What Happened To Ezpz After Shark Tank?

EZPZ is a company that rose to fame after appearing on Shark Tank in 2017. After the initial success, there has been much speculation about what happened next for the business.

This article will investigate the events following EZPZ’s appearance on Shark Tank and examine how the company fared afterwards. It will explore if securing an investment from one of the sharks helped or hindered their progress further down the line.

The story of EZPZ provides valuable lessons for anyone thinking of applying to appear on the show. Many people have heard tales of overnight successes, but this analysis will delve deeper into whether such outcomes are realistic expectations or mere fantasy.

This article aims to provide insight into the risks associated with seeking venture capital when it comes to growing a business.

Ezpz’S Story Before Shark Tank

EZPZ, the innovative product design and branding company, had been in business for several years before it appeared on Shark Tank. Despite its success, there were still many questions surrounding what EZPZ was all about. What exactly did they do? How could a startup make such an impactful impression with their products and services?

The answers to these questions remained elusive until the day of the big show when investors finally got to see how EZPZ used creative branding strategies to differentiate itself from other companies in the industry.

What investors discovered during that episode of Shark Tank astounded them; here was a startup using clever tactics to stand out from the competition and be remembered by consumers. From their unique product designs to their witty slogans, EZPZ knew just how to get people’s attention without spending too much money or energy. They understood which colors worked best together and which logos would look most appealing on various promotional materials—all integral pieces of information needed for any successful brand.

The audience quickly learned why this small but nimble company managed to move ahead so rapidly: its founders had tapped into something powerful—the ability to use strategic marketing techniques and smart product designs that resonated with customers—and harnessed it expertly. By taking advantage of those two elements, EZPZ carved out a niche within the competitive landscape where it continues to thrive today.

Ezpz’S Pitch On Shark Tank

Having built a successful business with the help of her branding strategies and fundraising tactics, EZPZ founder Lindsey Laurain was eager to present her company on Shark Tank.

On the show, she pitched an innovative line of all-in-one placemats and plates for babies and toddlers.

She explained that these products were not only made from 100% food grade silicone but also had suction cups on the back which allowed them to stick firmly to any surface.

The Sharks seemed impressed by the product’s quality and design as well as Laurain’s passion for it.

Although no deal was reached at the end of her pitch, several Sharks expressed interest in investing in the company if certain conditions were met.

In response to this interest, Laurain launched a crowdfunding campaign later that year where anyone could invest in EZPZ – even those who weren’t accredited investors or part of venture capital firms like some of the Sharks.

This tactic proved effective; within two weeks, she raised $50,000 from over 350 individual backers.

Following this success, EZPZ secured deals with major retailers like Target and BuyBuyBaby which helped propel its sales even further.

To date, the company has sold millions of its products worldwide and continues to expand its offerings while staying true to its mission: creating practical yet stylish solutions for parents everywhere.

What Was The Investment Offer From The Sharks?

On the show Shark Tank, entrepreneur Lindsey Miles appeared to pitch her business Ezpz. The product is a line of mats and plates designed to entertain toddlers while helping them eat independently.

After presenting her business plan and discussing its potential, the sharks offered Miles an investment in exchange for 20% equity stake in Ezpz with no funding terms or venture capital. Miles accepted the offer from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, who split their $200K investment into two separate investments of $100K each for 10% equity share in the company.

With this deal, Ezpz was valued at around $1 million, which was based on projected sales figures and profitability projections that were discussed during the presentation. The agreement between Miles and the investors included milestone payments contingent upon reaching specific goals such as launching new products or meeting certain revenue targets.

This incentivized both parties to work towards common objectives that would ultimately benefit all involved. With these additional investments, Ezpz had access to larger resources for marketing efforts, increased production capabilities, and more opportunities for growth than it did prior to appearing on Shark Tank.

Did Ezpz Accept The Sharks’ Offer?

The appearance of EZPZ on Shark Tank in 2015 was a major milestone for the company. After pitching their product, the Sharks were interested in investing and proposed an offer to purchase 25% of the company’s equity at a valuation of $1 million.

However, despite being offered such a large sum, CEO Lindsay Simcik chose not to accept it. Rather than selling off so much equity in exchange for a one-time payment from investors, Simcik decided that looking into other investment strategies would be more beneficial for her business.

She opted to take venture capital instead of taking the deal with the Sharks, hoping that this would yield better long-term results. With this strategy, she managed to raise over $2 million from outside investors without having to give up any ownership stake or control of her company.

Simcik’s decision proved successful; since then, EZPZ has seen significant growth and expansion through funding rounds and strategic partnerships. The brand now boasts presence in over 7500 stores worldwide and is still actively expanding its reach across multiple markets — all while maintaining complete autonomy over its operations.

What Followed After The Shark Tank Appearance?

The impact of ezpz’s appearance on Shark Tank on their sales is evident. Sales reportedly jumped from $1million to $10million within a year.

This growth has allowed ezpz to expand their business, with new products being released and more stores stocking their products.

The business has also seen an increase in their online presence, with the creation of their own website, social media accounts and an Amazon store.

Impact On Sales

Following the Shark Tank appearance, EZPZ’s sales increased dramatically. The company was able to reach a wider audience by leveraging its marketing strategy and leveraging customer feedback.

This allowed them to identify areas of improvement in their product and make changes accordingly that could maximize the potential for success in the marketplace. Their focus on improving their product helped build trust with customers who wanted to purchase an item from a reliable source.

As a result, they experienced a significant boost in sales as more people were willing to invest in the business. By capitalizing on this opportunity, EZPZ was able to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs on Shark Tank and continue growing their business beyond what anyone had expected.

Expansion Of Business

Following the Shark Tank appearance, EZPZ experienced a significant boost in sales and identified opportunities to expand their business.

To capitalize on this opportunity, they focused on scaling operations and reaching more customers. This included developing an expansive marketing strategy that enabled them to reach out to potential consumers beyond their current consumer base.

Additionally, they invested in research and development aimed at improving product quality while increasing its appeal among existing and new customer segments. Ultimately, this allowed the company to increase its production capacity substantially and meet the demands of those interested in purchasing from the brand.

Did The Sharks’ Investment Make A Difference?

As the saying goes, ‘no risk, no reward.’ The Sharks’ investment in ezpz has certainly paid off.

After appearing on Shark Tank, ezpz’s funding sources were diversified and their market expansion skyrocketed. Through investments from the Sharks and other investors alike, the company was able to expand its reach beyond just a small online store. It now sells products through major retailers such as Amazon and Target.

The success of ezpz after its appearance on Shark Tank can be attributed to increased exposure, access to resources and mentorship from the Sharks. This enabled them to build a better product than before by taking advantage of resources offered by the Sharks. With this improved product, they were able to expand their customer base significantly which led to an increase in sales for both online stores and retail outlets.

ezpz is now one of the top companies in its field with over $3 million dollars in annual revenue. In addition to this impressive figure, they have also been featured on numerous television shows including Ellen DeGeneres Show and Today Show among others.

They are continuing to grow at an exponential rate due to their continued presence in media outlets along with strategic partnerships that enable them to stay ahead of competitors.

What Happened To Ezpz After Shark Tank?

EZPZ was featured on the hit show Shark Tank in 2016, where it received an investment from Mark Cuban.

Since then, the company has seen an increase in sales, with an estimated revenue of $4.2 million in 2018.

Furthermore, the company has continued to expand its product line, now offering a total of 18 different products for children.

This growth shows that EZPZ is continuing to be successful after their appearance on Shark Tank.

Ezpz’s Success After Shark Tank

Since its appearance on the Shark Tank show, EZPZ has experienced a boost in sales and customer interest. Through viral marketing techniques such as social media posts and word-of-mouth advertising, many people have become aware of the product’s unique benefits for parents and caregivers.

In addition, customers have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding their satisfaction with using EZPZ products. This indicates that the company is succeeding in meeting consumers’ needs while also providing quality products at an affordable price point.

A review by BabyCenter stated that “[EZPZ] makes feeding time simple and mess-free” – a testament to how well the company has adapted since appearing on Shark Tank.

The future looks bright for this business, which continues to provide innovative solutions to make parenting easier.

Ezpz’s Continued Growth

Since its appearance on the Shark Tank show, EZPZ has experienced continued growth in sales and customer interest.

This is largely attributed to the company’s strategic marketing strategies that involve promoting their products through social media platforms, online reviews, and word-of-mouth advertising.

Additionally, the product innovation of EZPZ has been highly praised by customers for providing simple and mess-free solutions for parenting tasks.

As a result, this business continues to thrive as it meets consumer needs while producing quality items at an affordable price point.

Moving forward, EZPZ appears well positioned to stay ahead of the competition with successful marketing campaigns and sustainable product development initiatives.

How Can Entrepreneurs Learn From Ezpz’S Story?

EZPZ, a children’s mealtime brand featured on Shark Tank in 2017, has since seen significant growth as an enterprise. The company was founded by Lindsey Laurain with the goal of providing parents and caregivers with practical solutions for their everyday needs.

After appearing on the show, EZPZ saw a surge in demand for its products from both retailers and consumers. This increase in popularity allowed them to expand their reach globally and develop new product lines. This success story provides valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to grow their own startups.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for achieving success, certain tactics are essential when it comes to launching a successful venture. In the case of EZPZ, these included leveraging social media marketing techniques such as influencer campaigns and investing in advertising platforms like Facebook Ads; using contests and giveaways as promotional tools; establishing relationships with key retailers to gain distribution; and capitalizing on PR opportunities presented by press interviews or TV appearances.

These strategies can be adapted to any business model but must be tailored according to the specific industry or target audience. It is also important to stay ahead of trends while remaining true to your core values– something that EZPZ did well by focusing on creating innovative yet sustainable products that could easily become staples in households everywhere.

With a clear mission and effective marketing tactics, entrepreneurs have all the ingredients they need for building lasting businesses that can stand out from the crowd.

What Are The Benefits Of Appearing On Shark Tank?

The phrase, “you never know what will happen” could not be more true for the company EZPZ when they appeared on Shark Tank. After their episode aired in January 2017, their business took off like a rocket and became a huge success story. It was an exciting time with many opportunities that came as a result of being featured on one of the most popular shows on television.

Appearing on Shark Tank can have numerous advantages for businesses looking to expand or gain additional funding from angel investors or venture capitalists. While there are no guarantees that appearing on the show will get entrepreneurs big investments or deals, it does open up potential avenues for growth and access to capital through bootstrapping or other means.

The benefits include:

  • Increased Visibility: Appearing on the show puts companies in front of millions of viewers providing them with exposure which can lead to increased sales and overall brand awareness.

  • Investor Connections: Being featured on Shark Tank offers the opportunity to connect with potential investors who might not otherwise be aware of the product or service being offered by an entrepreneur. This opens doors to new sources of financing such as angel investing or venture capital funds.

  • Opportunity To Pitch Ideas: Having a platform to present ideas allows entrepreneurs to practice their pitch in front of seasoned professionals thereby gaining invaluable feedback which can help refine products and services before entering into agreements with potential partners or customers. Additionally, it provides valuable experience for future presentations since pitching is often necessary when seeking out investment dollars from private individuals or firms.

Having had its fair share of challenges prior to airing, EZPZ benefited greatly from appearing on Shark Tank proving that if you take risks sometimes great rewards may follow. With increased visibility and investor connections, along with having an opportunity to hone presentation skills; companies participating in this program stand much chance at achieving success than those without such resources available to them.

What Are The Risks Of Seeking Venture Capital?

After appearing on Shark Tank, ezpz was successful in securing venture capital for their product. This success is an example of how participating on the show can benefit a business by giving them access to investors who may not have been available through traditional means. However, it is important to consider that there are potential risks involved when seeking venture capital.

When businesses decide to seek outside funding they must be aware of certain factors and prepare accordingly. To begin with, getting advice from experienced professionals should be considered early on in the process. Business owners need to ensure all legal documents such as contracts and agreements are properly drawn up and reviewed prior to entering into any financial arrangements. Furthermore, good planning is essential; this includes having a well-defined strategy for achieving goals and objectives set out before taking any action or making decisions.

Businesses also need to take into account the different types of investments they can pursue, such as debt financing or equity investing. Each approach carries its own benefits and drawbacks which will ultimately affect the company’s future growth prospects. Additionally, understanding investor expectations along with what terms and conditions would best suit both parties is important for striking favorable deals without any unfavorable repercussions down the line.

Pro Con
Seeking Advice Having professional guidance reduces risk of unexpected losses
Can provide insight into potential areas of improvement
Cost associated with hiring specialist advisors
Time consuming task finding appropriate advisor
Business Planning Can help identify achievable goals
Improves chances of obtaining additional funds
May require significant resources including finance & personnel
Time needed to develop comprehensive plan often underestimated


The story of EZPZ illustrates the risks and rewards that entrepreneurs can expect when they appear on Shark Tank.

While the company gained some valuable exposure, it ultimately could not secure an investment offer from any of the Sharks.

Despite this setback, EZPZ was able to continue its business journey by leveraging other resources such as crowdfunding campaigns and strategic partnerships.

By understanding their limitations and looking for alternate solutions, entrepreneurs may find success even after a disappointment like this one.

It is clear then that with ambition and creativity, businesses can thrive in spite of challenges along the way – just like EZPZ has done.

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