channels.

In addition to expanding its product offerings, the company has developed strategic partnerships with various sporting events which have helped increase exposure amongst fans of combat sports around the world.

The partnership between Gordon and York has been integral to the success of Crooked Jaw since its inception; each bringing unique strengths into play while recognising when collaboration is required in order to reach desired goals.

Through well thought out decisions along with hard work and dedication, this duo continue pushing forward in pursuit of further growth for their brand.

Post-Shark Tank Experience

Following the Shark Tank episode, Crooked Jaw was able to take their business operations to a whole new level with investments from Mark Cuban and Daymond John. With this capital injection, they were able to increase production capabilities and explore more international markets via e-commerce channels. This allowed them to expand their range of products as well as develop strategic partnerships with various sporting events which helped create awareness within the combat sports community.

Furthermore, Gordon and York leveraged different media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube in order to further promote their brand through increased social media attention. In doing so, they have been successful in creating a strong following for their MMA apparel line by continuing to stay true to their core customer base while also taking advantage of emerging opportunities.

Impact On Mma Apparel Industry

The impact of Crooked Jaw’s presence in the MMA apparel industry has been far-reaching. Through their branding strategies and product diversification, Gordon and York have created a recognizable brand that is synonymous with combat sports.

They have identified key markets for growth within the United States as well as internationally, helping to expand their reach across various countries. These efforts have resulted in increased sales and recognition both online and at sporting events around the world.

In addition, they have established relationships with major sponsors such as Reebok, UFC Fight Pass, Bellator MMA, Cage Warriors Fighting Championship and many more which further solidifies their commitment to providing quality products. As a result of these initiatives, Crooked Jaw has become an influential force in the industry that other brands are striving to emulate in order to achieve similar levels of success.

Crooked Jaw’s Expansion Into New Markets

It was a rags to riches story for Crooked Jaw, the MMA apparel company that entered the Shark Tank in 2018. Founded by two friends from their parents’ basement, they were able to convince sharks Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary of the value of their product.

After appearing on the show, things took off for Crooked Jaw with sales skyrocketing as fans wanted to get their hands on what had become an overnight sensation. Since then, Crooked Jaw has seen tremendous growth thanks to several brand partnerships and e commerce gains.

It’s no longer just t-shirts either – now customers can purchase hoodies, hats, shorts and more! In addition to selling its own line of merchandise online, it also sells products through retailers like Amazon and Zappos which have allowed them to reach even further markets worldwide.

The success of Crooked Jaw didn’t stop there though; they’ve since been featured in publications such as Forbes Magazine and USA Today while continuing to collaborate with notable brands like Reebok and Under Armour. As a result of all these efforts, Crooked Jaw continues to experience strong revenue growth year over year – making it one of the most successful companies ever featured on Shark Tank!

Crooked Jaw’s Achievements Since Appearing On Shark Tank

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2019, Crooked Jaw has seen a dramatic growth. Their success can be attributed to their branding strategies and effective use of social media platforms.

Crooked Jaw’s expansion into new markets is the result of strategic partnerships with other MMA apparel brands that were already established in those markets prior to Shark Tank. This allowed Crooked Jaw to quickly gain access to new customers without having to invest heavily in marketing or advertising campaigns. As well as providing leverage for creating relationships with local outlets for selling products.

The company also took advantage of various online channels such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to engage with potential customers around the world and build brand awareness by sharing stories about their journey since appearing on Shark Tank. Through this process they have built up a community of loyal fans who are passionate about supporting the brand’s mission. Additionally, they have developed an app which allows users to customize graphics and designs on their clothing items.

This combination of traditional and digital tactics have enabled Crooked Jaw not only to make significant progress towards achieving its goal of becoming a global presence but also increase sales revenue substantially year over year since appearing on Shark Tank. The company now operates in more than 10 countries across Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Australia.

Crooked Jaw’s Future Plans

Crooked Jaw, an innovative MMA apparel brand, recently appeared on Shark Tank in 2020. Founded by mixed martial artist, Kyra Gracie, the company has already made appearances at various UFC events and earned a good reputation among MMA athletes.

After appearing on the show Crooked Jaw received offers from all five of the Sharks as well as generated over $1 million in sales within 24 hours.

To capitalize on this success, Crooked Jaw began to focus more heavily on their branding strategies which included social media campaigns featuring influencers, sponsorships with professional fighters, and collaborations with other brands. This strategy allowed them to create even more innovative designs while also expanding their customer base across multiple platforms.

In addition to releasing new products regularly, they have started to sponsor tournaments such as Combate Americas where they feature their products throughout the event.

With these initiatives underway and having achieved massive success after being featured on Shark Tank, Crooked Jaw is now looking for ways to expand internationally and further develop their presence in both retail stores and online marketplaces worldwide. As one of the most recognizable names in MMA apparel today, it seems that there is no limit to what the future holds for Crooked Jaw’s continued growth and expansion.


The founders of Crooked Jaw, Jared ‘Flash’ Gordon and Josh York, have seen great success since their appearance on Shark Tank. After receiving an investment from Mark Cuban, they were able to expand into new markets and boost production capabilities.

Along the way, customers gave positive reviews for Crooked Jaw’s quality apparel and praised its affordability. And now, these two entrepreneurs are continuing to grow their business by venturing into other areas such as retail stores and online shops.

With a bright future ahead of them, it seems that no obstacle is too big for this dynamic duo; surely they will go far in the years to come!

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