What Happened To Fizzics After Shark Tank?

Fizzics has been a popular product since it first appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2015. The device, which uses patented technology to improve the taste and texture of beer from cans and bottles, was quickly embraced by consumers looking for an alternative to traditional draft beer.

After appearing on Shark Tank, however, many people have wondered what happened to Fizzics after its appearance on the show. This article will explore the company’s history since its launch, including how it has adapted since becoming involved with the world-famous television program.

Founded in 2013 by Philip Petracca and David McDonald, Fizzics quickly grew in popularity due to its unique ability to enhance canned or bottled beers into something similar to draft beer. Through their revolutionary invention they were able to challenge the long-held perception that only draft beer could provide superior taste and quality compared to canned or bottled options.

By 2016, just one year after its initial debut on Shark Tank, Fizzics had sold more than 50 thousand devices worldwide and achieved celebrity endorsements from well-known athletes like Wayne Gretzky and Mookie Betts.

Overview Of Fizzics

Fizzics, a home brewing and craft beer start-up, made its debut on Shark Tank in 2016. The company’s founder sought to revolutionize the world of craft beer with his innovative product: a countertop draft system that uses sound waves to enhance flavor and carbonation levels. Hoping for an investment from the sharks, Fizzics presented their take on creating the perfect glass of beer—one without needing cumbersome kegs or additional equipment.

Unfortunately for Fizzics, despite being praised by some of the sharks for its unique concept, none were willing to invest in the business due to concerns about scalability as well as overall profitability.

Following this setback, Fizzics was forced to downsize operations and focus solely on selling products online rather than expanding into retail stores. Though it faced financial struggles after failing to secure funding from Shark Tank, Fizzics still managed to achieve modest success through sales generated from its website and Amazon storefronts.

Despite these hardships however, Fizzics persevered and continues to be committed to delivering customers quality beers at home while also pushing innovation within the craft beer industry today.

The company has since launched several new products such as its Portable Draft System which allows users to experience fresh draft beer anytime, anywhere – bringing them one step closer towards realizing their original dream of providing drinkers everywhere with a truly exceptional drinking experience.

Appearing On Shark Tank

Fizzics, a startup that produces draft beer systems for home use, was able to gain some much-needed exposure when they appeared on Shark Tank in 2016. During their appearance, the company pitched their product and offered an equity stake of 10% in exchange for $500,000 in funding. Ultimately, no deal was made but the show provided Fizzics with valuable market research and access to potential investors.

Since then, Fizzics has received funding from multiple sources including private investors such as Mark Cuban’s Radical Investments and venture capital firms like Carrot Capital. The investment enabled them to create new products such as the Waytap system which dispenses craft beers at precise temperature and carbonation levels. In addition, it helped expand its presence into retail stores across North America by partnering with major distributors like Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Today Fizzics continues to innovate in the industry and is now expanding globally through partnerships with Amazon, Walmart Canada, Unilever Ventures UK, Nestle Japan and others. They have also developed various marketing campaigns to promote their products while focusing heavily on customer feedback and market research gathered since appearing on Shark Tank four years ago.

Rapid Growth After Shark Tank

Fizzics, a beer-dispensing device that produces draft-quality beer from any can or bottle, experienced rapid growth after their appearance on Shark Tank.

The company experienced increased demand for their product, leading to the need for expansion of their operations. This expansion required additional capital, which the company was able to secure through a partnership with the Sharks.

The company has since experienced immense financial success and is now selling their product worldwide. The success of the company is attributed to the quality of the product, as well as the fact that it is a unique and innovative solution to a common problem.

As a result, Fizzics has become a household name and is now one of the most recognizable brands in the beer industry.

Fizzics Expansion

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Fizzics has experienced a rapid growth in sales and distribution. The company’s expansion is driven by their innovative approach to beer-brewing technology.

After the airing of their episode on Shark Tank, Fizzics saw an immediate surge in interest from consumers wanting to purchase its products. Fizzics responded quickly with new distribution strategies that allowed it to capitalize on this newfound demand for its product.

Additionally, Fizzics utilized advanced analytics related to buying patterns which enabled them to tailor their marketing message and further increase sales. As a result of these efforts, the brand’s presence across various channels grew substantially over the following months and years.

It has become clear that Fizzics’ success after Shark Tank was due not only to luck but also its ability to leverage data insights into effective sales and distribution tactics.

Increased Demand

The increased demand for Fizzics’ products after their airing on Shark Tank was driven by a combination of factors.

Firstly, the brand’s innovative approach to beer-brewing technology allowed them to offer enhanced production capabilities and improved taste in comparison to traditional brews. This differentiated offering resulted in consumers rapidly seeking out Fizzics products which triggered higher sales figures than ever before.

Secondly, Fizzics utilized advanced analytics related to buying patterns to tailor their marketing message effectively, helping them capitalize on this newfound interest from customers.

As such, it can be said that these strategic moves enabled the company to take advantage of the rapid increase in demand they experienced after Shark Tank aired.

Financial Success

The financial success of Fizzics following the airing of Shark Tank was due to a number of factors, including effective funding strategies and pricing models.

The company’s founders sought out venture capital investments from multiple investors in order to secure sufficient funds for their operations and expansion plans. This enabled them to create innovative products that could compete with traditional brews on both quality and price.

Furthermore, they also opted for more flexible pricing models which allowed customers to purchase bundles or subscriptions at discounted rates while still ensuring they maintained healthy profit margins.

As such, these decisions proved invaluable in helping Fizzics capitalize on the rapid demand growth and ensure it became a financially successful enterprise.

Fizzics’ Expansion Of Products

Fizzics continued to expand its product line following their appearance on Shark Tank. They now offer a range of products that come in varying shapes and sizes, making them suitable for any customer’s needs.

The company also incorporated customer feedback into their design process, leading to new features being added such as better insulation for hot beverages, improved grip for cold drinks and an integrated LED light.

The core feature of Fizzics’ products is the patented carbonation technology which produces bubbles that are larger than those found in soft drinks or beers from cans or bottles. This creates a smooth texture and enhances the flavor profile of each beverage.

Additionally, customers can customize their pour size with the adjustable tap handle provided with every device.

Highly versatile and convenient, Fizzics’ products provide customers with high quality beer at home without having to go out to get it. With more features being added over time in response to customer feedback, these devices could soon become the standard way people enjoy craft beer indoors.

How Fizzics Works

Fizzics is a revolutionary beer system that provides the perfect draft beer experience from any store-bought can or bottle.

The patented Fizzics technology uses fluid and sound waves to convert the carbonation in beer into perfectly formed, dense foam with enhanced aromas and flavors. This allows users to enjoy their favorite beers as if they had been freshly tapped at a bar or brewery.

Using Fizzics, consumers have access to any type of beer selection imaginable – lagers, ales, stouts, IPAs, etc., regardless of where it was bought. Consumers simply pour their preferred beverage into the device and let Fizzics do its magic.

The process takes only seconds and results in an improved flavor profile due to optimally balanced aroma and taste characteristics. Additionally, Fizzics ensures that all craft beers are served at the optimal temperature for maximum enjoyment.

The user experience provided by Fizzics has been praised by many customers for its convenience as well as its ability to enhance the flavor profiles of various types of beer without sacrificing quality or freshness. With its innovative approach to improving grocery store beer selections, Fizzics makes enjoying a cold one easier than ever before!

Celebrity Endorsements

Fizzics’ appearance in Shark Tank was a major milestone for the brand. It opened up numerous opportunities that allowed Fizzics to expand its reach and grow their customer base. From leveraging celebrity endorsements with brand partnerships, to utilizing sponsorships from well-known stars, Fizzics benefited greatly from its time on the show:

Increased media attention across various channels;

Connected with investors who provided financial support;

Developed new relationships with companies and customers alike.

This newfound exposure enabled Fizzics to establish itself as a trusted name in the beer industry, leading to more strategic partnerships, increased sales, and even product placements within many pubs and restaurants around the world.

As such, it’s clear that being featured on Shark Tank helped Fizzics take their business to new heights and create a memorable presence both online and offline. With an impressive roster of celebrity endorsers coupled with strong brand partnerships, Fizzics continues to be a leader in craft beer innovation today.

Fizzics’ Global Reach

Following the success of their Shark Tank appearance, Fizzics has seen a meteoric rise in its global reach. The innovative marketing strategies employed by the company have been key to this growth and stability. With an eye for long-term sustainability, Fizzics has received significant attention from international investors due to its potential for further expansion worldwide.

The product’s popularity is largely attributed to its ability to provide customers with improved levels of taste and texture when compared to canned beer options. This technology uses sound waves that are emitted through a proprietary device attached to cans or bottles, allowing consumers access previously inaccessible flavors within craft beers.

Fizzics’ efforts towards creating an accessible global market have paid off; it now boasts more than 70 countries where their products can be found on shelves, including big names such as Amazon and Walmart. This unprecedented level of exposure has enabled them to become one of the world’s leading innovators in beer technology – offering new possibilities for freshness, flavor and convenience while on the move.

Fizzics’ Impact On The Beer Industry

  1. The Fizzics beer dispensing system was introduced to the beer industry in 2015, offering a revolutionary way to enjoy beer from a can or bottle.

  2. Its patented Micro-Foam technology enhances the flavor and aroma of beer, creating a smooth, creamy texture and fresh taste.

  3. The system also offers increased variety by allowing the user the ability to pour different types of beer into the same container.

  4. Its appearance on the popular television show ‘Shark Tank’ generated a great deal of buzz and interest in the product.

  5. Since then, Fizzics has seen a surge in popularity and has expanded its product line to include draft beer dispensers and growlers.

  6. Fizzics has made a positive impact on the beer industry by introducing innovative beer dispensing, enhanced beer flavor, and increased beer variety.

Innovative Beer Dispensing

Fizzics, a leader in innovative beer dispensing technology has made its presence felt within the craft brewing industry. The company’s patented Micro-Foam Technology is designed to recreate the precise texture and taste of a draft beer from any can or bottled brew. It also promises to improve both the aroma and flavor of any style of beer that it dispenses.

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2015, Fizzics has gained significant traction for their unique approach to changing how people consume craft beer at home. The impact that Fizzics had on the beer industry was twofold – firstly, by allowing consumers access to an experience akin to drinking from a keg without needing special equipment; secondly, by offering brewers greater flexibility when it comes to packaging their products.

Craft brewers could now package their beers into smaller containers such as cans or bottles while still giving customers access to a high quality product with as much taste as if they were consuming it straight from the tap. Consequently, this allowed them to reach new markets beyond traditional pubs and bars which ultimately increased sales and expanded their customer base.

By introducing advanced technologies like Micro Foam Technology and creating devices tailored towards providing drinkers with enhanced experiences at home, Fizzics played a pivotal role in reshaping consumer expectations around what constitutes ‘good’ crafted beer today. This not only helped legitimize canned beers but opened up opportunities for those outside of the big breweries who wanted to get involved with producing high quality beverages for public consumption.

As such, Fizzics stands out as one of the most influential innovators in modernizing how we drink our favorite beers today.

Enhanced Beer Flavor

Fizzics’s unique approach to beer dispensing has undeniably changed how people consume craft beers today. Through its technology and devices, the company has opened up opportunities for brewers who wanted to package their products into smaller containers while still providing customers with an experience akin to drinking from a keg.

This increased flexibility allows them to reach new markets beyond traditional pubs and bars which ultimately helps increase sales and expand customer base. Furthermore, Fizzics also introduced advanced technologies such as Micro-Foam Technology that promises to enhance flavor of any style of beer it dispenses.

This innovation allowed consumers access to draft brewing quality beer at home as well as creating more options for beer pairing experiences. As a result, Fizzics stands out as one of the most prominent innovators in modernizing how we drink our favorite beers today; not only legitimizing canned brews but allowing craft breweries outside of the big ones become part of this ever evolving industry.

Increased Beer Variety

The rise of Fizzics has not only brought about a change in the way we consume beer, but also increased the variety and range of craft beers available to us.

By allowing brewers to package their products into smaller containers, customers are presented with an array of options for purchasing beverages from local breweries.

Moreover, Fizzics’s Micro-Foam Technology adds enhanced flavor and better foam compared to traditional methods, thus creating a unique draft experience at home.

In turn, this creates more opportunities for beer pairing experiences that were previously unavailable due to limited selection or distribution limitations posed by large companies.

As such, with its advanced technology and new innovative devices, Fizzics is enabling consumers access to more diverse craft brews than ever before while still providing a quality drinking experience that rivals those found in pubs and bars.

Fizzics’ Commitment To Quality

As the old saying goes, “If you’re going to do something, do it right.” Fizzics has taken this mantra to heart; they have worked hard to ensure that their products meet the highest standards of quality and are constantly striving for improvements in every aspect of their beer dispensing system.

The company’s commitment to quality is evident throughout all aspects of its operations. From product design and production processes to packaging and shipping procedures, Fizzics takes every step necessary to guarantee customers receive a high-quality product.

Every component used in the assembly of the Fizzics machines is carefully tested before being integrated into the final product, ensuring that only those with superior craftsmanship make it onto store shelves. Additionally, each unit undergoes rigorous testing during various stages of production so that any issues can be identified and addressed quickly and efficiently.

Fizzics also strives for excellence when it comes to customer satisfaction. The team provides comprehensive instructions on how to properly use the machine as well as helpful advice on cleaning and maintenance tips via an online library of resources available at no cost.

Furthermore, should any issue arise while using the device, customers may contact Fizzics directly where they will always receive prompt assistance from knowledgeable staff members who are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service.

Future Of Fizzics

Since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2015, Fizzics has gone through some significant changes. After the show aired, sales of the device increased significantly and investors began to consider how they could capitalize on this newfound interest.

The company shifted focus from being a retail product sold online and in stores to becoming an analytics platform that provided insights into beer trends and consumer preferences. Fizzics used their data-driven approach to study the craft beer industry in depth, giving them invaluable insight into current market conditions and future opportunities for growth.

This enabled them to stay ahead of the curve when it came to new brewing techniques and flavors, allowing them to develop products that would be more appealing to customers. Additionally, they were able to quickly adapt to changing dynamics within the marketplace by understanding what consumers wanted and needed at any given time.

The result was a suite of software solutions designed specifically for brewers and retailers. These included tools for analyzing customer feedback about different types of beers, tracking inventory levels, forecasting demand for specific items, monitoring competitor activities, optimizing pricing strategies based on market trends, as well as providing detailed reports using AI technology.

By leveraging these solutions, companies have been able to gain deeper insight into their target markets and make better decisions regarding their business operations.


Fizzics has had a dramatic impact on the beer industry, proving to be an innovative and successful product.

Their commitment to quality ensures that consumers have access to premium beer in any setting.

As Fizzics continues to expand their products and reach more markets globally, it is clear that they will continue to revolutionize the way people enjoy their favorite beers for years to come.

With its proven track record of success, there is no doubt that Fizzics will remain a major player in the craft beer market.

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