What Happened To Ecreamery After Shark Tank?

ECreamery is an ice cream company that first appeared on the television show Shark Tank in 2011. The episode depicted co-founders Abby and Kevin Senecal seeking a $150,000 investment for 10% of their business. After appearing on the show, ECreamery experienced significant success and growth.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, ECreamery has become more than just an online retailer selling personalized ice creams; it now provides catering services for special events such as weddings and corporate meetings. Furthermore, it has developed various flavors and products utilizing different ingredients sourced from all over the world. Additionally, the company has expanded into new markets both domestically and internationally.

Finally, this article will discuss how the experience of being featured on Shark Tank affected the future trajectory of ECreamery’s operations.

Overview Of Ecreamery

Ice cream lovers everywhere rejoiced when they heard that ECreamery had been featured on the popular Shark Tank television show.

Founded by married couple Abby and Greg Schommer, this Omaha-based company has become a household name in the ice cream industry since its appearance on the show.

In just five short years, ECreamery has gone from a small business to an internationally recognized brand identity with a loyal customer base across the United States and beyond.

What makes ECreamery stand out is their commitment to quality products made with natural ingredients.

All of their flavors are crafted from scratch using fresh and flavorful ingredients like real fruit purees, imported Belgian chocolate chips, creamy farmstead butter, and much more.

They even offer custom ice creams tailored to each customer’s individual tastes so that everyone can enjoy something unique and delicious at home.

ECreamery also prides itself on giving back to those around them; through their donations program they have provided over $100,000 worth of free ice cream to local charities throughout Nebraska and Iowa as well as providing discounts for first responders and military personnel.

With such dedication to creating high-quality treats while staying committed to helping others, it’s no wonder why people continue to flock towards this wonderful flavor experience!

Ecreamery’S Appearance On Shark Tank

ECreamery’s appearance on Shark Tank was a key moment in the company’s history. During its pitch to an audience of millions, ECreamery demonstrated how their innovative business model and commitment to customer feedback had enabled them to become one of Omaha’s most successful businesses.

The Sharks were impressed by the founders’ passion for delivering unique product packaging and flavor combinations tailored specifically for customers’ needs. After making their case, the co-founders received offers from three out of five Sharks: Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, and Barbara Corcoran. Ultimately, they chose to accept an offer from Lori Greiner which provided an injection of capital as well as her expertise in marketing and product development.

This partnership allowed ECreamery to further expand their operations both locally and nationally with major retailers like HomeGoods and Whole Foods stocking the products in store locations across America. The success of this venture has been driven by following up on customer feedback, refining production processes and continuing innovation in product design that meets consumer demand.

With over 500 flavors now available online via eCreamery’s website, it is clear that the brand continues to push boundaries when it comes creating new ice cream experiences for customers around the world.

Expansion Of Ice Cream Flavors And Products

Ice cream brand Ecreamery has seen significant growth in recent years, evidenced by its appearance on the popular television show Shark Tank.

This growth has allowed Ecreamery to expand its offerings and explore new flavors. The company has released a range of new flavors, including unique combinations such as blueberry basil and chocolate chili.

To further broaden its reach, the company has also released new products such as ice cream cakes and ice cream sandwiches. Furthermore, Ecreamery has expanded its brand presence through a partnership with a major retailer and through the launch of its own website store.

These strategic moves have enabled the company to expand its reach, allowing it to become a popular ice cream brand.

New Flavors

After their successful appearance on Shark Tank, eCreamery became a highly sought-after ice cream producer. They used creative ingredients and unique packaging to bring new flavors to the market that had never been seen before.

The company has expanded its product line from just offering traditional scoops of ice cream in cones or cups, to providing fun and interesting customizations like flavored milkshakes, customizable pints with swirls of different flavors and toppings, as well as adding vegan options for those avoiding animal products.

The innovative flavor combinations have made eCreamery a leader in the industry. Some of the most popular concoctions include ‘Turtle Tracks’ which is composed of chocolate caramel truffle ice cream mixed with real pecans and fudge covered waffle cone pieces; as well as ‘Happy Hippie’, a vegan option consisting of banana almond milk blended with peanut butter cup pieces and cocoa nibs.

Customers can also create their own special combination by choosing up to five mix-ins from a wide selection available at an online store or physical location. These inventive creations combined with attractive packaging help distinguish eCreamery’s offerings from other brands on the market.

Each pint comes in its own vibrant colored sleeve featuring artwork related to each specific flavor along with information about allergens present within the product. The attention to detail makes it easy for customers to identify what they are getting before purchasing any item from eCreamery’s lineup.

New Products

eCreamery’s focus on customer feedback has allowed them to develop and launch new products that are well-received by customers. This includes milkshakes, customizable pints with swirls of different flavors and toppings, as well as vegan options for those avoiding animal products.

To further promote the product line and encourage repeat business, eCreamery markets each flavor with vibrant colored sleeves featuring artwork related to the specific flavor along with information about allergens present within the product. As a result of this attention to detail, customers can easily identify what they are getting before purchasing any item from eCreamery’s lineup.

Furthermore, offering creative combinations such as ‘Turtle Tracks’ or ‘Happy Hippie’, combined with the ability to customize their own special ice cream made up of five mix-ins helps distinguish eCreamery’s offerings from other brands in the market.

Brand Expansion

eCreamery’s approach to product innovation has been the key in their successful expansion. Their willingness to listen to customer feedback and create new products based on those suggestions has allowed them to stand out from other brands in the market.

In addition, eCreamery leverages digital marketing through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, which helps spread awareness of their brand and new products faster than ever before. Through these strategies, eCreamery is able to continuously develop its portfolio of flavors, toppings, and mix-ins while continually staying ahead of the competition.

As a result, they have become one of the fastest growing ice cream companies with a loyal following that continues to expand into new markets.

Catering Services For Special Events

Ecreamery is an ice cream company that appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank in 2013. After appearing on the show, Ecreamery quickly gained recognition and decided to pursue a number of branding strategies as well as product diversification.

These strategies included providing catering services for special events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and more. The aim was to create unique flavors tailored to their customers’ preferences and deliver them fresh with unbeatable quality.

By understanding each customer’s needs, they were able to come up with creative ideas for custom flavors like cupcake batter mixed with strawberry sorbet or cookies and cream ice cream drizzled in chocolate fudge sauce. In addition, they also worked on creating other products like gelato and frozen yogurt which attracted new customers who wanted something different than traditional ice cream.

By expanding its product offering through catering services and product diversification, Ecreamery established itself as a major player in the industry by becoming one of the largest online retailers of gourmet desserts worldwide. The business has managed to stay competitive over the years by continuing to focus on innovation, quality ingredients and excellent customer service.

This strategy helped them reach larger audiences across multiple markets while maintaining high levels of brand loyalty from existing customers.

Expansion Into New Domestic Markets

Following the successful appearance of eCreamery on an episode of Shark Tank, the company decided to expand into new domestic markets. This decision was made in order to capitalize on its newfound popularity and create a larger customer base.

Despite some initial hesitation due to lack of experience with branding strategies, they received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who tried their products after seeing them advertised on television.

In order to successfully establish a presence in these new markets, eCreamery formulated creative branding strategies that were tailored to each individual location. They focused heavily on word-of-mouth advertising by connecting directly with potential customers through social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, they held promotional events where people could sample different flavors before making a purchase, creating more buzz around their product line.

Ultimately, this strategy proved effective for eCreamery as it allowed them to quickly grow their market share within these new regions. This success can be attributed to their dedication to providing high quality ice cream coupled with innovative marketing techniques that resonated with consumers.

*1: 4 key principles that have enabled eCreamery’s success include:

1) Creative branding strategies tailored specifically for each region

2) A focus on word-of-mouth marketing via social media platforms

3) Promotional events featuring samples of various flavours

4) High quality ingredients used in all products

5) An extensive range of unique, customisable flavours.

Expansion Into International Markets

After appearing on Shark Tank, Ecreamery gained a significant amount of attention and investments. This allowed for the brand to expand its reach into international markets by creating innovative ice cream flavors that appealed to a larger customer base.

Through strategic partnerships with companies in foreign countries, Ecreamery was able to increase their distribution channels and supply chain networks while simultaneously advertising their products through these external partners. As such, this enabled them to spread awareness about their business and gain recognition globally.

Furthermore, they were also able to establish meaningful relationships with customers abroad which enriched the company’s culture as well as generated revenue streams from new sources. A key factor that contributed towards the success of Ecreamery’s global expansion was its commitment to developing quality products with unique flavor combinations that could be appreciated by people from all walks of life.

This ultimately resulted in increased sales throughout different regions and more importantly wide acceptance among dedicated consumers worldwide who embraced the idea of artisanal ice creams made with fresh ingredients. Additionally, it gave rise to other opportunities for collaborations and promotions which further propelled growth in market share for the company.

Financial Impact Of Shark Tank

  1. Entrepreneurs who appear on the reality show ‘Shark Tank’ often experience financial growth, increased sales, and investment capital following their episode.

  2. eCreamery, a custom ice cream company, appeared on the show in 2011 and received an investment from two of the sharks.

  3. The company reported a 400% increase in revenue following their episode, with orders coming from all 50 states.

  4. The investment capital allowed eCreamery to expand their business, adding new products and flavors to their line.

  5. The company has since been featured in media outlets such as The New York Times, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

  6. As a result, eCreamery estimates that their appearance on Shark Tank has resulted in an increase of over $1 million in sales.

Financial Growth

Ecreamery, a small Omaha-based business specializing in custom ice cream flavors and gift boxes, experienced significant financial growth after its appearance on Shark Tank. The show’s exposure allowed the brand to reach larger audiences who were unaware of their product before then.

This was further bolstered by the company’s branding strategy which focused heavily on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Ecreamery’s online presence grew exponentially; this resulted in an increase in sales by over 500 percent within one month of airing the episode.

Furthermore, they started selling products at major retailers such as Costco and Whole Foods Market due to increased demand for their unique flavors. As a result of all these factors combined, eCreamery has been able to expand into new markets across the country as well as launching additional brands related to their main concept.

It is clear that appearing on Shark Tank had a positive impact on eCreamery’s financial growth and contributed significantly to their success.

Increased Sales

The increased sales experienced by eCreamery following its appearance on Shark Tank can be attributed to the company’s effective branding strategy implemented across social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

By increasing their online presence, eCreamery was able to reach larger audiences which resulted in an increase of over 500 percent within one month of airing.

Moreover, customer feedback drove demand for unique flavors, allowing them to expand into retail stores like Costco and Whole Foods Market.

As a result, not only did eCreamery become more widely known but also expanded into new markets with additional brands related to their original concept.

In conclusion, it is evident that appearing on Shark Tank had a significant impact on eCreamery’s financial growth and overall success.

Investment Capital

In addition to the successful branding strategies implemented by eCreamery, appearing on Shark Tank enabled them to secure significant investment capital which allowed for further expansion and growth.

Through customer relations and a focus on quality service, eCreamery was able to demonstrate the potential of their business model to the Sharks, who were eager to invest in the company’s success.

This additional funding resulted in increased product offerings as well as an expansion into new markets including retail stores like Costco and Whole Foods Market.

Subsequently, this provided eCreamery with larger audiences than ever before leading to an increase of over 500 percent within one month of airing.

Consequently, it is clear that financial support from Shark Tank had a major impact on eCreamery’s overall success.

Publicity From Shark Tank

The financial impact of the Shark Tank episode was a success, but the publicity it generated was unprecedented.

The appearance on the show transformed eCreamery from an obscure local business to a national brand overnight. With the boost in exposure and recognition, customers quickly flocked to purchase their gourmet ice cream flavors with enthusiasm.

Social media helped bring more attention to eCreamery’s newfound fame, as people around the country began sharing stories about their experiences with the product through various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This increased customer feedback provided invaluable insights into how well-received their products were by those who had tried them. Fans praised both the quality of the ice cream and its unique flavor combinations, which only served to increase awareness of what eCreamery offered even further.

eCreamery experienced unrivaled success after appearing on Shark Tank. It became evident that they could no longer be considered simply a small family business; instead, they had become a major player in local artisanal food production industry – one that would continue making waves for years to come!

Challenges Faced By Ecreamery

In the wake of its appearance on Shark Tank, ECreamery began a new chapter in business. With the newfound brand recognition and investment from Mark Cuban, the company had an opportunity to capitalize on their success and grow. In order to do this effectively, they needed to focus on customer loyalty while also expanding into new markets.

The first step was building relationships with customers by offering promotional discounts and exclusive deals for loyal shoppers. This helped drive repeat purchases among existing customers as well as attract more potential buyers. Additionally, ECreamery extended its reach beyond Omaha by setting up online stores where ice cream fans could easily purchase products no matter where they lived.

Despite these efforts, however, ECreamery still faced several challenges along the way. Chiefly, competing against larger competitors such as Ben & Jerry’s proved difficult due to their established presence in the market and significant financial resources at their disposal.

Consequently, it required creative solutions from the team in order to gain greater visibility and establish themselves as a legitimate player in the industry.

Conclusion: Ecreamery’S Success After Shark Tank

ECreamery, the gourmet ice cream shop featured on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ in 2009, has seen tremendous success since their appearance. The company founders were able to strike a deal with investor Kevin O’Leary that provided them with $150 thousand for 40 percent equity of the business. ECreamery was then off and running with an improved branding strategy, increased customer loyalty, and more financial backing than ever before.

As part of the restructuring process after Shark Tank, ECreamery began to focus on customizing its products for individuals or companies looking for unique flavors or gift ideas. This move quickly became a hit amongst customers who appreciated being able to create a distinct flavor for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. Furthermore, this customization option helped ECreamery increase its customer base by providing a product no other competitor could match.

The success of ECreamery is further evidenced by their impressive growth over the past 10 years; they now have multiple locations across the country and are still expanding rapidly. Their ability to stand out in the market through customized products coupled with strong branding strategies has enabled them to gain great customer loyalty which continues to grow each year.

It is clear that thanks to savvy entrepreneurship and strategic investments like those from Shark Tank, ECreamery has become an industry leader in gourmet ice cream sales.


The success of ECreamery after Shark Tank was undeniable. From the growth in flavor and product variety to catering services for special events, the ice cream company has continued to expand domestically and internationally.

The financial impact of their appearance on the show has been incredibly positive, with publicity generated from it leading to a surge in sales and brand awareness. Despite challenges along the way, ECreamery’s resilience has resulted in an impressive global presence that continues to grow each day.

From hand-packed pints to delicious sundae creations, customers around the world are able to enjoy unique flavors such as blueberry cobbler or orange creamsicle. Each scoop is crafted with care, making sure every bite is full of creamy goodness – reminiscent of childhood memories and summer days spent licking sweet treats under bright sunshine.

With ECreamery’s rise in popularity, it looks like they will be around for many more years to come!

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